idk really what she said


one of my roommate’s said something last night that…really struck a chord with me emotionally

we had just gotten back from dinner/bowling/pinball, and all she said was “i’m glad you’re staying another 2 weeks” (because my moving date was put off again, but this time i’m moving for sure) and it took me a bit of thinking to figure out why but like

i’ve never felt…as appreciated as i do here. without even doing anything but being me! i don’t buy my own food, pay rent, half the time i forget to do my dishes even tho i try. and just her saying that means a lot to me that she doesn’t seem to want to see me go while also being happy for me that i’m finally getting my own place

idk…just been thinking a lot today and i never felt this appreciated even by my own parents and without even having to do ANYTHING but be me. like they enjoy my company enough that they are going to miss me when i move

being appreciated without having to go above and beyond to get recognition isn’t what i’m used to having grown up with 5 other siblings


Love exists but with an absence of eternity.
At the first moment of a lovers encounter, there’s an affirmation of love;
psychologically, lunacy, emptiness, panic, delusions that the moment will last forever.
I’m seized by desire. I hide behind my back, and postpone all answers.


i always thought we were being too hard on you. only mages have that much power at their fingertips