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So I saw you don't really like shipping Lapis with anyone but I've seen Jaspis and Lapidot as well with a couple other shipping art with her from you. I hope I'm sounding rude I'm not trying to off that way ;_; But your ok with drawing her with Peridot,Jasper, Pearl etc?

it is true that ive experimented with lapis ships before and drawn them a couple times, but ultimately ive come to the conclusion that i dont enjoy them and they make me really uncomfortable (for reasons i didnt understand at the time, and after more thought to the matter, do understand now). i feel that everyone should be able to explore ships theyre curious about and come to whatever conclusion feels right to them about any particular ship! 

as for lapis herself… to give you some insight, she reminds me of some really nasty people ive had the misfortune of knowing, so shes very unsettling to me. she’s capable of some really terrifying things and its all conveniently hidden under bows and flowing fabric and a delicate thin physique.

aaaaghgghhgh i know this is probably going to upset some people, but i feel like i at least owe it to you all to be honest about my feelings so you can maybe understand where im coming from a bit better! 

as for the content i draw (ive had a lot of asks like “why dont you ever draw this thing”), please remember i do this all for fun!! i choose to draw things that inspire me and seem interesting or challenging or just strike my fancy! jasper is my very favorite so… thats why shes in the majority of my art LOL. i do enjoy drawing other characters and ships, but most of the time im the happiest drawing her, so thats what i do! 

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do you, perchance, have any shadowhunters blog recs? pls?

ahh these are in no particular order and i’m sorry if i leave anyone out but here are some of the nice blogs that i follow that seem to post lots of shadowhunters content, i hope you like them!

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I think Lotor and Keith could help each other out above and beyond the fact that they’re both half Galra. They both appear to have grown up isolated from one half of their ancestry, and I think it would be interesting to see them bond over this shared isolation. Lotor has been raised and immersed in Galra culture, and from what we’ve seen he has a deep understanding of it. But since Altea is destroyed, and the only remnants of its inhabitants/culture live on in Coran and Allura, it’s not hard to assume he was never given a lot of information about this other half of him and he was probably even told to distance himself from it as much as possible. (I.e. if he’s able to shapeshift or inherited any kind of Altean magic from his mother, he was probably forbidden from using them.) On the other hand, Keith wasn’t aware of being half Galra for a majority of his life, alongside the fact that he didn’t even know that aliens existed. Although he’s aware now, the Galra at large are his enemies and want him and his friends dead. He could probably learn something about the good part of Galra culture from the Blade, but even then most if not all of them seem to be full Galra, and they still wouldn’t be able to counsel him in dealing with his half race existence.

I know it will never happen in canon but provided the right circumstances, it would be cool to see Keith and Lotor talk about the fact that they’ve both been cut off from one half of themselves for a majority of their lives and just be able to vent about that with someone who understands. 

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so i had this idea in my head for a while now (song)


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Screencap Meme - Daredevil + Bruised & Battered

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Oh! There’s actually a different version of all of them singing the themesong, that’s so neat! They’re so cute!!


Edit:  Apparently these aren’t the real voice actors, which is disappointing, but they’re still kinda neat I guess


Noiz Week - Day_01

why choose when you can have sweet and sour Noiz?