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countries and chairs 

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Trans Danny Headcanon Explanation

or whatever the word for this is, material, evidence, whatevs.

By Episode:

One of a Kind (x)

Splitting Images (x)  (x)

What You Want (x)

Lucky In Love (x) (x)

Girls Night Out (x)

Identity Crisis (x)

Masters of All Time (x)

Kindred Spirits (x) (x)

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Danny is Male in Ghost Form (x) (x) (x) (x)

Random Long Rants/Other:

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a masterpost within my masterpost that begins with an angry rant and angry ask so skip to the links

I’m a sucker for the breadsticks meme, this is the only time I will allow party poopers to the party is for this meme

Other Queer Headcanons (x) (x)

I just needed to tell you that there is so much supportive Vlad material I love it and this is just one example.

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i was originally working on another project to celebrate 100+ followers, buuuut i got a little in over my head on that one, soo hopefully it’ll be ready by 200 😅 so here’s this thing i threw together instead. i recently got a new phone and have been having fun playing around with some art-related apps. i made this while playing around with the sketch app from sony, aand it was fun 😀 def recommend


Q!Craig and 00!Whishaw

“You must be joking.”

“Why, because I’m not wearing a lab coat ?”

“Because you have wrinkles !”

(Bond threatened to set up parental controls on all of his gadgets after the tart called him “Daddy” over the comms)

Arctic Monkeys in the raw

Requested by @enthusiasm-paraphernalia | Suggest me an Arctic Monkey’s funny moment and I may or may not draw it.

  • You don't know my brain the way you know my name: Gemini, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius
  • You don't know my heart the way you know my face: Aries, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces

do u ever just get the overwhelming feeling that you’re no one’s best friend? sure you’re friends with some people but they’ll always pick that one person over you and so will everyone else for someone else. they might consider it maybe for a second but they won’t pick you in the end and you know it. if so hmu we can be best friends please

Your Body Is a Weapon, Chapter 39 | Archive of Our Own
Junkrat joins the 'Overwatch: Recall' team. Symmetra absolutely hates him. Post-Recall, Alive, OW trailer, and pre-Doomfist. Slow burn Junkrat/Symmetra with a struggle of chaos versus order. Series of connected vignettes and drabbles that will outline the gradual development of an odd relationship between two dissimilar individuals who happen to view the world's components through a similar lens. Alternatively, "In which Junkrat grows on Symmetra like an undesirable plant on the sidewalk and she copes with it in progressively worsening ways."
By Organization for Transformative Works

Ever since The Incident (and subsequently after she had managed to retrieve her blueprints), she had made a point to avoid Junkrat at all costs. It wasn’t difficult by any means, as she had already made note of his various habitual behaviors and routines, and she had used such observations to her advantage when planning time in the workshop or attending meals. There had been one instance in particular where she had grossly misjudged the timeframe that had been available for her use—and that had resulted in her entering the washroom while he was carefully whipping away a thin layer of sparse, pale blond scruff from his chin with an old razorblade. Satya had suffered a reluctant hello and three minutes of sullen silence as she brushed her teeth beside him, half distracted by his show of personal hygiene and the rest distracted by his apparent lack of trousers.

But it is for the best, she tells herself. It is. It has to be.


Jon was not afraid of death, but he did not want to die like that, trussed and bound and beheaded like a common brigand. If he must perish, let it be with a sword in his hand, fighting his father’s killers.

Les Mis Rare Pairs Week, Day Seven: Jehan/Enjolras, aka ??? ? idk what to say they’re both so cute what more do you want


Sidney Crosby is invited to attend Prince Evgeni of Russia’s “Ball for a Boy,” an event specifically designed to find Prince Evgeni a suitable partner. It’s not that Sidney doesn’t want to go, it’s just, he doesn’t want to go, so he finds a small table in the back, sits down and makes some friends, hoping to stay out of sight. Prince Evgeni has eyes like a hawk, however, and as soon as he catches sight of Sidney, he knows he’s the one. It’s too bad, really, that Prince Evgeni is so charming and lovable, because Sidney can’t help but fall for him. They plan their wedding for the following Spring.