idk okay i just thought this was so cute

Mitch Marner #7

Requested by Anon:  Hello!! I really like your writing and the work you put into it :) I was wondering if you could write something either with Jeff Skinner or Mitch Marner where they go over to your house or something for the first time and they meet your service dog and the dog really likes them? Idk why but I just thought it was a cute idea seeing as I have a service dog that doesn’t like a lot of people. Thank you in advance :)

*Hi! I really hope you like this. I personally don’t know anyone who has a service animal so I did some research about this. I hope you enjoy this one and I wish you a great year ahead! :) Thank you so so much.*

Word count: 933

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You looked at the big dog sitting by your feet and gave her a stern look, “you behave okay?” you told her, “I really like this one,” she raised her paw and attempted to cover her eye with it, “uh, uh,” you warned, “you can’t act all cute here because I’m not the only one in this relationship,” you said, pointing at her, “you are very much included and I still haven’t forgotten the last guy you scared off.”

She put her head down, just between her paws, and looked at you.

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Every time I think I’m over Daesung he freakin pulls me back in. Let!! me!! live!! my!! life!!

Wisdom Teeth

↱  jiho falling in love with you all over again after getting his wisdom teeth out.
▷ fluff
pairing: zico x reader

“Do you know where you are right now, baby?” You asked him, watching his wide eyes wander around the white room as a small blanket covered his broad shoulders, falling down just to his elbows. The quiet buzz from the hallway was the only sound other than the constant beeps from the machines surrounding the room, and the atmosphere of a dozen other people in this office was as exciting as it was exhausting.

He was silent, not answering your question as you did your very best to keep yourself from laughing at the sight. The gauze in his mouth just added to how swollen his cheeks were, and from his comfortable clothes to his messy hair- it was the hardest thing in the world not to wrap him up in your arms just at the sight. Shaking your head as if to silently remind yourself that wasn’t the best idea, you kept a close eye on him to make sure he wouldn’t hurt himself under the influence of recovering from the surgery.

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Okey so I think the most embarrassing thing little me has done wasnt so much embarassing but idk it is to me. Basically being little in front of my former bf. Idk why like he thought it was cute and all and it was easy to go into little space when I was around him but I always felt awkward and embarrassed which he thought was adorable. Now that I think about it there really wasn't much to be afraid of. Haha I'm just awkward.


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Idk if you are still shipping Zarya and McCree together but here's a food for thought. MCCREE LOVES A WOMAN THAT CAN BENCH PRESS HIM. When Zarya is working out she use McCree as a weight lift. One day Zarya was carrying McCree bridal style and Mercy ask what was wrong with him. Zarya is confused and says they were running late and decided to carry him. Okay I'm gone now. Have a nice day.

Of course I am, just bc I’m not posting something doesn’t mean I don’t love it anymore! AND THAT’S SO CUTE OH MY GOD


yowZAH (forgive me i have been reading the hitchhikers guide recently)(idk i feel like that is relevant) MOVING ON (honestly i need to tether my thoughts to a one topic pole) U R AMAZING (literally amazing) u r like this little fairy-pixie-nymph that’s super cute and magical and sorta like a rly nice version of puck from midsummer’s nights dream cause i feel like u have the mischievous vibe but mainly ur just spreading sunshine and not just making everyone fall in love with the wrong person and turning some people’s heads into the heads of asses (okay i seriously need to improve my analogies) basically i think u r so friggin sweet and lovely and u have a mega cool ass blog that u run and spread joy and fun and friendship thro and plz keep that up (ty)(sm) 

no more (cause as u can see my brain is trying to pull out all my logic circuits or something cause i am that stupidly tired) 

okay but u know what irritates me. the fact that everyone sorts people into houses so carefully until it comes to hufflepuff like “that person is cute and pure add them to hufflepuff”.
no give me your hardcore, buff, frightening hufflepuffs that terrify everyone. give me the hufflepuff sinners that are dedicated and loyal to their sinning squad. 
We are more then just cute thank you. 

Well, it turns out I had no reason to be worried about the handshake scene because it was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.

I just about DIED when Jemma blurted out “I miss you!” And then she brought up the kiss AND SHE TOLD FITZ SHE DOESN’T BLAME HIM FOR KILLING “WILL”!!!! THAT WAS SO IMPORTANT THANK YOU JEMMA!!! (and writers)!!!


Then just when I thought it couldn’t get any better THEY BRING UP THE DAY THEY MET AND I’M JUST ABOUT READY TO CRY

This was such a huge moment for them and I’m just really glad that it happened because it means that they can finally have some happier scenes together like they did in season one (which was absolutely ADORABLE) while at the same time moving forward in their relationship.

Bonus: THAT FIST-BUMP AT THE END DID YOU SEE THAT?!?!? They’re such dorks I love it so much.

my thoughts on the black magic video:


honestly, okay, the parts with just the girls were really cute and fun

but the narrative bits were gross and it’s 430 in the morning, so i feel like i won’t properly articulate it, but basically there’s a lot of gross stuff.

  • like idk, the really tired trope of already conventionally attractive, but with nerdy aesthetics girl getting a CONVENTIONALLY ATTRACTIVE makeover because that was her (in this case, their) problem the whole time!!!
  • and using NEW FOUND HOTNESS to get back at the other conventionally attractive girl by STEALING HER MAN!!! YEAH GIRL POWER!!! :/
  • oh, but it’s cool, we’ll fix it by making all of these SUPER HOT GIRLS fall for this NERD BOY because no one is EVER TIRED OF THAT TROPE EITHER

like why couldn’t it have just been them being cute and learning magic and helping ppl make the first move or s/t??? why did we have to go the girl hate route??? why are we still prioritizing nerdy men and telling nerdy girls they need to change?????

Okay I got my schedule for the week:

Day 1: Handcuffed together and lost the key

Day 2: ‘you thought i was someone else and started making out with me at a club and you’re really hot so i just went with it and now we’re heading back to your place and idk how to break it to you’ au + imagine your otp playing with each other’s hair

Day 3: Person A leaving tHIGH HICKEYS ON PERSON B (ી(΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵ + imagine your otp unable to sleep at 4am and sending cute snapchats to each other

Day 4: Okay but imagine person A of your otp picking up sleepy person B and carrying them to bed and person B just snuggles their face into person A’s shoulder you know on second thought don’t imagine that +

Day 5: fake dating + i’m drunk on public transport and you’re high and we both keep looking at each other knowingly’ au

Day 6: Imagine your otp doing the exact opposite. They are always bickering and fighting when there are people around, but once they’re alone they fly into each others arms and kiss and are just stupidly affectionate. Literally everyone thinks they’re sworn enemies, but nah.

Day 7: i called the wrong number and started talking about my life and you only interrupted me after a few a few minutes of me revealing some pretty personal stuff and now youre invested in my life troubles’ au

  • Luke: *pinning Michael down on the couch*
  • Luke: do it Michael come on
  • Michael: no shut up Luke ur so stupid
  • Luke: c'mon, do it or else
  • Michael: or else wh-
  • Luke: *evil grin*
  • Luke: *starts tickling Michael*
  • Michael: *squeals and laughs*
  • Michael: *laughing* OKAY OKAY FUCK
  • Michael: FINE ILL DO IT
  • Luke: *smiles proudly*
  • Muke: *Eskimo kiss*

something I’ve been thinking about the past couple days is an interaction I had with a classmate where she told me that her husband has OCD (and I was like oh lol me too), and that she likes to “mess with him” by slightly rearranging things like swapping things in the silverware drawer and then watch him “stand there trying to figure it out.” my first reaction was a shocked “that’s terrible!” masked with a laugh, and she was like “we’ve been married seven years, it’s okay.” but um, the more I’ve thought back on it the more upset I’ve gotten?? like… this isn’t some cute quirk he has where you can so lightheartedly play around with it, like how some people are just like “idk I just like this thing this way” holy shit OCD isn’t like that. It’s an anxiety disorder. He’s not staring at the drawer confused because he simply likes things in a particular, neat way, he’s spending the time trying to wrap his mind around the anxiety caused by shifting something from how he expects it to be. that’s… not fucking funny?? that’s not a game? why is OCD treated so flippantly like it’s not a spectator sport and it’s not something for you to make a joke out of us with, we’re people with a condition in our brain and it’s beyond dehumanizing to reduce us to “look they freak out when I do this thing it’s funny” what the actual fuck