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@ my trans body: i love u! i love u when u have panic attacks, and i love u when ur boobs are big and when u have a tummy. i love u when ur hungry all the time, and ur hairy, and i love u when ur changing and i loved u when u thought u were female. i will always love u!! dont forget it punk.

they/them please!!

-wheezes- i made a new oc al;kdgha

Her name is Don, and she’s a monster that feeds off of men’s lust (sorta like an incubus/succubus?? but not?????) Her true form is not always seen by others, because they only see what they want (like an illusion) and she just goes along with it

Mm that’s all I have now for her because it’s time for me to slumber but you’ll all be seeing more of her, along with the many other dmmd asks i have huehue UvU

Good night <33

so i’m honestly curious about why the vast majority of the komahina fandom see komaeda as the top. no, seriously, i actually want to know why, bc while i can see it, it’s def not the first thing that pops into my mind and i’d love to know what led so many people to see it like that. is it their dynamic? the way komaeda acts? is it something from one of the manga, hence me never seeing it?

You know what I love most about the LOTR movies? They  way they grow with you, change as you watch them and still stay relevant.

- When I first saw them in the cinaema/on VHS at the age of 12 (and subesequently read the books), they gave me a world to lose myself in, a world far away from bullying and grades and expectations. A world where I could believe that good deeds still meant something, that not all is sad and grey. It gave me the inspiration to write and create, expand a world I had only glimpsed with my own thoughts.It gave me a way to survive.

- When I was 16 they showed me that it is okay to doubt, to be weak at times and that you don’t have to be a big person to change the world around you. They showed me that even as a woman you can do your own thing, go your own path, make your own decisions. “I am no man.” And that is okay to doubt.

- When I was 20 they made me realise that although many things change in life, some things stay the same no matter where you are, how old you are. No matter how much of a deficient human I felt I was, they were the one thing still able to make me feel something. It was also the time I realised that Sam was the real hero of a story and the comfort I took from someone so ‘ordinary’ ending up being so imporant was so comforting.

- Now I am 25 and I watch them and I think about Theoden, about his bravery to fight even when it seems like all is lost, about his sadness and the enormous sacrifice he made when all he wanted to do was to do good by his people. I hear ‘no parent should bury their child’ and think of my sister; I llisten to ‘where is the horse and rider’ and it resonates with me as it could not have done ten years ago because back then I did not know how fleeting life truly is.

- And I know I will still be watching these movies and read the books a decade or two from now and every time it will be like coming home and I will find new things about them to love, to identify with, to take me away from where I am. It means more than words could say. 

Sooo I haven’t been super happy with my art recently and the first time I saw this person’s UTMob au I fell in love with it so what better way to get out of an art slump by drawing some of it! I seriously love their au and suggest everyone go look at their blog. 

reasons to watch parks and recreation

  • funniest show you will ever watch but no laughing tracks
  • said the word bisexual how many shows have done that
  • amy poehler
  • pre guardians of the galaxy chris pratt looks like a stage one pokemon
  • treat yo self
  • you will feel better about yourself because at least you didn’t cause your home town to go broke at 18
  • jean-ralphio
  • just watch it
  • you will thank me later

Ok so I know I made the right decision in breaking up with my ex, and I know I don’t want to still be in a relationship with him but….things were so good. They always were. We said it when we were together like “Man, life is so good. Our relationship is so good” so I know its not me just romanticizing this entirely. Like I still miss him and what we had every single day. Our bond was so strong and so pure and we were each others best friends. And its hard to decipher if I miss him, or if I just miss being loved like that. Having someone who loves you unconditionally and entirely, who knows every little thing about you and still adores you and wants to spend every second with you. I had the best 5 years of my life with him. I miss being happy like how I was with him. But I know we are too different now and I know it was for the best that we split up….but man it still sucks to not have that security and love. I’ve never felt more comfortable with another human being in my life and I miss that. 

I know he is better off now, whether I am or not, and that’s important to me. I’ll never say a bad word about that boy in my life. My first and greatest true love. What a time we had together

But I’ll be okay. I really will be. I’ll find someone who has traits that he had and then others that mesh better with me. Just because I experienced a fantastic love, doesn’t mean I won’t have another just as wonderful, but different kind of love.

i’m uncomfortable with how attractive paul is without the beard

I’ve been down on myself recently (abt writing among other things) but I’m feeling better since I’ve spent the evening catching up on writing, particularly reworking a piece I’ve been working on for awhile and got sent back for revisions

I’m not done yet, and it’ll require a LOT of editing, but I’m already feeling a lot more confident about it

so send me high fives and also good luck wishes i guess