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...I have never heard of that band you linked, and I regret I just now found them.

AAAAH YES studio killers are AMAZING!! i really love their music…. here is a cherry amethyst for you *o*  


I don’t draw her too often, since I have a bit of a hard time with her, but I do still enjoy her design! So here she is!


I almost screamed at this moment and let me tell you why.

My Chinese friend always tells me interesting facts about their history, language and culture. One of my favourite things is when she tells me something interesting about Chinese poetry or ancient idioms and phrases.

Once she told me a legend about Emperor and his beloved wife who went to visit her mother in her hometown. He was missing her so bad but loved her so much and wouldn’t dare to tell her to come back as soon as possible, so he sent her these lines: Flowers are blooming by the road. Enjoy them on your way back. (陌上花开,可缓缓归矣 - ni shang hua kai, ke huan huan gui yi).

So Xiao Nai basically says that he misses Wei Wei desperately.

I just can’t, my emotions because it’s so beautiful.

                                           “Your sins turn against you”

A sigil for curses and hex bags; to bring the sins of the person back unto them. They have caused pain and heartbreak and they will feel it in turn; causing pain to clean the wound. No more than they have done, no less than they deserve. 


he’ll get promoted soon

i didn’t expect him to somehow make his way onto my main team tbh

Langst prompts and quotes

- “The boy with the ocean in his eyes; now drowns in it.”

- Lance is captured by the Galra, but is able to create an escape plan with the other prisoners. Something goes wrong and he has to watch one of the prisoners sacrifice themselves for him

-“They might not need me, but I need them.”

- Lance overworking himself trying to improve as a pilot because he knows his lack of skill is putting Blue in danger. 

- “Will there be anyone left for me to come home to?”

- Lance drugged to hallucinate his team saying malicious things about him, but he knows it isn’t real. Even though he believes all the things the visions are saying about him, he loves his friends and knows they would never say anything like that.

- “I will not die here.”

another prompt yay

A and B are flat mates. A has a thing for B but A’s also a notorious fuckboy whilst B is depressingly uninterested/unconvinced of their feelings. A plays around with their flings while they wait for B to come around.

B: *Walks into the flat to see A sucking face with their newest toy* *Stares* *Sits down next to them and clears throat* A, your girlfriend has 5 minutes to leave or I’m not cooking dinner tonight and you can starve.

A: A simple ‘honey I’m home’ would have sufficed.

B: *After girlfriend of the month has been kicked out* Who’s she? Never seen her before

A: No one important, I don’t think I’ll be seeing her again after this.

B: Why not? She was pretty

A: Yeah she’s pretty but she’s no you. *B ignores this* *A sighs* Anyways how was your day?