idk some people get uncomfortable by that

ok but asexual Jack who has always felt /wrong/ but attributed it to his anxiety and pushed himself to be intimate with people at high school parties and stuff 

and he gets to samwell and he has kind of had a reprieve bc he has been in rehab and coaching for so long but now he is back in that frat environment and he forgot how /broken/ it makes him feel. especially Rans and Holster bc they dont mean to make him uncomfortable but they heard all the rumours from Q and they expect him to be this party boy/womaniser and honestly Jack is so far from that it makes him terribly uncomfortable

and just everyone is so open sexually and really comfortable with their sexuality and he knows that is a good thing but?? it still makes him feel bad?? bc he doesnt benefit from that?? 

idk just asexual Jack struggling with existing in such a hypermasculine, sex-focused environment while also being gay??

(this is lowkey for @hurricanestella btw bc she deserves it)

most of the time it doesn’t get to me, but every once in a while i’ll see what people say about myspace au and it bums me out. like man, it fucking sucks to be afraid of myself, to be convinced that i’m bad because… idk, i have certain interests and express myself through them?? i totally get it if the au makes you uncomfortable, i respect and understand that. it deals with some heavy topics.

just uh….i think people assume things about the content of the au that aren’t true and then those assumptions get spread around as if they were the truth. and then people are made to feel like shit for a thing that they like all because somebody didn’t look at the actual au canon before passing judgement.

if a story primarily about mental illness and asexuality and learning to love yourself so that you can better love others is depraved, then hey, sorry dude. idk what to tell ya.

don’t message me abt this. i’m not upset rn and like i said at the beginning, i usually am not bothered by it at all. i just felt like this was something that needed to be addressed??? idk man whatever i’m gonna keep Having a Good Time Online

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i've just recently started researching autism and i was wondering: itaat to be uncomfortable when things aren't in some specific way you perceive to be correct? like when i'm scrolling through tumblr and i get uneasy if a post is like, cropped by the site margin... idk if i'm explaining it well, like i only feel calm when a post is bordered by the blue background from all sides. or when i'm reading a book and i have to put it down i feel better if i end it on a chapter end AND a page end.

Yep! Autistic people often have some of the same symptoms as OCD. For example when I put the dishes away I put the cups across the back of the shelf, but my also autistic brother puts them away from back to front.

-Mod Apollo

I kind of get uncomfortable sometimes because of the lack of posts talking about how asexual people can still have a sex drive. Like, if you’re asexual you don’t experience sexual attraction toward anyone, and yes in some cases you don’t experience sexual feelings at all and/or can be repulsed by the idea and practice of sex, but some people (myself included) can still experience sex drive and that’s okay!! You can be asexual and not want to have sex, and you can be asexual and still want to have sex!! Idk. There just need to be more posts talking about this, because I’ve noticed the majority make the assumption that asexual people don’t experience any form of libido or sexual pleasure!

i lose followers every time i talk about my psychosis like friends this blog isnt some edgy aesthetic thing i am actually a very real Mentally Ill…………………………..but hey if ur some nt following for the ~cr*zy aesthetic~ then good fucking riddance

like u cant wanna look cool but then get uncomfortable when mentally ill people start displaying symptoms?? 

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with the recent post you made i'm assuming you've seen the korotrash """""komaeda is not gay""""" discourse? she's pissing me off by trying to deny it.

I refuse to make any comments that would incite drama or discourse on another user, unless I feel that user has done something truly awful (like, idk, valwin he who must not be named) especially when it is targeted towards such a young user. They have gotten a lot of undeserved and very gross hate, and I think that supporting them during that is more important then giving them even more drama to deal with. (Again, especially since they’re pretty young.)

I will simply make the point that disliking f/m ships with Komaeda isn’t just a shipping thing to some people; I know some people that don’t ship komahina but still get uncomfortable seeing f/m ships with Komaeda, because he is confirmed to be attracted to a male, and it is going to be a sticky issue. Sticky, but not one that deserves people being sent hate or disapproval on either side. Shipping is not the same thing as wanting something to be canon; shipping is, simply put, enjoying the dynamic that two characters would have together in a relationship. That’s all. There’s not always some sjw reasoning behind it. Let people enjoy what they want, but also be mindful that yes, with LGBTQ+ confirmed characters, some people are going to be uncomfortable with that, and as long as they don’t act on that discomfort to send hate when it’s simply someone enjoying a ship, I don’t think anyone involved is a bad person.

Even if I can accept that Tayvin is real at this point I don’t know if it’ll ever not make me feel uncomfortable and gross.

I love Taylor. I really really do.

But I’m really tired of feeling outcasted from the fandom because I think Calvin is not a great person??

You don’t have to approve of everything someone does to be a fan. You don’t have to be comfortable with who they’re dating to still support them.

How many of you have disliked your friends’ significant others at some point? Even Taylor hated Selena dating Justin because she didn’t like him as a person.

So Idk man. I can get why people hate the Kaylor fandom because some parts of it are fucking nuts. But there’s a difference between hating people who speculate and tinhat and hating people who accept who Taylor is dating but just don’t like it.

There’s a really big difference.


Since I’ve been following some Les Twins blogs I see black women (or men idk) talk about all these differences between black and white people. I get to see also all the discrimination against them and I’m like WTH? I didn’t know this kind of racism still existed in America. Because in France, black people are not a community, they’re just french people… And so I get really uncomfortable with the “hate” on white people. I can understand it but… Idk we live in a fucked up world, guys.

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(shit lmao I hope this hasn't been asked before) is it ok with you to have maybe a few trans headcanons? :') I kinda mean in general but for me I just... idk it's just bg characters for me, like I'm nonbinary and I kinda love the idea of lil Amaya boo being nonbinary too? honestly I really get it if it makes you uncomfy!! I sometimes get weirded out by what some people headcanon my characters to be lmao. I just felt I should ask before I make fanart or smth with these kinds of headcanons!

Veronica: I’m not uncomfortable at all!! Headcanons are headcanons, there’s seriously nothing wrong with them! And sometimes, headcanons turn out to be right so they’re not ridiculous things!

I am 100% okay with them :D It’s cool to know about headcanons and theories, it’s a fun thing to explore!

Before any sleeping happens,
I just wanna say, thank you to anyone that has interacted with me? Or just generally been here for me lately. I know this kinda sounds just like a gushy thing but I do want you guys to know!!! I do have huge problems making friends, it’s one of my hardest categories to even do!!!! Idk with these handpicked people I feel??? Comfortable. I am usually a picky person and get uncomfortable with people rather quickly/tend to dislike them because of trauma!! I trust you guys a lot even if we are just internet friends, I love you all???? Idk, it’s just I have been hurt for 4? Or 5 years with friends, all of them hurt me in some way. I felt myself alone, and damaged nearly giving up on socializing altogether until I started to build up this account more!!!! I finally feel more free finally leaving the last of my abusers and find a new life!!! Even if I joke a lot and sometimes barely serious, I just have these deep feelings that you guys can bring me life! New people or kinda longer mutual friends!!!!!! Idk, I just feel like I can have a better time now thanks to you guys.
Bless up and I wish u all well!!!
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okay im at like .. an uncomfortable place in my life and i’m just desperate for change right now!!! i appreciate that time moves forward but its going too slowly right now. i need to skip exactly 1 maybe 1.5 years into my future right now…. and get over this silly pain, find more loving people, be more at peace with myself! show off my Love w/ someone 🌹obviously dont reblog bc this is personal!!! joanna is really getting me through some stuff right now.. anyways i have 2 big papers due thurs and fri and :—))) idk what to do!!!!!! theyre hard. both film papers. and uh yeah yikes !!! this next week is gonna be awful

i believe i said i wouldnt bring up yoi again but lmao

also spoilers i guess??

so like… idk whats changed, but since yoi came out ive been feeling really hyper aware of artists who draw mlm almost exclusively, specifically straight women, even more specifically mlm porn

yoi will eventually quiet down like all fandoms, and the hype for this particular Gay Ship will pass and people will find a new couple to gush about. its nothing new but for some reason i am getting uncomfortable NOW even though its happen in every fandom imaginable idk whats different about this one maybe there isnt anything different and it just so happens to be the time my brain goes “… wait a sec”

a large majority of mlm art, regardless of if it is smut or not, is drawn by cishet women. i dont mind it if a cishet person draws gay pairing, but when it starts getting exclusively gay pornography, it really starts feeling like its fetishy. and i think a big issue with it is no one would hesitate a second to call out a cishet man for exclusively drawing lesbian porn

so now i see cishet women getting tickled pink by this awful caricature of gay men getting drunk and stripping and pole dancing and pouring champaign on themselves like this isnt super hypersexualizing and fetishizing? like somehow them getting engaged is somehow so good and clean and pure it erases the fact that this show, about gay men, is aimed at straight women. its fetishizing gay men. ya’ll lauding the fact that yuuri got drunk and wiggled his ass and couldnt remember it for the course of the entire show.

and im really super disappointed because a canon gay couple in a anime got engaged and thats SUCH a rare fucking thing and i wish we could have more of it but like come the fuck on i already feel like my sexuality and gender are invalid and it feels like the only time gay stuff can be successful is if straight people approve of it.

idk this rant went round in circles i just wanna know why i cant have gay media without it become a caricature of gay people for the amusement of The Cishets