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do you, perchance, have any shadowhunters blog recs? pls?

ahh these are in no particular order and i’m sorry if i leave anyone out but here are some of the nice blogs that i follow that seem to post lots of shadowhunters content, i hope you like them!

@courageincombat @isabellelightboob @willjtudor @sapphicalexandra @alexandargideonlightwood @jaceherondalex @canislytherinthings @clizzyiscanon @aleclightwouldyounot @matthewbane @malecshappiness @malecsbiscuit @jemcarstvirs @mammafairchild @alecsplushpillow 


I’m now a fullblown Eunki update blog, which means you will get all updates on Eunki i can find here! seen as there are not really any fansites or official updates this will mostly consist of fantaken pics and social media posts! I do translations but since my korean level is pretty basic they are definitely not 100% accurate; I am still learning so they’ll get better!

I’ve updated my theme and tag system so everything should be easy to find and navigate now!

I will also do my best to answer any and all questions about Eunk so feel free to leave an ask!!

There will still be posts about pd101 and the rare boys24 post, however, if you’d prefer me to move those to another blog so that this one is strictly Eunki let me know~

( hi guys, so sorry that i haven’t been doing much. i haven’t been feeling great these past couple of weeks and although i really try to hide that, it ends up getting to me and i can’t do things properly. im very sorry but i hope that i get to things soon. )

from ab style’s 1st photobook, via ifellforyoutao [if you want this photobook ab style will have a stock sale soon!]

Oh! There’s actually a different version of all of them singing the themesong, that’s so neat! They’re so cute!!


Edit:  Apparently these aren’t the real voice actors, which is disappointing, but they’re still kinda neat I guess


Noiz Week - Day_01

why choose when you can have sweet and sour Noiz?


Screencap Meme - Daredevil + Bruised & Battered

Requested by babageneush