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hi, ive been trying to think of the 2 sweetest + famous quotes that mimo said to each other (momo to mina & mina to momo) can you help me out on this?

oh gosh, where do I even begin…?

Momo to Mina:

  • “Mitang, Mitang daisuki!” (Mina’s more intimate nickname + ‘I really like you’ in Japanese)
  • “I understand her feelings. Her mind is more mature than mine, so she’s been invaluable to me.”
  • “Thanks to Mina, I gained a lot of confidence. I think I can do well now!”
  • “We actually kissed! It was a real kiss!”
  • “Mina is my girlfriend. Our skinship is the best!
  • “Mina is my girlfriend. Isn’t she pretty?”
  • “I’m dancing with a special person.”
  • “It’s waaay more fun to perform with Mina!”
  • Momo picking Mina as the most beautiful member while dancing and being super shy about it
  • Momo talking about how she used to be scared of Mina but realized she wasn’t scary at all after talking to her
  • Momo talking about how she’s nail buddies with Mina and they share nail polish, but Mina’s nail art comes out better because she’s more patient 
  • etc. etc. I may add on more later

Mina to Momo: 

  • “Momo unnie, I think you always work really hard even when you pretend to not be doing so. When it’s really difficult, I hope that you’ll lean on the members. I’m really happy and thankful to be in Twice with you. Unnie, I love you.”
  • “Because I know Momo unnie has been having a rough time (competing in Sixteen), I almost cried.”
  • “Momo unnie practices the hardest out of all of us. I feel like I really can’t accept the situation (that she was eliminated from Sixteen).” - while crying very badly
  • Mina talking non-stop about how she (and her mom XD) thought Momo looked gorgeous and the members not paying attention because they’ve literally heard her say it a million times already
  • Mina saying during an interview that she may get Momo a certain gift just so she could use it too aka so they could share
  • “Momoring, hearteu!” <3 
  • “Momo unnie is so good looking!”
  • Mina talking about how she made the pasta just for Momo

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Fancasts :)


James Potter- Aaron Taylor Johnson

Ive always gone along with the crowd with this one ATJ is THE perfect James no doubt about it like look at him 

Sirius Black- Ben Barnes

Again another crowd pleaser but seriously (lol) look at him he is the physical  embodiment of Sirius.. the smirk the hair everything hes perfect 

Remus Lupin- Andrew Garfield 

This is undisputed for me because Andrew has that nerdish vibe, yet still gives off the essences of a laid back, chill guy and idk that is Remus for me

Severus Snape- Louis Garrel 

This was hard cause Louis Garrel is so hot and I hate Snape so much but he has the features and the hair and it just works and i hate it 

Peter Pettigrew- Jamie Bell

Again another hatred for a character but love for an actor.. Jamie Bell afain just works his got smaller pointier features like Peter would have but like i still hate pettigrew 

Lily Evans- Karen Gillian 

Karen has always been Lily for me because she gives of the hot headed nerdish girl and there are some edits out there of her and ATJ that have driven me to tears with how perfect it is so yes she is Lily

Regulus Black- Dane DeHaan 

Dane is one of my favorite actors and Regulus is one of my favorite characters even though he isnt mentioned much until the end hes a fallen hero of sorts and Dane portrays the cool yet serious and loyal guy that Regulus would be.. hed be the fallen hero and i love it

Marlene Mckinnon- Natalie Dormer 

NATALIE DORMER IS MY FAVORITE ACTRESS OF ALL TIME AND SHES SO HOT IM SO IN LOVE WITH HER……. anyway… Marlene had to have been like the most attractive badass human being to get Sirius Black to fall n love with her and Natalie is the definition of hot and badass like that smirk and those eyes and my god i love her 

Next Generation: 

Teddy Lupin- Hunter Parrish 

I had Luke Newberry before but i was scrolling through some things and Hunter Parrish just like was perfect like it all just clicked.. Teddy i feel would just be adorable yet so hot that all the girls would fawn over him yet hed be so blind to how attractive he really is

James Sirius Potter- Robbie Sheehan

Ive seen so many people fancasted as James Sirius and the only one whose ever stuck with me is Robbie… Robbie is sarcastic and gives off a snarky “i dont give a fuck” attitude and that is James.. His smile is what sold me tho.. its a smile that just hints at charming and troublemaking and i love it

Albus Rubeus Potter- Logan Lerman 

I fought myself for so long putting Logan here but he really is perfect.. i saw an edit somewhere that had ATJ, Dan Radcliffe, and him all next to each other and it just worked so well that i couldnt refuse 

Lily Luna Potter- Jane Levy

Jane Levy fits the bill for me because she has Harry’s eyes and Ginny hairs so its a perfect combo in my eyes and i love it she has the attitude of someone whose has to deal with James Sirius and Albus for brothers too so lol

Hugo Weasley- PJ Ligouri

PJ is just so cute and adorable and sweet and i think Hugo would be the exact same like for this its more personality than face but i feel PJ also has a ron like build being tall and lanky and his eyes with Hermiones hair and sharp features ugh i love it 

Rose Weasley- Sophie Turner

SOPHIE IS BAE AH she has Rons hair obviously and his eyes.. again this is more personality cause i picture Rose as fiery and adventurous and snarky and bubbly and that is what Sophie is 

Scorpius Malfoy- Bertie Gilbert

This is a bit obvious but like Bertie is so sweet yet so hot and also i thought hed look good with Sophie (oops im scorose trash) 

Victoire Weasley- Elizabeth Olsen 

I typed in Victoire Weasley Actress in google cause i wanted to see and get ideas and i scrolled fown really far till i saw Lizzie and i was like YASSS shes just perfect shes so gorgeous and gives off a veela vibe but she also has a little werewolf in her so shes tough and idk i think its perfect plus her and hunter would be SO CUTE 

Dominique Weasley- Britt Robertson

I always felt Dominique would be a lot like Bill personality wise, yet look more like Fleur with her hair and her softer features and i love it ah

Louis Weasley- Daniel Sharman 

Hes just so hot and such a charmer with i feel a shyer side and that it Louis to me 

Molly Weasley- Chloe Grace Moretz

Clhoe just has softer features and is so adorable and I feel like Percy’s kids would be precious and so sweet and thats just what Chloe gives off

Lucy Weasley- Georgie Henley 

This is the same as Chloe like Georgie looks so kind and sweet and i love it 

Fred Weasley II- Jacob Artist 

Seeing as Fred is half black half white, i wanted someone who could definitely embody both and Jacob just fit that.. he has a mix of sharper features and softer features which i think works for George and Angelina 

Roxanne Weasley- Zoe Kravitz 

Zoe is just such a badass and so punk rock and hard and i always thought Roxanne would be the same.. she gives off a punky vibe to me and i love this 

Lorcan and Lysander Scamander- Jack and Finn Harries 

i think Jack and Finn are the perfect combo of crazy and weird and off in their own world and yet still quite hot and i mean Luna’s kids had to be stunning so 

Id like some feedback guys i love all these people theyre all so attractive and idk they all work in my opinion

btw none of the gifs are mine :)

I’m Sorry

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Request:  Could you maybe do an imagine where you’re arguing with newt and almost admit your feelings to him but walk away, but then queenie walks in and she sorta knows what’s going on and tells newt? Idk just super fluffy bc you’re really good at that

Notes: I changed it a bit and idk if it’s all that fluffy, if you want a part 2 then that’s okay and it’s more friend fluff with Queenie

You were arriving at Queenie and Tina’s apartment and Queenie had told you to put on something nice. You weren’t sure why, but you followed her instructions, and had put on a little bit of makeup. You knocked on the door and Queenie answered. “You look gorgeous sweetie!” She complimented, pulling you inside. Newt and Jacob were there, and it looked as though Queenie was going to make dinner. You had quite a big crush on Newt but you didn’t have the courage to tell him that. You gave a small wave to Newt and Jacob as your way of greeting them. Newt gave you a small nod in return.

“Hey, Y/N!” Jacob called.

“Hi Y/N, you look beautiful!” Tina complimented. Newt just blushed as Queenie gave him a look. You had met Queenie first and just by coincidence had spent more time with her than Tina, so you knew her a bit better. She knew about your monumental crush on Newt but you were almost certain he was falling in love with Tina, and you couldn’t blame him, she was beautiful. You sat down at the only chair that was available as Queenie sat down beside Jacob, you sat beside Newt. You turned and gave him a small smile. You wanted to see his creatures as you had an interest in them but you were afraid he’d say no. You knew you should just ask so you plucked up just enough courage to do it.

“Newt, after dinner do you think I could see your creatures?” You asked quietly. He looked p at you.

“Oh, u-um yes, that w-would b-be fine.” He stuttered out. You quickly turned back to your food and stared at it. You took a few more mouthfuls before looking at Newt again. “Ready t-to go?” He asked nervously. You nodded. He got up and beckoned to you to follow him. He got in his suitcase and you followed, stumbling on the last few stairs but managing okay. He led you to a few environments before leaving you to wander. You came across a nest of Occamies and you knew not to pet them but they would be okay with you holding them. You picked one up and it shrunk to fit in to your hand. It nuzzled in to your hand and you were looking at it fondly. “Oh! I see you’ve found Henry.” Newt said coming up behind you. You yelped and flinched, dropping the Occamy and your face automatically dropped.

“Oh I’m so sorry, Newt! You just startled me and I didn’t mean to I’m so sorry!” You said, trying to reach down to pick it up, it moved in to your hands again. You saw Newt’s face grow darker and he immediately took the creature from you.

“I don’t think you understand the effort that I go to, when I take these creatures in, and I might have to start from scratch with Henry because you’ve dropped him.” Newt said sternly.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.” You whispered, tears falling down your cheeks. Newt was facing the Occamies and he was whispering things to them.

“I think it would be best if you would go.” Newt said.

“I’m sorry.” You said before scurrying up the ladder to Newt’s room. You collapsed on the floor and a wave of sadness overcame you. You started sobbing silently, your body shaking from the intensity. You’d just destroyed any chance of even being friends with Newt, all because you’d accidentally dropped an Occamy. You heard someone come in and felt them take you in their arms.

“Sweetie, I’m sorry.” Queenie whispered in your ear. You wrapped your arms around her and cried in to her shoulder.

“I’m an idiot.” You sobbed. You could feel her reading your mind.

“I’m so sorry. I don’t know why he was like that.” Queenie tried to comfort, her fingers brushing through your hair.

“I don’t know what to do.” You said helplessly, holding on to Queenie for dear life.

“I’m going to go down there, okay sweetie, I’ll be right back.” She reassured. You nodded. She descended the stairs and kept the case open. You listened to what was going on.

“Mr Scamander? Ah there you are. I want to have a word with you, because you’ve really upset my dear friend Y/N. And she is a dear friend. A very dear friend. It wasn’t her fault she dropped your creature. You made her jump, Mr Scamander. And she’s up there crying her precious little heart out because you snapped at her.” Queenie said, defending you. “She really likes you Newt, and she thinks she’s ruined it. So think about that.” Queenie said, before coming back in to the room and embracing you. “Sh, sh. It’s going to be okay yeah?” She said.

“Yeah.” You agreed. She wiped the tears from your cheeks and reached for your hand.

“Y/N?” You heard a voice come from behind.

“What is it, Mr Scamander?” You asked.

“I just want to say that I really l-like y-you t-t-too and I-I’m v-very s-s-sorry.” He stammered when he got to the like part. You took a cautious step forward, as did he. “And i-if you’re w-willing, I’d l-like to win b-back your tr-trust.” He said nervously.

“Yes I’m willing.” You replied and reached for his hand. He gave it to you and they fit like two puzzle pieces.

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Burrigan first meeting through Herc's POV? Idk how they'd meet, maybe Burr is working at a library and helps Herc?

“Just ask whoever is working at the desk for help.”

That’s what Peggy had told Herc when she asked him to pick up a book for her. Just ask whoever is working at the desk for help. It had seemed like good advice at the time, had still seemed like good advice when Herc walked into the campus library. But it had stopped seeming like good advice as soon as Herc saw the man who was working behind the desk.

The man is gorgeous. 

It’s gotta be illegal to look that way, Herc thinks to himself as he continues to stare, taking in the white t-shirt that shows off the man’s arms in all the right ways. He’s reading a book, long fingers fiddling with the pages, but then his dark eyes flick up to meet Herc’s.

Herc immediately panics. Not even knowing where he’s going, he spins on his heel and walks over to a row of bookshelves, silently cursing himself for looking so dumb. He can feel the other man’s eyes on him, so he quickly shuffles behind a bookshelf to hide himself from view and collect his thoughts.

But of course that doesn’t work.

“Can I help you with something?” A quiet voice asks moments later, and Herc turns to see the man standing there, looking even better up close.

“What? Oh, I-shit!” Herc’s phone goes tumbling from his hand in his surprise, and when it hits the floor with a loud clatter, Herc really wishes that he could just disappear.

The man bends down and picks up the phone, holding it out to Herc with a small smile. Herc takes it from him, trying not to jump when their fingers brush against each other momentarily. He can’t help but notice how smooth the man’s hands are.

“Were you looking for a specific book?” The man asks in his same quiet voice, and Herc gives himself a small shake. Pull it together, Mulligan.

“Uh, yeah. Here.” Herc pulls up Peggy’s text and shows it to the man. “This is the title and the author.”

“Okay.” The man looks back up at Herc and smiles again, this time with a teasing light in his eyes. “Well, seeing as that’s a Psychology book, we should probably get out of the Religion section.”

“Right.” Herc mumbles, a warm flush rising up on his face. “Well, uh, lead the way, I guess. I mean, if you don’t mind helping me, sorry, that was rude. Uhm, I-”

“It’s not a problem.” The man says, laughing softly, the corners of his eyes crinkling in a way that makes Herc smile back. “C’mon.” He motions for Herc to follow him, but looks back at him over his shoulder. “What class is it for?”

“Oh, uh, I actually don’t know. I’m getting it for my friend, Peggy. She’s sick and promised to repay the favor with coffee.”

“Peggy Schuyler?” The man asks, and Herc gives a small nod. “I work with her sister, Angelica.”

“Wait a sec.” Herc pauses, and after a moment, the man pauses too, looking back at him with raised eyebrows. “Are you…are you Aaron Burr?”

“Yes.” The man responds slowly, still looking at Herc curiously.

“Woah.” Herc laughs and rubs at the back of his neck as he takes in the information. “It’s just…you do not fit the description that Alex gave of you.”

“Alex Hamilton?” Aaron asks, disdain lacing his voice. “Well, I would certainly hope that whatever description he gives of me doesn’t actually fit me.” Aaron pauses, looking a little embarrassed. “I mean, no offense, I’m sure he’s-”

“Hey, man, it’s fine.” Herc says, laughing again. “Alex talks a lot of shit about people that isn’t true. He deserves to get some back every now and then.”

They resume walking, and Aaron leads them down a line of bookshelves, finally stopping at one and leaning towards the books, his fingers trailing over the spines as he searches for the book. But his eyes slowly go back to Herc.

“You’re Hercules Mulligan, right?”

“Yeah.” Herc responds, surprised that Aaron knows, and also thinking that he’s never liked his full name more than when Aaron says it. “How’d you know?”

“We met once.” Aaron says, straightening up to look at Herc. “At a party a few weeks ago. You were with Hamilton and his other friends, Lafayette and…Josh?”

“John.” Herc corrects, mind rapidly searching for the memory of meeting Aaron. He comes up with nothing, wondering how he could have forgotten meeting him. Aaron must sense his confusion, because he gives a small chuckle.

“You were all pretty drunk by the time I got there. But Hamilton came up to me, started ranting about something, and you followed. About five minutes into our argument, you stepped between us and just held out this picture of a puppy.”

“Oh god.” Herc mumbles, but Aaron laughs loudly, his teeth showing and the sound ringing out around them. It’s a nice sound. “That’s-I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t apologize.” Aaron says, still laughing a little. “You kept telling me puppies are all about joy and excitement, and you wanted me to feel that way.” He pulls his wallet out of his back pocket and opens it. “You made me take the picture and put it in my wallet.” He holds it out to Herc so he can see the crumpled up picture of a golden retriever puppy inside. “You were very persistent about it, and charming.”

“I’m so sorry.” Herc says again, wishing the ground would just swallow him up, but also thrumming at the fact that Aaron had just called him charming. And Aaron is still smiling at him in a way that makes his stomach jump. “I…I wish I remembered meeting you. I feel bad.”

“It’s okay.” Aaron says with a shrug. “We’re meeting now.” He takes a step closer. “But I’m curious, what’s so different about me than what Hamilton described?”


“You said I’m nothing like the way Hamilton described me.” Aaron takes another step towards him. “Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?”

“Good!” Herc blurts out immediately, heart starting to beat rapidly in his chest. “D-definitely good. I mean…you’re…” He stops talking when Aaron steps even closer to him, barely any space between them. But then Aaron leans to the side a little, reaching behind Herc. When he pulls away, there’s a book in his hand.

“Your book.” Aaron says, stepping back with a smirk and holding the book out. When Herc takes it, Aaron’s fingers brush against his again, more firmly than the first time. “You never finished what you were saying about me.”

“I…” Herc stares at Aaron, acutely aware of the fact that the man is teasing him, flirting with him. But Herc feels like he’s suddenly forgotten how to form words. So he takes a step back. “I have to go. I have a…lunch. Food. I have to…” He cuts off again when Aaron bites at his lower lip, probably to keep himself from laughing. “I’ll see you around.”

He bolts away from Aaron and tries to keep from sprinting out of the library. But when he reaches Peggy’s dorm, hand clutching the book, he realizes with another rush of embarrassment that he hadn’t actually checked the book out.


Herc doesn’t see Aaron over the next few weeks. Well, he sees him once in passing, but hadn’t had the courage to go up and talk to him. So when it comes time for Peggy to return her library book, Herc can’t stop himself from offering to do it for her.

He walks into the library, giving himself a silent pep talk as his eyes search for Aaron. He had slipped his number on a piece of paper into the book, really hoping that he hadn’t misunderstood their last encounter. He steps up to the desk Aaron had been working at last time and waits. But when someone finally comes out, it’s not Aaron.

“Herc!” Angelica Schuyler beams at him, but he feels disappointment bloom inside him. “How are you?”

“Oh, I’m good. How have you been? Busy semester?”

“You don’t even know.” Angelica says with a sigh, but then she smiles and nods at him. “You returning a book? Here, let me help.”

“Uh.” Herc panics, knowing that Angelica will open it and see his number scrawled on the piece of paper. “You know what, I actually-”

“Hey, Ang, sorry I’m late.”

Herc spins around to see Aaron walking over to the desk, noting the way his lips quirk up when he sees Herc standing there. Aaron steps behind the desk, saying something else to Angelica that Herc can’t hear through loudness of his heart pounding in his chest. Before he can stop it, Angelica takes the book from his hands.

“Alright, everything is-” Angelica pauses, and Herc lifts his eyes to see her picking up the small slip of paper from inside the book. She raises her gaze to Herc’s. “Is this your number?”

“Uh…” Herc doesn’t know what else to say, but he sees Aaron’s shoulders tense and then watches as he looks down at the slip of paper as well. “Well…yes?”

“You know I’m dating Maria, right?”

“I-yes! God, yes, I know. It’s not…it wasn’t for you, it-” Herc groans and puts a hand to his face, not wanting to see Aaron’s reaction to all of this. He’s such an idiot. 

“Wasn’t for me?” Angelica asks slowly, and when Herc looks at her, he can see her mind slowly starting to put the pieces together. She glances over at Aaron, who is doing his best to keep his expression neutral, but there is a look of smugness on his face that makes Angelica laugh and Herc duck his head. “Ah. Got it.”

Herc shifts on his feet as Angelica scans the back of the book, placing the paper with his number on it on the desk in front of where Aaron is standing. Aaron looks down at it, then up at Herc, and then back down again.

“Huh.” Angelica murmurs, squinting at the computer screen. “It says that you never actually checked the book out.” 

“He didn’t.” Aaron says before Herc can respond. “He was in a rush and forgot.”

“Uh huh.” Angelica says, looking at Herc in a knowing way. She places the book down and leans on her elbows as she raises her eyebrows. “Too busy checking something else out?” She asks, and Herc splutters in response while Aaron chuckles. 

“I should go.” Herc grumbles, feeling more self conscious than he has in awhile.

“No, Angelica should go.” Aaron says, nudging Angelica with his elbow and stepping in front of her. “Hercules, was there anything else you needed?” Aaron’s eyes lock on his. “Anything else you wanted to ask?”

“I…well,” Herc chews at his lower lip, trying to figure out if he still has the courage to ask Aaron out. “Do you…I mean, if you want, would you…”

“My shift ends at eight tonight.” Aaron says, smiling that gorgeous smile that makes Herc’s heart leap. 



“Okay.” Herc breathes out, suddenly feeling like he has enough energy to run a marathon. “Uhm, I’ll stop by at eight then.” He ignores the kissing face that Angelica is making behind Aaron’s back and focuses instead on the way that Aaron is looking at him. “See you then.”

“See you then.” Aaron agrees, giving Herc one last big smile before turning away to start his work.

Herc leaves the library, feeling a smile breaking across his face as he walks. He barely makes it five steps when his phone vibrates in his pocket. He takes it out and sees that it’s an unknown number. Knowing it’s from Aaron, Herc slides it open, and then laughs loudly at the message.

It’s a picture of a puppy.

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who's your top 5 most attractive men? top 5 most attractive women??? (and why)

oh god, i don’t think that i can rank them, so these are just put in random order.


- seb stan

idk if y’all have ever seen my blog, but if you have you’ll know that i kind of have a thing for this guy. just because he’s so funny in interviews and so sweet to all of his fans and im a sucker for his blue eyes. every. time.

- daveed diggs

i think that his insane, carefree, hilarious personality is a huge thing for me. And the way he gives zero fucks about what people will say about him makes me swoon. i also love his poofy hair and his girlfriend is gorgeous too ??? explain ???

- cam newton

i was literally just talking about him. hear me out, i know that people hate his attitude bc he’s apparently too arrogant or whatever, but i, for some reason, like that? And his smile and dimples got me weak as hell.

- chadwick boseman

it’s crazy to me that this man is 40 years old. homeboy has found the fountain of youth or some shit. This is going to sound hella weird but i love his voice. Like I’ll watch an interview just to listen to his voice and idk there’s just something about it.

- chris evans

oh, come on. He’s undoubtedly gorgeous and he has this adorable personality that shines when he says things like his dog is his buddy. And again with the blue eyes. It gets me every time.


- zendaya

listen, zendaya could fuck me up any day of the week. And, obviously, she is drop dead gorgeous, but she’s funny too and humor is a big thing for me. And her makeup is always fleek.

- elizabeth olsen

yo  i guarentee you that it’s her eyes that im so attracted to. Look at them, they’re so green and pretty and ugh my aesthetic is elizabeth olsen’s eyes. mhm. sign me the fuck up.

- emma watson

Emma Watson will always be a classic beauty and i love that about her. Her accent is so adorable and im ready for her to just destroy me in beauty and the beast.

- hayley atwell

Also a prime example of classic beauty and a 10/10 actress like damn girl. i love that she’s so passionate and excited about her profession and she’s also relatable.

- lupita nyong’o

this is it. this is the woman that slays my entire existance and imma be so fucked in the movie theater during black panther bc she’s literally perfect in every aspect. end of story.


“Come on,” drawls a bored Sirius in her ear. “It’s a dress, Evans, not a potato sack.”

“Easy for you to say,” she mutters, glaring at the mess of satin and straps pasted onto her body. “You’re not the one trying to look good in it.”

“Good thing, too, or else your self esteem would plummet.”

“We have maybe three minutes until it’s showtime,” says Peter, also over the comms. “So if you could just speed it up a little - “

“Evans?” comes Potter’s voice from outside the bathroom. “All set?”

“Men,” she sighs, finally turning away from the mirror. “You lot are all so bloody impatient, whether it’s for a date or for a top-secret mission - “

Her voice dies in her throat when she yanks open the door. 

James Potter is standing three feet away from her in a fitted tuxedo, crisp shirt snowy against his dark skin and hair devastatingly mussed. He is, thankfully, fumbling with a cufflink at the moment, and so misses the undoubtably idiotic look on her face. 

Remus, however, doesn’t miss a thing, and tips her an enormous wink behind his friend’s back. She feels her face heat up.

“Don’t you both look dapper,” she manages, after a beat to compose herself.

James looks up at her, eyes wide. “You look gorgeous, Evans,” he tells her, voice steady and earnest.

Merlin, she’s fucked.

part two of this ridiculous au now here

Your lips are what I need ♡ Clarke Griffin Imagine

A/N: ‘Can I have a one shot about Clarke and reader kissing for the first time’ Sorry it took eons friend! Enjoy! Also the kiss is like at the very end idk i just build up to it, sorry if its not exactly what you were after xx


Her blonde hair captured you from the moment you landed on the ground, resembling the sun that lit the forest in it’s golden glow. You had known then and there that this girl, this gorgeous looking girl, had your heart. And you would happily let her.


So, as the days passed you started talking. You learnt her name was Clarke.

“Clarke Griffin.” She introduced with a warm smile and rosy cheeks. You felt your face heat and nod.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” You replied. She smiled kindly and ducked her head, a strand of her gorgeous hair falling from behind her ear.

“That’s a really pretty name.” She smiled. This girl, Clarke, was so sweet, kind, everything that you dreamed.

“So is yours. Clarke Griffin.” You replied teasingly, the name rolling off your tongue with ease, as though you were meant to say it since the day you were born.

As she was called from across the camp she looked at you apologetically, “See you around?”

“You can bet on it.” You grinned, watching her walk away feeling a little light headed, a rapidly beating heart and one word barrelling through your mind.



You learnt that she was an artist and very talented.

“What’s that?” You asked her as you sat by her side, trying to hide the cheek-eating grin that splits across your face when she immediately moves closer, leaning in to you. 

She was holding a small book and you reached out, to take it from her grasp, immediately withdrawing when she flinches it away from you. She looks apologetic and you can only shake your head.

“It’s okay.” You reassured. “It’s yours. You don’t have to give it to me.” 

She looks at you.

“My dad gave it to me.” And you understood, she’d told you about her loss and it had broken your heart  to see her eyes so, hopeless and broken.

“It’s a sketchbook.” She further explained, smiling as she traced up the books spine, as though the mere touch brought back all her happy memories.

“I’m sure they’re all beautiful.” You complimented, taking her hand in yours, as you held your breath, waiting for her to pull away, but it never happened.

Instead she placed the sketchbook on your thigh. You used your other hand to flick through, carefully turning each page.

“Clarke, they’re gorgeous.” You spoke in awe, looking up to find a blush on her cheeks, looking away from you.

Most of the drawings were of Earth, the ground, the sky from Earth. And it took your breath away, the amount of expression and care in each drawing rendering you speechless.

She had looked up at you as you stared at the last drawing, a figure, no, two figures.

“Is that?” You started.

“Not finished.” The blonde murmured, the blush now gaining in intensity.

“It’s us.” You laughed, unbelievingly.

“I love it.” You whispered, tracing the lines with your finger.


But what you learnt the most as the days drew on and the two of you grew closer was that she liked you as much as you liked her.

“Clarke,” You called to your friend, your best friend. She looked at you in concern, questioning. You just shook your head and beckoned her over, turning your attention back to the trees, the sun hiding behind the darkening sky.

She walked over, standing with you. “What is it?” She asked. You just pointed into the dense forest, the glow catching her eye immediately.

“What is that?” She asked taking a tentative step forward. Grinning wickedly, you took her hand.

“Let’s go find out.” 

You walked for a little while, the glow of the forest becoming brighter and brighter until you came to a clearing, the gentle gushing over a waterfall drawing Clarkes attention.

“Y/N! Look.” Her voice was in shock, inspired. And for a good reason, the waterfall and pond below ignited in a soft blue glow. Your intake of breath was sharp and Clarke looked at you. You were watching the water, amazement littering your features, the glow reflecting in your eyes.

You caught her staring, turning to face her, unable to help your gaze flicking to her lips, quickly glancing back up to her eyes.

She smirked, she’d caught you. She took a step forward, you rooted to the spot, unable to move, her gaze boring into you.

Eventually her lips were inches from yours, feeling her increase of breath against your skin.

“I really like you Y/N.” She admitted, her eyes now darkened, you gulped and instead of replying, pressed your lips against hers.

You smiled against her lips as she drew you closer. Her lips tasting like freedom, like love, like exactly what you needed. You felt the warmth that she gave you the first time you met. You felt like you were her canvas, a page in her sketchbook as she kissed you like you were her masterpiece. She kissed you like she needed you. You pulled away, breathless, leaning your forehead against her own.

She smiled at you from hooded eyelids and you whimpered, breathing her in, attacking her lips, hooked already, knowing that Clarke was your new favourite addiction.


“I wanted so badly to lie down next to her on the couch, to wrap my arms around her and sleep. Not fuck, like in those movies. Not even have sex. Just sleep together in the most innocent sense of the phrase. But I lacked the courage and she had a boyfriend and I was gawky and she was gorgeous and I was hopelessly boring and she was endlessly fascinating. So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was hurricane.
― John Green, Looking for Alaska

A/n: wtf did I just fIND?! Idk what I was possessed by when I wrote this but I reread it and dAMN!!!! Bella fucking smutty to the max, but mixed with some fluff - idk guys idk. Thought I’d post it for you other possessed hornyn kuttke shits out there so y'all enjoy and I’m just gonna smh at the both of us - me for writing it, you for reading it… XD

“You memorize books?”

  The question was probably innocent, but it sounded mocking. In fact, if I thought about it, it was probably a jab at me. Considering the source. The source, of course, being Shawn’s girlfriend. I looked up at her, my eyebrows scrunching. Her name was Lacy and she was drop dead gorgeous, but she knew it. She let it get to er head and she was using Shawn for fame. She treated me like crap but I wouldn’t tell Shawn out of fear of what she’d do. So I dealt with it. Because that’s what I do. I’m the best friend that watched Shawn date girls I know I could be better than.

  “I memorize everything I see or read or hear,” I tell her. “I have an automatic photographic memory. I can’t forget anything I see or read. Ever. Even if I try. Even if I only read it once and briefly.”

  “Wow,” she states. “Impressive.”

  “Thanks,” I mumble, turning back to my book.

  “You’re so weird and pathetic,” she sneered. There’s the insult I was waiting for.

  “And you’re bitchy and fake,” I threw back.

  “And you’re just the love sick best friend,” she shot back. My eyes snapped up to see her smirking. “That’s right. I’m not stupid. The way you’d do anything for him. You’re pathetic. It’ll bite you in the ass over and over again, sitting by and just letting everything unravel in it’s time. Waiting. You’ll never get the guy. Never.”

  I stood and moved to her so fast i didn’t even register. There was just a sound and her head whipped to the side, her pale skin slowly reddening in the shape of my open palm.

  “You will never be worthy of him,” I snapped. “You’ll never be good enough for him. You’ll never deserve him. You’re a snake and a bitch and I actually can’t stand you. Leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone, but insult me one more fucking time and we’ll have problems. Back the fuck off, thanks.” I whipped around and flew out of Shawn’s house.

  I avoided Shawn for a long time afterwards.


“Why can’t you get along with anyone I date?” Shawn demanded. We were in another fight.

  “Because none of them are good enough,” I stated simply.

  He scoffed. “I’m not amazing, Maddie. I’m not perfect or special or spectacular.”

  “Yes you are,” I argued. “You’re amazing, Shawn. You’re precious and tender and loving and amazing and if anyone ever tells you different or doesn’t treat you accordingly, I don’t like them.” I cupped his face. “Do you even know what music means to people? What you could get if you wanted? But you don’t. You don’t even consider it, because you’re too good a person. You’re so… I’m so blessed to have you, Shawn. Even just as a best friend.”

  “What do you mean just?” Shawn asked quietly.

  My jaw worked. Open, closed, open, closed. My hands fell and I turned away. “You’re very special to me,” I answered instead. “So… important.” I wiped a tear and grabbed my jacket, leaving the house.

  He could never know the pain I felt every time I left that house empty handed.

  He couldn’t understand the emptiness I felt without him with me.

  Couldn’t understand… the love I felt him.

  A heavy and laboured sigh escaped my lips and I closed my eyes a moment before reopening them then heading home.


  “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?” I screamed. My hands laced into the roots of my scalp, pulling agitatedly. Shawn stood there, shocked. “WHY ARE YOU SO BLIND?!”

  “Wh- what?” Shawn stuttered.

  My eyes watered and I went to leave. His hand gripped my wrists in a vice, pulling me to him so my back slammed into his chest. His arms crossed over my stomach and his nose buried in my hair. My body buzzed with his proximity and touch and I was rendered speechless. “What are you doing?”  choked out.

  “What’s wrong?” He asked. “I don’t understand? Why are you always mad at me? Why does me finding someone to go to the wedding a problem? What am I doing wrong? I can’t stand this. We’re drifting apart and you’re always leaving mad. You’re always leaving in the middle of a fight. In tears and stressed out and upset. I - I can’t handle you being like this.”

  My eyes closed and my brain shut down. When this happened, the only thing I could do was quote. It was a coping mechanism, to do this.

  “I wanted so badly to lie down on the couch with her,” I said quietly. Shawn froze, so that I could feel his body tense, pressed next to mine. “To wrap my arms around her and sleep. Not fuck, like in those movies. Not even have sex. Just sleep together, in the most innocent sense of the phrase. But I liked the courage and she had a boyfriend and I was gawky and she was gorgeous and I was hopelessly boring and she was endlessly fascinating. So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, she was a drizzle was a hurricane.” Silence. “John Green, Looking For Alaska.”

  “What?” Shawn whispered after a while of me not speaking.

  “You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, you only get to choose who hurts you,” I quoted again. “John Green, The Fault In Our Stars.”


  “I want to fill every part of you,” I interrupted. “Breathe the air from your lungs and leave my handprints on your soul. I want to give you more pleasure than you can bear.” I turned to face him, pulling away and backing towards the door. “If you live to be one hundred, I want to live to be one hundred minus one, so that I never have to live one day without you. Winnie the Pooh.” I started crying. “Thank you for being you. For sharing your love with me. For inspiring me to accept myself. For helping me see the unique beauty of imperfection. For showing me that love -” For the first time ever in my quoting fazes, my voice broke and I had to start over. “For showing me that love is something you do ; not just to be said, but also to be shown.”

  There was silence. “Maddie,” he whispered again. I stood frozen as he said my name and he began walking towards me and I skittered back. “Are you scared of me? Me?”

  “Maybe I’m scared because you mean more to me than any other person,” I quoted dryly. “You are everything I think about, everything I need. Everything I want.”

  “But all this time…” His voice faded as he ran a hand through his hair. “I must have broken your heart so many times, and you just… How did you stick around? Why… What…?”

  “You know you love someone when you can’t hate them for breaking your heart,” I continued. I let my lips turn up just barely. “When two people love each other, they find a way to make it work.”

  “But I didn’t… I didn’t treat you like I should have. I’ve like doyu all this time and I avoided it. I avoided you. I tried to push away everything. We didn’t make this work, you did. I loved you, but not like I should have. I loved you like a friend, when you were doing so much more…”

  “I tried to avoid you, but I knew you were a collision worth having.” I kept quoting because I could communicate this way, since my own words escaped me. I rubbed my eyes and suddenly felt weighed down and tired. “I’m just tired,” I sighed. I’m tired of waking up to the same routine every day, seeing the same people, it’s getting old. I’m tired of waking up alone and cold. Pushing myself out of bed. I’m just tired.” I looked up at him. “That’s my excuse.”

  “I… He rushed at me, cupping my face. He looked so fiercely at me and I froze, not even able to come up with a quote as my mind went completely blank. “Your eyes stole all the words away,” he whispered. Somewhere in the back of my mind that registered that he’d just quoted something to me.

  “My heart is and always will be, yours,” I whispered. “Jane Austin, Sense and Sensibility.”

  “Because of you, I can feel myself becoming the me I have always dreamed of being,” he whispered. Were we having a quote off? This was amazing.

  “Happiness, not in another place but in this place. Not in another hour but this hour. Walt Whitman,” I put out.

  “We were together. I forget the rest.” esmirked. “Walt Whitman.”

  “The best kind of love is the is the kind that awakens the soul and and makes us reach for more. That plants fire in our hearts and brings peace in our minds. Noah, a character from the notebook, written by Nicholas Sparks.”

  “I love you,” he whispered. My whole body shivered. “I am who I am because of you. You’re every reason, every… dream… No, every hope. Every….” He sighed, his eyes closing.

  “You are every reason, every hope, every dream I’ve ever had,” I finished for him. “And no matter what happens to us in the future, every day we are together is the greatest day of my life.” There was a moment of quiet, where Shawn’s lips only barely hovered over mine.

  “I will always be yours,” he whispered. “Nicholas Sparks, the Notebook.”

  The last word was a little muffled as our eyes fluttered closed and he pulled me close, kissing me hard and passionately. He pressed me into the wall and I gasped, him taking that opportunity to slip his tongue in. He was a good kisser, but I didn’t think about all the past practice he’d had. I thought about this moment, happening right now, between the two of us. I thought about him kissing me and holding me and loving em and it was all around insane and real and fake and weird and amazing.

  He held my face with his hands, touching me so tenderly and lovingly. My hands moved slowly to his waist, my fingers looping in his belt loops to pull him closer as I kissed him back with just as much vigor. We stood there awhile, pressed together and kissing hard. Making out. Then his hand moved down to my hips then under my thighs, tapping my under leg to signal me to jump. I did. He pressed me even further into the wall and pushed me up so that my hands wound around his neck and into his hair, him looking up to kiss me.

  Shawn’s lips broke away from mine to move to my cheek, then my jaw, then my neck. He sucked until he hit a soft spot and a loud moan erupted from me. I was so crazily over stimulated that I couldn’t think about anything other than how much I wanted this. How much I wanted to be as close as possible, forever, just like this.

  I wanted to marry this boy. Wake up to him next to me and have him pull me closer, burying his nose in m y hair. I want to hear his morning voice as he sneaks up behind me as I make breakfast and snakes his arms around me, me wearing his shirt and nothing else but underwear. I want to have a family and a house and a life with him. I want to have food fights instead of baking and cuddle on stormy night and watch the Notebook because I didn’t know he’d ever even seen it. I wanted to be with him as innocently as I wanted to not be innocent. Because, yes, I wanted these simply, fluffy things. I wanted to be with him in the most innocent way. But damn would I kill to fuck him. To make love to the man of my dreams, so hard that I limp the next day. I wanted all of it. All of him. In every way.

  His arm muscles rippled under me as he pulled me off the wall, taking my whole weight as he walks back. We continue kissing, his hold on me tight and secure and our kisses growing hotter as time passed. More desperate and demanding. Suddenly there’s darkness and a door closing and I’m laying down on a bed.

  His hands move across my body and pulls my clothing off, his soon following after. I’m revealed and naked in front of him, but he’s the same in front of me, and when I opened my eyes to look at him, god, I want him. He moves down, his eyes scanning me as he smiled up at me. “C-can I try something?” He asks quietly. I nod quickly, just wanting him. His head ducks and my back arches as pleasure courses through my vaginal area. I suck in a breath and he chuckles, sending vibrations up my pelves. I moan so loudly it hurts my throat, my fingers curling into his hair. How is he this good at this? Holy fucking shit!

  His head rises and I whimper at his loss of touch. He just smiles and his arms move. I know what he’s doing before his fingers enter me, but when they do, my jaw clenches and my eyes close. He pumps his fingers, curling them and going faster every once in awhile. I whimpering and moaning and I’m a fucking mess. “Fuck, Shawn,” I cry out. My hand clench the bed sheets and my back arches again, my hips bucking to get more friction. “Fuck, Shawn Fuck fuck fuck.” I move my hips on his fingers as I would if it was his member. I move and buck my hips and he curls and pulls and pushes in and out until I feel the knot and release. He lick his fingers clean the ducks down again to clean me up. His teasing sucking and licking turns me on all over again and fuck, I want him all over again.

  Before he can even ask or question, I pull him up and roll us over, me on top. He looks up at me, smirking, and I kiss him as I push my hips down onto his, pushing him inside of me. We both gasp. Too late to go back now. His lips taste like what I can only assume is me. It’s sweet and weird to taste myself, but so horribly fucking sexy.

  Once I’m adjusted I started moving my hips, swirling and going up and down and pushing as far as I can to get as much pleasure as possible. At some point I end up on my back and he’s over me, taking control. He’s in me and moving around and it’s fuckign amazing. There’s a slapping of skin and his hand on my hips and moans and I’m past everything. He moves his hands to massage my clit and it sends me over.

  “Maddie,” he moans. Fuck, I’m gone.

  He cums and fills me up. The feeling of that makes me go as well and we’re both breathing so hard. He pulls out and I pull him close. “Two more rounds,” I tease.

  “I know what you have in mind and I love you for it,” h whispers back. Without any more exchange of words, I turn around and he shifts me and himself to push into me from behind. I scream and he moves in and out. His hand moves forward to rub my clit again and I’m done. This goes a while until he finds my g spot. Fuck, do I screamed.

  “SHAWN!” I scream. I’m shaking and rocking and it’s amazing and I’m lost in the pleasure. “Shawn!” I whine. “Shawn Shawn Shawn. Fuck. Shit. Oh fucking shit, Shawn.”

  This only encourages him as he goes faster and harder and I get louder and higher. “Say my name, baby girl,” he grunts. “Yell my name.”

  Fucking mother of shit.

  I move my hips with him, a whole new feeling as he reaches new places. I’m screaming so that my lungs hurts and it sends him over the edge. Him going over the edge sends me over the edge and we’re both cumming again.

  As he pulls out of me, I relax into the bed. He lays next to me and we breath for a really long time. Before he can really catch his breath, I move to between his legs, putting his length into my mouth without warning. I sucked and bob my head and massage anything not fitting in. He throws his head back and moans something guttural and low. My hands raise to massage his balls and he grunts loudly, twisting his hands in my hair. I go and go, massaging and succking and pushing and bobbing, until he moans something about being close then cums in my mouth. I swallow the sticky whiteness like a good girl and he relaxes finally.

  Left with just a bit of energy left, we crawl up on the pillows and fall asleep. Best night of my life, just to wake up next to him the next morning. I feel satisfied that I’m sore and can barely walk as well.


The second we’re both well again, it’s on. We’ve become so sickly in love and so horribly obsessed with each other. The sex is the best thing and we’re both so curious and adventurous.

  One night we played seven minutes in heaven, where we each got seven minutes to make the other as turned on as possible without actually relieving either of us. At the end of the fourteen minutes we were both so horny we fucked as hard as we did that first night.

  Another we discovered thigh riding and I had some fun. Completely stripped and sitting on his thigh, he bounced his legs and I move as hard as possible, breathing hard and getting a surprisingly big amount of pleasure from it.

  Yet another night I told him about face riding, and he smirked. His hand curled over my ass as he sucked on my pussy, pulling ad biting and me focusing on trying not to crush his head between my thighs. Or not suffocating him. He smacks my ass and I yelp, enjoying it all the more. His lips suck my pussy and my hands clutch the bars above me as I scream and bucked my hips, basically face fucking him. He moaned just to send the vibratons through me and I scream even louder, painfully over stimulated and only wanting more. More. More. More. More. I want him to keep going and that night, he has to have vaginal sex too to relieve the need for him.

  We also tried the 69, with me sucking him as he sucked me. It was just as nice, with the others’ moans sending each of us over the top in not time. That didn’t last long at all and we had to return to good ol’ cowgirl to send us over real style.

  There’s nothing like traditional guy-on-top vaginal sex, where I can rake my nails down his back and he can push fast and hard enough to make me scream so loud I lose my voice the next morning, not just my ability to walk normally and straight.

  The sex was great, but we did do other things too. We did have those mornings where I woke up next to him in nothing but his shirt and he pulled me closer and smiled into my hair. I did make breakfast and he did come up behind me, snaking his arms around my waist to pull me close. We could shower together and not be sexual, just be stupid, but shower sex was super fun. We could sleep together innocently, and we could sleep together not so innocently.

  People always loved us together. We were as mad for each other we were madly in love. We were head over heels upside down and sideways. We were gone, lost to the people and the noise, just because we were together. Gone to everyone but each other. He could never be apart for long without one of us finding a way back. I’d join him on tour or I’d clock out early from work or call in sick. I ended up just quitting my job as Shawn had me move in with him and I no longer needed to work. We went everywhere together, and as well got older, he proposed to me.

  The bachelor and bachelorette parties were fun, the wedding was  great, and the honeymoon was fantastic. And so it all came true. We fucked and we laughed and we lived and we loved. Together.

  What else could a girl ask for?

  Cheesy romance novel quotes and Shawn Mendes as a best friend. A lover. A husband.

  Nope. Can’t get better than that.


Knight-enchanter. Early-thirties. Solasmancer. Cake-lover.

After modding and trying things out for days, I finally compiled my favorite mods to use for my Lavellan! I’m still indecisive when it comes to picking one certain look but idk she just looks good in everything!!

Thanks to all the mentioned modders! Without you, Levana wouldn’t be as gorgeous! ;w;

For all looks:

Hair & Outfit (Left to Right):

Other useful mods: DAI Hair Recolor Utility by Legion of the Living - able to have hair color different from eyebrow color (like the 6th gif)

Ohhhhh I just remembered, I wanted to make an appreciation post about dark skin. My mom had her coworker over at the baby shower and she brought her daughter too.

Oh my gods, this child was so gorgeous. Her hair was natural, but in these pretty, thick braids and tied, and it looked so soft. And her skin was just such a beautiful shade of dark brown and like flawless.

And she was being really quiet so I went up to her and was like, “You’re very pretty.”

And I don’t think she gets told enough because she got flustered and shy and just mumbled a thank you. Her mom smiled at me though then looked at her daughter all proud like yeah I made that.

Idk she was like 9 I think. The point is we need to tell little girls that they are pretty more often because I don’t think they get told enough. And it’ll definitely help self esteem when they’re older.

Meet and greet with Jen!

Ok, so, Jennifer Morrison is a precious fucking cupcake, a fairy, and a wondrous creature whom I adore! She is a SWEETIE!

The meet and greet started by her saying “hi”, everyone clapped and did fangirl hand flailing (including me, because how do you even life right now????), and we all kind of shyly said hi back.

Then her assistant/ translator was like “I gotta translate for this lady!”, and we were off.

•It started with us complimenting her dress and asking the designer.

-She said something, idk. She was in this gorgeous, gold, short dress with like sheer parts and some glitter and really nice accents on it, hair down, and these skin- tone pumps. She looked like a vision, and I just !!!!!!!!!!!!

•So, then we got into what her weirdest words to say on House were.

-something “blahblahblah luffawuffa something Opolis, etc. and hella syllables”

•Then about Mall Cop

-She said it was probably the weirdest so far, and talked about getting a parasite from the dirty river in Albuquerque and staying in skeezy hotels, and her being like “it’s not a magical fucking severed arm! Why do I have to do all this in a freezing river????”

•How much time does she get to visit loved ones?

-Not a lot. Acting is a big time commitment! 16- hour days, 9 months out of the year. But she tries her best.

•House reunion?

-most of the cast are doing other things and are immersed in other projects, so it’s highly unlikely that it’ll happen any time soon

•in 3x06, in the echo caves, Emma was about to say something to Hook; what was it?

- oh Jesus…. Uhhhhhh…. I knew at the time!!! It’s been a long while, I’m sorry. But everything on this show is planned and executed exactly how it is supposed to be, so there was definitely purpose behind all of those actions and words, unspoken as well.

•You’ve worked in a lot of places! Is there anywhere you’d still like to go?

-China, Japan, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland!

•my question! What advice would you give to someone trying to break into the acting business as a professional in the industry?

-well, nowadays, you can shoot a movie on your iPhone for next to nothing, so there’s much easier access than when I was growing and coming up. So it’s easier to get work, even if you’re making it for yourself, you know? I was just a little kid when I came up in the business, so where you are now, by the time I decided that this is what I wanted for myself, I already had agents and a lot of building blocks in place. But just doing it is the most important thing. Take lessons, always seek to improve your craft, and just do it. Cut together a movie on your iPhone. It’s not “professional”, but it can get you there. Just do stuff :)

I’m pretty sure that was it!

She was kind, casual, and she was like “damn, this translator is amazing!!” And she kept apologizing about the long winds of speech that the translator had to translate.

What a cupcake!

Everyone just wants to fall in love

Request:  Young Peter imagine when we loves you but don’t know how to tell you so he just kisses you and stuff Idk Ty Ty

Pairing: Young Peter Hale x Reader

Song: Weapons - The Daylights

*AUTHOR’S NOTE: There’s head canons in this… and fluff*

This is extremely hard for him. The whole ‘feeling’ thing was never a big priority in his book. Taking care of Derek had always been the top priority after the fire happened. Derek had been the only person he had left. Until she strolled right into his life, looking as gorgeous as ever. He didn’t think it was physically possible for someone to look that good.

But here she was, next to him on the bleachers, cheering loudly for Derek. Peter had always made sure he was there for Derek’s basketball games. Even if it meant he had to take off work. It’s only for a few hours and it gives him some time to relax.

Derek makes a basket, tying the score. Peter cups his hands around his mouth, “Atta boy, Derek!” he shouts, clapping vigorously. He peers over at her with a smile on his face. She hoots and hollers, sending a thumbs up to the young boy. He grins, waving at the both of them before going in to the small team huddle.

Peter sits back down, resting his hands on his knees. The giant time board begins counting down from fifteen; meaning it’s half time. She glances at him, placing her hand on top of his own. ‘So, what job are you taking time off from today?” she asks in a sweet voice, watching the young werewolf practice.

He sighs, looking down at his lap, “The one at Ruby Tuesday’s…” he grunts, biting his lip. Her shoulders slump, a sigh escaping her lips as her head rests on his upper arm. “This is exhausting, Y/N. I’m working three jobs and its still not enough!” he mumbles quietly, rubbing his eye.

They watch Derek jump around with a massive grin on his face and Peter sighs. “You’re doing the best you can, Peter…” she says, patting his knee, “I mean, look at him!” she points to him, smiling, “He looks pretty damn happy, if you ask me.” 

He smirks, waving at him before placing two fingers under her chin, tilting her head up. “Peter, I really love you…” she whispers, gazing into his eyes, pulling away, “I know Derek loves you too; even if he doesn’t always appreciate how much you do for him…”

Yanking her close, he plants his lips on hers. Her hands move to his neck, running across his skin and playing with his hair. Feeling her body in the palms of his hands, he smirks into the kiss. She pulls back, covering her hand over her smile.

“Just tell her that you love her too, so we won’t be alone.” Peter hears Derek mutter under his breath, starring directly at him. “And I want you to be happy, not just pretend to be.” he mumbles, standing up, beginning to play the second half.

Peter shakes his head, placing his lips on hers again. “Is that your way of saying ‘I love you too’?” she questions, laughing a little.

“Yeah, pretty much.” he smirks, kissing her.

one of like the prettiest black girls i know was talkin abt she wonders if zayn likes black girls & it took me by surprise??

like??? u gorgeous?? u kno u gorgeous??? everybody thinks u a 10??? u look better than him???? and u worried about him not being attracted to u bc you black??

i forgot how deeply engrained that “non-black men dont like us” mindset is in us ??

either way that really made me sad and somewhat angry even tho idk who im angry at. just angry that we got to fuckin deal with this

it makes me really sad that people think kyungri is just a part of namyu bc of her looks. she has an incredible voice and is a great dancer, and she shows this constantly. not only is she a lead vocal in a large group, but star empire uses her like a main vocal (just look at line distribution). she also shows her dancing skills (and desire to dance) time and again

i just hope people know that even though kyungri is absolutely gorgeous she’s also an asset to 9 muses in so many different ways and she deserves to be recognized for that

anonymous asked:

omg i'm tunisian too! hi!!!


Anonyme: I like how you draw jungkook always lowkey staring at jimin, it’s creepy but also endearing.

I love how tall Jungkook looks next to Jimin in the new drawing u made! Jikook is so cute when they argue about their heights. Jungkook likes to let jimin know that he’s a small bun xD

Thank you a lot!!!!! ;<;<; BUT TBH IN THE LAST DRAWING I DIDNT EVEN WANTED TO DRAW HIM LOOKING AT JIMIN. Since the drawing was pretty small i needed to zoom a lot. So when I drew Jk’s eyes they weren’t supposed to look at Jimin. But my Jikook brain was like “bich fucking draw jikook” then I realized and I didnt want to erase it :^DD. My brain is a big jikook trash im sorry. AND YES JIMIN IS A SMOL ANGEL EZOIGHOZIGH

Anonyme :OMG I love your art it makes me feel so much better after a shitty day♥️💓♥️ also you’re like totally gorgeous✨ 

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m very glad to hear that ziuegieu tysm babe ;<; ;<;  


*i was looking at ur snapchat story and i have to tell u that ur laugh is so cute ahsjdkabfk ;-; anyway hope ure having a good holiday break and happy chanukah 😌😌 

**happy Chanukkah!! I haven’t celebrated it in ages but I hope you have a good 8 days and new year 

***Happy Hanukkah!❤~I love you 

THANK U ALL SO MUCH FOR WISHING ME A HAPPY HANUKKAH EUHFIUZG Yall are so kind ily all so muchpeozupoezug

@idekwhatsgoingonanymore :WELL HELLO ISNT SHE A CUTIE 👀👀🙌🏽 lololol




Anonyme :I was just looking at your merry Christmas drawing and I notice yoongi was looking at jhope and jevskwjsgxns its so cute I wanna see a fanfic of this where yoongi is always looking at hoseok lovingly when he isn’t looking >.< is this weird idk 

ehehehhehe yes I thought it was rlly cute  👀👀👀👀 AND TBH SAME I ALSO WANNA SEE A FANFIC

Anonyme: Is it bad that I’m still upset I couldn’t get the wings concert tickets I wanted and I’m just letting it affect my mood now? I feel like I should just get over it, but I guess I’m just jealous that one of my friends got them, but I couldn’t. Sigh TnT

awwwwwwwwwwwwww babe I understand that you’re feeling upset but this soesnt have to affect ur mood eozihfoihz im sure ull have an other change to see thel its ok ♥♥

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