idk some people get uncomfortable by that

most of the time it doesn’t get to me, but every once in a while i’ll see what people say about myspace au and it bums me out. like man, it fucking sucks to be afraid of myself, to be convinced that i’m bad because… idk, i have certain interests and express myself through them?? i totally get it if the au makes you uncomfortable, i respect and understand that. it deals with some heavy topics.

just uh….i think people assume things about the content of the au that aren’t true and then those assumptions get spread around as if they were the truth. and then people are made to feel like shit for a thing that they like all because somebody didn’t look at the actual au canon before passing judgement.

if a story primarily about mental illness and asexuality and learning to love yourself so that you can better love others is depraved, then hey, sorry dude. idk what to tell ya.

don’t message me abt this. i’m not upset rn and like i said at the beginning, i usually am not bothered by it at all. i just felt like this was something that needed to be addressed??? idk man whatever i’m gonna keep Having a Good Time Online

I literally hate this fandom so much…. Y'all are literally the same as Nicole (which is ironic because y'all are always hating on her). NATALIE DID NOT BRING UP THE THIGH THING MICHELLE DID. Also she wasn’t using it to get Paul evicted or have people turn on him. Also it was essential to get James on board for the flip. If Natalie had said “yes paul grabs my thighs and makes me uncomfortable” then Paul wouldn’t have taken her side and no Paul means no Victor on board either. Some of y'all are so gross also CBS pulled the receipts on BOTH Victor (2nd week) and Paulie for their comments on Natalie AND James said he saw Paul grab her thigh so idk about y'all but so far Natalie’s been right on all her claims with receipts and witness.

no offence but like……… i really don’t think showing women being violent towards men (who weren’t physically attacking them or threatening harm) is subversive in any way………… like, sorry, but women beating up men isn’t actually a good thing……….. like, do y’all not get that violence is Bad? like, i know it’s the trend on here to be “oh, men are awful and suck” and yeah, sometimes they do, and there’s an entire culture contributing to that and it’s really complicated and shit. but look, all i’m saying here is that showing women beating up men in media as something to be celebrated is not helpful to anyone. just like showing violence towards lgbt+ people or poc or literally anyone isn’t fucking helpful. i’m just so sick of seeing excessive violence and cruelty celebrated……….

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It's fine if you don't like us but could you at least not go out of your way to project your hate on us? It's unnecessary and we already get so much of it, like a writer was getting sent anon messages to go kill themselves the past couple of weeks. I'm not saying it was you but when you post hate you're just feeding the awful trolls that send absolutely disgusting and unwarranted filth into our inboxes. Idk just a thought.

I’m literally not going out of my way to project hate. You keep coming into my inbox. Quincest is wrong and it makes Tegan and Sara uncomfortable, even if some random anon comes into your inboxes with hate, I cannot control it. Maybe stop shipping real twin sisters? Go out in the sun, go on a hike. Meet a girl that isn’t your cousin, maybe, but you should stop. I’m sorry people are getting terrible messages, but like I said I can’t control them.

i’m so confused about my gender rn??? like, i want to buy a binder and some packers, and when i’m older and living on my own, get top surgery and some hormones, but i don’t want people to use male pronouns for me? i feel uncomfortable already when people use female pronouns and male pronouns just feel wrong to me. idk if this makes any sense, i just really need some help

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Can u tell us a dream u had once about Luke? 💕

i tried so hard to remember a really good one cause i’ve had some Very Nice dreams about him but I usually text them to people and atm i can’t remember much?!

Oh! There was one where I met him somewhere and there was a handful of fans around but i had sort of hung back and eventually he asked if there was anyone he hadn’t met so I was like !! Hi !! so he came over and gave me the Biggest, Best hug and we talked a little, took some photos, and then I asked if I could get him to say hi to my friend in a video and he said yes but he looked really uncomfortable like, idk scared to do it? so i was like, ‘please don’t do it if you don’t want to!! I don’t want to make you uncomfortable or anything!!’ and he like, apologised profusely but i was all !! it’s fine omg anyway then he hugged me again and wandered off.

About 10 minutes (i guess idk, it was a dream lol) he came back and i was alone at this stage and he put his arm around me and spoke really close to my ear about how much he appreciated that and how grateful he was and how Nice it was and i was like ? that’s just common decency? and then he laughed like ‘you’d be surprised.’ and then we were sitting on the ground somewhere just talking about things and my chin was resting on his knee? and we talked about Jack at some point? idk we were just talking about things for like, hours until my mum randomly turned up and was like, 'Oh! luke! What are you doing for dinner? Ellie’s been lonely you should come over and keep her company!’ and luke was all 😏 emoji and then my mum started telling embarrassing stories and i woke up :-(

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not really a character, so to speak, but i hc marina diamandis as having bpd. look up the lyrics to some of her songs, specifically from the album "the family jewels" and you'll most likely get the vibe also.

i’d kinda prefer not to do real people unless they’ve stated that they have bpd just bc it makes me a little uncomfortable to like hc real people idk (i do relate to her songs on like a bpd level but i don’t wanna make like assumptions like that about her)

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how do you feel about people finding out information about celebrities' private lives? i dont mean like doxxing but i mean finding out about their friends, their relationships, etc... personally i dislike it bc while i understand it could be interesting to some people it makes me really uncomfortable. idk but i never found out why people leak things like that and decide to share it with people. it makes me sad that celebrities have to go through that :(

I think it depends on what the celeb themselves puts out there – some are super friendly and open on social media and clearly don’t care. Other people want their privacy and to have a barrier.

Like, one of the reasons I stopped posting about Gr@andice as much was because I felt like it/I were getting into uncomfortable territory with diving into their lives, looking at their social media, analyzing all of their moves, etc. I started getting really uncomfortable with it.

ESPECIALLY now that people are apparently leaking things?

Like, leaking things makes me so uncomfortable because that’s a lack of consent, in most cases (some celebs leak their own things but w/e) and it’s “too personal” for me, if that makes sense?

Sometimes I get annoyed at this supposedly satisfying pictures or videos (like paint mixing videos) and sometimes there will be titles or people will comment and say “For the OCD in all of us” or like “Wow this makes me feel so OCD” and I’m like wait not everyone has OCD so no and also I can’t speak for everyone, but those “satisfying” pictures and videos can actually really mess with my OCD.  I can’t explain why but some of them just make me feel more uncomfortable and yeah.  It bothers me.  Sometimes they’re great and I like them so I don’t want to bash them all but sometimes people rub me the wrong way.

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Hey, have you guys been listening anything to blackpink?? I really like whistle but the "indian calls" or whatever you'd call them in bombayah makes me really uncomfortable :/// esp with that dance where they run around in a circle, i'm no native american so i'm not an expert but it all just feels really iffy to me :/

People are saying black pink in their song whistle they use Native American war chants but it sounds like they are just… Whistling. Like dead ass just whistling. But idk maybe some one else actually has proof or can get a second opinion? I just don’t want their debut to be thrown in the trash if it’s nothing

I actually did notice that when I first watched the video, but I didn’t think it was offensive because they weren’t purposely imitating anyone. However, I may be wrong on this issue and it people may have still been offended and I think it’s important that we respect those opinions as well.

Would anyone like to send their thoughts in about this?

i feel like i get a lot of het ship requests even though i don’t have requests open but i struggle to say ‘no’ unless it’s something i really don’t want to write… also idk sometimes i think about how gay i am and then i think about how my number 1 of all otps is het and some people’s posts about how weird/rare that sort of thing happening is makes me feel kind of uncomfortable