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He looks at her like wants to kiss her and forget that she’s the princess and forget that she’s betrothed. He wants to kiss her and show her exactly how much he loves her, intimately, slowly, wholly, but he can’t. And he’s holding himself from saying the words because it can never be. He doesn’t say it back because it won’t make a difference. Better to hold his tongue than break his heart. So he stares at her. Traces the way her mouth says the word and cherishes it. He memorizes how her voice sounds like, the way she looked at him when she said that. He remembers, adores it, revels in it and then he lets it go. Because he’s nothing but a glaive. And she’s the princess. The world’s Oracle. The future’s bride to be. The queen. And he never says the words back.

Game Grumps subreddit:

Game Grumps uploads a nice fun video in the middle slot. “This belongs on Grumpout! This is such a lazy low effort video! Ugh!”

No videos in the middle slot. “WHY AREN’T THEY UPLOADING ANYTHING? ??!?!!”

Holly says she doesn’t like being called Grump Mom or Grump Wife because she feels that it’s demeaning and trivializes her own channel and hard work. “That’s not sexist because i don’t think it’s sexist! She should just get over it! It’s not that big of deal! Geez!”

JonTron is being a racist again and a few people wonder why he’s still depicted in the subreddit banner. “Jon was a founding Grump! Even though he’s a dumpster fire of a person, and hasn’t contributed to GG in four years, he’s a sacred relic!”


Wow this is the most I’ve posted in a long time haha
Drew a new comic today because this idea has been stuck in my head for a while now.
In all honesty, as a Hanzo main, all the hate you get as said Hanzo main is ridiculous. It almost makes me not want to play and makes me ashamed of my main. But, I love Hanzo to death, I think he is just the sweetest little firefly I ever did see So how would mccree react to the hate?? By turning into an anime babe, obviously.

The soft pitter patter of rain hitting the roof causes Oikawa to grumble. He closes his laptop, jutting his lip out into a pout as he places it onto the nightstand. Pushing his glasses up his nose, he huffs and glares at the window.

The bed then sinks, a body stretching out next to him. “Hm, what’s up?” Hanamaki asks, yawning as he pulls the blanket over him.

“I can’t write anything with the rain being so loud!”

“Then listen to music. Or wear ear plugs.”

Oikawa hesitates. “But they’re so far away…” He mumbles, looking down at his boyfriend. He smiles innocently, shifting so that he can gently run a hand through his slightly wet hair.

“Hey, Taka, have I ever told you how much I love you?”

Hanamaki narrows his eyes. “Yes, you have.”

“But I don’t think I tell you enough.”

Hanamaki sighs, pulling the blanket over his head. Through the process, he knocks Oikawa’s hand away from his head. Huffing, he turns on his side and curls up.

“Takaaaa,” Oikawa whines, pawing at the blanket burrito.


“But I love youuuuu!

“I love you too, so go to bed.”

Oikawa crawls on top of Hanamaki, plopping down right on top of him. Hanamaki grunts in reply, breathing heavily from the extra weight that’s now on him.


“Go to bed, Tooru.”

“But I need to finish my paper!”

Hanamaki groans, rolling back over. This causes Oikawa to move with him, and through the small fight and moving around, Hanamaki ends up hovering over Oikawa, the blanket toppling to the floor. He stares down at Oikawa.

“You’re annoying. Why won’t you let me sleep?”

“…I love you?”

Hanamaki huffs out a small laugh, dropping down on top of Oikawa. His whole weight collapses onto Oikawa, and he quickly wraps his limbs around the brunette so he can’t get away.

“Let’s sleep.”

“Hiro!” Oikawa laughs, wiggling around in his grip. When his efforts seem to prove useless, he slumps down into the mattress and sighs.

“Fine.” He mumbles.

Hanamaki grins, placing an overdramatic kiss to his cheek. “I love you~.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Oikawa says, tugging his arm free so that he can take his glasses off. Hanamaki takes them for him, setting them aside and swiftly going back to clinging to him like a koala.

Oikawa smiles softly, blindly reaching out with his free arm. His fingers brush the floor, luckily close enough to the fallen blanket. He grunts, sloppily throwing it over the two of them so they wouldn’t freeze during the night.

“I love you too,” Oikawa mumbles as he flicks the lamp off. Hanamaki’s only reply is a soft snore.


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Five Years ...

So I had five minutes to spare at the end of my Maths exam today and thus was coincidentally doodling the lovely TPLOSH quote “Tchaikovsky is not an isolated case.” onto my hand when a thought hit me.

Now I’m not sure if this has already been pointed out, apologies if it has, but in The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, Holmes turns down the offer of a Russian Ballerina due to his seeming affections towards Watson, however it is how long they’d been living together at this point that got me.

“Five years” was how long the duo had been together in 221B, all the while Holmes pining for his Watson. Now time jump 30 years or so to the Sherlock we know today, the series that we have seen reference TPLOSH more than once.

The Sherlock and John we know have known each other for Seven years, however two of those were spent with John believing that Sherlock was dead, and so, like the Holmes and Watson in TPLOSH, they have been living together for five years.

Could this be too far fetched? Maybe, but it could also be Mofftiss’ subtle way of once again referencing their favourite adaptation, which as we already know- features an openly gay Holmes.

Call this a last ditch attempt at throwing myself a lifeboat, do with it what you will, but I’ll leave this for your viewing.

ok so options for that random galra in the weblum, bc i dont believe for a minute they wont come back:

  • keiths mom. fairly obvious choice here, esp considering the meeting came directly after the revelation that keith is galra. we havent really seen much in the way of female galra (if at all?) so keith interpreting them as male could just be a red herring.
  • prince lotor. mostly bc hes a major galra figure that we havent met yet. why is a prince inside a weblum? who knows, maybe hes going through his rebellious phase. idfk.
  • matt holt. im running off memories of seeing the episode twice yesterday but didnt the galra seem… small?? kinda?? i might be misremembering. anyway maybe he was in disguise, trying to steal the skultrite (sp??) for the rebellion that rescued him?? and he didnt want to blow his cover bc he didnt know if he could trust them. shrug. just tossin out ideas here. on that note, could be sam holt as well (brainwashed?? the possibilities…)
  • someone new. i mean, theres no guarantee that it was a character we already know about. no guarantee theyll show up again either, for that matter, but like… why have them there at all then? there was enough other stuff in the season to establish Not All Galra are evil etc etc, and they didnt provide anything crucial to the mission, so…? theres more goin on there.