idk should i even tag this shit lmao

I don’t know why,,,, but yes a raffle wowow owo wow!!

Idk I just feel like doing it,,, yall follow me and I wanna give back to society bc I literally don’t deserve skndksnskq


1. Follow me even tho you’d probably regret it
2. Reblog this post
3. On the reblog, tag your friend and say something nice about them (or be a little shit I wanna see interaction)
4. Or don’t do that,,, you’ll probably get extra points for interaction tho 8D
5. Eat my shoes
6. Jk
7. This isn’t a rules list anymore lmao
8. Oh you know what yall should send jokes to me
9. Yes send me jokes you’ll get brownie points
10. Are yall still reading
11. Send “Robbie rotten” or “hi babe “ to micchi (micchi-draws), aiden (lamienthana), Jay (confuziion) or greca (chochobaka) I think fuc

12. This is probably a bad idea but it’ll be funny
13. Ss it and submit it to me tho so I’ll see it and you get brownie points
14. Btw brownie points are extra chances so you’ll be thrown into a randomizer twice or thrice
15. Try not to be on anon when telling me jokes lol


Jk u win art


30 entries:

1 bust sketch

50 entries:

1 bust sketch but coloured woo

100 entries:

First prize: 1 half body sketch coloured

Second prize: 1 bust sketch

200 entries:

First prize: 1 half body sketch coloured

Second prize: 1 bust sketch coloured

200+ entries:

First prize: 1 half body sketch coloured + 1 headshot sketch

Second prize: 1 bust sketch coloured + 1 headshot sketch

Third prize: 1 headshot sketch coloured

i’m really interested if the casualty “one shot episode” will actually be in one shot and not subtly edited out to make things easier… it could be impressive to say the least

okay but the single most out of character thing about the stark sister summer slam was arya treating their years of separation like a game of fucking survivor lmao like…….that’s a completely nonsensical departure from the girl who took visible unflinching pride in who she was and where she came from and spent 5+ seasons singing herself murder promise lullabies because she was so righteously angry about everything that had been taken from her INCLUDING HER SISTER and!!!!!!! there is literal on screen evidence that arya had at least a vague idea of the vile shit being flung in sansa’s direction and arya is a violently world weary cynic okay she was 100% imagining the worst so like. pry this from my cold dead hands but i can pretty much guarantee that she was PROUD OF SANSA for finally learning how to take care of herself and there is a snowball’s chance in hell that the first thing arya does after they’re reunited is……not trust littlefinger BUT INEXPLICABLY TRUST SANSA EVEN LESS??? lmao like what