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INFJ - My Relationships With (Some) of the Types

ESTJ: For some reason, ESTJs get a bad wrap in the MBTI community and I don’t really understand why. Granted, when I first met my ESTJ friend, she irritated me. She was bossy and weird. She would take over events that were not her responsibility to facilitate to make sure things ran more smoothly. She had strange interests and enjoyed hugging and swinging me around (she’s at least seven inches taller than me). The better I got to know her, the more comfortable I became around her. I love talking to her about so many things. When she communicates through her Ne, she’s absolutely amazing and just enjoyable to be around. Yes, she can be definitely pushy, but she’s genuine. Honestly out of everyone in my life, she’s the most comfortable person I can ever be around. I can relax my Fe and speak my mind about anything and everything with the confidence she’ll listen, contemplate on my words, but still keep strong to her own point of view.

ESFJ: I know multiple ESFJs, but the one I’m closest to is my older brother. As a whole, I have a difficult time getting along with ESFJs straight off the bat. I find their dominant Fe a bit overwhelming and unsettling. The more I get a glimpse at their real character, though, the more I feel comfortable around them. They’re amazingly intelligent and deep people. For those they’re comfortable around, they’re quick on the uptake and extremely skilled at comebacks on the fly. Like I honestly would not get into an insult battle with them. When they engage their Ne and Ti, they become fun to discuss random ideas and concepts with (actually, every ESXJ I’ve met has had a well developed Ne). Honestly, a lot of the times I find them having the potential to be a lot crueler than any other type, which is a bit funny in my opinion.

ISFJ: I only know one ISFJ that’s a couple years younger than me. Despite having the same auxiliary and tertiary functions, sometimes I do find her a bit difficult to get along with at times. Her inferior Ne makes her worry too much about everything which tends to irritate me because I think she stresses herself a lot over nothing. Many people tend to think of her as a ditzy person, but she’s honestly a lot more profound and analytical than she seems. Like she doesn’t share her thoughts a lot? But when she does, it’s like damn. I think the thing that stands out the most about her is that she’s very hardworking for the sake of other people. She willingly gives her time and energy for her family and others without expecting a word of thanks in return. In a way, it worries me a bit because she deserves a lot as a person, but her Si-Fe combo is going to make her settle for a lot less. I hope she becomes more straightforward in regards her thoughts and needs eventually.

ESFP: I know a few ESFPs, ones with a more developed Te and another with a strong Se. The one I’m closest to is the latter. Like the ESTJ, at first, I had a difficult time getting along with her. That girl is constant Se 24/7. For the longest time, her lack of developed introverted functions used to irritate me because she never thought before she acted. She’d live in the moment and would unintentionally lead on guys. When I got to know her more, I fully realized how amazing of a person she is. She’s genuine and down to earth. She’ll drop prior engagements at a drop of a hat if she hears a friend is in trouble. Even though my quiet and rather intense demeanor made it difficult for us to get along at first, she’d never stop inviting me to do things. She’s one of the few that really has put a lot of effort into trying to understand the way that I work which I appreciate a lot. It’s so fun hearing her talk about strange dramas and things of the sort. It’s a bit sad because she has a low self-confidence level at times. She doesn’t understand how amazing of a person she is.

ISFP: Unlike the ESFP, I don’t interact with the ISFP a lot. I don’t talk to her enough to have found a common ground between us two. Still, she’s fun to be around. She’s absolutely in love with makeup and spends a lot of her money on it. She’s amazing at it. It’s rather interesting because as serious and quiet as she is, she has a difficult time standing up for herself. It’s sad too because due to her quietness and resting bitch face, many people are often intimidated by her. In reality, she can be just as goofy and free-spirited as the ESFP. Still, she’s quite the stubborn thing, especially because she seems to be caught in a heavy Fi-Ni loop at the moment. The ESFP is trying to get through to her, but… I’m not sure it’s going to help.

ESTP: ESTPs… I know one and I don’t have a very good relationship with him. We’re friends, but the combination of his dominant Se and tertiary Fe tends to irritate me a lot. He likes getting a reaction out of everything and will usually resort to poking people and things of the sort to get it. Unlike the ESFP, he doesn’t care to look ahead in regards the consequences of his actions at all. He doesn’t care to see how his actions can affect others. At first glance, he’s a very charming and confident individual. He tends to flirt a lot to which he’s both aware and unaware of. He’s very skilled at building things and likes doing improvement projects around the house. He even created a Danbo cosplay for me in the span of one day which was super nice. I don’t mind his presence when he’s able to relax and use his Ti more, but he’s too touchy feely for my likings.

ISTP: My ISTP friend has been my best friend for the past sixteen years. When I first met her, she was difficult for me to be around. She was too energetic, straightforward, and bossy for me. Yet as time went on, she mellowed a lot. When around people, she’s rather controlled, yet way more witty than she lets on. It’s almost amazing how people can feel at ease around her in an instant. While she may not be the most technological person, as most Ti-users are, she enjoys more artistic things. Still, it is primarily Ti that rules her actions. Out of everyone, she’s the person that I can be the most free around. I indulge my Se when I’m with her and her inferior Fe becomes more evident than when she’s around her other friends. She happens to see the more stupid side of me. She’s extremely practical and has a lot of common sense, so she honestly keeps me out of a good amount of trouble. Also, she’s dating an EXFJ at the moment and they’re adorable.

INTJ: The only INTJ (for sure) that I’ve interacted with is my online friend that I met through RPing on online forums. I’ve spoken about her before in an ask, but I’ll do a bit more now. She honestly puts INTJ stereotypes to shame by the way she is in general. Yes, it’s very obvious that Te is in the upper portion of her stack, yet just because it’s there, it doesn’t mean she prescribes to the cold, world dominating, INTJ stereotypes I see perpetuated on the internet. She’s such a genuine person and fun to be around. She can joke around about herself and tease others, always reminding me of the stupid autocorrects my phone made on accident when I’d speak quickly to her (never type swear words too much or else innocent words will change to bad ones…). She’s very consistent, not even willing to change to Fe’s subconsciously persuasive way of speaking. I can always be confident that I can trust her words with absolute truthfulness no matter what.

ENFJ: This one is honestly an iffy. There are two people in my life that seem to be ENFJs, but I’m honestly not too sure. The relationship I have with one of the ENFJs, my mother, is… well, strange to say the very least. Around others, she’s a very caring person. Honestly, my friends think she’s a lot cooler than I am and I totally agree. She has that welcoming Fe, encompassing Ni, and fun Se that overall make her a blast to be around. Around her family, though, she’s a lot more distant. While she’s certainly trying to change, she has a difficult time acting warmly around her children. She tends to be more controlling and absolute than warm and nurturing. I love my mother very much, but I honestly have no clue what she’s truly feeling or thinking.

ENTP: I know two ENTPs and after observing both for a good amount of time, I’m half certain that they’re not from this planet. Both ENTPs are highly talented people, able to excel at whatever they put their mind to. Like for example, one of them is my INTP friend’s best friend from France. God, his music taste is amazing, his photo editing skills are wow, his writing (IN ENGLISH!!!) is five billion times better than mine, he’s majoring in psychology, and he’s charismatic af. He’d always have random things to talk about and he made everything fun, even short contests of who can come up with the most penis puns (it was ridickulous). Often whenever he’d see his INTP friend catching up on and getting to understand his antics, he’d mention needing to “shake things up again” to keep everyone on their toes. His Fe was amazingly developed too. Like probably out of everyone I know, he seemed to be the person that could understand and handle my feelings the most.

INTP: Though I’ve interacted with few INTPs (all online), the one I’m going to talk about today is my RPing partner (friend? buddy? idk). Probably out of everyone, he’s the person I have the best dynamic with. At first, I found him kind of intimidating. He’s a multilingual nerd that can write amazingly well like his ENTP friend, but over time, I got to realize that he’s just a complete dork. I feel free to talk about almost anything with him. Whenever we do talk, our conversations range from food (our most common topic) to weirdly nsfw things because we’re, as he so fittingly states, “curious asexuals.” It’s easy to talk to him because I don’t feel obligated to hold a conversation for a long period of time. He won’t judge me for saying or thinking certain things either, outwardly at least. He also has a strange attraction to fictional characters that are the living equivalent of a trash can.