idk seriously don't look at me

omg, you know that cat thing where if you get to close to their ear hairs they flip/rapidly twitch their ears? okay, imagine lance doing this to lotor bc i definitely see lotor having fur on his ears. and lance thinks it’s hilarious and also cute. lotor puts up with it (mostly bc he’ll get lance back by tickling his feet endlessly with the tips of his claws and just the right amount of grazing pressure)

Inktober 024: I’ve been having a lot of Oikawa feelings recently╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

Tools: Copic Multiliner (0.05), WHSmith’s sketchbook

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I'm the ONLY slytherin I know and 90% of other people are gryffindor or hufflepuff so they're all emotional and loud. How do I not be brutally honest and tell them I'll cut their tongues out if they don't shut up or stop being dumb? (Seriously though I can't stand it. Help a serpent out)

I have no idea. I’m extremely blunt and can’t really control what pops into my head. I clash a lot with my hufflepuff friend for some reason. He’s the only puff that annoys the hell out of me. Super annoying XD Man idk just like give them looks that works for me XD

  • Me: why don't you ever romance Zevran? He's awesome
  • Dad: Nah, I like girls
  • Me: So do I....

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I'm afraid I have a problem, but idk what it is exactly. I have trouble with respecting my weight and am not happy when I'm gaining at all. I'm 5'4" and 104 pounds when I used to be 95 and I hate it and just started crying when I looked at the scale. I don't starve myself at all or anything, so idk what to do bc i don't think it's an eating disorder but I'm not even sure. I'm just a mess

Let me tell you that 5′4 and 104 pounds is perfectly normal and an amazing weight (bc I’m just around there). What I’m saying sounds cliche but LOVE YOURSELF AND YOUR WEIGHT DUDE BC I LOVE YOU TOO but also that I’m sorry you’re dealing with this because body image issues are The Worst. The best thing to do (in my unprofessional opinion) is to resist temptation to look at the scale. Seriously. Don’t do it

Next time on this sleepover: idk whatever the next ask is

  • what she says: im fine :-)
  • what she means: how dARE they put johnny depp as gellert grindelwald. how FUCKINGN DARE TJEM. he's a lying abusive dick who beat his wife multiple times and then scared her to death and discredited her for trying to speak out??? HE SHOULDN'T HAVE A FRICCKING CAREER ANYMORE??? WTF?? -not to mention that he's not even that good, like i dont even like him as an actor anymore but that's just my opinion whatever- BUT SHIT SERIOUSLY??? like grindeldore is my otp. i love grindelwald as a character- i see him as reckless and utilitarian but not purely evil, I think he's such an intense and interesting character and not at all the usual villain- i think the new movies were SUCH AN OPPORTUNITY FOR THEM TO MAKE HIM LOOK AND FEEL intense and interesting BUT theY ended up choOSING THAT GANGSTER-LIKE PIECE OF CRAP????? WHY?? i feel personally hurt. jo fucking rowling i don't trust you anymore. istg this is the last time you fuck with me. yall david yates and whoever tf idk don't know shit about harry potter. i dont even want to see these movies what am i doing why am i wasting my money

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You're so good at furnishing, teach me your ways. D: Seriously, furnishing is so extremly difficult to me and it just never looks right or it just looks basic. Do you have any sort of advice? ❤

Awwwww bb! You’re so KIND!!!! Thank you 😘 I literally just furnish it the way normal houses look kind of, like, messy and cluttered????? Kind of how my house own is, but more cartoony; my house is scandi, but cluttered (which is oxymoronic, bc, scandi is know for being sparse). Idk idk!! Just looking at how houses are furnished and the different styles irl is probably the best advice I can give!

I understand people reclaiming the Q slur and stuff, like good for you who do, but a LOT OF US haven’t, a lot of us don’t WANT to because we hate that word.

Point being is, I hate going and looking at a blog for literally one second and they use “ qu*er “ in their description, or just seeing people use it in their urls

it causes me to panic so i really wish people would like, idk be more considerate of us who literally are uncomfortable o scared of that word.

I know people are reclaiming it and that’s great but others of us want nothing to do with it jfc

A mikayuu/Owari no Seraph kik group
  • Since I recently gained so many ons mutuals and followers, I decided to make a kik group for anyone who wants to share their fanfic, fan art or chat about ons : ) ANYONE can join! You don't have to follow me or anything you're already great if you're looking at this since its in the OWARI no seraph tag
  • Reasons you should join it:
  • -if you're a mikayuu shipper you're my child
  • -if you don't ship mikayuu you're still my child
  • -fun chat times
  • -cool children who enjoy good anime
  • -instant FRIENDSHIP
  • -instant SHIP SHIP
  • -idk what more can you want I mean seriously
  • -just join it
  • -that's all my reasons
  • The hashtag is #mikayuutrash

Pg.1-4: Meet Scotch!! And a depressed little Toriel. Also a sneak peek of the other children~ Generally happy with how these turned out? Bloopers under the cut to lighten the already heavy mood~!

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Dumb Sh*t Customers Say- Part 1
  • Customer: I'm looking for one of those shock collars that stops your dog from barking.
  • Me: Okay, we do have those. What kind of dog do you have, if you don't mind?
  • Customer: She's a shih-poo (cue me trying not to laugh- is this seriously a thing now? SHIH-POO'S?!?!? C'MON NOW)
  • Me: Aww, what's her name?
  • Customer: ...Bella...?
  • Me: And how old is little Bella?
  • Customer: idk, she's like 4 or 5 months old.
  • Me: Okay, well an e-collar probably would be a little too extreme for a puppy that young, but-
  • Customer: Well my wife and I went out to dinner the other night and she barked the whole time we were gone, like three straight hours. Someone left a not on our door about it, I can't have that.
  • Me: Does she always bark when you leave the house?
  • Customer: I don't know, nobody's ever left a note on our door about it before. But she's barky, she barks all the time.
  • Me: Well... dogs tend to do that... What kind of exercise does she get every day?
  • Customer: She barks whether we've just taken her for a walk or not.
  • Me: How often do you walk her?
  • Customer: Once a day, usually.
  • Me: For how long?
  • Customer: Usually like a half hour.
  • Me: Well, it's likely that she's probably bored. She's a poodle mix, and poodles actually have a lot more energy than most people realize! And she's quite young and hyper, so she might just be needing some more stimulation than one half hour walk a day. We have a whole bunch of toys that are great for playing tug or playing fetch, they're both great ways to wear out your dog. You could try playing a nice long game of fetch or tug before leaving her alone for a long period of time. Or we have different puzzle toys that get her brain working and give her something to do, mental stimulation gives her something else to focus on than barking at everything. You could even try giving her a bully stick or something like a Himalayan chew, anything that's big enough that she couldn't try to swallow the whole thing and choke on it. You could even try leaving a radio on for her to help drown out any external noises she might be barking at! A shock collar should be sort of a last resort if nothing else helps to stop her from barking. But I still wouldn't use one on a puppy that young.
  • Customer: .......................That all sounds complicated, can I just see a shock collar?
  • Me: Well, it's part of having a puppy. It's almost like having a child! But once they learn how things work it gets easier. But here are the collars.
  • Customer: Whoa! $150?!?! Forget it, that's way too much money.

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i had no idea how much i needed to see Oranhamme in a dress until this day. he looks FABULOUS! and it sorta makes me feel a bit better about being a transmasculine person who likes wearing dresses... i mean i know you literally just said dreamons don't have gender so this probably sounds really bad but like... idk, seeing someone like him wearing a dress (and looking damn good in it!) makes me feel a bit more confident about wearing mine...

“Thanks Sugar~ Now Ya’ll are gonna look just stunnin in that dress of yours so ya’ll go out and own it.”