idk maybe one of my favorite characters

Let’s talk about.... Riverdale.

It’s been a while since I wrote or actually made an article on my blog but
Two weeks ago, I discovered Riverdale. And good god I can’t get enough of it. As I was fangirling ( and snapping my reactions to my best friend ) through episode 6 today, I thought : “ Why not make a list of the people I suspect and why ? “ So here you go Riverdale’s fans, here’s my contribution.




( that jawline tho ) During the summer, Archie was working for his dad (#abs) and frickfracking with Mrs Grundy (#cougar). He obviously knew Jason bc football team and he actually has an aliby. He was with Mrs Grundy when the gunshot was fired. BUT we do know ;that the gunshot was fired by Dilton Doyley. And we don’t know what happened after that but I think they just headed home and he concentrated on his music to forget about the gunshot and knowing a fellow student was dead.

Do I suspect him : YES / NO / MAYBE


I’ll be brief about Veronica. During the summer, she was probably still in New York, and never put a step in Riverdale before the start of the story 

Do I suspect her: YES / NO / MAYBE


Damn gurl.
Here’s the thing about Betty. Every episode makes me question her. One episode I’m like “ of course she didn’t “ and one episode after I’m like “ yeeah, maybe she did. “ 
Betty Cooper is the image of the perfect daughter; good grades, casual clothes, not too popular. On the first episode, her mom gave her some medecine ( i don’t remember the name gosh ) and I looked up on the internet and it’s for helping focus and apparently well used in the USA by students. It also says that it can causes paranoia. Well, well, well. Official version is that Betty was doing an internship during the summer. But good god, I thought she was innocent until I saw the bathtub scene. Remember ? “ Say you’re sorry for what you did to me, Jason “. In the comics we know there was some feud between the sisters because of Jason so why not ? What if she couldn’t accept her sister being happy with him? Anyway, after episode 6 I have my doubts; she apparently didn’t knew about her sister’s condition and I’m starting to think she just snapped at Chuck because she was just so angry ( my little bean, too precious for this world. ) 

Do I suspect her : YES / NO / MAYBE


I just looooooove his character so much (Plus, Cole Sprouse, youknowwhatImean ) We know that this precious being was supposed to go on a road trip with Archie on the 4th of July, but Archie prefered his cougar, leaving the precious being alone. No aliby for him then. And I mean, what a plot twist would it be, you know, writing a book about the investigation of the murder you commited? Anyway, I don’t really think he is connected to the murder, I mean he barely knew Jason and let’s be honest, other things to think than killing a guy.

Do I suspect him : YES / NO / MAYBE


(#queenslayin ) At first, I thought she was only going to be a basic bitch character that we love to hate but she is so much more than that. She really did love her brother, and of course it makes her a suspect. Her family is clearly insane and her brother was a rock. She helped him go away BUT did she? Maybe she knew Polly was pregnant and that he was going to run away with her and she couldn’t stand it ? 

Do I suspect her : YES  / NO / MAYBE


Introduced to us in Episode 6, Polly was an interrogation point. We now know she was dating Jason, that she is pregnant with his child and that they were supposed to run away together, until Alice “mom of the year” Cooper decidet to incarcerate her. The theory that she was “sick” is wronged by Bughead finding the car she told them about. We know both Coopers and Lodges didn’t approve on the relationship but for now, that’s all we know but meh, I don’t think she’s guilty, I mean she really did love him i think.

Do I suspect her : YES / NO / MAYBE


I’mma start with Mamma Bitch. I’m torn with this woman bc she is a complete ASS with Polly but actually trying to protect Betty. Still a bitch thought. She clearly hated Jason with all her guts, actually is “happy” that he is dead and she little chuckle she did when Betty accused her dad “ You think he would have the guts to do it ? “ 

Continuing with Pappa Bitch. We KNOW he stole the sheriff’s evidences and files. And I did put this picture for a reason. “ He’s missing “ you know like he knew that Jason was not dead. 
MY BIG THEORY for the Coopers : They never approved Jason and Polly relationship. When they found out about Polly’s pregnancy, they did their best to seperate them and when they found out about their plan to runaway together, they took care of Polly with the medical centre thing and I assume Alice told Hal to take care of things but maybe he didn’t have the guts ( so I’m assuming he was locked somewhere which will explain the frozen body and the marks on the wrists ? ) so Alice DID it ? 

Do I suspect them : HELL YES / NO / MAYBE 


Thoses two motherfuckers. You know that they’re evil. Penelope Blossom is a bitch to everyone and even Daddy Blossom enjoys himself taking Veronica down. They are pure evil. I’m pretty sure they both mentally and physically abuse Jason AND Cheryl. Mentally is proven , physically I mean, do you remember this magnificent BITCH SLAP ??!

Back to the Blossoms , my theory is pratically the same as the Coopers one, they didn’t approve Polly and Jason relationship and as they are so violent and crazy, they hunt it down, locked him away and killed him when he tried to escape ? Idk but even if they didn’t kill him they’re still guilty as shit for being such bad parents.

Do I suspect them : HELL YES / NO / MAYBE



Little character in the show you may say, but so many things could link to her. Let’s start with the beggining. First, there’s the football team book, with Ethel’s name show not once, not twice but FOUR TIMES. The first time, her name is linked to a guy named Thomas and after that, 3 times to Reggie. 

So, WHAT IF Reggie and Ethel actually dated for a while ? We can see at the end that Reggie probably “Dumped” her. But then again Ethel never mentioned Reggie but always about Chuck. 
Then comes the Bathtub scene at Ethel’s. Little bean is hiding and seems to enjoy the show. What I DID NOTICE on this scene is the hottub which was turning hot thanks to Betty BUT which could also be turn to cold water, REALLY cold ( Jason’s frozen body, anyone ? ) Also, Chuck was handcuffed to the bathtub ( Jason’s marks on his wrists?). 
Chuck got kicked out of the team , Jason’s dead, guess who’s now captain of the football team ? REGGIE
I first thought she was the one stealing Sheriff Keller’s room but then I was proved wrong, daddy bitch did it BUT she didn’t seemed to be at the school show so damn, who could have put the car on fire ? 
MY THEORY IS : Ethel is crazy in love with Reggie and wanted to get rid of Jason so that Reggie could be the king of Riverdale. I know this sounds crazy but her house or at least the bathtub is the only place I can see Jason’s body.

Do I suspect her : HELL YES / NO / MAYBE

Then again , there’s a lot of other characters but I couldn’t find something to write about them so maybe I’ll make updates after every episodes to keep my suspects list updated! Let me know what you think, who do you think killed Jason and why ?

what i want from asoue s2

-A Carmelita theme song. You know like; she just stand up in a table in the middle of cafeteria and start singing a rude song for Baudelaires and Quagmires until Isadora responds something clever and sassy to her. 

-Do you remember the scene which Lemony is talking about the Winnipeg-Dance-Party or something? When Lemony was trying to tell to Beatrice something about Olaf and she was dressed as a Dragonfly. Do you remember this scene? I WANT TO SEE THIS SCENE AS A FLASHBACK. IM DYING TO SEE THIS SCENE AS A FLASHBACK. 

-Quagmires/Baudelaires friendship. That’s actually all i want. 

-An Esme Squalor theme song. Like a scene where she is with Olaf in 667 Apartment and they are dancing or something and they are singing something like weird and funny.

-I want 667 Dark Avenue to be L I T 

-Helena Bonham Carter as Esme Squalor. Am i clear?

-I dont really want to see Sunny climbing an elevator with her teeth. Idk this scene seemed always a little ridiculous to me and anyway the didnt include Sunny’s fight with Orwell so i dont think that they will have this scene in the show.

-Hector to be a more important character. Yeah i know he left Baudelaires to die in the jail because he was a dumbass but Hector and Uncle Monty were the best guardians Baudelaire had. And he did so many things for Quagmires. I want Hector to be a major character. He is so underrated. 

-Lemony wailing for Jacques. Going into the background and stop talking just being quite and sad idk. He never really wailed about Jacques in the books.

-ESME’S STILETOS SHOES. This scene was so funny and creepy is one of my favorites. This scene, you know Baudelaires running and Esme’s hunting them with her shoes. THAT WILL BE AWESOME. 

-JUSTICE FOR OLIVIA. I think i am the only one person in asoue fandom who really liked Madame Lulu. Like the most adults in Snicketverse, she dissapointed Baudelaires, but in the show maybe they can give her more details about her. I really liked her, she was a really interesting character.

-Sunny as the wolfkid. I want to see this, 

-The last episode of TCC i want to see a HUGE cliffhanger, Baudelaires falling from the Mortmein Mountains and Sunny with Olaf’s troupe in the car. 

-Can we see Kit Snicket earlier?????? Please????

labbender  asked:

hey, got any headcanons for anemone ?? or maybe anemarin too???

anemoneeee i love her….

and okay so let me just make a disclaimer that most of my headcanons are completely canon compatible BUT i rlly dont know abt anythign involving anemone later in the books, so some of my stuff MAY be ….inaccurate but. whatever i like my anemone the way she is-

so anemone is like. my second favorite character in the series (burn is number one holla hollaaa), because she is SO MORALLY GREY its enthralling imo. Shes a child, first of all, which i think is amazing in itself. The whole literary symbolism of children being innocent and pure and hopeful is completely turned on its ass with anemone, because she was abused by her shitty mother (and maybe father, idk), actually killed someone (not totally accidentally either), and is potentially one of the most powerful dragons in the world. we can discuss the awesome development the animus magic ACTUALLY contributes to her in a minute, but let me finish my train of thought - so essentially anemone is this chaotic whirlwind of a dragonet, instantly marked for greatness at the second you meet her, and completely defies standard literary symbolism, acting as a HUGE thematic element just by herself…

yo like . if you want the best character development, with the most conflicted and destroyed way of thinking, anemone is ur girl. hoooooo boy lets..lets keep going. 

She was raised on Corals hip from when she hatched because of her mom’s obsessive control issues, a disgustingly abusive hover mom who raised her daughter to LOATHE the idea of being tethered to ANYTHING (hint hint, morals), and to always be the absolute center of attention. A lot of people can flatten anemone to some petty rich girl trope, which is viable, sure, at surface level, but anemone (and honestly a lot of characters that fall in the rich girl trope) live on the praise and encouragement of others. Anemone is INCREDIBLY jealous of everything (note: not envious), and fears 1) losing the few things she has (her ‘friends’, possessions, stature, etc…), and 2) being alone and unappreciated. Bc she has absolutely 0 self esteem (shes a princess (she was born into that, didnt earn it), is an animus (is isolated from everyone and treated like a weapon), and has never had the freedom to /do/ anything other than be the two things i just mentioned. and she is AWARE of this and therefore is aware of how absolutely awful her life/self is). 

okay so, lets talk about…the animus magic. So animus magic, fundamentally, chips away at ones sense of judgement the more you use it (at least thats how it worked in arc 1, god knows what the fuck tui changed in arc 2, but idc im going off the first way), so the more you use it, the more reckless, and “insane” you become. so anemone, raised as a weapon, and raise with the EXTREME desire for freedom to do whatever the hell she wants, is obviously going to have some judgement issues in the first place. this animus magic acts as a trial of sorts, pushing anemone into this really interesting and unique moral threshold, where she can either recognize her flaws, accept them, and grow from them, or silence them more and become some chaotic disaster. so really she gets put between a rock and a hard place, and she has to choose, on the spot, which way she needs to go. ill let you think of ur own ways you would want it to end, but personally ive always enjoyed the idea that she teeters towards accepting herself (not completely ofc), and ..that whole thing. yada yada. happy-ish ending. woohoo

so anemone is this volatile, manipulative kid who really just wants validation and freedom, but has been stifled and shoved in a metaphorical box since she was hatched, and labeled as a potential danger, good for mass destruction. she has the potential to represent two different themes; 1 being that (in the happier ending scenario) the acceptance of pain, flaws, and that kinda stuff allows for growth and can help mend her behavior, 2 being (in the more grim ending) that the succumbing to ones trauma/etc and allowing it to define you and how you act ultimately destroys you, and those around you. (hopefully you can see why i enjoy the first ending better…)

and…if you’l allow me to take this a step further (and longer lol…), i’d like to talk abt my headcanons for future anemone…

so assuming she gets out with the happier ending (lets not talk about the sad one), i like to believe that anemone stews as princess for a while as tsunami continues managing the school with the other DoD, really bitter at her mom for being abusive and shitty (duh, me 2 anemone) and trying to forgive her mom, but really unable to, and ends up just getting more and more vengeful. so eventually, when shes probably 8 or so, she actually challenges coral for the throne, and after a really..rlly intense battle, with a lot of passion and pent up anger from anemone and bewildered betrayal and anger from coral, anemone ends up killing her mom and becoming queen, and then has to deal with a lot of second-guessing and guilt and just. tiredness, but ultimately (after a few years) recognizes that she /doesnt/ have to forgive her mom, or ANYONE for the shit theyve done to her, and that its her choice. 

and she decides that she is gonna fucking SLAY as a queen, do waaayy better than her mom (who literally just wrote shitty fanfiction all day and let everyone else do the governing…..), and tries to be honestly? the best dragon she can be. im so proud of her. my little girl…all grown up………………………….wipes my tears

aaannnd regarding anemone and tamarin….i think its definitely a little kid crush, (i mean…in canon they are literally children) so i dont see it getting too far (tamarin is pretty gentle but i dont think anemone is ready for any kind of serious relationship until AFTER she figures herself out first. otherwise she’s probably gonna end up hurting other people. 

BUT i do enjoy the idea of her being gay. i mean ofc i called it (all my favorite characters are not straight. burn? demi/aro/gay/idk but shes not straight. coconut? gay. blaze and glacier? hahahah gay. i just call them how i see them, i dont make the rules.), and im GLAD she is gay….bc…..well duh. it works w my headcanons p well too bc my gay queen? who fucks the system because she never actually has any kids, and it ends up that her successors are either auklet or tsunami’s daughters. 

so idk i dont rlly ship it hardcore. softcore is a hard maybe, but. its a kid crush its not rlly. serious or anything lol. 

so….wowzah i talked a lot. 

TLDR; anemone is super complex and morally grey and becomes a gay queen who destroys her mom and fucks society because she can. 

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hey there wyrvel, so idk how to start this off but... could you... maybe... explain to me why exactly yamamoto, the good, friendly guy™, is a natural born hitman that's a-okay with murder (according to one of your metas)? like... i really don't get it, which is embarrassing to say because he's my favorite character, but then again i'm only a casual fan. however i adore your meta, so yeah... so if it'd be no problem to youcould you explain how takeshi is cool with murder? bc i really don't get it


I feel like people assume he’s happy-go-lucky, but in the early chapters, Yamamoto has a really sedate, reserved personality. When he interacts with friends, he’s pretty chipper, but if you look at his panels when he’s just observing, he’s pretty…aloof, I guess? He’s usually smiling, but he’s just taking it in. A very “hmmmmmmm B^)” attitude. Even when he’s talking to people, he has a pretty cool, laid-back look.

Yamamoto’s acclimatization to violence is also notable, in that he never had one. He got attacked by yakuza and beach slobs alike, and he’s like “okay! I just have to wreck them with my baseball bat!” with zero transitional logic between that. It just made sense to him? Which is natural for a gag manga, so let’s give that a pass for a second

But in the Kokuyou arc, in his fight with Ken, he had his big revelation…that this is a life-and-death all-or-nothing gang warfare situation, and he, who was already trying to kick Ken’s ass, was like “oh! okay! yeah I’ll get into it now, my bad”. He was informed he needed to change his entire worldview and inflict levels of abuse he’s never performed before and his response is “makes sense”. All the other characters are already Like That - Ryouhei, for example, specifically joined the boxing club because he wanted to get violent in a controlled environment, and that’s still not enough for him - but he’s a regular civilian that just rolled with it.

Yamamoto’s “natural-born hitman” nature is that he easily changes his logic and plans on the fly, is willing to jump to extremes if they’re necessary, has zero problem with accelerating levels of violence, and is innately observant of his surroundings. It’s an indication of his adaptability in the context of the underworld. He’s the character that innovated the most out of all of them - what did he make, like, 6 special moves on top of his existing moveset? That’s pretty advanced, even if you’ve been specifically trained by Reborn.

The ‘Yamamoto is probably super down with murder’ comes from a link from the Future arc, where he cut someone so badly they almost died, seeing them actually get murdered he was like “Yikes! Even I didn’t press that envelope” like Yamamoto…were you willing to?? In just the Varia arc alone you felt bad about letting an assassin badman trying to kill your friends die?? Yamamoto???????

And he was totally willing! Because when he faced off against Daemon, it was specifically with the objective of making Daemon dead. He was angry and frustrated and Daemon not only manipulated his close friends, but victimized his new friends too. And his first response to this is “death is the perfect resolution for this”. This was not his answer for any other situation. He doesn’t think it’s necessary to kill people, and it’s even “not really his thing”, but he was always fully capable of going into murdermode. Accelerating levels of violence is already completely natural to him.

A few links of this are fanon, though, like the [YAMAMOTO INTENSIFIES] where he’s on the edge of the knife eager to receive more information, or that he’s even actively aware of how ready he is to eviscerate people at any one given moment and how odd that is in comparison to the other Guardian’s view of violence. I don’t think Yamamoto even understands that everyone else needs a long process to move their mindset as far as he does in 0.5 seconds, but it’s just more interesting and fun to pretend he does?

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Preston Goodplay for the character thingy 😊

1: sexuality headcanon
2: otp
max/preston is plenty cute
3: brotp
with harrison, and probably nerris?
4: notp
idk, with ered maybe?
5: first headcanon that pops into my head
he has a crush on lin-manuel miranda, you know it, i know it, we ALL know it
6: favorite line from this character
“i don’t know who this BITCH is, but she’s KILLING it! AGH”
7: one way in which I relate to this character
i’m also passionate about my fanfiction
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character
he’s a good kid
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?
cinnamon fave w problematic elements

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This is so random but I feel the scene where Joy flicks his tie wasn't really Joy and Ward so much as it was Jessica Stroup and Tom Pelphrey. Am I the only one who feels like you can totally sense the true actors in that scene? Especially his smile, it was such a Tom smile. IDK man maybe I'm just reading into it to much. But I liked that tiny scene and it felt so genuine lol!

YESSSS EXACTLY. There are a couple moments where I can’t tell if it’s Tom being in character or if he lets a little bit of himself slip through.

There’s the tie scene (one of my favorite scenes in the show)-

And there’s the scene where Ward says Jeri’s best attribute is her humor, and she says, “I thought it was my ass.”

Doesn’t it look like Tom trying not to smile and totally failing? I love it. I hope that’s the case and they decided to keep it in because it’s so freaking adorable.

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Hajime in B4? :3 (with maybe a Nagito peeping at him? Lol) ps your art is really nice!! I love it!

Lol! Thank you so much for requesting this one haha! And I’m really happy you like my art!! thanks!! :3  I enjoyed drawing this a lot XD

Hope you like it!! <3

Lol Nagito’s favorite hiding spot is the bushes :P

Also I can’t draw abs XD

Send me a character and an outfit

Maybe it’s just me?

But I’m getting tired of all the plots revolving around Matt and Gabby. I just saw the promo for the next episode and there’s a whole other paramedic, Sylvie, who would have done the same thing.

Idk but this whole “everything bad always happens to Gabby and Matt” is getting on my nerves. We barely see any plot with Sylvie who is one of my favorite characters, we had a mini plot with her and Antonio, but that’s it.

Why does everything always happen to Gabby and Matt like come on 😒 get a better plot line, please or replace the characters who are always in trouble with others.

I’d also love to see more interaction between Sylvie and Kelly. The way they set up their interactions when she first arrived seemed like they’d get together. I’d love to see them interact more. I’d even love to see them as a couple (long shot I know).

gemlikestardust  asked:

Your style is honestly one of my favorites! You can draw almost any character and still looks like your own style. I don't know what it is, like, maybe the way you draw noses, the smiles? Hahaha ignore me, please keep drawing!!

Thanks!! I honestly don’t even really know what my style is? I feel like the only thing I might do uniquely is the way I draw the eyes sometimes.. but yeah idk man it just comes out? 


Love, Hate, and War.

The characters (from left to right) are Sigurd, Deirdre, and Arvis, from Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War (1st Generation). Fire Emblem 4 is my all time favorite.

I first saw Fire Emblem (FE4 in particular) when I was a kid (maybe I was 7? idk), my brother manage to get a copy of the game for the SuperNes. (Idk how he got one tho cuz the game was only released in Japan by that time).

If you haven’t played FE4, YOU ARE SERIOUSLY MISSING OUT.

Welcome to the Wayne: Week 1 thoughts

So, this show is here. The first five episodes are out. I’ve seen them. I’m just going to be blunt.

I think this show is shaping up to be absolutely incredible and I recommend everyone that hasn’t seen what’s up so far see it immediately.

It’s not perfect (like they don’t explain some of the backstory, which the webseries iirc did, but that’s not available) but it’s the right mix of a serialized series and an episodic series with great dialogue, storytelling and good characters. A lot of the dialogue feels pretty natural. Like these are the types of things I can see normal people saying when they’re in such weird scenarios and it works. Very well. I think using TLH as a lead-in to to it was a great idea too.

This is a show I do not want to see shipped to Nicktoons like everything recently except TLH and I guess TMNT has so there you go. Maybe art soon? idk we’ll see what I can come up with because this last episode has introduced one of my favorite characters in the show.

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why the fuck is it bad that finn’s first scene in the movie is a humorous one??? so is poe’s and hux’s (their hilarious scene together). so is luke and rey’s w/ the lightsaber. so many of the characters had comedic scenes. why are you just focusing on finn’s???

TLJ SPOILERS / i’m focusing on finn bc he’s my favorite character and rian has turned him into nothing but the sidelined comic relief character/everyone’s favorite punching bag apparently and i’m pissed? it’s bad bc mmh idk i was expecting maybe a little bit more from that scene than him waking up all alone, hitting his head on the damn tank and then falling out of it?

fuck me for wanting a proper moment between him and poe instead of a 30 second scene filled with cheap jokes i guess?

  • me: I just watched voltron and omg idk who my favorite character even is, they're all so good!
  • pidge: *is an altogether good, intelligent, and interesting character who has a bit of trouble connecting with others and who I headcanon as ace*
  • pidge: *is also a bit of an asshole with a smart mouth and Family Angst(tm)*
  • me with my track record: so I have a favorite character...
Extended Pilot

Cold opening is good. Veronica is (let’s say) appropriately cynical for this teenage noir story. Staking out a no-tell motel. But wait, is she an actual, licensed detective? It would seem like her dad wouldn’t want her out late on a school night? Does she live with Dad or only work for him? Is he a shitty dad, letting his daughter be out all night like this?

The biker from the box set cover appears just before a cutaway.

Dandy Warhols theme? Nice.

I’m not entirely sure how “a town without a middle class” would work economically since there are almost certainly nurses and mechanics and plumbers and loads of comfortably middle-class jobs in any city. Am I to take this as something less literal? Class warfare as a theme?

While a huge crowd of assholes stares on looking (and one dickhead even takes a selfie with the tormented kid), Veronica cuts a dude down off the flagpole. He is apparently thought to be a snitch, by the ink on his chest… Though he appears to lack any stitches that I can see, so his status as an actual snitch remains to in some doubt.

“Go, Pirates!” Veronica snarks… because of course, she’s snarky. She’s a teenage lead in a noir story. Oh well, noir is sort of all about how the whole world sucks aside from your lead.

Veronica knows the drug dog’s name and calls him off immediately. She is a friend to animals. Okay, I definitely like Veronica.

 Ditched by the boring looking white guy? Dodged a bullet there, Veronica.

 Oh, V, don’t be a dick to The Snitch! You were doing so well.

Okay, cool cool cool.

Biker dude is a wang, but Veronica either knows he’s full of shit or she’s suicidal.

The Snitch’s name is Wallace… good to know, I was having trouble continuing to call him The Snitch with his continued lack of stitches.

Okay… forget what I said about Biker Dude. The Sherriff is a HUGE dick! Like in the Being a Dick Olympics, Sherriff Whatshisname is a medal contender, while Biker Dude is on the fucking JV team at his local high school.

Dog #2 loves his Veronica. He appears to actually be Veronica’s dog, which is great because that should mean that we see him a lot. (I’m a big fan of dogs in case you couldn’t tell.)

Boring Boy’s mom drives a Jag, douchebag iconography 101.

Apparently, Sleazy Lawyer Guy seems to imply that Veronica works her dad’s cases for him. Is she the brains behind his success? Because that might be more cutesy than I could stand.

Nope. Keith Mars is just busy as all hell… apparently. Private detective AND a bounty hunter, apparently? How does this not qualify him as middle class? Do they have some sort of financial debt?

Amanda Seyfried is the dead friend, Lily. If I’m not mistaken this actually pre-dates Big Love and was maybe right around the time of Mean Girls. Didn’t realize she was in this… one assumes she’s not in a lot of episodes since she’s, y’know, dead. Although, flashbacks seem to be prevalent. 

Boring Boy is maybe Mentally Traumatized Boy? Did he dump Veronica before or after Lily’s death? I mean it’s still shitty to ghost someone like that, but if he is/was spiraling after his sister’s death, then that’s at least somewhat understandable. What was his name? Duncan? Idk, I think Boring Boy sounds better.

Now we’re back to where we started.


Veronica tasers Biker Number Two! Starting to lean more towards V being suicidal with regards to her going hard on this biker gang. Then again, maybe she just knows how to win their respect.

Biker Dude #1 is Weevil… one assumes that’s not the name his mother gave him.

HOLY SHIT! Veronica is a rape survivor! Damn, I knew this show went a lot harder than most, but between the giant gaping head wound on Lily and Veronica’s backstory, here, I was not prepared for it to come this hard this quickly! Okay, show.

Jesus! Veronica’s mom ditched them? It’s a wonder Veronica’s still here. Best/only friend brutally murdered, raped, abandoned by mother? RESPECT to V, for being stronger than steel.

Wallace is a stand-up dude, ignoring the things people say about V.

Keith gets $2,900 dollars catching someone skipping out on bail and they’re considered lower class? For ONE (1) day’s work? That’s as much money as I make in a month.  Where the FUCK is Neptune, California that life is so damned expensive?

Is Keith being weird about Jake Kane? Or is just that getting involved in that family’s business has already thrown his world into disarray once?

NOPE! It’s because his ex-wife is the one at the motel! Fuck! What a goddamned life Veronica has right now.

Okay, so no doubt at all that the Sherriff deserved that… hell, he deserves to be beaten with a barbed wire baseball bat and left to lay in a big pile of salt… but again, are these guys all just complete fangless losers or does Veronica have some sort of death wish? Like she’s maybe made things square with the bikers but now she’s pissed off the Sherriff’s department?

Logan makes a Beach Boys reference? So he is not Boring Boy #2, then.

“Be cool, Soda Pop.”

“Can I have the video back, now?” “Nope.” Oh, Wallace, I love you. You’re number three. Veronica is number two. Back-up is still number one.

Keith is still investigating Lily’s murder too. Interesting.

“Veronica Mars… she’s a marshmallow.” Somehow I feel that if Tumblr had existed in 2004 we’d all be calling ourselves marshmallows instead of cinnamon rolls.

Family is Forever

Request: Hey can I submit a prompt story? (Sorry I’m new) “Drama at Thanksgiving” idk if you do serious ones but maybe the boys, Cas, Jody & the girls, & an original female teen character (idc the name) are @ the table & she isn’t eating so Claire&Alex tell the brothers that the Y/N girl has an ED & everyone reacts differently? Just like mayhem&anger&confusion (Cas bc he doesn’t get it) thanksgiving is tough for me bc of my ED (in recovery!😊) & it’d be cool to see a story about it. Sry if it’s weird :/

TW: eating disorders, family drama, angst 

Summary: Sometimes you have to remember that family is forever and pain is not. 

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Dean Winchester’s favorite holiday had to be Thanksgiving. Every November his heart fluttered at the warmth that the holiday brought him. For one day a year he had the chance to eat as much as he wanted with the people he loved the most. There was no greater day in existence. This year was going to be especially great because he and Sam were spending it with Jody and their girls. Somewhere along the way, if Sam remembered correctly it was a Tuesday in October, they became their girls. Alex, Claire, Y/N, Jody, and Donna were the only women the two men needed. 

Sam was particularly excited since he and Jody had a night together in a motel two months prior. Dean hoped Donna would be wearing the flannel he left at her place the last time he stopped by. Cas just wanted to see Claire because he bought her a new stuffie from the Hot Topical. Regardless of the reason, everyone was happy to be together again in the warmth of the little dining room. The only one unhappy was Y/N. 

It wasn’t like she didn’t want to be with her family, she did, God she did. The food was the problem. No one knew of her stint in rehab, except for Claire and Alex and even then they weren’t supposed to know. She was in recovery, fighting every day to swallow three meals without resistance. Y/N would rather die than let her family know how fucked up she really was. Why bother them with the petty problems of her life when the world might end again?

So she stared at her plate, eyeing everyone else’s. Sam and Dean’s could feed an army and compared to their’s hers was bare. Moving her food around slowly she was trying to work up the courage to eat just enough that she wouldn’t be deemed suspicious. 

Trying not to look suspicious in a room full of hunters was like trying to mix oil and water. Dean quirked up an eyebrow as he reached over for yet another roll. “You going to eat shortstop?” 

Y/N shifted in her seat, moving to cross her legs under the table. “I have.”

“Peaking like a bird don’t count.” He pressed, green eyes focusing on hers. 

The silence was laced with tension, only to be echoed by the clacking of silverware. Claire looked down at her plate before darting her eyes over to Sam. “She has an eating disorder.” 

Five words ignited a firestorm of chaos at the table. Sam cleared his throat, eyes softening into the forsaken puppy look. “Is that true?” She slowly nodded, pushing her plate away from her ever so slightly. 

“Why?” Castiel voiced, eyes furrowed in deep concentration. “All God’s creatures are made perfect as they are. Why hurt yourself in such a way?”

A surge of anger rushed through Y/N causing her knee to bounce repetitively off the kitchen table. “No offense Cas but God messed up my head.”

“Which one do you have?” Dean drilled just as oblivious to the delicacy of the situation as Cas. He let out a cry not long after he spoke due to Donna’s kicking of his shin. “Sorry.” The muttered response was followed by Jody standing to retrieve more wine because this type of conversation called for more alcohol. 

“It doesn’t matter, alright? I got help and I’m working on it. Clearly it was never that big a deal because none of you noticed.” And there is was. The phrase that caused Alex to scrunch her nose. 

“That’s because it’s for attention.” 

The idea of stabbing her family with the carving knife next to the turkey was all too powerful. Y/N’s eyes stung sharply with a hot heat. “It’s not and you know it’s not. If I wanted attention I would get a boyfriend to go fuck in the cabin.” Her throat started to tighten. 

“Oh shit.” Sam and Dean swore in unison watching the drama unfold. 

Jody coughed into her hand, offering a concerned smile. “Alex, I did find the birth control pills in your backpack.” 

Castiel tilted his head in confusion once more, testing the phrase on his tongue. “Birth control?” 

“It prevents babies Cas.” Claire explained finally speaking since she started the whole thing. “And I’m sorry for even bringing it up. This shouldn’t have happened like this but I just thought everyone needed to know. I thought you might…might be able to get better if your family was there to take the pain away.” 

Take the pain away, yes, that’s what she wanted. The tears started falling without control and without care. Castiel’s hand was out, catching each one on a calloused finger tip.  “An old drunk once said that “family don’t end in blood”. I finally understand. This holiday, this meal, you” he bopped her nose gently, “we love you and we’l always be here for you.” 

Recovery was a long road, definitely, but there was a light at the end of the tunnel ( or maybe an angel’s grace). 

Me: Lately people are discussing about Jasons in Battle for the Cowl and B&R V1. IDK, they’re just my favorite!

The guy friend: Meh, maybe it’s because the character himself is too [a Mandarin phrase combining childish+ annoying+ unreasonable].

Me: NO HE IS NOT! How can you say that?! He’s like, soooooo good, he’s precious! How can you blame anything on him considering his situation?????? He’s a great person and 100% pure!

Me: …I’m that kind of parent who justifies everything their child has done.