idk some people get uncomfortable by that

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Thank god I'm not the only one that felt that way! I don't like BTS becoming a group either but I feel like I'm being rude :(

yeah haha. i liked bts a lot better before they started getting really huge and recognized by mainstream american artists and i felt like i connected more with them when they were a smaller group. 

though, i don’t think it’s a bad thing per-say (but what do i know?). I wouldn’t say i’m outgrowing bts but i feel uncomfortable with the sudden spurt of attention and fame i guess. some people call it selfish but i don’t know - i’ve never felt comfortable with bigger groups and idk why. i’ve felt more disconnected with the whole bts fandom lately because of it and it kind of sucks lmao. people bash each other and most only like them for their looks and it bothers me so i stop stanning groups that “go big.” i’ve been an army since predubut and i’m finally started to drift away i guess. 

  • “you work in the ER and it’s like 2 in the morning but i sleepwalk and i fell down the stairs and broke my leg, why r u laughing i’m literally crying in pain” au
  • “okay, i realize that it’s closing time, but it’s raining and i’m really into this book, can you just like wait a little bit before you close up pls?” au
  • “i work at a little market/store and u came up to the register with a candy bar but didn’t have enough money to pay for the entire thing. but don’t worry, i got you, fam” au
  • “i was eavesdropping on ur phone convo with ur friend who offered you tickets to my favorite band and you don’t even want them, do you wanna give me your friend’s number maybe?” au
  • “we’ve been pen pals for like hella months and we finally decided to meet up and damn your cute, also did you break up with your jerk bf/gf yet?” au
  • “i was super pissed so i went to the gym even tho it’s really late at night so i was the only one there and i was at the punching bag listening to music and you surprised me by tapping me on the shoulder, holy shit i didn’t mean to punch you, i’m so sorry, but srsly why the hell would you sURPRISE SOMEONE WHO IS ANGRY AND PUNCHING THINGS” au
  • “me and a couple friends were on the omegle video chat and wow ur like the first nice guy that didn’t try to jack off to us, thanks for that” au
  • “we’re internet friends and follow each other on all social media but have never met but hey, i’m going on vacation where you live, let’s meet (and also date)” au
  • “i’m sitting alone at a coffee shop and you are also sitting alone and u heard me talking on the phone to my best friend and i was joking with her about getting a sugar daddy bc i’m hella broke, but i swear that i’m like kinda normal, now stop laughing” au
  • “i was out in public and had an anxiety attack and you left your friends to give me some chocolate and talk me through it, so tysm” au
  • “we work together in a little diner and i swear to god, you are the fucking clumsiest person in the entire world, and i keep having to clean up after you whenever you drop a bunch of food and dishes or spill some drinks” au
  • “ur just a random stranger and i’ve been ranting to you for like 20 minutes about how much i hate this one band but now several groups of people came up to you asking for pics and autographs, and oh shit it turns out you’re in the band i’ve been going on about” au
  • “idk you but you were getting hit on in public and you look super uncomfortable so i walked over and pretended to be your bf/gf, but hey while we’re at it, do you wanna go get some food?” au
  • “i was visiting this school for the day bc i want to transfer out of my school and it was between this school and another one but then i saw u and ur hella cute so i choose this school” au
  • “hey thanks for literally saving my life by pushing me out of the way of that car, but now you’re yelling at me bc i was reading and walking and you said i’m too cute to die” au

idk maybe it’s bc i’m a hardass but like… i get uncomfortable when i see people hate people’s natal charts and joke about how problematic it is (for example, posting your crush’s natal chart for everyone to see)

i’ve seen this a lot around tumblr and it’s little hypocritical. to say that placements aren’t bad but to turn around and joke about them as if they are? idk. like, i’m not talking about the funny memes, i’m talking about the posts where people talk about how problematic some placements are (when people, not placements, are problematic)

like… i’ve seen this saying everywhere but not implemented: charts aren’t people. i know i used to do these kinds of things when i just started out, but the more you learn astrology, you more you realize it really isn’t that funny anymore… bc it’s not even applicable or even fun at that point

it has been a long time sense i woke up from a nightmare crying…

i’ve seen so many bad stuff happen in sequence 

a room full of water with a lot of people drowned in it

idk but i was with blue hair and i was taking off my clothes in a room with a big window glass a lot of people i know were outside talking outside the window they could’ve saw me but they’ve been talking like that for a long time and i felt so uncomfortable

a lot of my friends has lost their minds and were walking like zombies

multiple people coming out from a hospital one of them seemed to be a crying woman was held by what it seems to be a doctor and other doctors holding a baby and put it on the ground the baby’s head starts to get large and exploded with guts flowing outside on the ground and the woman was screaming
idk if i was affected by exploding lux but meh

somehow i joined some team forces to stop all this and somehow we succeeded after a long time and it was peace for a short time 

me and two other of my friends were setting outside and we were talking about that one of my friends said that she dreamed of something and started drawing it on the sand ….from what i remember it a face with 4 eyes and four dots above each eye a long line under them seemed like a mustache and an open smiley mouth with three lines coming out of it 

and after that the same things happened again the exploding baby then the drowned room and the mad friends happened again adding to that open room that there was two more people i know are talking now next to me inside the room and i was exposed to them but they just seemed like they didn’t know i was there …..there were more stuff happened but that what i could remember

i woke up crying after that

Promise {Fell!Poth fanfic} C1. Cupcake

So, I’m somehow making a fanfic in wattpad, ‘cause I can and honestly I miss the times when fanfics were what I lived for. It’s not the best thing I’ve ever done but still I wanted to shared it here considering the fact that it’s written originally in Spanish.

Excuse for the simple English, I haven’t actually practice it since, aprox 2 years ago, so I have a lack of vocabulary (?)

Enjoy it!

Fell Goth belongs to @nekophy

Fell Palette belongs to @angexci but I think my fic has been already noticed somehow :///D

I’ll refer to them just as Palette and Goth in this part.

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oh my god your art is so cute and adorable i just love to find people that give ith some love <3 can i please request some young nina/benny where nina is coming back from senior studies and passes by usnavi and benny freestyling and benny gets distracted? idk how this would roll i just know i can't think about anything else when i listen to that part of "when you're home" haha

ahh thank you!!

heres some benny being tounge tied, usnavi being defensive and me avoiding writing raps

Gonna go full white girl here for a moment

If I ask if a food is spicy at all, and you reply “No, not at all! You can barely feel it!” then that is a contradiction. It is spicy. It may not be very spicy, or even moderately spicy, but it’s still spicy. Please just tell me that straight-out.

I know there’s a good chance you’re mocking me in your head when I say that I cannot handle spices at all, and that even the mildest of sauces, that you insist are barely there, are going to hurt, because I’m mocking me too. I know I’ve got a child’s palate when it comes to spicy food. I know it’s almost laughable, how badly I react to even table pepper in more than the most minuscule of doses.

But if I ask “is this spicy,” and you answer “not at all,” and then proceed to tell me that it’s mild, then I will still consider it too spicy.

If I ask “is this spicy at all” and you say “no” while knowing that it is, just a tiny bit, because you can’t imagine anyone reacting, then please don’t be offended when I take one bite and then throw it out, because I asked for a reason.

It’s a dumb thing to talk about, but… yeah. Just do your cannot-handle-spices friends a favor and be honest when they ask. Mild is still a level of spice.

(This goes doubly for strangers, because if they have a digestive problem like, IDK, ulcers or something, then spicy food can irritate the stomach lining further and cause extreme pain. Some people claim that capsaicin can be used to treat ulcers, but you know… just play it safe, yeah?)

Alright kiddos buckle down cuz I’m about to rant. It’s 4AM and I have class at 10:30. I don’t care. 

So this is a thing that has bothered me for quite a long time; the vilifying of Miyuki Kazuya, especially when it comes to Sawamura. Oooooh my GOD this is annoying. I just read a fic that does exactly this, where Miyuki does one small thing that for some reason destroys Sawamura’s apparently extremely fragile little heart and causes the rest of the team to completely despise Miyuki to a point that is absolutely unrealistic and totally ridiculous. And this sort of thing is common in a staggering amount of MiyuSawa fics in which Miyuki is the “top”. 

What I see is people shoving these two into he typical (and kinda gross) seme-uke relationship, which doesn’t work AT ALL. Seriously, it’s so OOC. Sawamura isn’t a baby, so please don;t write him as if he has the emotional and mental capacity of one. Yeah, he’s a sensitive and caring dude, but come on. No need to take it that far. This is important because compared to this sort of OOC Sawamura, Miyuki is like a freaking demon or something. I don’t understand why people write him like he’s Sawamura’s abuser????? Miyuki may say some insensitive stuff from time-to-time but holy shit he isn’t abusive. 

Now, not all fics portray Miyuki as controlling and abusive etc., but in a good majority of MiyuSawa fics, Miyuki is somehow vilified, and everyone completely turns on him for Sawamura. This is probably the part that  makes me most uncomfortable. I get some people may be going for the angst-factor here, but oh my god nobody just completely 180′s on their friend the way Kuramochi does in some of these fics. Or even Chris. It insinuates that nobody at Seidou actually likes Miyuki, which is BS. 

Anyway, it’s late af, idk if this even makes coherent sense, but idc. It needed to be said. 

TL;DR: Miyuki deserves love and happiness!!! He isn’t Sawamura’s evil seme! Ans Sawamura isn’t a helpless baby! STOP WRITING THEM LIKE THIS (or just do it less please).

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Could you do something about Bakugou , Kirishima and Deku with a genderfluid s/o who's so sarcastic but motherly . I had trouble with my gender and I need some fluffy shit . Thank you

Idk if this is what you wanted, but hope you like it.

~Kirishima Eijirou~
•He asks so many questions
•Apologizes if he makes you feel uncomfortable
•Probably doesn’t get all your sarcastic remarks
•This sunshine child is so sweet
•He is very curious, but also very nice with his questioning
•He isn’t bothered by it at all
•Will glare at people if they are being mean

~Bakugou Katsuki~
•So? Is this supposed to be a problem or something?
•He will threaten to kill anyone who is an idiot to you
•It takes a while for him to get used to it, but it doesn’t bother him
•He is a master of different hairdos and likes to help you if you want him to
•He might get annoyed if you “mom” him too much

~Midoriya Izuku~
•He is so sweet
•Doesn’t notice all your sarcastic remarks
•Doesn’t really think about your gender-fluidity
•It’s not something he is bothered by
•Wants to know all about it though
•He is interested in everything
•Appreciates your motherly side, a lot

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It always feels so uncomfortable when someone first says how much they’ve previously enjoyed your blog, up until you agreed with someone else on a complex issue... idk how to phrase it, but it feels so dehumanizing. Like they’re calling in to report a problem w their internet service.

yeah! it’s what I’ve been saying (and saying and saying) about (almost always white) people using admiration for me as a smokescreen for their disrespect and entitlement. I get feeling disappointed when someone you admire in some way disagrees with you about something–I felt that way especially when I was like, in my teens and had just gotten onto tumblr (note that this woman is… 37 years old), but it’s very ugly and entitled to cast that as a reproach upon someone–when it’s not a matter of being a horrible person or anything but just, like you said, disagreeing on a complex issue. and it’s extremely disingenuous to come out of nowhere and misrepresent my position on this (as if not thinking that all sex work is somehow more ‘empowering’ than any other kind of work automatically equals an attack on sex workers’ labour rights? when actually I just checked and the last time I posted something pertaining to supporting those labour rights was.. a week ago), be aggressive and rude, and then blame ME for not wanting to sit down and have a chat after that? (and how would we have a chat over that? through morse cord? smoke signals? lmfao). anyways some people need lives I guess

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ugh okay so my (white) mom and my brother say the n-word quite a lot and i've tried to explain to them that they shouldnt do it but they don't listen, and they use the "its okay, i mean it in a friendly way!!" or "yeah but i'm not racist so its fine" and idk how to explain to them that it's bad or why they shouldn't say it, and as a feminist it makes me pretty uncomfortable when they say it around me. any advice?

I have dealt with this problem so many times and it never ceases to just piss me off. For some reason when white people (and I say this as a white person) are told they can’t have something or shouldn’t have something, they feel the need to dig up every single excuse they have for why they should get it and that’s exactly what happens with the N word. 

“I’m not saying it in a racist way”

“My black friends don’t care” 

“Slavery is over, it’s just a word now”

“Well black people say it…”

I have to be honest the only way I have ever gotten people like this to stop is by asking them not to say it around me, I have simply started speaking my mind and never being afraid to say “hey I don’t like that language please don’t use it when I’m around” and that same wording works for a lot of things. I know that these people still speak this way, and it still upsets me, but I also know that making this request is really all that I have the right to do. I am not black, this word will never hurt me the way it hurts people who are black, and since that is the case it isn’t my job to tell them to never say it again, but it is my job to show them that not everyone is okay with the behavior. I also try to remind myself that this is a battle that I don’t need to be holding the bullhorn for, it’s a battle that I sometimes need to be quiet for. SO, overall my advice is to just tell your family that you don’t want to hear it and that when you’re around you would appreciate it is they refrained from using those words. Good luck!

-The Daily Feminist 

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Congrats on hitting 1K! Welcome to the club, We've been expecting you! You had so many juicy prompts on your list, but somehow I was able to pick one. Let's go with BBRae, number 19) Imagine your OTP making out on the floor somewhere because the spots they usually do it are occupied by other people. Bonus points if you can make it smutty! - LB

Idk why this one took me as long as it did, but it’s extra hot and a bit longer than the others, so here’s hoping it’s worth it.

I never turn down the chance to earn some bonus points. ;) 

In case you didn’t get that folks, rated M beyond the cut. 

She watched him from across the room, her gaze fixated on the collar of his shirt. Raven bit her bottom lip, unable to stop the impure thoughts that raced through her mind and left her feeling uncomfortably warm.

She twirled the cup she held between her fingers absent-mindedly. What was it about his collarbone that she found so ridiculously alluring? If Garfield noticed her fascination at all, he pretended not to care. Instead, he appeared mellow, talking and joking amongst the other Titans like it wasn’t even a thing. He didn’t so much as glance in her direction, but Raven didn’t care; she was free to openly gawk at the way the button-up shirt had conveniently not been buttoned up at all. She knew she’d squirm if she dared let her eyes wander any further down his lean, exposed musculature.

Instead, Raven kept her eyes on the green of his neck and chest, and occasionally his forearms where he’d rolled up the sleeves of his colorful, floral, vacation shirt. The emerald-green tone of his skin clashed with the vibrant shades of his clothing, and Raven found herself feeling tantalized by the parts of him that were obscured by the fabric.

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project support bts creators is go! if you get this message it's because someone thinks you make beautiful content. tag some of your favorite bts gif/gfx/edit/icon/fic/art makers below and pass it on. spread the love 💕

thank you so much this is very sweet of you 💖

I mainly follow people who make gifs and/or gfx, but a few art makers as well. It’s conflicting to choose favorites but here’s a few who are also very lovely people 😘 I feel like I’m tagging the same people as everyone else tho 👀 but yay LOVE!!

@mewchim @jeovkks @ttaewo @yoonseok @nochuie @jjilljj @jjks @comeherejimin @booptaegi @softjiminstan @apgujeon @jminies @dearmyjimin @je0n

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why dont you use adfly? (i'm not complaining lol) but I was just curious, from my experience most creators do? i love your poses and your stories btw!

hi!! there’s a few reasons, I guess 

  1. the ads or pages linked from sometimes contain some pretty non PG13 content, like nudity, dating sites, gambling etc. anddd idk how comfortable I’d be with my younger followers seeing that because of lil ol’ meee
  2. When I’m downloading cc I become really uncomfortable when a link shortener asks me to disable my adblock and I’d feel bad vise versa xD
  3. aaaaaand idk the specifics but i imagine you’d have to get 100,000′s of clicks to make it even remotely worthwhile; and with more and more people using adblock, i imagine it’s even harder idkk
  4. sooo, instead I just have a donate button, which gives people the option 😊  

but hey ho tons of my favourite creators use and I’m happy to go through in order to support them!! creators in this community totally deserve to be supported and compensated for all the endless blood, sweat and tears that goes into their custom content 😊 

thank you my love!! I’m glad you like my blog!! heheh 😊

Quick thoughts on why “Cringe Culture” shouldn’t be a thing

Here’s what gets me.

Cringe culture (CC) is considered cringey because people are acting as an “other” or “awkward”, and it makes some people observing it uncomfortable. If we’re really gonna get into it, generally behaviors in cringe culture such as hyperfixation or using fandom as a healthy coping mechanism are neurodivergent traits. So we have to ask, is it really people uncomfortable with kids/teens/fucking anyone (age doesn’t matter) enjoying a fandom, or enjoying it in a way that they find ‘other’ and 'uncomfortable"?

I brought this up with Blythe (roseravager) who’s autistic and works with autistic kids, and she says that she sees people using autism as a slur against those in cringe culture and it going downhill from there. So really, its pointing to people who may or may not be autistic, accusing them of having a mental difference and using that as an attack. 

When I brought it up with the Women In Games group on campus, they discussed it within the lens that things are labeled CC as soon as women or LGBT+ audiences begin using the fandom as a way to explore their sexuality. Male identifying peeps are totally not ostracized the same way for enjoying harem anime as women for so much as expressing attraction to a fictional character.

And if we look at that, then I agree that self shipping is totally okay and cool as long as its LEGAL. Pedophilia is illegal, incest is illegal, and both are deplorable morally. I’m not gonna touch on the grey area that is those ships for coping with past trauma because we’re not discussing that with this.

As long as people aren’t hurting each other, and what you’re doing is healthy and fun for you, fucking do it. The fact that people are going out of their way to send hate and death threats to self shippers and people engaging in cringe culture is so pathetic to me. Why? Why do that, because someone else doesn’t agree with your otp??? Like goddamn. Let people be people. Let kids enjoy what they want and grow. Another person’s art or enjoyment of something shouldn’t affect you unless they’re doing something morally questionable or sending you direct hate. 

on another note feel free to come at me with why you think its ‘not okay’ or if you agree with me, i will totally encourage mature and civil conversations either way

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i get that you're uncomfy when it comes to the term aspergers and you don't need to further elaborate on this, but just to mention that some people are diagnosed with asperger syndrome depending on which country they come from (since AS is still an official diagnosis in some places, i.e. where i come from), so it's a bit tricky not to use the term when that is in fact the diagnosis the person has been given.

yeah im aware of this (im in the uk + it still exists here), but since aspergers is a term that has been eradicated from most criterias (as its finally been acknowledged that it’s literally just being autistic) it’s fairly simple for people to just start referring to themselves as autistic instead of being an ‘aspie’ or having ‘aspergers’ even if their official paperwork says ‘aspergers’

i become weary when people are reluctant to drop the term because of how awful aspie superiority can be etc. like if your paperwork says ‘aspergers’ then fine, obviously use that for official document-type purposes etc but it’s not necessary to label yourself online or build an identity (for example) around ‘aspie’ as opposed to ‘autistic’

obviously each to their own and as long as they’re not acting superior or awful then its somewhat alright i guess, but i cant help but think the more people cling to the label (for whatever reason), the more damage they’re inadvertently doing to the rest of the autistic community 

idk i’ve not explained this very well at all but hopefully it makes some kind of sense?? aspergers is an outdated label that is widely used to either deny support + dismiss and discredit what those autistic individuals are going through, or to seperate the individual from the ‘other’ autistics because they (or someone else) perceive them as ‘better’

if anyone can explain it better please feel free to do that i am Not Good with words and articulating thoughts

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I love this AU but I'm suffering on behalf of Jimin, my bby TT I want to know what JK truly feels about him but it seems like he's confused. ughh I think I'll just wait until it's completed, how many chapters do you think it will have?

I’m happy that you’re liking it so far! I’d originally planned it to have five parts (it started out as a head canon that just kept going), but seeing as one of the central characters hasn’t even showed up yet… I’m gonna say there’s about 6-7 chapters in total? I feel like I’ve only finished the intro to the story, so yeah, maybe you are better off waiting;;

Anon: I really like your fic sajeon-nim ;;;;;; i like the flow and the fact that km suffer. Feeling bad but always gravitating to eo more like hell yeh gimme. Anyway 10/10 on the ‘my heart is in pain’ section and a well deserved 10 on the smut because bless you. Well done.          

Anon: Hello I just read your KM and frankly speaking its one of the hottest and angstiest(I don’t think this is a word) I have ever read. Thank you for being born and blessing KM community, literally 💕💕💕💕             

Thank you so much, it means a lot to know there are people who are genuinely enjoying the story. I honestly appreciate every single message/feedback that people have sent me. It’s been really fun reading them and I’m really grateful. And hopefully, if you’ve liked this chapter, you’ll also like the angsty stuff that’s coming up in the next one. Also the sex. That too.

Anon: I’m so so sorry about this but I’ve been trying to access your fic ever since i saw it update but i can’t seem to get it correct?? Tbh idk if it’s just stupidity on my part but can you please please type it out? :(((( i’m very sorry about thisss       

Having the pw is my way of trying to enforce a sort of barrier because 1) there’s kids here, and 2) some people have also told me nsfw stuff on my blog really makes them uncomfortable. I guess it’s my way of trying to find a compromise. After all, some people don’t want to see fics and are only here for the translations or whatever.

That being said, the code is very easy. Don’t overthink it. It’s Kook/min’s birth years. It has four digits, and it starts with 9.