idk some people get uncomfortable by that

fic idea: some time after Ahsoka has left the order but before the siege of mandalore, she ends up crossing path with anakin and obi wan mostly by accident

they’re hold up in the middle of nowhere around a campfire, and one of the clones jokingly suggests a game of never have I ever to pass the time

and then after several embarassing instances of Ahsoka teasing Anakin (never have I ever kissed a senator *wink wink*) he just growls out bitterly “never have I ever left the jedi order” and then Obi-Wan drinks.

Obi wan. Drinks.

Everyone freaks out, Anakin spits his water, the clones all do double takes

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Hey I am a girl and I have always been attracted to guys but recently I noticed my feelings for her girls might not be just friendly but I've never liked anybody in real life just female celebrities so maybe not? But when I think about dating the celebrities I'm down af and I would like to date them. But then I think about sex and I get uncomfortable and maybe it's because I'm not experience so I'm nervous but idk. Any advice?

Hey :) It’s okay to be confused about this. Unfortunately, it can be really, really hard to figure out if your feelings for people of a certain gender are friendly or more than that. I can’t tell you what your orientation is, but I can give you some pointers and things to think about. For starters, don’t worry about it if thinking about sex makes you uncomfortable. That’s a very common experience, because sex between people of the same gender is very stigmatized, and we see very few positive, healthy, and realistic portrayals of it so it can be quite hard to picture. 

Crushing on celebrities sometimes isn’t the strongest indicator, because they’re not attainable in real life, but it can still be the first sign people notice that they might not be straight. One thing that helped me was comparing myself to straight people. Straight people don’t often question their orientation, because their experiences line up with what society tells them is normal. So questioning in itself is a sign you might not be straight, especially if you are questioning for a long time. 

Another thing is that when straight people talk about “girl crushes” or whatever, they’re being very flippant and they don’t mean anything by it. If you feel more serious about it, like you could really see yourself dating or kissing or being romantic or sexual with someone of the same gender, that’s probably attraction.

Anyway, sometimes it takes a while to figure things out, but I know you’ll get there in the end! Good luck and try to be patient with yourself :)

i actually super dont like those selfie blogs bc idk their purpose like Why have you compiled a database of quote unquote attractive people that you dont follow or know of varying ages…like im a minor & almost every selfie i have gets rb’d to these blogs (one of which deletes every caption on every selfie they rb for some reason?) which are also full of adults and other kids pictures and its like. who runs this blog. who FOLLOWS this blog. im uncomfortable with the whole thing

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Aaron has a panic attack Ok, but ...why? What's the cause this time? It'd be because Rob tells him the truth or someone makes him uncomfortable or maybe some kind of reference to Gordon or .. idk What do you think is going to happen and cause his attack?

He has a panic attack because there is a party thrown for him in the pub (as a welcome home obviously) and he gets overwhelmed by it. After what he’s just been through in prison, a party for him with loads of people probably isn’t the best idea or something Aaron needs right now

ok but asexual Jack who has always felt /wrong/ but attributed it to his anxiety and pushed himself to be intimate with people at high school parties and stuff 

and he gets to samwell and he has kind of had a reprieve bc he has been in rehab and coaching for so long but now he is back in that frat environment and he forgot how /broken/ it makes him feel. especially Rans and Holster bc they dont mean to make him uncomfortable but they heard all the rumours from Q and they expect him to be this party boy/womaniser and honestly Jack is so far from that it makes him terribly uncomfortable

and just everyone is so open sexually and really comfortable with their sexuality and he knows that is a good thing but?? it still makes him feel bad?? bc he doesnt benefit from that?? 

idk just asexual Jack struggling with existing in such a hypermasculine, sex-focused environment while also being gay??

(this is lowkey for @hurricanestella btw bc she deserves it)

this just ruffles my feathers

Me: You look cute today!

Person: Thank you :)

Person 2: *says some stupid bullcrud like, “so she wasnt cute yesterday?” idk im just bothered*

Me: *uncomfortable and stuck* ….well yeah, people are always pretty and cute, they just dont always hear it everyday and sometimes don’t want a compliment everyday ok-

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im mentally ill and im having a hard time forgiving myself for the things ive done last year when i had a psychotic/manic phase after smoking too much weed and stopping my medication. summary of what happened: i said somethings to a friend i had a crush on at the time that made the uncomfortable and ending up losing their friendship and i let my cat get away. people say they shouldnt excuse their actions because of mental illness but my therapist says it not my fault and im so conflicted.

i’m no stranger to mental illness making me act Some Type Of Way and whilst yes, mental illness will inevitably make one act out especially when paired with external factors such as weed and stopping meds, it is also important to take responsibility for our actions when this happens.

idk how much you can do as far as the cat is concerned now but i’d apologise to the friend (although only if it is appropriate to do so, i.e. if they’ve expressed that they don’t want you to contact them further or whatever then don’t) and work on continuing to recognise and improve your behaviour in the future. working with a therapist is a good step to take towards helping yourself so you’re already on your way! idk how much this will help but yeah. good luck and stuff and my ask is always open/im always up to chat on the tumblr messenger further if you feel like coming off anon

i lose followers every time i talk about my psychosis like friends this blog isnt some edgy aesthetic thing i am actually a very real Mentally Ill…………………………..but hey if ur some nt following for the ~cr*zy aesthetic~ then good fucking riddance

like u cant wanna look cool but then get uncomfortable when mentally ill people start displaying symptoms?? 

most of the time it doesn’t get to me, but every once in a while i’ll see what people say about myspace au and it bums me out. like man, it fucking sucks to be afraid of myself, to be convinced that i’m bad because… idk, i have certain interests and express myself through them?? i totally get it if the au makes you uncomfortable, i respect and understand that. it deals with some heavy topics.

just uh….i think people assume things about the content of the au that aren’t true and then those assumptions get spread around as if they were the truth. and then people are made to feel like shit for a thing that they like all because somebody didn’t look at the actual au canon before passing judgement.

if a story primarily about mental illness and asexuality and learning to love yourself so that you can better love others is depraved, then hey, sorry dude. idk what to tell ya.

don’t message me abt this. i’m not upset rn and like i said at the beginning, i usually am not bothered by it at all. i just felt like this was something that needed to be addressed??? idk man whatever i’m gonna keep Having a Good Time Online

at this point the way that Paulie treats Zakiyah is emotionally manipulative & fucked up and I’m really tired of people defending him and his actions towards her

she literally was crying saying he was “making her feel uncomfortable” and he basically said “no I’m not”, dismissed all of her opinions, didn’t let her get a word in edgewise, and then made it so that in the end Zakiyah was the one apologizing to him

if you support that fuckwit I’m sorry but idk what to tell you beyond the fact that at this point he’s displaying borderline abusive tendencies and even if you hate Z, you should try and have some empathy for her instead of making fun of her for being sucked back in with him all over again

I kind of get uncomfortable sometimes because of the lack of posts talking about how asexual people can still have a sex drive. Like, if you’re asexual you don’t experience sexual attraction toward anyone, and yes in some cases you don’t experience sexual feelings at all and/or can be repulsed by the idea and practice of sex, but some people (myself included) can still experience sex drive and that’s okay!! You can be asexual and not want to have sex, and you can be asexual and still want to have sex!! Idk. There just need to be more posts talking about this, because I’ve noticed the majority make the assumption that asexual people don’t experience any form of libido or sexual pleasure!

Even if I can accept that Tayvin is real at this point I don’t know if it’ll ever not make me feel uncomfortable and gross.

I love Taylor. I really really do.

But I’m really tired of feeling outcasted from the fandom because I think Calvin is not a great person??

You don’t have to approve of everything someone does to be a fan. You don’t have to be comfortable with who they’re dating to still support them.

How many of you have disliked your friends’ significant others at some point? Even Taylor hated Selena dating Justin because she didn’t like him as a person.

So Idk man. I can get why people hate the Kaylor fandom because some parts of it are fucking nuts. But there’s a difference between hating people who speculate and tinhat and hating people who accept who Taylor is dating but just don’t like it.

There’s a really big difference.


Since I’ve been following some Les Twins blogs I see black women (or men idk) talk about all these differences between black and white people. I get to see also all the discrimination against them and I’m like WTH? I didn’t know this kind of racism still existed in America. Because in France, black people are not a community, they’re just french people… And so I get really uncomfortable with the “hate” on white people. I can understand it but… Idk we live in a fucked up world, guys.