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“Wtf– I have NEVER heard anyone using that… aND WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY ‘OKAY’?”

Dialogue based off of this post. When I first saw it, I immediately thought of these two lmao

After Hours (1/1)

Summary: A glimpse into the far future of this ficlet.  Killian is a toxicologist working out of a university.  Emma is a lawyer.  It’s late on a Friday night when they find themselves getting up to no good.

Rated: M

Warnings: Language, (science) smut

Words: ~7k

Notes: This was originally meant to be a gift for all of the April birthdays that we have here on tumblr.  But considering that it’s now May, let’s just say that, if you like science-y modern AU with a side order of smut, then this story is from me to you.

Also on ff and ao3

Fourteen hours.

Emma gazes at the clock as she slouches in Killian’s office chair.  It’s high backed, leather, with the smooth sort of spin that she’s been just about making herself sick with for the past hour.  She spins, slowly, and takes a good look around his office.  Not that she hasn’t been in here before.  But in the later hours, when everything’s quiet, no students scuffling up and down the halls, no staff or faculty demanding his attention…there’s just something different about it.  Warmer, more comforting.  

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