idk she's cute sorry


so i sort of found this comic
go read it it’s about Cute Queer Kids
these characters belong to @eeriecrests so!!! go!!!! read the comic and indulge in the whole blog like I did

aaand the comic belongs to @littlestpersimmon

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my ldr girlfriend never rly calls me pretty.. idk, she'll call me "cute" or says "ur cute" sometimes. but when i randomly send selfies (idk why i do?? lol) she won't rly answer, 45m or so will pass and my clingy ass will say smth like "what's up?" and then she'll answer that. im just worried that she thinks im ugly and feels bad for me so she forces out a "ur cute". idk lol sorry for rambling.

Tell her how you feel maybe she doesn’t realize only calling you cute makes you upset

To all the people tweeting stuff like “No offense I like you but Nina is ruining Camsten” at Jasmin Brown: 

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idk if this is weird to ask or not but why is @hobifulstudies so cute? i was literally scrolling thru her blog and she's just so nice to everyone? idk she's just so cute i just had to tell someone this, sorry! hope you have a nice day :'))

@hobifulstudies idk katy why are u so cute <33

hope u have a lovely day too b!!


Okay, I give - they’re more adorable and fun with each other and I still want them back together.