idk some of you probably saw this already

anonymous asked:

Idk if you already saw the video but misha says "where did you get that" so he was probably wearing panties or something similar, something thin that it almost looks like he wasn't wearing anything

i’ve tried to parse out what misha is saying and i don’t think we can know for certain that that’s what he’s saying. but here are some additional possibilities if that IS what he was saying:

  1. a cock ring
  2. an unexpected piercing
  3. underwear with misha’s face on it
  4. hickey on his dick
  5. something wrong with his dick, like it’s swollen or misshapen

i don’t think any of these are as plausible as jensen whipping out his dick and misha saying something like, “why did you do that” instead of “where did you get that”