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what do you love the most about weiss kreuz? i tried to watch it recently, and was left a little ... unimpressed? sorta angered, and mostly confused? i love you writing, and i trust your judgement, so i want to know is it worth getting into? is it the dub that's messing w/ my perception? i just really want to understand this thing that you hold dearly.

Nonny, I want you to know that this ask made me get up from my comfy bed and turn on my computer again. This ask is so pure, so sweet, it’s so heartfelt ;_; Thank you so much for your kind words on my writing and valuing my opinion so much you tried getting into it? That’s really sweet imho so thanks for that!



Nobody likes Weiss Kreuz because they WATCHED Weiss Kreuz. I mean, I have watched WK probably too many times, and I like WK, but those two things are ENTIRELY unrelated. You know, back then, WK used to be one of the most popular categories in ff dot net and NOBODY had actually watched it. 


So, the thing with Weiss Kreuz, is that it is… bad. It really doesn’t get any better, in fact, it gets WORSE, except for, IDK, a couple of particular episodes where it finally looks like they haven’t paid the animators in Cup Noodles. But it was A Thing back then, where subbed animes for download were rare and everything you could get your hands on was prized, when Pretty Boys was a whole genre and the angst was a given, and BL was, like, a rising phenomena and people still used “yaoi” to refer to that stuff (”MxM lemons, don’t like don’t read”)

So YEAH, a great deal of Weiss feels come from the nostalgia factor, which you can’t exactly replicate if you haven’t watched it when you were 11, subbed in a language you didn’t understand back then, full of girls screaming around you because the only place you could watch anime was in a convention that was like, 10 bucks for you to get into a tiny room at Sundays and watch cartoons until your eyes bled.


I love it for the camp factor, for the terrible animation, for the inexistent plot, for the manpain, for the Mary Sues, for Takehito Koyasu, who’s absolutely BATSHIT CRAZY. 

I also love it for the quirky character designs, for the amazing seiyuu with incredible careers that lent their voices and their faces to the characters, for the GREAT music and soundtrack, for the fandom and the years I’ve spent out of it just as I spend in it, for the absolute refusal to let something die, not because it’s any good, but because I love it. 

And most of all

I fucking love Ken Hidaka, that stupid asshole. 

He’s just all of my favorite character tropes rolled into one, you know? Fuck him and his stupid, handsome face.