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Sometimes I find it absolutely hilarious how early I realized I was not straight, versus how long it took me to come out.

I remember justifying googling “pretty lady” or something equally juvenile when I was ten as trying to learn what I would look like when I was older. And then justifying “I want to date a girl before I get married” as pure intellectual curiosity at thirteen. And “I want a husband and a girlfriend!” at fourteen as a silly what-if hypothetical. And just pretending “I feel like I’m half gay man, half gay woman” was because I was drinking.

Like hello younger self??? How did you manage to be homophobic, biphobic, transphobic, and think poly people were gross even past coming out?

Glorious, We Transcend

I should have died. The prophecy declared it so. But we have managed to outrun the Fates this long.
Now we must find our way back to each other.

Alternate ending where Patroclus!lives. Because this book absolutely slayed me.

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Harlow couldn’t sleep and Harry was awake so he took her to the lake behind Eden’s house and they skated. When they were about to leave Harlow realized she dropped her phone on the ice and went to get it. She fell so Harry had to carry her home from her injured leg.