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god those anons *rolls eyes* love you boo and please please please don't leave this community!!

Thank you, love! <3 I’m not gonna leave, don’t even dream that I do haha. But I’m probably gonna take a little break. Getting shit like that in my inbox every day isn’t the best for my mental ilnesses. I try to be funny when I answer them but it’s really not fun. Maybe I really do something wrong, idk. But yeah. I’m gonna take a break from sims for a while. I’m currently installing Dragon Age: Inquisition so playing that game for a while will help me out with the overall stupidity of this community. I will still be here if anyone wants to talk or something. Might even post some screens from the game if I like it so yea, that. But no sims for a bit. I need it.  

Me, sick: “I want to resub and roll a fresh blood elf priest.”

Everyone who knows me: “Wow you said you were sick but you must be




whoops sith!poe happened again

i dont know how to say this but… this fandom needs more gay content

I think if the clone shiro theory was real we would have been show a happy reunion!!!™ And then shiro explaining what happened in some kind of flashback.

The episode the long Journey follows Shiro through hardships and shows how he re-finds the team and we are there with him the whole time. I don’t believe the episode was just there to trick the audience I think it’s legitimately Shiro.


I made this little comic for the Expression Challenge, after @pikacheeka asked for Virus A2 and Trip A5. For Herrscher, it’s a bonus, because I was inspired (and because jealous Hershy gives me life… I mean just imagine Welter coming right after and tease him about it, aah).

I hope you like it, even if I made it months after you asked. :’D

[The asks for the Expression Challenge are closed]

As an adult in the “Voltron” fandom...and honestly this can be about ANY & ALL fandoms.

I just want to say to all the minor’s who also find themselves in this  fandom: 

- You are not something to be fetishized.

- You are allowed to make mistakes.

- You are allowed to feel uncomfortable.

- You are a human-being, and should not feel guilty about wanting to be treated as one.

- You are allowed to be upset when characters around your own age are mistreated in/by the fandom.

- You are allowed to want more from content-creators.

- And anyone who tells you to stop voicing your opinions simply because you’re a “child”, is not worth your time, and I will fight personally them for you.

Strong language below

And to the adults who are constantly making this fandom a hostile place:

- What in the whole hell is wrong with you, these characters are literally children. 

 - You need to stop sexualizing them u nasty fucks!

- T h e y    a r e    m i n o r s

- Also stop harassing people who disagree with you about you goddamn ships being harmful…

- These ships, you so fiercely protect, are nasty & harmful…so stop being an idiot and maybe listen to others for once in your life.

- Also if another fandom goer tells you that your content is triggering to them, DO NOT make light of that

- And DO NOT purposefully trigger them now that you know what will do it to them.

- STOP invading spaces where people feel safe, wtf is wrong with you.


- Stop shipping CHILDREN with adult // and abusive characters (ie. villains)…why does this even need to be said.

- Just stop, stop being a terrible human…

To the content-creators:

- Try, actually, listening to the complaints of your viewers.

- Make your fandom safe by shutting down disgusting stuff, like pedophilia and racism, instead of willfully ignoring it.

- If VA’s  do something wrong, like oh idk harassing minor fans!!!!!, maybe try to punish them (because they’re a fucking adult and should be acting like 1)

- It is your job to protect the fans…not the other way around.
- Try broadening your media representation for once…within the 1st season…not at/by the end of the show. 

- Everyone being white, neurotypical, able-bodied & cishet…does not an interesting show make.

So in closing…


And a final note to minors in fandoms; 

adults suck (I know…I sadly am one of them). 

Just know that; you do matter, and so do your opinions~!

this is not nostalgia—

thinking of you isn’t

thinking of old memories

but trying desperately

to hold onto the memory of you.

this is not nostalgia—

this is making sure I don’t forget

how to throw a punch.

— thumb over fingers, not fingers over thumb.


Do I wanna know? by Arctic Monkeys

Guess who got some lyrics wrong
that’s right
heyyy sorry for not updating regularly! I don’t have that much ideas or motivation to do art I guess. Everything I draw looks bad to me, and a lot of stuff stays unfinished or gets deleted. Anyway, enjoy the art!.. :^)

I remember for a while, I stopped drawing, and I’m really regretting it now, cause drawing!! makes me!! so!! happy!!

I stopped cause I didn’t think I was good enough, but don’t let that stop you! Practice really does make you improve, and never give up on something you love!!

If you have a passion to do something, then do it! Don’t let what other people say take away from what you love!

Cause I did that, and honestly, its shit.

I know ignoring what people say is hard, but doing what you love is awesome, and can make what you create feel even more worthwhile :D

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How to not fall I love with every guy that shows me a little respect????

dude I literally have the opposite problem. I feel like I can’t like anyone fully & I end up forcing myself to when im not even that into It. idk maybe somethings wrong w me

  • hey!!!
  • aw the baby got the cutest request ever I’m screaming
  • my prince, I miss him so much, I miss all the members so much
  • especially the oldies but the minis too and ugh my babies :((
  • but I hope they don’t have more schedules in Korea until next year, I want them to have a small holidays in December
  • hopefully they can spend Christmas/new year w their families <3
  • but lmao, that’s beside the point, let me just start writing this okay
  • okay so,,,
  • first thing first, I can’t see him being jealous of you
  • at least not like actually jealous like to start a fight, maybe just a lil bit to get quite offended and thoughtful about it
  • but he would never admit that he’s jealous???
  • well, unless it’s way too obvious about it
  • and he does tend to be quite obvious, lmao
  • but he would be twice as cute when being jealous, and really insecure too
  • “uh, y-y/n? w-who was him? why were you talking to that guy and why did he had to hold your hands the whole time?”
  • “jisung,,, he’s my brother, he was telling me something about our mom or something”
  • “uhhh,,, and who was that girl that was accompanying him?? why did she kissed your cheek to greet you?”
  • “that was his girlfriend, jisung, we’re just good friends”
  • he’s so cute, lol
  • basically, he gets quite jealous of the people who get your attention for too long, you’re only his and only wants your eyes to be in him <3
  • but aNyways, let’s go to the story now shall we
  • well okay,, i’ll invent something then ahre
  • so,,, it was november 22nd that day
  • and,, you know who’s birthday is in november 22nd?
  • woOZI
  • nah, joking, chenle!!!! aw
  • and, ya know, as the good friend you are you were quite excited for his birthday! you gave him presents and cards and spent half of an hour writing a long ass text talking about how much u loved him
  • and, jisung is his bff and LOVes that you two are also super close but,,, gurl u gotta chill 
  • he not only felt jealous of all the attention you gave chenle but also quite insecure, maybe even quite confused and sad
  • and, oh boi, this started to worry him a lot
  • and since he wasn’t feeling confident he would only keep silence
  • and he probably didn’t even realzie that e was doing something wrong until one of the older members noticed the way he was acting
  • probably taeyong or johnny, maybe jaehyun idk
  • “jisung? it’s something wrong? you’ve been really quiet today, its weird”
  • “uh? no, it’s fine,,,”
  • but nope, this can’t happen, the maknae can’t be sad, if the maknae is sad then life is pointless
  • so of course they continued talking w bby jisung until he finally confessed that he was quite lost in between all this emotions and didn’t know what to do
  • and ty/john/jae probably looked at him like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) bECAUSE THEY KNEW PERFECTLY WHAT WAS HAPPENING
  • “go tell y/n ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”
  • “but she’s wit-”
  • “tell her! she deserves to know this, don’t you think?”
  • “uh,, i guess you’re right”
  • and the members kept being like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) but also super smiley becAUSE THEIR BABY, THE CHILD THAT THEY RAISED THEMSELVES WAS GROWING
  • but anyways that’s irrelevant
  • what’s relevant is that he did talked to you!! but you probably already knew bc the older members told you first
  • bc ya know jisung can be a bit dumb sometimes ya know, there was a high possibility of him being a coward and not telling you or simply not knowing how to explain himself
  • so you got this text from johhny like:
  • “the kid has some things to tell you, rELated to cHenle, don’t dissapoint us”
  • and you were like ???????¿
  • but as soon as you noticed how soft and insecure his voice was and how hard was for him to find the right words to express himself you understood
  • “jisung..?”
  • “yes?”
  • “you’re jealous, right? that’s the word you’ve been searching for? jealous?”
  • and his mouth opened because yEs
  • he started blushing when he realized bc ??? am, it was so obvious?? jisung how could u not notice before??
  • and he started blushing twice as much when you hugged him and kissed his cheek
  • “there’s no need to be jealous,,, well, yeah, actually i may have been a bit overdramatic with chenle’s birthday. but i love you the most, and in a completely different way, okay?”
  • he actually did calmed down after those words and came back to normality, but like twice as fluffy and adorable
  • but you weren’t complaining :’)
  • okay and the end!!
  • good night babies, or good day idk
  • byeee~~

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ok, so i was thinking abt jhope not getting any lines in spring day right, but dont bts write their own songs? so if jhope didnt get any lines its because he opted out or something? idk maybe i'm wrong but i just think its weird everyone is blaming bighit for that

Tbh i rlly dont know, but i also dont like how ppl blame big hit. Its a team work, bts + big hit. Plus they are both professional, we dont know shit yknow. If they took this decision i guess theres a reason. It still sucks but thats how it is :^////

Tatum headed out first and Peyton decided to stop her panicking and attempt to do her job. She saw she was wearing the exact same outfit as Tatum, down to the shoes and screamed internally.

There was no way in hell, that of all scrubs in Brindleton Bay, of all the five she had bought, she matched her boss on the first day of work. 

She stood back as he approached an dog who looked as though he’d been left in the dead of winter, through it was nearing the end of summer.

The dog approached Tatum cautiously, but once he saw a treat in Tatum’s hand, he perked up.

“Yeah, I thought that’d make you a little bit happier. Let’s see if me and Ms. Grant can’t get you all fixed up, yeah?”

Her barked and followed Tatum to the back, who caught Peyton’s eye.

“Nice outfit.” He commented with a small smile. Embarrassment stained her cheeks as she mumbled a thanks. 

It was turning out to be a long first day.

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Uhh can you give me some tips playing smash tap..

well i’m still figuring out lotsa thing too buut SOME QUICK TIPSIES:

  • this game just got released recently, therefore english tutorial isn’t around yet. so follow all might’s instructions when you start the game carefully, even myself don’t understand jp but the in-game tutorial is p interactive
  • there are 3 types of currency here:
    -the coin, which you can obtain from quests or selling unused heroes/gadget. you need it for fusing/leveling cards
    -the hero medal, drops as a loot from quests. you can exchange it for items on the hero medal exchange section at the shop (there are energy drinks, heroes, gadgets), and finally-
    -the hero soul. you can only retrieve them from missions or, buy it.
    you’re gonna so need it not only for expanding your card and gadget box, or to auto-refill the energy to resume your quest.. but it also allows you to use the holy power of gacha that could bring you happiness or sorrow at the same time
  • spend your hero souls wisely they aren’t easy to get!! unless u got dem sweet ¥¥¥¥¥
  • lesson is a feature to train the characters. so far there are only 3 slot with all might, aizawa and deathgoro as the lecturers. training a character allows you to unlock more slots for gadget and also boosts the stat. you’ll be given options about how long you’re gonna take lessons. the longer the more exp your character gonna get
  • gummies are evolution materials, obtainable from the daily missions
  • you can also use gummies to level up your heroes/gadgets instead of fusing them with other cards
  • luck is the gold 4-clover symbol u see on the hero card, it helps you to get extra loot from quests. the higher the luck, the higher the chance. the base value varies so it’s not always 1, however in order to increase the number you should fuse it with an identical card with the same amount of *s
  • DON’T RELY ON AUTO TOO MUCH sometimes in certain quests especially the main story, there are traps, and on auto mode the character tends to walk on them (idk maybe there’s something wrong with the ai or it’s just a reminder for you to stop spamming auto mode lmao)
  • you can play with others! choose the “march” button (the orange one on the right) when you’re about to start your quest!! switch the online public search to “on” to allow public player to join your room. but leave it “off” if you want to play with your friend/s, you can share them the room number so they can join the fun!! however-
  • the march-play feature has a bug; when you (as the host of the room) are gonna start the quest and one of the leechers party members leaves the room right when you click the start button there will be a notification to launch the room again, but the thing is your stamina would still decrease 

the bug has been fixed per ver. 1.0.1 release!

  • but you still can leech join other’s room by choosing the multi-play option on the bottom of the quest tab, and choose between story quest or event quest. we still can’t choose which kind of room we want yet.. but there should be more features itf

i’ll add more as soon as i find something new!! :o

       that feeling when depression hits & you don’t feel confident in any of your muses anymore. ah… what a lovely feeling.~

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ok but the girl saying her bf loved her way more than she did and she lied cause it was easier. all im thinking is dean lying for the same thing but different reason. he lies because he loves cas /a lot/ and he doesnt know how to deal with it. idk maybe im thinking too much but add that with dean sensing something wrong with cas just by how he sounded like...