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I drew this based upon this post that @rex101111 made! 


i’ll take the fall for you. [ magnus & alec ]


Why is he Like This

i had to reduce the size with a website and it became faster ;n; buuut

hAPPY BIRTHDAY @mizunoir !! ❤ hope you’ll pass this day free of worries and with your loved ones ;v;


tired™ ▻ a personal playlist

i got tagged by the lovely @lsaks and the adorable @kayascodelorio - tysm!! ♡

rules: make a playlist using songs that describe your aesthetic. each artist can only be used once. link to the playlist in the post.

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First of all, sorry for the long post. Also sorry for any possible grammar mistakes, this isn’t my first language.

I drew this with Joker’s suicidal tendencies in mind, and the idea that Batman believes that his villains can have a chance at recovery. 

skam is unrealistic because they’re all (girls) in their late teens and nobody has referenced high school musical yet


blue neighbourhood || troye sivan 

TFA Characters and their Favorite Disney Movie(s)

Some of these are Pixar but since Disney and Pixar work together now it doesn’t really matter

Optimus Prime: Hercules 

Ratchet: UP 

Bumblebee: The Incredibles or Big Hero 6

Prowl: Bambi 

Bulkhead: Beauty and the Beast

Blurr: Blame it on the Samba (it’s a short not a movie but oh well)

Jazz: The Aristocats

Arcee: Pollyanna or Sleeping Beauty

Wreck-Gar: WALL E

Megatron: Idk but he’d like some of the more classic songs 

Blitzwing: Literally any movie with songs, but especially Cinderella and the Three Caballeros

Lugnut: Snow White  

Shockwave: Tangled but he’ll never say it 

Starscream: It’s a mystery my dudes

Blackarachnia: The live action Maleficent 

Lockdown: Any Star Wars film (yes it’s Disney now I can say that)

Swindle: Treasure Planet 

Words Written on Velum

The Pumping Station was never as bad as Daxter liked to pretend, there were Metal Heads sure but those were easy to avoid, easy to clear out and even easier now that Kor was gone. The Pumping Station didn’t do anything but pump water, there wasn’t any eco for them, there wasn’t even any food. Most of the other animals got run off when the metal platforms got drilled into the rocks and security drones got dumped in the water.

These days it’s just a mess of silent machinery and windmills creaking in the breeze, nothing like Sentinel Beach but at the same time not, not like Sentinel Beach…he was getting his words mixed up again. Happened more often now, worse when he tried to find all the places from SandOver in Haven. Where was the Jungle? Was it the Forest or was it the Temple? Where was the Fire Canyon? Where was the Farmer’s hut and the Lurker tower?

Sometimes he ended up punching a wall because everything was so eerily familiar but not because it didn’t match up, not exactly. Sometimes he ended up heading out to a place, a new place, looking for the old one.

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