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idk why i’m doing this except im bored and haven’t done smth like this for a while so i’m going to do aesthetic blog rates or asoiaf or hp ones!! i spent a fair bit of time making these as unique as possible. hope you guys enjoy! <3


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Okay. So. The chapter is dangerously close to being finished. As in, I can say with confidence that it *will* be done tomorrow.

….promise that if it’s the worst thing you guys have ever seen, you won’t hate me?

thatoneaccount2019  asked:

May I make a request on the behalf of the DD community?? /Pls/ can u draw Show Pony just being over all fabulous?? Idc how, or like what he's doing, but just draw him??? U r the bestest person ever!!! (U'll get virtual brownies if u add in Doc somewhere).

idk where the hell they got a plastic tiara and a feather boa out in the zones but there they are

(im bored give me drawing ideas)

i need some advice. so like i have been crushing on a guy for like 8 months and the feeling is mutual but he doesnt want any label, like he lets everyone and me know he likes me and i like him but we dont have official label and the problem is im getting tired and bored and my feeling has faded but talking to him has become my daily basis. my tarot said he wouldnt take the label as my bf but he wouldnt let me and sb else work out. then i met a guy for like 3 hours and i fall for him like immediately bc gosh im single and free and he is just my type? but idk what to do anymore like i just dont know pls send help

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hey melody i hAVE A PROBLEM PLS HELP. ok do i have a depression woop that intensifies a shit load when im home, having nothing to do. im done with school i literally dont have school till august bc of oral exams so for the next month im gonna be alone home every day all day and i have no idea what to do literally i think it will ruin me but also i dont want to be w my friends for some reason this month gonna be ugly pls help idk (ty have a great day)

hey bab, if i got this right, you probably dont have depression you are just a bit bored and lost and maybe you dont have the energy, who knows? if you are really not sure just take some depression tests on the internet. also try to find things you can do at home, you can take online courses, try to bake or find yourself a new hobby or join a new fandom idk but find something to keep you busy. and dont worry about your friends, everyone has some days or weeks or even months that they dont want to see their friends and just lock themselves in their rooms. that is perfectly normal. just dont worry and try to rest a bit when you have the time,, hope i helped love !! have an amazing holiday

Aries' opinion on the signs

Aries: ur cool sometimes
Taurus: ur food is good
Gemini: i wanna be ur friend but pls stop talking
Cancer: pls dont touch me
Leo: u r so cool???
Virgo: boring but cute
Libra: ur alright but need more action
Scorpio: HOT
Sagittarius: ur funny bro
Capricorn: laughing wont kill u
Aquarius: what the fuck
Pisces: ugh dont u fucking cry

Practice ~ With Gifs!!

Hey can you pls do a 4/4 pref where he is practicing in the music room and you’re bored so you go to check on him and he teaches you how to play his instrument x idk i just thought this would be cute :)

requested by:  rhirhiannaxox

hi, this is late af bc im lazy af but i hope you like it :D

Ashton - “Ashton,” you called through the house, hoping to be heard over the banging of his drums. “What?!” he screamed back. “Come out of that room, you’ve been in there all day!” you whined. “No!” he groaned, going back to banging on his drums. Figuring there was no point of trying to drag him away from his session, you tried to watch a movie, attempting to drown out his banging

Unable to block out Ashton’s playing, you turned off the movie, throwing the remote on the couch and heading upstairs to the room Ashton had been spending all his time in lately.

Standing in the doorway you watched his muscles flex every time he struck his set, arms on full display in your favorite muscle tee. Walking over to the table in the middle of the room, you picked up a pair of sticks and snuck up behind him; too involved with his drumming to notice you. Leaning over his shoulder, you tapped lightly on the cymbal, getting his attention.

“Stop it!” Ashton frowned, snatching the sticks from your grasp. “You’ve been in here all day everyday for the past week!” you retorted. “Because I’m practicing. You’re more than welcome to watch,” “I don’t want to watch. I wanna play too,” you pouted. His face softening a bit, he pulled you gently into his lap, holding you against his damp skin with an arm wrapped around your waist. “Here.” he said, returning the sticks to your hands.

Moving his hands over yours, Ashton rested his head on your shoulder while he guided you and gently tapped on his drums. Letting you go at it by yourself, he grabbed his own sticks, playing around you as best he could. “You’re not so bad,” Ashton shrugged. “Because I watch you all day, duh. What do you think I do when you’re not here?” you grinned as he pressed a kiss to your shoulder.

Calum - Blinking your eyes back into focus, Calum’s playing had finally ended but you were sure he was still in his favorite room in the house; the music room. Throwing off the blanket, you quietly slipped your way down the hall to where you had hoped to find your boyfriend. Pushing the door slightly, your eyes searched the room for Calum, who was no where to be found.

Walking over to the couch sitting against the wall, you found his notebook with lyrics scribbled everywhere and cute little doodles in the margins. Throwing it back down, you admired his many basses hanging off racks from the surrounding walls, finding your favorite black on black one and gently lifting it from its place. Always amazed by just how much the instruments weighed, you stumbled back a bit into something solid.

“What’re you doing?” Calum asked looking down at you. “Looking for you.” you replied, beginning to strum the instrument. “Give me that, you know I don’t like you touching my basses.” he rolled his eyes, reaching to grab his beloved bass from you. Turning away from him, you continued to pluck at the strings, throwing your head over your shoulder to watch his reaction. “Stop, before you break a string, (Y/N).” he snapped, moving around to face you again. “Will you teach me how to play?” you batted your lashes. “No, I’m writing.” he replied flatly. “You’ve been writing all day, take a break and teach me how to play!” you begged.

Reaching out to grab the guitar from you, you didn’t fight him. Walking over to the couch, you watched as he plopped down, tuning his guitar and playing a few notes.“Well? Are you going to come over here? I thought you wanted to learn how to play,” he raised his eyebrows. Sliding in next to him, he placed the bass in your lap, guiding your hands and telling you the name of everything while he did. Getting out another guitar, he showed you how to strum and play a few notes. “We’ll work on it,” he nodded, watching you trying to imitate his actions.

Michael - “Whatcha doin?” you asked, sitting down on one of the amps in the room. “Nothing. Practicing.” Michael replied flatly, not even looking up from his work. Walking over to where he sat, you looked over his shoulder at his music scattered on a stand in front of him. Moving towards the arrangement of guitars, you picked up Michael’s favorite, immediately getting scolded. “Put it down. Now.” he grunted, watching as you did. Watching him out the corner of your eye, you picked up a different one, still not getting Michael’s approval. “No.” he shook his head, readjusting his snapback. “Can I play any of them?” you pouted. “No. You can go play piano or something,” he replied.

Glaring at him, you situated yourself at the piano in the corner of the room, pressing down a few keys. “My boyfriend is a huge dick, and he won’t let me play his guitar because he’s a dick,” you sung, turning to look at Michael who was rolling his eyes. “More like your boyfriend has a huge dick, now go get that guitar closest to the window.” he nodded his head in the direction of the guitar. Bringing him the instrument, he stared blankly at it. “That’s for you, not me, babe.” he shook his head, adjusting the strings on the guitar in his hands. “I don’t want this guitar, I want one of the electric ones!” you whined, looking at the acoustic one he had picked out for you. “Tough shit, take a seat,” he snapped, making room for you next to him.

“Put your hands here y- no more to the left, there you go,” Michael dictated. “Follow my lead,” he instructed, strumming a bit before turning to watch you. “No, loosen up your hand,” he insisted, pulling on your hand. “Show me how you do that thing I like with your fingers,” you asked. You watched as Michael’s fingers effortlessly danced their way up his guitar, emitting one of your favorite sounds. “Your turn,” he smirked, watching your attempt to mirror his moves.

Luke - "You know, you don’t have to sit around while I practice, you can go out or something if you want,” Luke pointed out, plucking a string on his guitar. “I like watching you play,” you admitted. “Oh yeah?” He raised an eyebrow, to which you nodded. “I’m gonna go make food,” you stood up, kissing his forehead on your way out the door.

Placing the food on the stove, you sat down at the table, pulling out your phone and keeping yourself busy until Luke came to eat. Forgetting about him altogether, you were surprised to hear him call your name from across the house. “(Y/N)!” He called again when you didn’t answer. Leaving your phone on the table, you headed down the hall to find Luke.

“Hey, come here real quick,” he pointed in front of him. Doing as told, you felt Luke place the strap of his guitar over your head, slipping your arms into place. “I want to show you how to play, we can play together,” he grinned, leaving a kiss on your cheek before adjusting the strap for you. Placing a pick in your hand, Luke moved behind you again showing you where to hold the instrument and letting you pluck and strum as you pleased. You could do nearly anything he showed you and eventually learned to play one of his solos. “You’re doing great, princess.” Luke beamed, proud of his prodigy.

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Thinking Out Loud


“And I’m thinking ‘bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe just the touch of a hand”

You and luke were an odd couple, you grew up as one of the guys and the boys all saw you as one until one night luke taught you how to play pool. he got behind you and taught you how to hold the stick.

“I’ll show you how to hold another type of stick y/n” Calum shouted from across the room as luke showed you everything about playing pool. You and luke groaned in disgust and simultaneously yelled “Shut up cal!” You both laughed and at that moment you noticed little details about luke you never noticed before. When he finished teaching the guys were out getting for food while you two stayed behind.

“Okay if i win you’ll do anything i say and vice versa?” you put a hand on your hip and gripped the pool stick on your free hand while a smirk danced on your face. He laughed and of course he agreed. After a couple minutes he completely wrecked you. You were obviously pissed and demanded another game but he smirked and said “no a deals a deal!” 

“Fine Lucas,” you smirked and walked closer to him, “ What do you want me to do?” HIs face wasn’t that far away from yours. He looked deep into your eyes and then his eyes glanced down to your lips. You gave a slight nod before luke attacked your lips. He pushed you up against the pool table and lifted you on it. He was in between your legs and your hands roamed from his chest up to curling around his neck and around his blonde locks of hair. You guys heard the boys clear their throats and you both parted ways with a bight shade of red on each other’s face while the guys laughed.