idk my favorite is the last one

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age- 21
biggest fear- not reaching any of my goals
current time- 21:05
drink you last had- rooibos tea
every day starts with- waking up middle of the night
favorite song- dont really have one
ghosts- if i believe in them??? nah, but jinns exist yooo
hometown- is lame lol, dont wanna tell 
in love with- genuine people in general, who give off good vibes
jealous of- ppl with a good metabolisme lmao
killed someone- yea many, in my head
last time i cried- like… yesterday maybe? i cry a lot fam
middle name
number of siblings- 4
one wish- idk
person you last called/texted- mama
question you’re always asked- “did you do your hw” or “are you really 21 years old???”
random fact- im quite the germaphobe and can get in a very bad mood(read angry) if ppl (who have bad hygiene) touch me or are near me 
time you woke up- around 5am 
underwear color- -
vacation destination- literally anywhere as long as i learn about the culture and history of that place
worst habit- overeating
your favorite food- probably moroccan 
zodiac sign- virgo  

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nickname: idk i dont have one

star sign: virgo

height: 5′10″

time right now: idk

last thing you googled: gerard way 2004

favorite music artist: mcr, green day, death grips, grimes, lorde, bright eyes, sunny day real estate, weezer, dead kennedys, the promise ring, american football uhh and probably loads more

song stuck in my head: nothing rlly but im listening to revenge rn

last tv show i watched: idk probably iasip

what i’m wearing right now: jeans a t shirt and a black jumper

when i created this blog: this one i made in december my first one was made in 2013 tho

do i get asks regularly: in general no but since the discourse ive gotten loads

why did i choose my url: idk its like queercore but….pansycore sjksjks

gender: nb guy??

hogwarts house: slytherin

pokémon team: idk

favorite color: black, red and blue/teal

favorite characters: veronica sawyer, donnie darko idk

dream job: be in a punk band lol

number of blankets: like….0

number of followers: 177

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nickname(s): vic, dad.

star sign: leo

height: 5 somthin idk

time right now: 3:21 pm

last thing you googled: dank vine comps

favorite music artist(s): ok i have way too many and i cant choose so im just gonna list some faves

tame impala, mcr obvs, radiohead, david bowie, nirvana, dandelion hands, teen suicide

song stuck in my head: theres not one currently stuck in my head but it would probably be within you - david bowie

last tv show i watched: bones

what i’m wearing right now: boxers

when i created this blog: like less than a year ago idk

do i get asks regularly: NOPE  ( pls send me shit )

why did i choose my url: i like the aesthetic of like religion and like vampires

gender: boii

hogwarts house: slytherin

pokémon team: like pokemon go team? mystic

favorite color(s): black, neon death red, white

favorite characters: i rlly like hodgins from bones cause i relate man, and i like anyone ellen page has played, also the voodoo guy from princess and the frog

dream job: ok i have a lot so i rlly wanna be an artist and i also want to work with lizard n snakes n stuff but i also wanna be a sailor but i also wanna be a detective but i also wanna be a professional ??? voodoo ?? person??? but like i also wanna be a priest for the lols ( i dont believe in god tho lmao

number of blankets: i have a bunch but they always fall off so i sleep with one

number of followers: yikes pls no

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Nicknames: people usually just call me by my name, Lizbeth, bc I 110% don’t appreciate having my name shortened for convenience (but on ow I respond to “Ghost” since it’s part of my btag and lowkey I’d totally respond to “Genji”bc I’ve had dreams as him and idk who I am anymore)

Height: 5′8

Time right now: 11:05pm

Last thing i googled: “couchtuner” bc I’m catching up to Supergirl and The Flash LOL

Favorite music artist: MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!!!!!!

Song stuck in my head: the opening theme of Supergirl

Last movie i watched: Kubo and the Two Strings, which is one of my fav animated movies now tbh!!!!

Last tv show i watched: Supergirl (it’s a 10/10 quality show and has my token white hets)

What im wearing right now: black sweats and an orange long sleeved shirt

When i created this blog: September 8, 2012

The kind of stuff i post: Overwatch (mostly shimadas plus satya and jess tbh), Voltron, Percy Jackson, some DC stuff, some cartoons I’ve watched (I have a more comprehensive list in my About page)

Do you have other blogs: no but I have a crapload of urls saved

Do i get asks regularly: not really. I get excited every time I get one!!!

Why did i chose my url: I’m ace and I love Hanzo and I project my sexuality onto all my favs

Gender: demigirl

Hogwarts house: Slytherin

Pokemon team: I haven’t played in months but Instinct

Favorite colors: sapphire blue, fuschia, gold, turquoise

Average hours of sleep: 5-7

Lucky number: 12 (bc it’s my birthday and my sister’s, plus I like how you can divide it by 2, 3, 4, and 6!!)

Favorite characters: have an incomplete mixed bag of various fandoms lol- the Shimadas, Symmetra, Shiro, Percy Jackson, Lapis Lazuli, Alex Danvers, Dick Grayson, Wally West, Shawn Spencer, Burton Guster

Dream job: trophy wife of a billionaire I mean my current career goal is to be a forensic pathologist!

Number of blankets i sleep with: 4;;;;;I get cold really easily and I can’t really generate enough body heat of my own

Following: 699 (I went on a purge during New Year’s and dropped from over 1,100 lmfaooo)

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Nicknames: Krana

Star Sign: Libra

Height: 5′8″

Time right now: 7:00 pm

Last thing I Googled: Chancellor Palpatine images

Last movie I watched: Lego Batman

Last TV show I watched: The LooneyToons Show

When I created this blog?: September 14, 2014

Why did I choose my URL?: Made it for the Holy TTV Message Boards. Wanted something bionicle related but somewhat unique. Bohrok/Krana related usernames aren’t that common so I chose it.
Gender: Male

Hogwarts house: 

Pokemon team: 

Favorite color: Idk I don’t have one anymore. Its a mood thing.

Lucky number: 21

Favorite character: Clarence

Number of blankets I sleep with: 3
Name: Jacob
Birthday: September 30
Gender: Male
Relationship status: Single
Siblings: Older brother, younger sister
Pets: Golden Retriever
Wake-up: 8 am
Sleep: 12:00 am
Type of Phone: iPhone 5c
Love or Lust: Love
Lemonade or Iced Tea: Ice Tea
Cats or dogs: Dogs
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Day or Night: Night
Text or Call: Text
Make up or Natural: 
Met a celebrity: 
Smile or Eyes: smile
Light or Dark hair: Dark
Shorter or taller: taller
Intelligence or attraction: Intelligence
Chapstick or lipstick:
City or Country: City
Last Song I listened to: I Feel it Coming The Weekend

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Steamy Apology. (m)

Jin x Reader

Genre: Smutty smut, fluff

Word count: 5,264 

Based off of this request ♡

Summary: It’s not unusual for Jin to leave on tour for long periods of time. But, it is unusual when you don’t hear from him at all while he’s gone this time. So when he comes home with a guilt stricken heart, he insists on making it up to you in more ways than one.

a/n: was this too much plot?? ;-; idk i got really into it and really enjoyed writing it, it’s probably my favorite so far, but i understand if you guys just skip to the smut lmao

Originally posted by syubbie

It was a gloomy, Sunday morning. The last morning with your boyfriend, Jin, for a month. 4 whole grueling weeks. It was almost like the sky was mourning with you. 

You thought you would grow used to Jin leaving for x amount of time to go on tour with his hugely successful music group called BTS. But, each time seemed to prove you wrong as it felt like your heart was being yanked out and taken with him every time he left. It’s not like you could tell him not to go or get mad at him for leaving, you just wish it didn’t hurt so bad watching him wave goodbye to you and blow one last kiss your way before being dragged into the car by his group members.

Of course you guys text and call when you can to lessen the loneliness. Occasionally skyping when his hotels have good enough service. But it doesn’t help with the tossing and turning all through the night, helplessly feeling for him through the empty sheets, or eating convenient store ramen alone in front of the tv. Even accompanied by the voices from the screen, your apartment is always deafeningly quite with him here.
You let out a deep sigh and pulled the covers over your head.

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New Years Follow Forever

(here stands the imaginary banner lol)

Okay, so thank god 2016 finally came to an end xD My blog turns one year old sometime this month (maybe even last month? idk), so I want to give out a BIG thank you to all those who stayed with me for making my annoying and self-centered ass happy. I hope all of you find happiness and love this new year <3

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(The answer is ‘Yes’ but also ‘Listen do you really think they simulated this kind of conditions????’ and ‘The next person to complain can walk. Or try to drive this thing themselves.’)

Probably the last art update in a week or so, idk how much I’ll be able to do during the following week in Southern Finland and how much energy I’ll have! I AM taking my tablet and the computer with me though, so who knows. *shrugs* I’m going to try to do the Carver holiday exchange thing at least, though. ^u^

Anyway, here’s my favorite MAKO adventure, which was on that place that is rocketed toward that one planet. I found a ditch and fell nose-first into it, and could not get out, even with the launchers (all they did was dip the Mako forward so everyone was almost upside down as well as hanging from their seatbelts. xD I am pretty sure the crew was very impressed.  (I did a similar thing three or four times. It was great. I love the MAKO so much. I hope the MAKO thing in Andromeda will be exactly the same. Exactly.)

Also a Damir tying his hair up when he means business. (what anatomy)

ETA: it wasn’t the last art update. xD listen. listen. The Mako is ridiculous.


Make Nat wear a dress is not really difficult…

She can wear all kinds of dresses, these are fun to wear because “skirts are perfect for hide small guns and knives and you can fight if you know how to move in one of those” (hard habits never dies),

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Jin Appreciation Post

Ah yes, the Eomma pink princess..

His face is the 8th wonder of this world

I mean…Those lips…

Shit, he has better legs than me…

Let’s not forget the shoulders that are wider than the pacific ocean

They get broader by the second…

He himself knows he looks beautiful…

He likes LOVES to eat and he’s not afraid to show it

Same Jin….Same…

However like his other members….He doesn’t escape the fate of becoming a literal meme…

Husband Material….Wife Material?

I’m sorry, I just have to add this gif, it’s one of my favoritesヽ(ᗒヮᗕ)ノ

Continue slaying Seokjin… I have a feeling you’re going to kill me again like you did in “Boy in Luv” and “Fire”乁(⟃Ĺ̯⟄)ㄏ

I’m gonna stop here before this post gets too….Okay maybe one more…

One more?


Holy SHit Me…I said LAST ONE not LAST SET…. Sorry Jin Stans, I lost control there for a minute…idk what happened…

Hahahahahhaha….Fml…The more I make “Appreciation Posts”, the more I accept the fact I’ve become trash…

- - - - - - – - 


This Jin Selca:

Birthdays (M)


genre: slight smut / fluff / humor (?)
characters: three words. jeon. fucking. jungkook.
word count: 6740

a very special present from a very drunk jungkook ; what else do you need in life? :)

a/n: one of my first and favorite requests!! i hope you like it anon ^^ its also 3:31 am and i should be sleeping @kenwayer27​ IM SORRY idk if the last parts made any sense i was kinda drifting off UGH ;; 

Originally posted by minpuffs

Birthdays had never really meant much to you, to be honest. It was just another set of continuous hours, another day out of 365 days. Never once, had you silently wished yourself a happy birthday when the clock strikes midnight, the tick-tocks of the second hand echoing in your newly aged mind that never exactly felt any different; never once had you longed terribly for something significant on your “special day” – be it a gift of some sort, a nice congratulatory wish, or even that one particular person

This was probably the reason why you were so overwhelmed, because never once had you imagined your eighteenth birthday to be so disastrously yet so completely fucking incredible that you nearly prayed for your next birthday to be just around the corner.

Rather, you almost hoped that every single day was your birthday.


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One of my favorite headcanons is that James is a foot taller than Lily. 6′3 and 5′3. Sometimes when she is particularly feisty he will pick her up and carry her somewhere else and it pisses her off even further. He also controls the kisses - she can’t reach his face unless he wants her to (which obviously he almost always does) and sometimes he makes her work for it which also pisses her off. When they are standing in the corridor talking to their friends, he rests his arm on her head because she is the perfect height for it and she returns his affection by jabbing her elbow into his side. Basically him being so much taller usually ends up with her being mad, but she also loves it. Once she asked him how tall he actually was and he responded “taller than you in heels, evans” and she nearly died.

❤  Get To Know Me Tag !❤

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Rules: Answer the 20 questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better.

Nickname: Cass i don’t really have one tbh… go to anon and give me a nickname then :D

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 164cm

Time right now: 3:35 PM

Last thing I googled: Sagittarius cause i thought i spelled it wrongly

Favorite Bands:


Non-Kpop: Idk… most of my songs are kpop songs

Favorite Solo Artists:

Kpop: Ailee

Non-Kpop: None

Song stuck in your head: BTS Not Today and Spring Day

Last movie I watched: The pyramid

Last TV Show I watched: I rarely watch tv so i dont really rmb

When did you create your blog: 6 November 2016

What kind of stuff do you post: Mainly BTS Ships

When did your blog reach its peak: I’m not sure though

Do you have any other blogs: I also have a studyblr @stu-dying-army would really appreciate if you guys follow that blog too. I will start posting things on that blog once my school officially starts!

Do you get asks regularly: Other than Ship asks, rarely have it. Guys you can ask me anything you are curious about i love to chat with you guys! :D

Why you chose your URL: It’s mainly a BTS shipping blog so… yea haha

Following: 43

Posts: 440

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor


Favorite colors: Black White Blue & Pastel colours

Average hours of sleep: About 3-8 hours of sleep

Lucky Numbers:  4, 6, 11, 17, 30, 40

Favorite Characters:  Hansung, Moo Myung, Soo Myung, Ban Ryu, Soo Yong, Sam Mekjong, Aro, We Hwa, Pi Joo Gi

What are you wearing right now: Floral shorts and shirt

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1 or none

Dream job: Singer / Idol 

Dream trip: Anywhere as long as im with JIMIN HAhaha

I Tag: @omgbigbangtanboys @thatkpopaesthetic @bt-exts @textsandaus @dan-taehyungs-man @valia014 must it be really 20 oh gosh @isakaniza @wearetogether22 @vernonsfullyloadedmack i give up bye haha

A-Z Tag

I haven’t done tags for ageeeees but I kinda miss it so I’m gonna try and keep up with stuff I’m tagged in from now on :) 

I was tagged by @dragonhoardofbooks​ thanks :D

A - age: 21
B - bigget fear: falling
C - current time: 23:35
D - drink you had last: water
E - every day starts with: messaging my boyfriend 
F - favorite song: idk atm i’m liking chained to the rhythm by katy perry but it changes frequently 
G - ghosts, are they real?: Maybe
H - hometown: rotherham
I - in love with: @author-of-the-moments
J - jealous of: dogs - they always be happy and have no worries
K - killed someone: nope
L - last time you cried: like two hours ago
M - middle name: may
N - number of siblings: 2
O - one wish: pass my degree with a 2:1
P - person you last called/texted: boyfriend
Q - questions you’re always asked: idk
R - reasons to smile?: i get to see my baby on friday <3 
S - song you last sang: chained to the rhythm 
T - time you woke up: 10:50am
U - underwear color: none
V - vacation destination: barcelona/amsterdamn this easter i think
W - worst habit: biting my nails 
X - x-rays you’ve had: teeth and skull 
Y - your favorite food: burnt caramel brownie from starbucks
Z - zodiac sign: scorpio

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Star Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5′7?

Sexual Orientation: Ace and demiromantic

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Favorite Color: Green

Time Right Now: 3:16 pm

Cat or Dog person?: Cat

Favorite Fictional Character: Oh jeez I have no idea uhhHHhHh

Dream Job: Something in art ? Creating my own stories.

When was this blog created?: Welp I deleted this one night (I was freaking out) so I remade it last year? But other then that I made it in 2014 I think idk

Current Number of Followers: it stays in the same number. sometimes moves up, then down.

What Made You Decide to Make a Tumbr: Idk man. I dont even know how I got into this damned site. I think it was through my cousin

Why Did You Pick Your URL: Because its me. Oh snap look trash !! Me. It fits.

I’m gonna tagggggg these doooood’s

@haztomlins @jinxingrhythm @babyloueh  @enterprisecaptainoikawa @shanelleo @sxncerelylouxs @dandangeologyman @forever-larrylover @thelouistiti @cuddlinglou @zazzedandspicy @zhxra @rosegolddagger @dallouis @halolovechild @abeautifulplace @larry-the-ultimate-otp @clubnooice @alwayslatetotheshow @blueylouie

anonymous asked:

bitch ! your school play looks so good tf ! Rent is one of my favorites and I get so excited to see your story these past couple days my school did blood brothers and the past three years have been pretty shit play wise besides that. are you in it? Either way looks well put together and ya idk a lot of warmth from ur sc and the actors I love it I love rent ily I hope you're well that's all gn

we just wrapped up work for rent and can i just say i’ve never seen as many people break down into tears as last night. i was backstage doing sound stuff because i can’t sing but so many of my friends are in it and killed it. this is the most people we’ve had attending one of our shows in a while, and that made it all the more raw. during i’ll cover you reprise, you could hear each of the individual actors sobbing and none of it was fake, everyone was just moved so much. after the show i was hugging people i didn’t even know very well and i was crying and they were crying and everyone was crying and laughing and it was just so powerful. i’m lucky to have worked on what is probably my favorite musical, especially in high school, and i’m so glad that the audience was as moved as we were. i could see a lot of people grow in this show and i couldn’t be more proud

smol-kags  asked:

I saw you last year (I think maybe the year before idk lol) at Katsucon and I was so upset because I didn't realize it was you until after I went home and saw your cosplay pics on your tumblr I was SO UPSET I MET ONE OF MY FAVORITE ARTISTS AND I DIDNT KNOW 😭😭😭😭 hopefully this year I'll be able to say hi 😂😂😂 have a nice day!!! Keep up the amazing work!

AHHHH I’M SO SORRY I MISSED YOU LAST YEAR!! ;A; I hope you were able to find me this year, I am so sorry if I missed you I tried to make it as easy as I could ;A;

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  1. Nickname: ze courtesy of manyof the friends i made on here 
  2. Gender:         Female
  3. Height: i know im 5ft but idk how many inches :/
  4. Hogwarts House: idk about HP but i live in a regular house but i wanna live in a mansion
  5. Favorite color: red and black 
  6. Average hours of sleep: i sleep at like 2 in the morning and then it depends on how much noise my family my makes cus i wake up at the drop of a pin
  7. Lucky number:no clue but i like 4 
  8. Last thing I googled: riverdale, it was on my dash and i wanted to kno what it was 
  9. Favorite character: prolly someone from greys 
  10. How many blankets do I sleep with?: one 
  11. Favorite band/artists: twenty one pilots 
  12. Dream trip: around europe, i really wanna go see barcelona, it looks so pretty 
  13. Dream job:
  14. Current outfit: trackies and a tee 
  15. Following:  is this the number or style of blogs, cus football and i follow like 650 blogs 
  16. Posts: football,my tags on the other hand are full of ramblings and often heartbreak from said football
  17. Do I get asks on daily basis?: not on the daily but sometimes i get anons 
  18. Reason for my url: i have a thing for pretty fuckboii’s

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age- 21
biggest fear- forever being haunted by bad decisions/regrets
current time- 18:54
drink you last had- orange juice
every day starts with- getting a heart attack from my alarm clock
favorite song- i don’t really have one
ghosts- ???
hometown- i moved out years ago, but the hague/ den haag will always be in my heart tbh
in love with- books
jealous of- cats and flowers, they don’t have to deal with society’s pressure lol
killed someone- ???
last time i cried- i always cry tbh, whether it be physically or internally
middle name- i don’t have one
number of siblings- 4
one wish- peace of mind
person you last called/texted- my dad
question you’re always asked- idk probably ‘‘are you moroccan’‘??
random fact- i don’t know how to swim, which is actually kind of a big deal as a big part of holland lies below sea level. if the dunes break i’ll probably be the first one to die lol
time you woke up- 7:25
underwear color- ???
vacation destination- i’d love to visit turkey and japan
worst habit- overthinking
your favorite food- moroccan food
zodiac sign- sagittarius

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Name/Nickname: vivi

Relationship Status: single

Favourite Colour: pastel colors!

Last song I listened to: not today- BTS

Favorite TV Show: idk? teen titans? lol 

First Fandom: i was a hardcore angel (teentop fan) and i stanned sooo many groups 

Hobbies: i play paino and draw abit, i also like giffing alot on PS

Books that I’m currently reading: i dont read books xD

Worst thing I’ve eaten: I am such a picky eater like really, one time i  accidently ate garlic and i almost threw up

Favourite place(s): my room

alright here is 10 people i would love to be mutals with (im already mutals with some of you guys, you know who you are) 

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