idk messin around

here’s another one:

If you don’t think Pearl would be the most thoughtful, attentive lover and Take Good Care of Amethyst all the time as soon as they were intimate enough that it wouldn’t be weird then idk what you’re even messin around with me for tbh
She’d get Steven to find out what times the Big Donut gets deliveries so she can bring Amethyst treats that are still warm from the oven and french-braid Ame’s hair and learn her favorite music so she can serenade her and rub her back & tell her how beautiful she is for hours when Amethyst is in a bad place and if she has to go somewhere while she’s sleeping she’ll always leave her a sweet little note for when she wakes up just so she doesn’t have to feel that panic of being alone again even for one single second (and even though her notes are just tiny mundane things written on post-its–a time she’ll be back and sometimes a ‘you looked so peaceful i didn’t want to wake you’ and an 'I love you <3 P’–Amethyst saves them all).
And Amethyst would be much more spontaneous about things–sudden outpourings of compliments and throwing her arms around her and grabbing her hand in public–but she would also pick up on little things about Pearl that Pearl doesn’t even fully realize about herself. Like she’ll just always know when Pearl is feeling a little down even if she doesn’t say anything or show it and she’ll run into town and come back with a bouquet of cherry blossoms 'just because’ and like. Pearl never even realized she had a favorite flower until the first time Ame showed up with those but she did love that cherry tree that got cut down and the flowers are so beautiful and delicate and perfectly her style and they always cheer her up it never fails and Amethyst knew it long before she did