idk she's cute sorry


yeees i had to do jasper sandwich for loving and supportive girlfriends ;;;

so i sort of found this comic
go read it it’s about Cute Queer Kids
these characters belong to @eeriecrests so!!! go!!!! read the comic and indulge in the whole blog like I did

aaand the comic belongs to @littlestpersimmon

my ugly voice tht burnt ur crops
my ugly voice tht burnt ur crops

I was tagged by like 34939 people i cant remember whomst but ill try to remember so uh @xiumins-buttcrack , @sechens , @1adyluck , @ohunshine , @kimjongdaeswife, @hunniedae, @kais-daddy, @exordiam and @flawlessbaekhyun who all have the softest cutest angelest and beautifulest voices ever!! ily all !

also i tag @baekshitbyun @baekhyeun @kingloeys @yixseok @wuyifans @byunchi and @wasistdean 

To all the people tweeting stuff like “No offense I like you but Nina is ruining Camsten” at Jasmin Brown: 

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