idk should i make more or

flower, burn and shine
make your power mine
time resume its course
let age and pain combine

harm what has been healed
fates redo what’s thine
lose the saved once more
let age and pain combine
and pain combine…

idk man I should be doing homework but I absolutely cannot get this moon theory out of my head. I had this idea that some kind of witch would know the truth about Varian’s birth and would show him his power. she’d know the song. and I think the moon flower’s song has the power to destroy; to undo spells and reverse what the sundrop flower has done. I credit @tangledbea for writing the lyrics to this song!

if you ask me, I reeeeeeally don’t think Varian would be comfortable with having magical moon powers.

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that storm chaser fic killed me okay can you recommend some more fics please

i’m glad we’re in this together!!! okay idk what you’re looking for but these are classics and if you haven’t read any of them you definitely should:

uncertainty principle

the parting line

watch you on the red horizon

my remedy for yesterday

a secret place where we can stay

friends just sleep in another bed

Void Stiles - Join Me?

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This was not requested, I just love Void so I decided to write a void fic :) idk whether or not to make a part two, so let me know if I should!


Written by: @hastingspack


I walked through the woods, bow in hand. I had been out doing target practice with my sister Allison when she got a text from Scott and had to leave. I decided to stay and get some more practice in, she always was better than me anyways.

I heard a crunch of leaves from behind me and raised my bow. “Anyone there?” I said nervously, I was in no mood to get attacked right now.

I walked towards the sound when a figure emerged from behind the trees. “Stiles? What are you doing here? And why are you spying on me?” I asked.

“Oh, just love watching you practice is all.” He smirked, which was an odd thing for him to do.

Most people didn’t know it, apart from my sister of course, but I had taken a certain.. liking to the spastic boy.

“Right. Do you do this often?” I laughed, brushing off the eerie feeling he was giving me.

“Sometimes… you’re quite the archer, Y/N.” He smirked again.

“Not as good as Alli, though.” I frowned.

“I think you’re better than her. A lot better.” Stiles nodded as he walked closer to me.

“Nah, she’s better at everything than me actually.” I lightly laughed, still frowning.

Stiles stopped in front of me. “No she’s not.”

I raised my eyebrow. “Name one thing I can do better than her.”

He smiled, “well, for starters, you’re a hell of a lot better than her at being extremely gullible.” He smiled and I furrowed my brows before he knocked me out cold.

Void shook his knuckles “well that’s gonna leave a bruise.” He chuckled and slung me over his shoulder.


I awoke to find myself not in the woods, but in an abandoned warehouse it seemed. I rubbed my forehead before remembering that Stiles had knocked me out and brought me here. Well, not Stiles exactly persay.

“Good, you’re awake.” A figure, which I assumed to be Stiles, walked towards me with his hands behind his back.

“What the hell am I doing here?” I tried to get up but found I was strapped to a chair. “Are you for real? You tied me up?” I raised my eyebrow.

“I needed to talk to you.” He simply replied, a sinister smirk sitting on his lips. “I’m the Nogitsune, nice to meet you.” He chuckled, holding out his hand.

I struggled with the restraints. “You could’ve just called, Nogitsune” I fakely smiled. The pack had warned me about this before, how could I forget?

“You always were the witty one, weren’t you?” He smiled and put both his arms on either side of the chair, face but a few centimeters away from mine. “I propose a deal. You help me kill your idiot of an alpha, and I won’t kill you.” He ran his fingers across my arms.

“Kill me then, see if I care. I care about my life less than any of theirs anyway.” I spat at him.

“Well then, I guess I’ll just have to kill your precious sister.” He smirked and began walking away.

I couldn’t handle knowing I could’ve been the one to kill me OWN sister. It just wasn’t an option, she means more to me than anyone. I thought for what felt like hours before making up my mind reluctantly.

“No! Wait. I’ll help you kill Scott, but NO ONE else. You hear me? No one.” I grimaced at the thought of even hurting Scott.

He walked back over to me. “Fair deal.” He loosened my restraints and got out of them. He turned his back, and I thought I might as well try and run, how much worse could it get?

I spotted a door only a few meters away and took my chances. Surprisingly, it was open. I ran out and found I was in a pitch black tunnel. I kept on running, occasionally hitting into things but I didn’t care. All the bruises in the world were fine if it meant I could get out of here without hurting anyone.

A menacing laugh invaded my ears. “Not such a smart move, Y/N. You can run, but you can’t hide.”

I kept my pace up for a few minutes until eventually I got out of breath. I heard Void coming and continued to run again until I bumped into someone. I looked up to see the one and only Nogitsune.

I started rushing backwards, occasionally tripping when my back hit a wall. “Ughhh.” I groaned.

Void placed his cold hand on my face, stroking it. “Such a pretty thing, but so foolish.” He sneered at me. He then turned me around so my back was on his chest and held a rag up to my face. I struggled in his arms, refusing to let any air in until eventually I had to or I would have died. I fell onto his chest, unconscious.

“Why so defiant?” Void whispered to himself. He then picked me up princess style and carried me back to where he restrained me earlier, only now he placed me down on a bed. I shivered from the coolness of the room. “I’ll heat you up.” He smirked to himself, knowing I couldn’t hear him.

Void slipped into bed beside me and pulled me closer to him. I immediately became warmer and nuzzled into him.

“So beautiful…” Void examined my face before stroking my hair.

We fell asleep together peacefully, myself unknowing of the situation.


I abruptly awoke from my slumber and looked to my right only to find the room vacant apart from myself, or so I thought.

“Rise and shine, little dove. I have big plans for us today.”


they never get anything done


— And I thought I was the team’s sharpshooter,but I guess no one else thinks that. Maybe I don’t have a thing.They wouldn’t keep me on the team if I didn’t contribute in some way, would they? Maybe I’m just a fifth wheel… seventh if you count Coran and Allura.That’s a horrible wheel to be.


Can you imagine, finally showing your true self to your spouse, your soul mate, and having him not like you?

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“i just want to help you relax.” Cassian and Elain?

concept subconsciously stolen (with permission) from @pterodactylichexameter‘s nessian masterpiece. 

Cassian, lounging idly on a chair in front of the fire in the main lounge area of the House of Wind, yelps in sudden shock as he feels something cold press against his wings. 

After the…incident at Hybern instinct has him tucking them tight against his body, crouching into a defensive position, whirling to find- Elain. Elain tutting and frowning at him as she nudges him back, with surprising strength, to sit on the couch, easily overbalancing while he’s caught off guard with the sheer shock of finding her there. 

“Look at the mess you’ve made,” she huffs as she idly hooks a finger underneath the talon at the crest of his wing and tugs, opening it up as casually as though it’s a lady’s parasol. 

“Elain-” he croaks, not entirely sure how or why this is happening, just knowing he needs to stop it before things get…decidedly uncomfortable for them both. 

“Hush,” Elain cautions him, the soft word somehow so subtly threatening he finds himself obeying it without thought. “It needs to be done,” she says firmly, another dollop of the cold…something splattering against his open wing. “There’s no use being a baby about it.” 

With that she sets to rubbing what he now recognises as the salve the healers have provided for his still raw and tender wings in with gentle, careful circular motions that have him melting into the couch. Oh Cauldron fuck me sideways, thinks with a groan. This is not the way he pictured leaving this world for whatever’s beyond. Mostly that image involves Nesta and a fair amount of lube. It does not involve him imploding as he tries to contain himself and not destroy Elain’s innocence. Whether he succeeds and the resulting stroke kills him, or he fails and Nesta slaughters him the outcome is depressingly similar. 

“Elain, really,” he begins hoarsely, shifting before her and trying to politely squirm out of her reach. “You don’t have to do this, honestly, I’ll just get-” 

“There’s no-one else here,” Elain tells him brightly, “They’re all…Away somewhere.” She says vaguely, voice trailing off as though she’s going to tell him where they all are, exactly, and why none of them are sparing him this horrible fate, then she shrugs and decides against it, returning to his wings instead. Cassian clenches a hand into a fist and tries to force himself to resist but Cauldron boil him, she’s entirely too good at this. 

“But you’ve been so good to me, Cassian,” she goes on, her voice so earnest and sweet that he can’t bring himself to tell her what a terrible mistake she’s made. It’ll just have to be something they laugh about a century on at parties…Or a secret that he takes to his grave for fear of Nesta. More likely the latter. “I just want to help you relax! This salve is very important for your wings healing properly…”

She continues babbling on, listing the various ways it’s good for his health, missing the biggest reason that it’s very much not. Cauldron boil him, how can no-one have told her about Illyrian wings and how sensitive they are? No…No he understands. How could anyone destroy sweet, gentle Elain’s innocence that way? Impossible. Impossible for him, too, even as he feels his cock starting to respond to her attentions. 

Cassian becomes aware, dimly, in the back of his mind still connected to this unfortunate reality, not imagining what the afterworld looks like, that Elain has stopped prattling. “Are you alright, Cassian?” She asks, concerned, peering at him over his shoulder. 

“Fine!” he yelps, not particularly needing that part of his anatomy to give him away at the moment when he’s trying so hard not to ruin her. It’ll be fine. He can just…Just get through this, it won’t take long, the salve will be on his wings, her innocence will remain intact, and he’ll have to go and spend some quality time alone in the shower with the water so cold ice crystals are practically forming in it. 

“Alright, just, tell me if it hurts, okay?” she tells him, still sounding worried, bless her. 

Then she moves on to the other wing. Cassian beings praying to the Cauldron, the Mother, whatever else might be listening, to give him strength. 

Elain, apparently considering it her duty to apply the salve to his wings and distract him from what she seems to think is a rather harrowing process (it is, just not for the reasons she assumes) and so she starts talking about Nesta. Thoughts of her don’t entirely help matters, not least because he starts picturing her hands on his wings, applying his daily salve…Images of her hands on other places intrude unhelpfully as well. 

He clears his throat pointedly, “Why don’t we- Why don’t we talk about something else, Elain?” he rasps out. 

“Oh dear,” she says, and he can picture that sweet little face falling, her hands pausing on his wings. He isn’t sure if that’s a mercy, giving him some recovery time, or curse, prolonging his torment. “Are the two of you fighting again?” she asks sadly. 

“Mm, something like that,” he mutters noncommittally. 

Fighting. Fucking. Same difference, really. 

“Is that why she left with Mor this morning?” Elain asks conspiratorially, “So that she wouldn’t have to do this for you?” She taps gently on his wing  to indicate her meaning and Cassian wonders how it’s possibly for someone to go through so much of life so utterly oblivious to this aspect of it. 

“I doubt that,” he says sardonically, before he can stop himself. Fortunately, Elain misses the little flick of sarcasm on the end of his words and simply returns to her task. 

Dutifully she switches the topic away from Nesta and starts chattering about her garden instead. Cassian is very fond of Elain, and very fond of the garden she’s impulsively started on top of the House of Wind but Cauldron boil him…Her talk about daisies and dandelions and how she’s amazed Mor hasn’t learned the difference between weeds and flowers, which is the reason she’s now banned from said garden, really isn’t distracting enough to take his mind off his current predicament. 

Finally, he can’t take it anymore, she’s so close, but unfortunately so is he, and he can’t stop himself from biting out roughly, “Elain, stop, please.” 

She does at once, nearly dropping the little tub of salve in her surprise at his sudden outburst. “But I’m nearly finished-” So am I- “You can’t hold on just a little-” she breaks off, apparently noticing him trembling and gasps, hurrying around to the front of the sofa, her mouth covered by her hands. “Cassian, I’m sorry!” she gushes, “I didn’t realise it was hurting so badly. Nesta does this for you every morning and, well, she sometimes isn’t the gentlest person in the world-” No, she’s not, and Cass loves every second of that…Not that he’ll tell Elain. Having her think she might have hurt him isn’t ideal but..It’s a hell of a lot better than the alternative. And so he lets her babble to her heart’s content until- “I just wanted to- Oh.” 

Cassian makes himself take a little more notice of her then and realises that her eyes have managed to fix between his legs, wide and shocked. Despite his best efforts at hiding it, there’s really no question that she’s finally noticed the full effects of her good deed. 

Her hands fall slowly away from her mouth and he really does wish she’d stop staring. Then she meets his eyes instead and he decides he’d much rather have them returned to where they were, thank you. “Mor,” she swallows and continues, sounding a little faint, “Mor told me Illyrian wings were sensitive but I…I thought. Oh, Cauldron.” 

Clearing his throat and trying to maintain a little dignity, which seems to dictate that he remain seated for the time being, Cassian says, “It’s really not a problem, Elain, you didn’t know, you were just trying to help.” 

“Even so, I, I-” she’s slowly flushing a deeper and deeper shade of red and Cassian thinks that if that continues he might have to summon a healer to come and check on her. “Is there anything….I can do to…help?” she asks delicately. 

Cassian can’t help the bark of laughter that tears out of him. She’s just so earnest and sweet in wanting to assist him with his current predicament. He does force himself to bite his tongue and stop himself winking at her and making some comment loaded with innuendo, which he would to anyone else that managed to find themselves in this current situation. Not Elain though. 

For her he just reaches out and gently pats her hand, eyes twinkling, “I’m sure I’ll be alright,” he tells her with a faint smirk, “Maybe just…Give me a few minutes?” 

“Of course,” Elain yelps, abandoning the salve on the table in front of him as she makes, what’s clearly a very welcome retreat across the room. 

He leans forward and picks up the glass of water he hadn’t dared touch while she’d been dutifully rubbing salve into his wings and takes a small sip, settling back to wait for himself to calm down, glad that the House is empty save him and Elain. 

At the doorway however, she pauses. He’s about to turn around and ask her what the matter is but then Elain says, an oddly sly note in her voice, “So…This is why Nesta helps you with your salve every morning.” 

Cassian chokes on his water. 

“Nothing’s gonna stop us now!”
I just came up with idea (it’s not some kind of AU or anything. I just like to combain Heroic and Villainous in one universe and make them acts like bunch of idiots x2) while watching “Can’ts Don’t Dance”.
On pic there’s Flug and Clemencia (that’s the Heroic!Demencia. Idk if I’m going to stick with this name, but it’s good-sounding so I think it’s ok.)
I like to think that Flug is actually a pretty good singer, and Demencia not so XD So in that case: Clemencia must be good just as Flug, and Slys/Slug [with 6.0.6 as his bodyguard (Max in the movie)] not so. But idk If I hc this that much. It’s just a thought.
Also I like to think about Clemencia as a sweet heard-worker, who don’t have time for crushes (even If she has a crush on WH. But will not admit it cause “it’s stupid, he’ll not look at me anyway”). (yeah I ship BH x Flug, BH x Demencia, WH x Slys/Slug AND WH x Cemencia. I just adore them all TuT)
And what about this pic anyway? Well, this idea I was talking about is about Slys/Slug trying to make WH and BH shut down thier companies and later buy it so he can… idk? Be evil? He’s a bitch don’t dispute with this. So Flug, Clem, Dem and 5.0.5 are trying to help companies earn the money (SOMEHOWLOL) with a show, to prevent selling them.
I don’t really know what could I write more about it. Hope ya like it?

For those who wants to know who Slys/Slug is in this concept… Isn’t it obvious?



WH: Thaaaaat… Was kinda sweet actua-


“The crimson bird took in the sight of his blackened, frostbitten body and cried. He heard its musical lament and saw the sorrow in the depth of its obsidian eyes for the loss of its master, a loss that it would carry for the rest of its immortal life, and for the first time the Dark Lord understood empathy. He would grant it mercy. 

They say it is a great sin, to slay a unicorn. They say it is an atrocity, to kill something so pure, so innocent… That to drink its blood will save you from the brink of death, but that the moment the liquid touches your lips, you will live a half-life…a cursed life…They say nothing of what it means to kill a phoenix.

To take the life of the eternal. No one has ever accomplished such an impossible feat, would even think to try. But the ability of Lord Voldemort knows no bounds, bows to no laws, conforms to no boundaries… He drank its tears and drained it of its blood. He consumed its heart. …Such power. Such ancient, pure magic. It ignited in him. It was the healing fire. It brought his frozen limbs back to life in a burning, scorching pyre.”  Hauntingly