idk pointless!!!


aaaa i finally was brought up to a chance to take these pics!

//it took a loot of time for me to finish a now post it here, so thank you for your patience! and support!( they know whom i thank hopefully x3 )

i really enjoyed drawing this! such a delightful piece, hehehee~

link to some more in full-size: x

also progress??: y

PJ - @7goodangel

Monochrome - @skoopskoop

Omni - @cereusblue

Game Grumps subreddit:

Game Grumps uploads a nice fun video in the middle slot. “This belongs on Grumpout! This is such a lazy low effort video! Ugh!”

No videos in the middle slot. “WHY AREN’T THEY UPLOADING ANYTHING? ??!?!!”

Holly says she doesn’t like being called Grump Mom or Grump Wife because she feels that it’s demeaning and trivializes her own channel and hard work. “That’s not sexist because i don’t think it’s sexist! She should just get over it! It’s not that big of deal! Geez!”

JonTron is being a racist again and a few people wonder why he’s still depicted in the subreddit banner. “Jon was a founding Grump! Even though he’s a dumpster fire of a person, and hasn’t contributed to GG in four years, he’s a sacred relic!”

So I was looking through my sketchbooks and I honestly forgot that a doodles Greg with a mushroom hat based off that one pic from the art book I guess? Idk thought I might share it since I’m not a plethora of content atm. Plus Greg’s cute so that’s a bonus.