idk someone asked me to post this on it's own

I’m buzzed right now so I’m gonna delete this when I’m sober in the morning but honestly I feel so depressed. I had a lit time at my cousins wedding reception but like the idea of weddings kinda f*cks me up because I wonder if I’ll ever find a romantic partner and stuff…and like knowing I’m still closeted with my family makes things kinda difficult especially since people kept asking if I had a girlfriend yet. My dads side super religious so idk if they’d ever be accepting of me being gay. Finding someone is difficult is in its own right cuz I have self esteem issues and honestly I’ve been posting hoe pictures on tumblr just for attention and I end up attracting fuckboys who only care about my dick. It just sucks man

so i see a post going around abt not stealing headcanons/ideas for fcs/ect and stuff which i guess i get but ?? sometimes ppl get similar ideas

it’s like the ol’ Pokemon vs Digimon. some people will try to say one is a rip off but, in reality, they’re both unique and interesting in their own right despite being spawned from the same general idea (i.e; super powered animal companions that fight for their human partners)

like i know some ppl will legit blatantly copy others, but, that probably isn’t the case most of the time. it’s usually a coincidence. 

for example (below the cut b/c screenshots of canon characters who are incredibly similar)

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anonymous asked:

Please... I'm begging you, stop writing anti-Erwin meta... he's been dead for almost a year now and fans are still trying to enjoy their favorite character. I'm not saying you are not allowed to have your own opinion, but is it really necessary to go over the "he was so selfish and an USER!" discourse thing at least once per week? I don't even get how you aren't broed of getting and answering the same kinds of questions over and over...

look… if i get a question, i’ll probably answer it. if it’s too inciting i delete it. if it’s downright hateful i block the person who sent it. if meta portraying erwin in a light you don’t care for bothers you, i’m not exactly sure why you’re here. i don’t consider it “anti”-character to discuss them as i’ve interpreted them.

anyway i have a feeling those asks are petering out. you’re right: i’m kinda tired of talking about it (actually right now i’m tired in general lmao); there’s only so much i can say on the topic and i feel i’ve covered it pretty thoroughly.

but erwin’s had a shitton of support on this site and clearly there are a few people who just want someone to talk about things as they see ‘em. i’m possibly the only person publicly willing to talk admit my very unpopular opinions (that i know of, idk) which makes me feel like the only valid option. i can’t blame them for directing their (generally genuine sounding) questions my way. 

but fear not: sometimes i do receive other asks. it’s just. not that much happens in this fandom so we gotta talk about the same shit 30130 times. happens in every fandom: trust me.

(i have a couple asks about the timeskip & the warrior kids, but then again…i have one about mike, nanaba, and erwin, so that could skew into unfavorable territory for you too, though it’s very possible at this point i’ll just ignore the erwin part of that ask. no energy for erwin left tbh.)