idk she's too beautiful

Oh wow this is the quickest doodle I’ve ever posted I think but I wanted to doodle the magical woman from my dream.
She wasn’t really exceptional beautiful dressed in my opinion but I love to draw things from my dreams
Another reallly really quick dream-doodle under the cut haha (quicker than quick)

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i get that they wanted to make the belle dress simple to allow more movement and how emma wanted it to be more modern without too many hoops, a corset, etc. but honestly if i were cast to play a character with an iconic dress from a beautiful historical time period i would be geeking out too much to even care about movement or freedom or any of that i’d have such mad respect for the costume designer and i’d be excited to be suffering in corsets and hoops lmao like how many people get to have fun and get paid to wear amazingly designed baroque ballgowns? not me that’s for sure but i’d do it in a heartbeat




May 11th, 2016.   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Is it bad to have a huge crush on my best friend's ex? I mean I know it is and I love her so much and I would never do anything to hurt her, but her ex is so beautiful and she likes me too and idk what to do

if you wanna keep your friend, i would push the ex out of my mind. “How you find them is how you lose them.”


MARVEL Fancast

Monica Lynne was the long time love interest of the Black Panther and became his fiance. The two first met when she saved him from drowning after he had an altercation with Killmonger. The two fell deeply in love, with her being his first and true love.

Aja Naomi King – Kat Graham – Yaya Dacosta – Meagan Tandy – Nicole Beharie – Sonequa Martin-Green – Kylie Bunbury

{AU} A Beautiful Mess ➤ Fabian + Melanie

After Melanie had announced her pregnancy, it only made sense that she be the one to look after Amelia at home and take more time off of work. Fabian tried to be home as much as he could to help, but the Order needed him, particularly if Melanie was taking more time off - she’d shooed him out the door early that morning with the reassurance that she’d be fine for the day, tugging a crying two year-old from her crib.

She couldn’t deny, however, that she was mildly relieved to hear the front door open downstairs from Amelia’s bedroom. She was currently bouncing a fussy Amelia in her arms - carefully held against her chest despite her protruding stomach - and trying to get her to calm down enough to be put down and sleep.