idk should i even tag this shit lmao

I don’t know why,,,, but yes a raffle wowow owo wow!!

Idk I just feel like doing it,,, yall follow me and I wanna give back to society bc I literally don’t deserve skndksnskq


1. Follow me even tho you’d probably regret it
2. Reblog this post
3. On the reblog, tag your friend and say something nice about them (or be a little shit I wanna see interaction)
4. Or don’t do that,,, you’ll probably get extra points for interaction tho 8D
5. Eat my shoes
6. Jk
7. This isn’t a rules list anymore lmao
8. Oh you know what yall should send jokes to me
9. Yes send me jokes you’ll get brownie points
10. Are yall still reading
11. Send “Robbie rotten” or “hi babe “ to micchi (micchi-draws), aiden (lamienthana), Jay (confuziion) or greca (chochobaka) I think fuc

12. This is probably a bad idea but it’ll be funny
13. Ss it and submit it to me tho so I’ll see it and you get brownie points
14. Btw brownie points are extra chances so you’ll be thrown into a randomizer twice or thrice
15. Try not to be on anon when telling me jokes lol


Jk u win art


30 entries:

1 bust sketch

50 entries:

1 bust sketch but coloured woo

100 entries:

First prize: 1 half body sketch coloured

Second prize: 1 bust sketch

200 entries:

First prize: 1 half body sketch coloured

Second prize: 1 bust sketch coloured

200+ entries:

First prize: 1 half body sketch coloured + 1 headshot sketch

Second prize: 1 bust sketch coloured + 1 headshot sketch

Third prize: 1 headshot sketch coloured

@mongoose-bite and @gudetamazing BOTH tagged me yall are fuckin cute.

Rules: tag 9 people you wanna know better do i even know nine people

Relationship status: well my husband left me for some white trash hussy so. single? but also emotionally unavailable.

Favorite color: green or purple

Lipstick or chapstick: sticks for lips

Last song I listened to: uhhhh. idk probably something by flogging molly.

Last Movie I watched: why don’t i know this. im so busy i don’t even remember.

Top 3 Fictional Characters: aw shit. okay. how the fuck am i gonna narrow this down to three. raistlin majere because he saved my life. probably sirius black. and isabela from da2 because im gay for her.

Top 3 Ships: lmao three ships. im not even gonna try. dramione, zutara, strifehart, jeanmarco, klance, shance, fenders, zevistair, wolfstar, otayuri

Books I’m reading: currently just Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis.

idk who tf i should tag. @shiroganeholt @katieshirogane @psychotic-cheesecake @sinfulcernal @prsphny @gayliens-and-pidgeons and whoever else wants to do this.

welcome, new followers

it’s only been a day since I posted that otp religion meme and it’s got 4 thousand notes, my follower count of 39 has more than doubled, and now I almost have 100 followers,, I’m proud of myself (and I should make memes more often lmao)

I’m going to celebrate 100 followers by starting to write fanfics! I like writing and it’s about time I actually contribute to the fandom rather than just reblogging everyone else’s shit

I have no idea where to even start, so PLEASE SEND ME TSUKKIYAMA HEADCANONS/PROMPTS! anything that you’ve thought of about those two and want to read a short fic about, send them to me in asks!! I’ll also accept headcanons and prompts for other ships that have appeared on my blog, such as Kagehina and Yooseven, though I prefer Tsukkiyama bc they’re my otp (as you might be able to tell by my url)

anyways please send me asks with your headcanons and I’ll do my best to write fics about them! I might not be that good at first but I’m trying, and the first one will be posted once I reach 100 followers.

Thanks u all so much for following me!!

anonymous asked:

there's this post going around telling people to tag their posts so muslims that have to fast/abstain from sex/swearing and a whole bunch of other shit don't have to see it for some religious thing i'm not religious at all so i'm not some outraged christian but it makes me laugh. why should other people be worried and have to go out of their way to convenience someone when they're not even muslim & wouldn't do that for any other religion lmao idk tumblr is getting really fucking ridiculous.

You’re responsible for the media you are exposed to.