idk she looked really pretty okay

i got my very own death note when i was like 14 and i took it to school to show my two best friends and we huddled around it at lunch and decided to try it out by each writing down a name, because Of Course We Did

so me and the first friend wrote down the names of people at our school who used to be our friends and then ditched us or whatever, and we look to our other friend and she’s like “idk guys mine is pretty weird but i just really really can’t stand him and i hope this really works. i want him to die.” so we’re like Shit Okay Girl and pass her the death note and she writes the name and passes it back so i look and

she wrote john travolta? she wrote john travolta’s name in my death note. she didn’t explain further than “i just hate him” and to this day i don’t know why she had such a searing hatred of john travolta to the extent that she tried to kill him with my death note


I drew the Big Hero 6 gang! :3 (Please don’t repost without permission ;o;)

Bonus because everytime i draw tadashi it turns out poop

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LOVED your 3x18 ficlet! thank you for keeping us all warm over this hiatus :) could i request an extension of the 3x17 kisses?

@fitzsimmonsftw asked: If you’re still taking prompts could you please do something set after the Fitzsimmons becoming canon scene cuts off?

I figured that these were pretty similar, so I hope you don’t mind that I combined them! Thank you for the prompts!! And aww thanks anon, and it’s been my pleasure! :)

Okay so look my intent was for this fic to be cute and flirty and fun but…really it just turned into Jemma Simmons loves Leopold Fitz more than anything and everyone and it’s all she can think about, so…..I hope this is okay too?? (I feel like we don’t see enough about how in love she is, so maybe that’s where this came from idk)



She was kissing Fitz.

Jemma Simmons was kissing Leopold Fitz, her best friend in the whole world, and it was fantastic and perfect and she was left feeling absolutely giddy because of it.

After all, she’d spent months worried that the only kisses they would ever share would be those ones in the lab what now felt like ages ago, when tears had been closer to the surface than laughter, and everything had felt simultaneously wrong and so right. Truthfully, she knew that it had tainted the experience for them both, and Jemma was so infinitely glad to have the chance to try again (and again and again and again).

Now, they not only had the chance to try again, but also to have sweet kisses and kisses filled with laughter and deep passionate kisses and goodnight kisses and good morning kisses and sleepy kisses and kisses just to remind the other that they were so important to them – she didn’t think she would ever have enough of kissing Fitz, really.

Nor enough of touching him, either, it seemed.

They’d always been rather tactile with each other throughout their long history as best friends practically joined at the hip, squeezing shoulders supportively, giving comforting hugs, curling up on the couch together on movie nights, and sometimes even falling asleep together in one of their beds. But, never before had Jemma felt this freedom to touch him just because she could, just because she wanted to. She could drag her fingers through his curls and thumb along his prickly jaw and trace the shape of his ears, scratch her short nails down the back of his neck and slide her palms along the curves of his shoulders.

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So I stalked the Twitters of 3 Trumps

Melania, Ivanka, and Barron (the acct was unverified tho so idk)
There are some things I observed from stalking them.

-her smile was so beautiful pre-botox/es
-it was mostly active 2014-early 2016
-she really likes flowers
-and her porch
-and the new york skyline
-she loves calling her husband and son “my two boys”
-she tries to be ig aesthetic but it probably was acceptable in those years to filter most pics
-she looks so uncomfortable ???
-it looks like she forced most people to take pics w her “for the memories” HAHAHA
-okay but really her husband cannot smile without looking forced
-she had a pregnant photoshoot and her husband’s fave part was the big fan bc it proved he wasnt in a toupee wtf
-boi u have a wife that is hot and preggers appreci8 her
-my fave tweet is this one tbt of her parents and Barron because it really is the best pic there

-she supports LGBTQ ppl (idk about ++ but this is from a pride month tweet)
-also she spread awareness abt gender gap
-okay her tweets were too boring to stalk too deep
-but she loves her little boy !!!
-and her daughter !!!
-she shares lots of articles that seem pretty okay
-I’m sorry she bored me but what a proud mom she is hahaha

-little boi asked to be added on steam
-tweets went from “i love my fam” to “i like tanya from youjo senki”
-he’s currently looking for fan-art of himself for a new icon
-he’s retweeting some of them !!!
- and complimenting the artists
-whatta nice boi
-he also has crunchyroll premium
-and asked suggestions for “japanese animations”

TL;DR they are normal people too despite their riches and that one relative they have in common. Also Barron is a weaboo dont @ me.

Okay but can I break this down for a sec?

Regina didn’t ask this in front of anyone. She didn’t even bother. She knew Emma would put up a front and lie (a lie that Killian wouldn’t have even noticed but anyways,,,) and said something like “I’m okay. It’s tough but we always get through hard times. We always find a way.” Instead, Regina quickly raced to action to privately find a way to get to Aladdin. When Emma arrived, Regina immediately checked on her and got the truth. Emma was anxious, not okay.

But let’s get to the gag. Emma’s first words when she got to the vault were “You took off kinda quickly” with a puppy dog look that she tried to pass off as casual and nonchalant. Almost to say “I can only be totally open and honest with you. I need our talks. It comforts me. Why’d you leave :/” It was also a look of “Please don’t be mad about the visions. I didn’t wanna think it was you.”

AND MY FAVORITE PART “I’m sorry, but I’m trying to save your life.” Regina didn’t care about the visions or that Emma may have thought it was her, all she cared about was saving Emma’s life and making sure she was okay. DO YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING?!?!?!

All the while Hook is off somewhere taking up space and doing nothing but looking pretty. Okay… your supposed true love is in danger of dying and you’re doing what??? Fuck outta here, man. Leave the life saving and romance to Regina. The asshole didn’t even stay or come back when Emma said she wanted to be alone. Henry knew she didn’t really want to be alone. Regina probably knew too but felt Henry should have some time with her.

If this isn’t endgame idk what is.

So I was in the locker room (with some really cute girls changing…) and there is this girl kinda butch, really pretty. First time I was her, I really to talk to her idk, like when you see these cool people and you wish you were friend with them. Anyway. I was talking to a friend and she came and flipped into the conversation and she is so nice. So we walked out with my friend and she came with us. Continued talking and we have some things in common. So yeah, we talked and laugh and other girls tagged along but we were still talking together. The bus arrived. We all went in. And she walked out at the next stop that was literally 30 seconds away on foot… she said good bye and waved at me and walked away… we were like “did she take the bus for 10 seconds?”. And so yes that’s all. She’s cute.

  • me: you need to get to season 3 of Once because the finale was actually pretty happy unlike most shows thats just angst and surprise.
  • friend: yeah thats how most shows go like Supernatural and The Walking Dead...
  • me: Or like Teen Wolf but at least my otp..or one of them... finally had a scene together.
  • friend: .... they never had a scene together? how do you ship them?!
  • me: its a long story but yeah they had a scene together!! Okay so there's this guy Peter and this guy Chris and they talked for like a second and then Peter stabbed Chris
  • friend: what
  • me: I mean if you ignore the stabbing it was a really nice scene -shows her a gifset"
  • friend: ....
  • me: but look at how their foreheads touch! And I mean Peter is usually all 'rawrrrr murder rawrrrr slashy slash slash" but with Chris he is pretty chill almost sexual
  • friend: if you stabbing your sexual partner is okay then we need to talk
  • me: and Peter didn't even just stab Chris, he took a pipe and stabbed him and then twisted it to make it hurt me
  • friend: ....

me: [sees a girl]

me: shes so pretty.. i love her smile and her dimples and how cute her hands look, i love her laugh and how shiny and beautiful her eyes are… 

me: [sees a boy like 3 seconds later]

me: Well hes Okay i guess if i had to chose i mean if i really had to chose one i guess it could be him idk 

idk I just did this lil kanaya with some really old skirt stencils I had when I was like six on the back of my homework ‘cause drawing her is a lot more fun than labeling cities ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
note!! I got her skirt backwards but I wasn’t looking at a reference so I think I did pretty okay?? idk I don’t wanna get too happy about it rip