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Gavin first meets Michael as he’s being thrown out of a bar after being caught pick-pocketing. Gavin made the rather stupid mistake of trying to take the wallet of a guy three times his size, with no backup, no weapon on him, and only his drunken impulses to guide his actions. The huge guy felt his sloppy hands, grabbed Gavin’s wrist, and threatened to beat him to death. Gavin would insist later that he was already making a plan to get out of it, already spinning the starts of lies in his head, the start of a flashy smile. But if he’s being honest he was scared. He was young, he’s been in this trash of a city for all of three months, and he has no way out of this.

“Hey!” A voice calls besides Gavin and he looks to find a short curly-haired man who couldn’t be much older than himself, freckles spattering his scowl. “The dude is like eighty pounds, leave him alone.”

The man gripping Gavin’s wrist turns to the other, his snarl getting deeper. “Fuck off, this is between me and the twink.”

The strange savior insists again he find someone his own size to pick on. The giant again tells him to fuck off. At some point a punch is thrown, the police are called, and Gavin and the stranger get shoved out the back entrance being told to never come back.

“Thanks for that,” Gavin chirps to the stranger, holding out his hand to shake. “I would’ve been ok, but thanks for the help anyway. The smegpot looked outright mean.”

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It’s a little vague but I hope this helps a bit?? ; v ; this is a little late, sorry!! 

  • I use ‘multiply’ a lot to adjust colours and add shadows, although Lance does have a more yellow undertone compared to the warmer/red base I use. 
  • Also, the skintones will look lighter or darker depending on your background (light colours or dark colours) so if you’re using a dark background it will make your skintones seem lighter so you can tweak it accordingly  ❤
things that the vld characters need

shiro: hugs. someone give him so many hugs

pidge: a goddamn place to plug in their poor video game gosh darn it

keith: a good nap

hunk: some decent materials to make some bomb cookies

lance: this boi deserves some love and i am willing to give it to him

coran: some figure skates (watch out yoi developers coran is comin for ur brand)

allura: hair ties

(feel free to add more characters!!)

i feel like the narrative on women and makeup has become so muddled and confused and misguided. there is honestly an industry at this point based on denying that makeup has anything to do with patriarchy in any way, shape or form. despite the obvious fact that, no, the vast majority of men do not wear makeup–and yes, we still consider many of them beautiful without it, and without even thinking about it. 

the beauty industry has become attuned enough to the change in culture and women’s increasing liberation over time that they can no longer get away with marketing all their products as “fixes” for your “flaws.” no, they’ve actually co-opted feminist/activist rhetoric to sell their products to you. this imbues their product with a significance and a weight that, without this language, it simply does not have. sadly a lot of this language is similarly used by makeup blogs/vlogs/instagrams/etc without understanding that the capitalist machine has pushed this nonsense on us for years to dupe us. let’s actually take a look at some modern advertising in the beauty industry:

wow! it’s almost like “having it all” sounds familiar? hm, where have i heard that?

this is just one of dozens of products that compare their makeup to a revolution.

the beauty industry has been steadily using rhetoric to suggest that cosmetics bring women power and the like, such as:

but when all else fails, don’t convince women that beauty products will empower, change, enliven them, or make them assertive. just tell them it’s a part of who they are!

because how could the real you shine through without the help of some new foundation or lipstick?

there is such an absurdity to these slogans and such a sexism to the idea that these products are going to change women’s lives, bring them confidence, give them power or anything else. these products, nine times out of ten, are going to paint women’s faces in order to make them more appealing to the patriarchy.

it’s even gone far enough that women online have recently created a hashtag #thepowerofmakeup (?) to insist that makeup is not due to insecurities or a desire to please boys, but simply a personal choice and pleasure that exists in a vacuum and has nothing to do with anything else ever. this is the extent of the brainwashing. i don’t condemn these women in any way because their lack of understanding is not their fault and is a product of growing up in the society they have. to make myself perfectly clear, i do not condemn any women who wear makeup in any context. however the hashtag creator’s notion that “nowadays…it’s almost a crime to love doing your makeup” is literally baffling. makeup has never been more popular or beloved than it is right now, and the small group of people criticizing its misogynistic origins are nothing compared to the millions of women who feel compelled to spend hundreds every year on these products. it’s incredible to see women who do wear makeup portrayed as the outcasts, while women who don’t wear makeup know that they’ll have a tougher time getting jobs, be consistently assumed tired/upset/having a bad day, and be generally considered less desirable and inadequately feminine on the whole. 

speaking of the growing prominence of youtube channels, instagrams, tumblrs, etcetcetc centered around makeup and makeup products, i want to make a point. can makeup be art? absolutely! can makeup be fun? absolutely! can makeup exist totally separate from male dominant spaces? i’m not positive, but i think it’s possible. however, it is the dominant culture’s obsession with and need for these products which is harmful to women and girls. many will proclaim that, “i like how i look without makeup too!” and “i can still leave the house without it!” but, as someone who once constantly reiterated these phrases, unfortunately i know them to be denials in many many cases. i felt myself, over the years, insisting that i could leave the house without makeup, yet found myself doing that, at most, five times in an entire year. i told myself i liked how i looked without makeup, yet after two days in the house without a drop, i looked in the mirror and felt ugly, dirty, incomplete. and i know i am not alone. sure makeup makes you feel beautiful, but why?

if we want to talk honestly about makeup and the enormous influence it has on women and girls, we have to rid ourselves of patriarchal notions and delusions that makeup “just makes me feel good!” and embrace the idea that we can feel good, all the time, be beautiful, all the time, no matter what we look like, without makeup in any form. our choices do not exist in a vacuum, and there was a reason i cried hysterically to my mother at 13 for not being allowed to wear mascara. all women are beautiful, all the time. it’s okay that women wear makeup. we just need to start examining why we want to, and patriarchy’s role in that “choice.”


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slime protips

- simple slime recipe: glue (white or clear) + activator

- simple fluffy slime recipe: glue (white or clear) + shaving cream to cover the whole top of the glue + activator

- stir slowly, don’t put too much activator, and add in activator a little at a time for the best results

- deco/foam balls don’t stick to fluffy slime, but glitter does

- if your slime is too runny or sticky, refrigerate it and/or add more activator

- paint works just as well as food coloring!! i’ve only used acrylic though, so idk if other types work

anonymous asked:

Dear Duke, I have noticed something about my writing: I do not know how to conduct a dialogue. I do not know how to add an emotional "burden" to the discussion. It does not sound believable what I write. To me, it seems more like a lecture than a simple conversation. I just wanted to write engaging more with the emotional side of my characters than with the intellectual. How can I do it?

Hi! You’re in the right place because dialogue is actually my favorite thing to write and any book of mine you pick up will probably be like at least 40% people talking. Idk if this is because I did so much theatre or because I just can’t shut up, but it’s high time I did a real post about it, so:

Advice for Aspiring Authors: On Dialogue

  1. You need it so don’t resist it. Books that are just huge chunks of prose are exhausting, and if you never use dialogue you’re either (1) summarizing or (2) writing a really boring book, and either way the the result is the same. Your reader is going to be bored. Choosing the right scenic mode is important and sooner or later people are going to have to speak in the moment. 
  2. Don’t stress about speaker tags. Putting this at the top because a lot of new writers seem to get hung up on it. But I’ve already addressed this, so read this post here. Pro-tip? If you’re writing a conversation between two people or even three, you often don’t need speaker tags at all. I recently wrote a conversation that takes place over the phone which consists of about 25 lines exchanged and didn’t use a single speaker tag because it was, in all instances, obvious who was doing the talking. Later in the same MS I have a really chaotic hospital scene where like twelve people are yelling at the same time and interrupting each other and there are no speaker tags because idgaf if anybody knows who’s saying what. It should feel like chaos. (If you want a really great example of this, pick up a copy of William Faulkner’s Sanctuary and read the funeral scene.) Readers are smart. They’ll figure it out.
  3. Different people speak in different ways. Who a character is will often determine how they speak. For instance, Theodore von Wammelspout, Crown Prince of Prosenstatz, is probably going to have a very different dialect than Paw Paw O’Halloran, Louisiana shrimp fisherman. (If you want a better example of what I’m talking about, watch the movie Kingsman and pay attention to how and when Eggsy switches dialects, or read the prologue to The Taming of the Shrew and pay attention to the immediate tonal shift in Christopher Sly’s dialogue when he wakes up from a drunken stupor thinking he’s a lord.) Think about a character’s origins and upbringing and backstory when deciding how they talk.
  4. But stay away from writing dialect unless you really know what you’re doing. Don’t try to phonetically write a character’s accent or dialect unless you’re a linguist, because a lot of dropped consonants and deliberate misspellings can be really difficult to read, come out like you’re trying too hard, or even end up looking vaguely racist. If a character has an accent, find a way to tell us they have an accent and then spell all their dialogue correctly. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule–i.e, if a phonic misunderstanding is crucial to the story. But basically, unless you’re writing Trainspotting, don’t do this. What’s much better and much more effective is to describe how a character says something or what their voice sounds like. What’s the texture? The color? The temperature? A warm, rough, slow voice belongs to a different character than a cold, high, slick voice does. Or maybe the same character can switch from one to the other. Give your character’s voice the same attention you would give their body or their habits or anything else.
  5. It’s a character speaking, not the narrator. Each character should have their own voice, in the same way that each story will have a slightly different narrator, even if it’s a neutral third person narrator. Writing is all about voice and style, and part of the challenge is that you as the writer have to be a mockingbird and be able to speak in as many different voices as you have characters. It will take practice. It will require a lot of questions asked, such as “Who never says a bad word? Who swears like a sailor? Who talks in a constant, uninterrupted stream and who hardly says a word?” For an exercise, write out a plain uninteresting sentence like, “He was on his way home from the store when he got a flat tire,” the way the narrator would say it, and then rewrite it in every character’s voice. Because one character might say it just like that–”I was on my way home from the store and I got a flat tire”–and another might say, “You’re not going to fucking believe this. Okay, so I’m on my way home from the store, because we’re out of beer again, because Steve was supposed to go get more and he didn’t, the dickhead–and what happens? Well, obviously, because this worthless excuse of a city can’t be bothered to keep the roads clear, I drive right through a patch of broken glass and BANG! Blow a tire. Swear to God, I thought it was a gunshot, I nearly ran my car into a telephone pole.” If all your characters sound alike or sound like the narrator or (worse) sound like you, it’s time to stop and reevaluate. 
  6. Characters don’t speak for you. Look, unless you’re writing a really boring story it’s going to have a bunch of people in it with a bunch of different ideas and some of them should believe things that you don’t agree with or speak in a way you find objectionable. Characters are sometimes going to have to say things you find morally deplorable and they have to say them with conviction. I recently wrote a scene where my FMC’s boyfriend and her dad argue about what they’re going to do about her, like she’s not a grown-ass woman who can take care of herself. And they both say things that are utterly atrocious and that if I heard a man say in real life, I would probably punch him in the face. But that’s important. In fiction, you gotta tell it all and tell it like it is. Fiction isn’t true but it should be honest. Not every character can agree with you or with each other. (This is a big part of the reason that authorial intent is a flawed concept. An author who depicts something isn’t necessarily condoning or endorsing it.) You should be writing about difficult shit and writing about it from every vantage point and using dialogue to do that. You don’t need to agree with angelic equality crusader Nancy and homophobic Uncle Jeff equally but they need to be equally convincing. Write disagreements. Write arguments. Let characters fight and get pissed and tell each other to fuck off. It’s honest, and it’s interesting. Conflict is good.
  7. Incomplete sentences are your best friend. So are run-ons. That scene I mentioned that was 25 lines with no speaker tags? There’s also not a complete sentence in that whole exchange. We rarely speak in full correct sentences, even if we know perfectly well that what we’re saying isn’t grammatically perfect. So something like this: 
            “Seen my keys?”
            “In the basket.”
    Totally acceptable. People are lazy. They talk in fragments. Dialogue doesn’t have to be correct, because it often isn’t. Stick commas and dashes wherever the fuck you want to mimic the pattern of speech. Worry about what’s natural, not what’s correct. Sometimes what goes unsaid is just as interesting as what does get said. For instance, if Joe turns to Carol and starts to say, “Have you ever thought about–” and then never finishes the sentence, that’s going to keep a reader wondering. Has she ever thought about what? In much the same way, you can have a character ramble for an entire paragraph in an epic run-on sentence if that’s the way they talk, or if they’re distressed or upset and trying to get the words out. The last book I finished has a chapter at the end where one character literally talks without interruption for nine pages. And as insane as that sounds it’s actually totally necessary because she’s telling a story that’s important for the readers and the other characters to hear but it’s a hundred times better to hear it in her own voice, grammatical correctness be damned.
  8. Don’t try too hard to be eloquent. How many people do you know in real life who spout off perfectly articulate declarations of their feelings? Probably none. They ramble and stall and repeat themselves. Real-life conversations are not movie conversations. They’re not smooth. They’re not perfectly timed. A character just saying “Fuck me” because they have no idea what else to say is perfectly plausible (and also a great opportunity for comedy). Here’s an exercise if you’re having trouble: Make two columns on a page, and on one side write out what this character is trying to say (i.e, “I love you.” “I’ve been trying to tell you for years.” “But I’m afraid you don’t want me to.”) and on the other write out what they actually say (i.e., “I really hope you’ll stay.” “You know you’re always welcome to stay.” “I don’t want you to feel like you have to stay. Just that you can. If you want to.”) Sometimes the juxtaposition between what we’re trying to say and what actually comes out is so important. So don’t worry about perfect articulation or doing justice to the “emotional burden.” Worry about the intent and the impact and how those two things align–or don’t.
  9. Read it out loud. This is one of the most important things teachers in playwriting workshops will tell you to do. Read it out loud. If it feels awkward or unnatural, it probably is. Thus also to dialogue in prose fiction. Even better option? Get a couple of friends to read it for you. This will work wonders for helping you figure out what feels awkward.
  10. HAVE FUN WITH IT. When I say dialogue is far and away my favorite thing to write, I’m not kidding at all. You can learn so much about a character or how two characters interact by how they talk to each other. Do they tease, do they nag, do they finish each other’s sentences? Do they use slang, do they slur, do they talk about celebrities they’ve never met as if they’ve known them for years and they’re the best of friends? Let their personalities shine through, because when characters speak is the only time they’re not getting filtered through a narrator, even if that narrator is themselves. Dialogue provides some of the most poignant moments of characterization you’ll ever get. So play with it. Try the same line fifty different ways until it feels right. Let your characters speak for themselves.

Good luck! Go forth and write great dialogue and have a blast doing it.

I feel like Sara, in the screentime we see of her, is sort of actively trying to really be friendly with Yuuri? Maybe she’s just a really friendly person! She seems like she might be. And since obviously we see Yuuri more than other people, it sticks out more with her. But I don’t know, even during the GPF she seems to show clear concern for him during the short program that we don’t see toward anyone else and of course during Rostelecom she approaches him more than once. I don’t think she’s trying to hit on him. She does call his short program sexy, but other than that, she’s just… nice to him. 

IDK I feel like people were so caught up in the OH NO SARA/YUURI THING that was never going to happen to notice any potential friendship vibes between the two, and to be fair, Yuuri didn’t reciprocate much, but he was also massively distracted during those episodes so add that into his normal introvertedness and she wasn’t going to have much success breaking through. But!! It’s a nice thought that there are people who really actively want to be Yuuri’s friend! And I’d love to see that explored and see Yuuri really open up to that when he’s in a better place (Rostelecom wasn’t a great time for him). Because she’s not even the only one. We see Emil really openly cheering for him during the GPF. Chris of course, seems like him quite a bit. The list goes on. 

Yuuri for his own part, does grow visibly more comfortable with other people as the show goes on. “To think, last year I couldn’t even talk to anyone at the banquet” as he himself says. This isn’t the case, he finds out. He could talk to people, but he had to get drunk off his ass to do it, so that hardly counts. But here he is, sitting comfortably at a table of his competitors, laughing and smiling and enjoying himself. He’s not exactly leading the conversation (he’s still an introvert, which is fine!), but he’s not being a nervous wallflower either, so that’s really great development. 

Aizen Sosuke, chilling as Soul King.

I wish I had an excuse but not really, the picture turned into an utter mess, which I mostly like though, just imagine an AU where he won by the first try and now got what he want, though idk if you see, at the edges has it a slight crystallized effect and there are chains, so I leave the rest of interpretation to you ila / @deusuprema, your commentary always motivates me to draw more of Aizen asdfg <3



- tyler’s soft vocals ??
- tyler’s little angelic “oohhhh"s
- it’s almost like a stripped version of heathens ????
- the whole track is so gentle and beautiful


- almost like a cover to the blurryface version ? majority of it is the same except for a few of mutemath’s twists and add ons and ty’s vocals
- “sayin’ stuff like: you only live once”
- "can you save (save save) can you save (save save) can you save my heavy dirty soul?”
- a lot more blurryface sounds than the original ?


- woAh this one is a RECREATION
- this reminds me of the summer time at like the beach or a pool ??
- the second verse makes me smile every time ??? (ft. sick little drum beat and tyler with that same killer indie voice thing)
- “i’m falling so i’m taking my timeeeeeeeee” *KSKDLEMDLSKSOSNKDLDMSKDKDJ MAGIC*

Tear In My Heart

- another noticeable RECREATION
- i freaking love how it has that 70s tekno love song vibe to it
- all i can imagine is jenna just sitting there and tyler is looking at her and singing so passionately to his dime piece wife and she’s just smiling and so in love just like he is ahhh
- "the songs on the radio are okay *echo*. but my taste in music is your face!”
- tyler’s vocals slay me in this tooo (in all of them tbh)
- what’s not to love about this track ????

Lane Boy

- yo yo yo gotta love his timing with the words (no comma needed)
- i freaking love the electric and rock add ons in this one
- the whole ending is just so incredibly magical ??? like yes ??? thank you for slaying me ???!???
- “tomorrowww!” *moanish?*
- THE ENDING IS SO SPOOKYYY AND ODDLY MYSTERIOUS (undertale soundtrack is that you)


- instead of a christmas album, we got this which is totally okay because i don’t mind AT ALL- headphones change the whole experience yo- HEATHENS’S SPOOKY PIANO OUTRO- whoops i based this on the audio- BUT TYLER’S LITTLE DANCE MOVES IN THE VIDEO ARE DEFINITELY WORTH NOTING ALONG WITH THE LITTLE SNEAK PEAK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE VIDEO WITH J CLEANING HIS SYMBOLS AND LOOKING LIKE A CUTE LITTLE DORK- haha sorry for popping up on your dashboard like this. it’s been an incredibly long day without being able to speak to someone about this- i’ve been meaning to say something about it before but i’ve been busy with school- ^^my reason for not being on as much- winter break starts on friday so i’ll be on WAY MORE- whoops this is getting off track- hope you guys had a good day/night :)
“A day without Mexicans” protest & ICE raids!

Hiya, thank you so much for reading this post. I’ve never written something like this so pardon me if it’s atrocious. I wanted to write about this and spread the information I have to help others and inform people in my area about things going on. If you are an “illegal immigrant” or know someone who is please read this. 

If you have any more information you think I missed or should add, DO NOT hesitate to send me an ask or submission with links or info! 

Now let me dive into what’s going on. Tomorrow February 16, 2017 in Chicago & Houston a strike will be held to demonstrate that the Hispanic/Latino community is against Donald Trump and his new policies on immigration. No Hispanic/Latino is going to be going into work or school tomorrow. 

Tomorrow will also be the day the ICE raids will begin. I suggest that no family member who is an “illegal immigrant” go outside tomorrow due to a possibility of them being detained. Here are some helpful information to know if ICE shows up to your doors or stops you anywhere. Please save these phone numbers to your phones and families phones just in case.

(I translated the Spanish ver. please tell me if there are any grammatical errors.)

It has been reported that police are doing these sort of “checks” on cars. Basically if your driving they might stop your car and ask to see if your wearing your seat belt and they might ask you some questions. A family member of mine was stopped and asked to show a drivers license, I do not know if that is legal or if every police officer is doing it but I thought it would be best to add it onto this post. I’d rather be wrong and have everyone be safe, than not include it. Police officers are also stopping people on the CTA and buses to inspect book bags for “weapons”. 

The streets that I know for sure have police officers stopping cars currently are Diversey, Cicero, and Milwaukee. (These streets only apply to Chicago.)