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Blog(s) UPDATE- Announcement!

Mira: The past month, I have been almost non existant here. (Or has it been longer? I can’t remember the exact days)- and this has been caused by a number of factors on this blog as well as many of my other blogs.  A big factor being motivation and constant inability to focus because of the changes at my job.

Other giant factors is my health hasn’t been too good. Before any of you get worried, it’s nothing serious, but it can get serious if I don’t take proper steps to tend myself. It is also a very PRIVATE issue, so I wont discuss what’s wrong with me here, but I am more than willing to discuss it in IMs, Skype or Discord if you are interested.  The smallest of all these factors is that my Soul was eaten by The New Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild .

- I guess the point that I’m trying to make here is that I’ve had a lot of time to just think and realize that I’m not 100% happy with my blogs, how I run them, how they get handled or anything. I don’t plan on deleting or leaving the fandom (sorry to those who was hoping that’s what sorta post this was-) But I am considering a BIG CHANGE that may or may not make you never wish to follow me again, or not even care- who knows. I sure don’t. I hope it’s the latter rather than the former.

Just know that this change may or may not happen for the sake of my own sanity and motivation to be here. I want to rp. I want to have fun and enjoy ships and non ships and love on these characters who have been with me in my heart for so many years despite what’s going on in the manga. This post may end up meaning nothing, or it may end up meaning everything to me keeping all my blogs and not quitting RP-

So, I suppose, the true point of this is to state that I’ll be gone for a bit longer. My health is starting to get a bit better thanks to finally being able to see my Doctor Again- and I’ve realized through my foggy-haze of a mind, finally, what I want to do .It’ll probably just be a week as I get all my little ducks in a row and make my decision.

I may still be active on two of my blogs during that time, just to pass the time and see you guys- but, see you when I see you and thanks for understanding!

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Noiz Week - Day_01

why choose when you can have sweet and sour Noiz?