idk she is gorgeous

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Hey dumb question sorry but I was going through your art tag (like a creep) and do you mind if I ask who that flower girl is in the last thing you posted? Because she's gorgeous and I'm most definitely in love!

hey!! no no, thank you for asking because I rarely get them and im honored to get one at all haha xD

do you mean this drawing i did? she’s actually an older sister of a side oc! i actually haven’t given her a name or any major, unique characteristics/jobs/hobbies/personalities etc. but I am most definitely open to suggestions!! just throw them my way when you get any :P 

i tend to imagine her very protective of her lil’ sister and generally kind but she will but head inside out if u mess with family.. but other than that I have no clue on what to do with her yet. here is an VERY OLD earlier concept of her and her lil’ sister that i very much regret:

of course, i still need to edit her and play around with her some more so seriously, if you have ANY suggestions, toss them in my ask box or just tag me in a post with it <33 thanks again for taking interest in her, im very happy!! (and it’s totes appreciated for stalking my art tag xD i need to make a new one tho)

after screaming to el about our respective love for ice-related sports (mine for hockey, hers for figure skating) we decided it wouldn’t be us without making a silly au where dan and phil are ice boyfriends who cheer each other on, despite being enemies on principle.

phil drawn by @socraticoats / dan drawn by me! ♥


Modern Freyja → in Norse culture, Freyja was a goddess associated with fertility, magic, love, war and death. Described as a benevolent goddess, she helped with the harvest and taught gods and women the ancient sexual magic of seiðr. Through this, she has been associated with the Valkyries, and is said to have taken up to half of the souls who died in battle as her own warriors. Her appetites for pleasure were great - Loki at one point accused her of having shared the bed of every god and elf in Asgard, even her own brother - but when she married Óðr, she became the embodiment of marital fidelty. When her husband was gone to war, legends say she cried tears of gold from longing for him.

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My girlfriend is the actual greatest?? Idk how she does it her hair is so gorgeous and soft and she gets these laugh attacks that are just so hilarious and cute to watch like !!!! And she loves cats and her whole face lights up when she sees them and GOD it's the best thing. And she teases me about being short sometimes and I pretend to be annoyed but I secretly love it because she's rlly tall and leans on my shoulder all the time and I feel rlly loved. oh man I love her so much it's unreal.

Oh, how precious! I must agree, laughter is one of the most captivating things a girl can do. You two sound like a darling pair!💘