idk people say his name differently

Question for Ne Users

Idk why but Ne fascinates me, it’s hilarious like:

1) I’m in the kitchen cooking and my brother, an Ne dominant, says, “We should name that golden potato Spudicus. Spudicus Rex. He is the grand emporer of all potatoes. He treats the yams fairly, different though they may be. One day he shall rise up and defeat his nemesis the oven, where his people return…baked.”
And I’m just over here like, “I bet I can stick half of this in my mouth.???”

2) I’m on a kind of date at the Observatory with an ENTP and the lights go off in the main show room and he says, “surprise! It’s a murder mystery show! And we are all suspect victims. I bet Bill Nye is here.”

How do you guys think like this? Comedically speaking. Lmao. Help me understand. Is there a practical use outside of comedy and intel gathering? lol no, I mean, y'all are very savvy. I just want to understand the difference in your external perception function. As a dominant function. I mean I’m full of little facts too, but the way Ne uses space-time just feels so fundamentally different.

–An amused/mildly intrigued ESTP

anonymous asked:

*cough* If i could slide back into the ask box regarding the BPD or MPD/DID situation, I don't know much but MPD/DID typically has alters, who have different names and personalities and such, and sometimes people don't remember what happens when they take over. Sometimes it's can be to cope with abuse (or in his case possibly neglect), but I'm not a professional so I can't provide too much info. Idk if you already knew this but yeah- ;; ~ Poke anon :P

Yeah, I’m actually going to give it away and say that Mathias developed MPD/DID during his childhood as a way to protect himself from his ‘mom’ and 'dad’. When he was taken by a different family the episodes went away because there wasn’t any reason for the violent alter to hurt the family giving them the attention that they needed. However with the stress of working as a cop and running the mob got to him and his alter would come out after he had been heavily drinking. Mathias didn’t notice. He just thought he was a violent drunk so he didn’t notice anything strange. However with Karma’s recent bite the alter has decided that it was time to try and take control of Mathias and the lives around him. Playing god.

I don’t expect for him to have any more alters in the system but it may be possible for him to develop more as his story continues.

I myself have something similar to MPD/DID but not exactly… as I also have alters (around 10 I think…), but I am aware of who they are, what they can/will do and act accordingly to make sure the people around me are safe when I let the alters front (take control). The mun of Maddie’s blog has experienced my alters before… Hell one of my more non-friendly ones made her drop and do 10 pushups before we went for lunch… It was actually kind of funny if I’m gonna be honest…

The alter Mathias is experiencing is based on a alter I have who thinks he rules the world and has power over everything…

But yeah, that’s a little more information on this 😅