idk maybe too colorful


red spoils blue in his own way

does this count as spoiling?? idk he indulges his bf sometimes


P.S. the cherry blossoms are in full bloom today

My incrediblyincredibly7monthsLATE gift for @chrisalis105 who I got for the RyoSaku Exchange last…Feb (THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE PATIENCE BB) I know you said no to cherry blossoms but…it just fit so much so I hope you like it! :’D special thanks to @sera-luna-stella and @gabbiki for the help!

Inspired by @ionahi‘s artwork ❤ (thanks so much for letting me do a similar template!)

this is such a failure transparent imo and i needed to get rid of this thing that was covering part of sweden’s hat so i hope it isn’t too noticeable that i edited his hat 


feel free to use c:

kalos is a big art place. most, if not all, of the towns in the french version are named after forms & styles of art, and vaniville town is named like bourg croquis i think and that means something along the lines of “sketch town” … that’s so cool

missydeedeetee  asked:

Can I ask you where you get your artwork prints printed? I'm new to this! Thanks

I go to local print places. Most places will let you print something as a test just to see the quality. If not you can always put in a buck or 2 and print something on their cheapest paper just to see the ink quality/color.  

The best places i’ve gotten prints from are usually mildly sketchy looking shopping plazas. You know, the ones that have a generic name like “color copies” that print banners and community signs. They often care more about their printers/products and want you to become a repeat customer. 

Depending on the place they also might let you use your own paper at a discount, as long as it’s a standard size that won’t jam their equipment. I recommend google mapping copy places around you or just keeping an eye out for printer places on the road. You’ll probably find a good one.
I don’t like doing online printing b/c I’d have to pay shipping and possibly end up with 50 too dark or off green prints. 

I bring my laptop and a flash drive with me for printing so I can edit the color/levels after the first print, then print the rest with the edited version to insure they come out close to how they look on screen. You might have to do some adjusting, there’s only so much the printers can do, or maybe I’m just really picky about the way the colors print hahhhh.
You could make a test sheet with all your prints crammed together so you can get an idea of how weird the colors will turn out without having to make a bunch of copies. 

Depending on where you live staples or officedepo might make reasonable prints. But the quality and the lenience with paper used really depend on the individual store. So maybe you’ll luck out there.
If anything the printing area of officedepo often has nice rotary and guillotine paper cutters you can use for free to trim things. >:D At least mine did.