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“we’d choose to be shinee again if we were reborn, as long as it were with these same members.”
- happy 9th anniversary shinee! ♡


This is another thing I mess with occasionally. I got it to at least show in game this time. Tried to make a default replacement for the ice cream truck with the trolley car that Sandy converted from TS4. It works but the diffuse is messed up. Since it’s a Default Replacement file I can’t run it through TSRW to fix it. So for whatever reason it decided the hue value should be yellow which overrides the recolor options. Also tried fixing it in Texture Tweakers and that was a bust too. 

*Puts all the files back to be looked at again in 6 or 7 months*


I was digging through my recorded streams and found this section on using overlay and clipping masks to paint star textures (or any textures really) on your art in BOTH photoshop and paint tool sai. So I thought I’d clip it out and make a quick tutorial for you all :)  Warning, I curse like 4 times xD sorry about that.


KUNIKIDA WEEK - DAY 03 (26.08.16)
Past / Future

It’s a game we play often. The rookie tries to guess his senior colleagues’ former occupations. Well, it’s part of their training as private investigators.


@blueoatmeal suggested #3: drinking a warm beverage

is hot Energon a thing?? idk man but it should be


trash edits saved in drafts 2/?
since it’s way too cold outside and seeing the boys all bundled up makes me happy (ノ゚0゚)ノ~ | © 지민이의집

Fan art of the second Tiffany Aching book: A Hat Full of Sky. I love this series so much so far!