idk some people get uncomfortable by that

  • “you work in the ER and it’s like 2 in the morning but i sleepwalk and i fell down the stairs and broke my leg, why r u laughing i’m literally crying in pain” au
  • “okay, i realize that it’s closing time, but it’s raining and i’m really into this book, can you just like wait a little bit before you close up pls?” au
  • “i work at a little market/store and u came up to the register with a candy bar but didn’t have enough money to pay for the entire thing. but don’t worry, i got you, fam” au
  • “i was eavesdropping on ur phone convo with ur friend who offered you tickets to my favorite band and you don’t even want them, do you wanna give me your friend’s number maybe?” au
  • “we’ve been pen pals for like hella months and we finally decided to meet up and damn your cute, also did you break up with your jerk bf/gf yet?” au
  • “i was super pissed so i went to the gym even tho it’s really late at night so i was the only one there and i was at the punching bag listening to music and you surprised me by tapping me on the shoulder, holy shit i didn’t mean to punch you, i’m so sorry, but srsly why the hell would you sURPRISE SOMEONE WHO IS ANGRY AND PUNCHING THINGS” au
  • “me and a couple friends were on the omegle video chat and wow ur like the first nice guy that didn’t try to jack off to us, thanks for that” au
  • “we’re internet friends and follow each other on all social media but have never met but hey, i’m going on vacation where you live, let’s meet (and also date)” au
  • “i’m sitting alone at a coffee shop and you are also sitting alone and u heard me talking on the phone to my best friend and i was joking with her about getting a sugar daddy bc i’m hella broke, but i swear that i’m like kinda normal, now stop laughing” au
  • “i was out in public and had an anxiety attack and you left your friends to give me some chocolate and talk me through it, so tysm” au
  • “we work together in a little diner and i swear to god, you are the fucking clumsiest person in the entire world, and i keep having to clean up after you whenever you drop a bunch of food and dishes or spill some drinks” au
  • “ur just a random stranger and i’ve been ranting to you for like 20 minutes about how much i hate this one band but now several groups of people came up to you asking for pics and autographs, and oh shit it turns out you’re in the band i’ve been going on about” au
  • “idk you but you were getting hit on in public and you look super uncomfortable so i walked over and pretended to be your bf/gf, but hey while we’re at it, do you wanna go get some food?” au
  • “i was visiting this school for the day bc i want to transfer out of my school and it was between this school and another one but then i saw u and ur hella cute so i choose this school” au
  • “hey thanks for literally saving my life by pushing me out of the way of that car, but now you’re yelling at me bc i was reading and walking and you said i’m too cute to die” au
Promise {Fell!Poth fanfic} C1. Cupcake

So, I’m somehow making a fanfic in wattpad, ‘cause I can and honestly I miss the times when fanfics were what I lived for. It’s not the best thing I’ve ever done but still I wanted to shared it here considering the fact that it’s written originally in Spanish.

Excuse for the simple English, I haven’t actually practice it since, aprox 2 years ago, so I have a lack of vocabulary (?)

Enjoy it!

Fell Goth belongs to @nekophy

Fell Palette belongs to @angexci but I think my fic has been already noticed somehow :///D

I’ll refer to them just as Palette and Goth in this part.

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alexanderhamllton  asked:

oh my god your art is so cute and adorable i just love to find people that give ith some love <3 can i please request some young nina/benny where nina is coming back from senior studies and passes by usnavi and benny freestyling and benny gets distracted? idk how this would roll i just know i can't think about anything else when i listen to that part of "when you're home" haha

ahh thank you!!

heres some benny being tounge tied, usnavi being defensive and me avoiding writing raps

Gonna go full white girl here for a moment

If I ask if a food is spicy at all, and you reply “No, not at all! You can barely feel it!” then that is a contradiction. It is spicy. It may not be very spicy, or even moderately spicy, but it’s still spicy. Please just tell me that straight-out.

I know there’s a good chance you’re mocking me in your head when I say that I cannot handle spices at all, and that even the mildest of sauces, that you insist are barely there, are going to hurt, because I’m mocking me too. I know I’ve got a child’s palate when it comes to spicy food. I know it’s almost laughable, how badly I react to even table pepper in more than the most minuscule of doses.

But if I ask “is this spicy,” and you answer “not at all,” and then proceed to tell me that it’s mild, then I will still consider it too spicy.

If I ask “is this spicy at all” and you say “no” while knowing that it is, just a tiny bit, because you can’t imagine anyone reacting, then please don’t be offended when I take one bite and then throw it out, because I asked for a reason.

It’s a dumb thing to talk about, but… yeah. Just do your cannot-handle-spices friends a favor and be honest when they ask. Mild is still a level of spice.

(This goes doubly for strangers, because if they have a digestive problem like, IDK, ulcers or something, then spicy food can irritate the stomach lining further and cause extreme pain. Some people claim that capsaicin can be used to treat ulcers, but you know… just play it safe, yeah?)

Alright kiddos buckle down cuz I’m about to rant. It’s 4AM and I have class at 10:30. I don’t care. 

So this is a thing that has bothered me for quite a long time; the vilifying of Miyuki Kazuya, especially when it comes to Sawamura. Oooooh my GOD this is annoying. I just read a fic that does exactly this, where Miyuki does one small thing that for some reason destroys Sawamura’s apparently extremely fragile little heart and causes the rest of the team to completely despise Miyuki to a point that is absolutely unrealistic and totally ridiculous. And this sort of thing is common in a staggering amount of MiyuSawa fics in which Miyuki is the “top”. 

What I see is people shoving these two into he typical (and kinda gross) seme-uke relationship, which doesn’t work AT ALL. Seriously, it’s so OOC. Sawamura isn’t a baby, so please don;t write him as if he has the emotional and mental capacity of one. Yeah, he’s a sensitive and caring dude, but come on. No need to take it that far. This is important because compared to this sort of OOC Sawamura, Miyuki is like a freaking demon or something. I don’t understand why people write him like he’s Sawamura’s abuser????? Miyuki may say some insensitive stuff from time-to-time but holy shit he isn’t abusive. 

Now, not all fics portray Miyuki as controlling and abusive etc., but in a good majority of MiyuSawa fics, Miyuki is somehow vilified, and everyone completely turns on him for Sawamura. This is probably the part that  makes me most uncomfortable. I get some people may be going for the angst-factor here, but oh my god nobody just completely 180′s on their friend the way Kuramochi does in some of these fics. Or even Chris. It insinuates that nobody at Seidou actually likes Miyuki, which is BS. 

Anyway, it’s late af, idk if this even makes coherent sense, but idc. It needed to be said. 

TL;DR: Miyuki deserves love and happiness!!! He isn’t Sawamura’s evil seme! Ans Sawamura isn’t a helpless baby! STOP WRITING THEM LIKE THIS (or just do it less please).

anonymous asked:

why dont you use adfly? (i'm not complaining lol) but I was just curious, from my experience most creators do? i love your poses and your stories btw!

hi!! there’s a few reasons, I guess 

  1. the ads or pages linked from sometimes contain some pretty non PG13 content, like nudity, dating sites, gambling etc. anddd idk how comfortable I’d be with my younger followers seeing that because of lil ol’ meee
  2. When I’m downloading cc I become really uncomfortable when a link shortener asks me to disable my adblock and I’d feel bad vise versa xD
  3. aaaaaand idk the specifics but i imagine you’d have to get 100,000′s of clicks to make it even remotely worthwhile; and with more and more people using adblock, i imagine it’s even harder idkk
  4. sooo, instead I just have a donate button, which gives people the option 😊  

but hey ho tons of my favourite creators use and I’m happy to go through in order to support them!! creators in this community totally deserve to be supported and compensated for all the endless blood, sweat and tears that goes into their custom content 😊 

thank you my love!! I’m glad you like my blog!! heheh 😊

when people try to tell other people not to use queer as their identifier bcs they haven’t reclaimed it…… like I get it I get it I’m sorry but literally I have no other word….. I have nothing else to describe myself it’s the only thing I feel comfortable with like I have reclaimed it so??? Idk 😐

anonymous asked:

i really appreciate you expanding on the 'alec showing his racism' cause like it's frustrating after getting the "i love you' from both of them and the writers are doing this of to them but mostly magnus. i hate seeing alec this way as well though i'm not surprised in a way :/ and like i know we get the 'get out' from magnus at some point but it just sucks. i love malec and to see them both written this way is really hurtful. idk. i just got into this show and now...urgh.

thank you for this. while some moments were understandable over others (due to alec’s frustration etc), they were personally uncomfortable for me upon watching live and i know many people who felt the same. it can surely be said that some of the discomfort was caused by framing*

here’s the thing: this doesn’t mean alec’s actions were reflective of racism. this doesn’t mean he isn’t learning or appreciative. nor does it mean that these two don’t love each other. 

there still is an imbalance with how much magnus is relied on in general and this is something that falls on the writing.

we don’t know for sure what the “get out” is in reference to yet.

while i understand your urgh, please don’t be discouraged! it is important to remember that while there will be conflict – which all couples encounter – from there, there will be growth. 

At one point or another, in Going Postal and Making Money we get Moist’s opinions on pretty much all the people he comes across via his internal dialogue. He finds a lot of things weird and he finds a lot of things disgusting and he’s pretty merciless in his judgements of some people, because he’s generally really perceptive, even though he always sees an opportunity to flatter them in the process. 

One thing I noticed in Making Money is how he does not comment on Stanley and Hubert’s quirks. The fact that Stanley (”who went through life with the care of a man reading a manual translated from a foreign language”) needs to go through a script every time he knocks on his door is just met with patience, and even though Hubert is, by all accounts, ~weirder even than the clown accountant in this book, there isn’t a comment from Moist about his unusual behaviour - at one point Hubert falls silent, digs out a notebook and checks it before asking a pertinent, socially acceptable question to Moist because he’s run out of things to say about himself, and Moist doesn’t treat any of this as unusual. Not a mental note or commentary. 

I like that Moist isn’t successful because of how he was raised, or because he comes from a good family, or because of previous connections having taught him how to make the right friends - he’s good at people, he can read their moods, and he isn’t uncomfortable with atypical behaviour (except if it’s unhygienic). In fact, he’s consistently more intimidated by performative masculinity than behaviours that don’t conform perfectly to what other people would find “normal”. I didn’t notice this some years ago, but I really like it.

anonymous asked:

Not so much an ask as it is a confession that I need to get off my chest. It makes me lowkey uncomfortable how many people in the BMC fandom say that the SQUIP can't be redeemed or doesn't deserve redemption because of how he treated Jeremy. I have even (albeit in only extreme and rare cases) seen people claiming that those who believe that redeeming the SQUIP condone abuse. Yes, he did some awful things, but I refuse be shamed for believing in forgiveness.

personally, idk what to feel about squip redemption fics? i mean, my mom is kinda shitty to me, and what the squip did to jeremy is probably even worse than what my mom has done, and i can’t see myself forgiving my mom for all the times she’s guilt-tripped me and used me. i can see her pressuring me into saying i forgive her without me really meaning it. odds are she wouldn’t apologize and i’d be the one saying sorry, for things i know aren’t my fault.
but at the same time, i love the squip A Lot and i can see under circumstances like a reboot of sorts he’d realize how bad the things he did were and he’d feel genuine guilt. there’s a nice sounding redemption fic.

i will not be responding to any replies or asks about this post. IMs only, mutuals only, and only mature, respectful discussions.

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anonymous asked:

what do you mean by "ace exclusionist"? (random i know im sorry, but i wanted to follow you so i read your abt page) i used to identify as asexual, although now i'm not really sure. i've seen a lot of ace discoure that made me really uncomfortable to identify as ace bc the ace community is just.. terrible. esp considering the history of the AVEN founder dude and his disgusting efforts/bullying to get A added to LGBT, and the overall community being extremely lesbophobic i just.. idk

Hi, yeah no problem, I appreciate that you took the time to read my about page before following.

An ace exclusionist to me is someone who believes that cisgender heteromantic aces should be completely excluded from the lgbtq community. Although this may sound reasonable to some people, I strongly disagree with this and will try to explain why.

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duobunn-deactivated20170622  asked:

I miss your characters and i wanna know more about them but i cant come up with a good question >:^v ... idk list some revs n roman random quirks, random little things that they mindlessly do or something like that

Roman- well you know, when he gets bored, he starts mentally cataloging his immediate surroundings. he also rubs his neck a lot when he’s feeling uncomfortable.

Ten- he pulls his hair when he’s agitated, sometimes too hard.

One- She scratches at her chest. 

Two- He rubs his eyes and scratches his cheeks a little when he’s alone, but when he’s around other people, he just turns his head sneeringly to hide the fact that he’s blinking really hard because his eyes are burning. 

Three- her fingers move like she’s playing the piano on her side or on her other arm. 

Four- he rubs his clothes between his finger tips, sometimes until he’s worn a hole in them. 

Five- She plays with her hair a lot. Tosses it back and forth. 

Six- he digs his thumb into his opposite wrist, right where the major artery is. 

Seven- She swallows a lot and rubs her nose when she’s annoyed or fidgety. 

Eight- has an angry eye twitch every now and again. He huffs a lot without even thinking about it.

Nine- he pushes his hair back an awful lot, since it’s really long and hangs in his face. 


Everybody wants to be a pretty bitch and get money thrown at them. Every girl tweets about how she wants/needs a sugardaddy. But it’s not that easy (for some). I don’t have a sugar daddy but I know enough to give a couple of tips on the subject:

1. Having a sugar daddy is not like a movie. You won’t walk in the mall and find someone to spend 3,000 without ever asking your name. You’re not going to get 10k a month by not answering text messages and going to dates late. You are building a relationship with a wealthy man. To benefit you in the long run. You know how you used to fake it with your parents when you wanted money for the weekend? Literally the same. If you can’t stomach the thought of fake smiling for a few dates: then being a real successful sugar baby is NOT for you.

2. $10-100 a week isn’t a sugar baby. If you’re not paying or funding yourself off these payments… Ur not a sugar baby. That’s awesome and it’s still money but you’re really just being sponsored. If you’re trying to be a sugar baby you need to have at least 1,000+ coming in. Somehow, somewhere you need to make it happen. It’s out there, in ALL of your cities.

3. Online sites work, but getting out there in your best clothes, perfume, makeup and hair is the best way to attract what you want. This is also a good way to skip the awkward stage of texting and talking on the phone before you meet up with a POT. Meeting up with a new daddy is fucking nerve wracking. You never know who you’re going to meet. You never know what they’re going to be like. Meeting people the old-fashioned way skips that. You know how they look like, where they frequent and you can be in control of the situation!

4. Know your worth. Don’t sell yourself short. Understand and figure out what exactly you’re doing this for. Do you just want to be a SB for the perks, or do you need a new apartment for housing? This is a good way to figure out what type of SD you need. Realize that you’re most likely 99.9% going to be having sex! It’s part of the entire arrangement. You want 10k bag, he wants sex. If you’re scared of having sex with these weirdo guys, you don’t need to be thinking of being a SB.

I really think a SB is a girl who can DETACH from the action of sex. If you can’t, you’ll show how uncomfortable you are. Which will make him uncomfortable…. And in turn you’ll have wasted your time. Money isn’t that important, know your limits babe!

5. Will you let your friends know? Hmm idk. Some girls think they’ll be judged by their friends, honestly if I was a SB my friends would NOT judge me. They would be asking how to get in the mix. You can keep it a secret if it benefits you, you don’t want people pointing fingers and being nosy. This is kind of a job, you know? It’s best to keep the SB talk with other girls like yourself. Keep it a secret- that’s my advice.

Xoxo, kit

honestly? i ALMOST envy people who can just look the other way and don’t feel disturbed at all if they learn someone they’re hanging out with gets off to children. they don’t cause drama and make people uncomfortable by freaking the fuck out and wanting to fucking die when they find that out. like idk if people realize that this isn’t me refusing to interact with such people out of some sense of moral superiority it’s because those people send me back into the mindset of being a fucking terrified helpless seven year old. i can’t do it because of how much fucking trauma it brings right to the front

but overall im fucking fine with it because at least i have a strong moral compass with this shit and it’s out of legitimate personal conviction and isn’t just performative

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Dude omg I'm white and I have no desire to say the n word???? Like I don't get why some people want to say it so bad??? Like personally I'm uncomfortable at the thought of saying it. Idk I don't get people

thank you omgggg you get it!!!!! it’s so weird when white ppl say it and whnever anyones like “uhmmmm” they get so defensive!!! what to heck WHY d O you have this craving ?????????