idk maybe one of my favorite characters

Let’s talk about.... Riverdale.

It’s been a while since I wrote or actually made an article on my blog but
Two weeks ago, I discovered Riverdale. And good god I can’t get enough of it. As I was fangirling ( and snapping my reactions to my best friend ) through episode 6 today, I thought : “ Why not make a list of the people I suspect and why ? “ So here you go Riverdale’s fans, here’s my contribution.




( that jawline tho ) During the summer, Archie was working for his dad (#abs) and frickfracking with Mrs Grundy (#cougar). He obviously knew Jason bc football team and he actually has an aliby. He was with Mrs Grundy when the gunshot was fired. BUT we do know ;that the gunshot was fired by Dilton Doyley. And we don’t know what happened after that but I think they just headed home and he concentrated on his music to forget about the gunshot and knowing a fellow student was dead.

Do I suspect him : YES / NO / MAYBE


I’ll be brief about Veronica. During the summer, she was probably still in New York, and never put a step in Riverdale before the start of the story 

Do I suspect her: YES / NO / MAYBE


Damn gurl.
Here’s the thing about Betty. Every episode makes me question her. One episode I’m like “ of course she didn’t “ and one episode after I’m like “ yeeah, maybe she did. “ 
Betty Cooper is the image of the perfect daughter; good grades, casual clothes, not too popular. On the first episode, her mom gave her some medecine ( i don’t remember the name gosh ) and I looked up on the internet and it’s for helping focus and apparently well used in the USA by students. It also says that it can causes paranoia. Well, well, well. Official version is that Betty was doing an internship during the summer. But good god, I thought she was innocent until I saw the bathtub scene. Remember ? “ Say you’re sorry for what you did to me, Jason “. In the comics we know there was some feud between the sisters because of Jason so why not ? What if she couldn’t accept her sister being happy with him? Anyway, after episode 6 I have my doubts; she apparently didn’t knew about her sister’s condition and I’m starting to think she just snapped at Chuck because she was just so angry ( my little bean, too precious for this world. ) 

Do I suspect her : YES / NO / MAYBE


I just looooooove his character so much (Plus, Cole Sprouse, youknowwhatImean ) We know that this precious being was supposed to go on a road trip with Archie on the 4th of July, but Archie prefered his cougar, leaving the precious being alone. No aliby for him then. And I mean, what a plot twist would it be, you know, writing a book about the investigation of the murder you commited? Anyway, I don’t really think he is connected to the murder, I mean he barely knew Jason and let’s be honest, other things to think than killing a guy.

Do I suspect him : YES / NO / MAYBE


(#queenslayin ) At first, I thought she was only going to be a basic bitch character that we love to hate but she is so much more than that. She really did love her brother, and of course it makes her a suspect. Her family is clearly insane and her brother was a rock. She helped him go away BUT did she? Maybe she knew Polly was pregnant and that he was going to run away with her and she couldn’t stand it ? 

Do I suspect her : YES  / NO / MAYBE


Introduced to us in Episode 6, Polly was an interrogation point. We now know she was dating Jason, that she is pregnant with his child and that they were supposed to run away together, until Alice “mom of the year” Cooper decidet to incarcerate her. The theory that she was “sick” is wronged by Bughead finding the car she told them about. We know both Coopers and Lodges didn’t approve on the relationship but for now, that’s all we know but meh, I don’t think she’s guilty, I mean she really did love him i think.

Do I suspect her : YES / NO / MAYBE


I’mma start with Mamma Bitch. I’m torn with this woman bc she is a complete ASS with Polly but actually trying to protect Betty. Still a bitch thought. She clearly hated Jason with all her guts, actually is “happy” that he is dead and she little chuckle she did when Betty accused her dad “ You think he would have the guts to do it ? “ 

Continuing with Pappa Bitch. We KNOW he stole the sheriff’s evidences and files. And I did put this picture for a reason. “ He’s missing “ you know like he knew that Jason was not dead. 
MY BIG THEORY for the Coopers : They never approved Jason and Polly relationship. When they found out about Polly’s pregnancy, they did their best to seperate them and when they found out about their plan to runaway together, they took care of Polly with the medical centre thing and I assume Alice told Hal to take care of things but maybe he didn’t have the guts ( so I’m assuming he was locked somewhere which will explain the frozen body and the marks on the wrists ? ) so Alice DID it ? 

Do I suspect them : HELL YES / NO / MAYBE 


Thoses two motherfuckers. You know that they’re evil. Penelope Blossom is a bitch to everyone and even Daddy Blossom enjoys himself taking Veronica down. They are pure evil. I’m pretty sure they both mentally and physically abuse Jason AND Cheryl. Mentally is proven , physically I mean, do you remember this magnificent BITCH SLAP ??!

Back to the Blossoms , my theory is pratically the same as the Coopers one, they didn’t approve Polly and Jason relationship and as they are so violent and crazy, they hunt it down, locked him away and killed him when he tried to escape ? Idk but even if they didn’t kill him they’re still guilty as shit for being such bad parents.

Do I suspect them : HELL YES / NO / MAYBE



Little character in the show you may say, but so many things could link to her. Let’s start with the beggining. First, there’s the football team book, with Ethel’s name show not once, not twice but FOUR TIMES. The first time, her name is linked to a guy named Thomas and after that, 3 times to Reggie. 

So, WHAT IF Reggie and Ethel actually dated for a while ? We can see at the end that Reggie probably “Dumped” her. But then again Ethel never mentioned Reggie but always about Chuck. 
Then comes the Bathtub scene at Ethel’s. Little bean is hiding and seems to enjoy the show. What I DID NOTICE on this scene is the hottub which was turning hot thanks to Betty BUT which could also be turn to cold water, REALLY cold ( Jason’s frozen body, anyone ? ) Also, Chuck was handcuffed to the bathtub ( Jason’s marks on his wrists?). 
Chuck got kicked out of the team , Jason’s dead, guess who’s now captain of the football team ? REGGIE
I first thought she was the one stealing Sheriff Keller’s room but then I was proved wrong, daddy bitch did it BUT she didn’t seemed to be at the school show so damn, who could have put the car on fire ? 
MY THEORY IS : Ethel is crazy in love with Reggie and wanted to get rid of Jason so that Reggie could be the king of Riverdale. I know this sounds crazy but her house or at least the bathtub is the only place I can see Jason’s body.

Do I suspect her : HELL YES / NO / MAYBE

Then again , there’s a lot of other characters but I couldn’t find something to write about them so maybe I’ll make updates after every episodes to keep my suspects list updated! Let me know what you think, who do you think killed Jason and why ?

what i want from asoue s2

-A Carmelita theme song. You know like; she just stand up in a table in the middle of cafeteria and start singing a rude song for Baudelaires and Quagmires until Isadora responds something clever and sassy to her. 

-Do you remember the scene which Lemony is talking about the Winnipeg-Dance-Party or something? When Lemony was trying to tell to Beatrice something about Olaf and she was dressed as a Dragonfly. Do you remember this scene? I WANT TO SEE THIS SCENE AS A FLASHBACK. IM DYING TO SEE THIS SCENE AS A FLASHBACK. 

-Quagmires/Baudelaires friendship. That’s actually all i want. 

-An Esme Squalor theme song. Like a scene where she is with Olaf in 667 Apartment and they are dancing or something and they are singing something like weird and funny.

-I want 667 Dark Avenue to be L I T 

-Helena Bonham Carter as Esme Squalor. Am i clear?

-I dont really want to see Sunny climbing an elevator with her teeth. Idk this scene seemed always a little ridiculous to me and anyway the didnt include Sunny’s fight with Orwell so i dont think that they will have this scene in the show.

-Hector to be a more important character. Yeah i know he left Baudelaires to die in the jail because he was a dumbass but Hector and Uncle Monty were the best guardians Baudelaire had. And he did so many things for Quagmires. I want Hector to be a major character. He is so underrated. 

-Lemony wailing for Jacques. Going into the background and stop talking just being quite and sad idk. He never really wailed about Jacques in the books.

-ESME’S STILETOS SHOES. This scene was so funny and creepy is one of my favorites. This scene, you know Baudelaires running and Esme’s hunting them with her shoes. THAT WILL BE AWESOME. 

-JUSTICE FOR OLIVIA. I think i am the only one person in asoue fandom who really liked Madame Lulu. Like the most adults in Snicketverse, she dissapointed Baudelaires, but in the show maybe they can give her more details about her. I really liked her, she was a really interesting character.

-Sunny as the wolfkid. I want to see this, 

-The last episode of TCC i want to see a HUGE cliffhanger, Baudelaires falling from the Mortmein Mountains and Sunny with Olaf’s troupe in the car. 

-Can we see Kit Snicket earlier?????? Please????

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hey there wyrvel, so idk how to start this off but... could you... maybe... explain to me why exactly yamamoto, the good, friendly guy™, is a natural born hitman that's a-okay with murder (according to one of your metas)? like... i really don't get it, which is embarrassing to say because he's my favorite character, but then again i'm only a casual fan. however i adore your meta, so yeah... so if it'd be no problem to youcould you explain how takeshi is cool with murder? bc i really don't get it


I feel like people assume he’s happy-go-lucky, but in the early chapters, Yamamoto has a really sedate, reserved personality. When he interacts with friends, he’s pretty chipper, but if you look at his panels when he’s just observing, he’s pretty…aloof, I guess? He’s usually smiling, but he’s just taking it in. A very “hmmmmmmm B^)” attitude. Even when he’s talking to people, he has a pretty cool, laid-back look.

Yamamoto’s acclimatization to violence is also notable, in that he never had one. He got attacked by yakuza and beach slobs alike, and he’s like “okay! I just have to wreck them with my baseball bat!” with zero transitional logic between that. It just made sense to him? Which is natural for a gag manga, so let’s give that a pass for a second

But in the Kokuyou arc, in his fight with Ken, he had his big revelation…that this is a life-and-death all-or-nothing gang warfare situation, and he, who was already trying to kick Ken’s ass, was like “oh! okay! yeah I’ll get into it now, my bad”. He was informed he needed to change his entire worldview and inflict levels of abuse he’s never performed before and his response is “makes sense”. All the other characters are already Like That - Ryouhei, for example, specifically joined the boxing club because he wanted to get violent in a controlled environment, and that’s still not enough for him - but he’s a regular civilian that just rolled with it.

Yamamoto’s “natural-born hitman” nature is that he easily changes his logic and plans on the fly, is willing to jump to extremes if they’re necessary, has zero problem with accelerating levels of violence, and is innately observant of his surroundings. It’s an indication of his adaptability in the context of the underworld. He’s the character that innovated the most out of all of them - what did he make, like, 6 special moves on top of his existing moveset? That’s pretty advanced, even if you’ve been specifically trained by Reborn.

The ‘Yamamoto is probably super down with murder’ comes from a link from the Future arc, where he cut someone so badly they almost died, seeing them actually get murdered he was like “Yikes! Even I didn’t press that envelope” like Yamamoto…were you willing to?? In just the Varia arc alone you felt bad about letting an assassin badman trying to kill your friends die?? Yamamoto???????

And he was totally willing! Because when he faced off against Daemon, it was specifically with the objective of making Daemon dead. He was angry and frustrated and Daemon not only manipulated his close friends, but victimized his new friends too. And his first response to this is “death is the perfect resolution for this”. This was not his answer for any other situation. He doesn’t think it’s necessary to kill people, and it’s even “not really his thing”, but he was always fully capable of going into murdermode. Accelerating levels of violence is already completely natural to him.

A few links of this are fanon, though, like the [YAMAMOTO INTENSIFIES] where he’s on the edge of the knife eager to receive more information, or that he’s even actively aware of how ready he is to eviscerate people at any one given moment and how odd that is in comparison to the other Guardian’s view of violence. I don’t think Yamamoto even understands that everyone else needs a long process to move their mindset as far as he does in 0.5 seconds, but it’s just more interesting and fun to pretend he does?

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Preston Goodplay for the character thingy 😊

1: sexuality headcanon
2: otp
max/preston is plenty cute
3: brotp
with harrison, and probably nerris?
4: notp
idk, with ered maybe?
5: first headcanon that pops into my head
he has a crush on lin-manuel miranda, you know it, i know it, we ALL know it
6: favorite line from this character
“i don’t know who this BITCH is, but she’s KILLING it! AGH”
7: one way in which I relate to this character
i’m also passionate about my fanfiction
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character
he’s a good kid
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?
cinnamon fave w problematic elements

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For the transformers ask meme (these are fun!), what about MTMTE Ratchet, Tailgate and Whirl? 😈😈😈

I know!!!  ^___^


looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY

I mean, he’s pretty old, but…  XD

can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me

We both care too much and are really bad at goodbyes.

would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t know

Any man that would steal an escape pod and travel halfway across the galaxy to find the Bae is 10000% bf material!  XD


looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY | the cutest thing that ever lived!!!  Omfg!

Added my own.  XD

can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me

We both have that anxious, self doubt thing going on.  I just hide mine a little better.

would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t know

Imagine all the movie/karaoke nights and hoverboard rides to be had!!!  ^___^ 


looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY

Not that I’d say it to his face or anything…  >___>

can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me

He’s way too intense to be me.  XD 

would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t know

Whirl really does need some more people that care about him in his life.  ;___;  But he’s best handled in small doses… 

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This is so random but I feel the scene where Joy flicks his tie wasn't really Joy and Ward so much as it was Jessica Stroup and Tom Pelphrey. Am I the only one who feels like you can totally sense the true actors in that scene? Especially his smile, it was such a Tom smile. IDK man maybe I'm just reading into it to much. But I liked that tiny scene and it felt so genuine lol!

YESSSS EXACTLY. There are a couple moments where I can’t tell if it’s Tom being in character or if he lets a little bit of himself slip through.

There’s the tie scene (one of my favorite scenes in the show)-

And there’s the scene where Ward says Jeri’s best attribute is her humor, and she says, “I thought it was my ass.”

Doesn’t it look like Tom trying not to smile and totally failing? I love it. I hope that’s the case and they decided to keep it in because it’s so freaking adorable.

hetalia-fangirl17  asked:

Hajime in B4? :3 (with maybe a Nagito peeping at him? Lol) ps your art is really nice!! I love it!

Lol! Thank you so much for requesting this one haha! And I’m really happy you like my art!! thanks!! :3  I enjoyed drawing this a lot XD

Hope you like it!! <3

Lol Nagito’s favorite hiding spot is the bushes :P

Also I can’t draw abs XD

Send me a character and an outfit

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Yuri Plisetsky

Okay first off I want to age him up to like 18 before I answer this because like… he’s a child.
My NOTP for them- JJ
My BROTP for them- Viktor Nikiforov
My OTP for them- Otabek Altin
My second choice pairing for them- maybe Mila?
My fluffy pairing for them- Otabek
My angsty pairing for them- idk man he’s a baby. He shouldn’t be in an angsty relationship.
My favorite poly ship for them- Don’t really have one, feel free to send them in
My weirdest pairing for them- again he’s a baby so I try not to make it weird

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Gosh we saw Keith up close like twice in the new trailer and both times he makes faces that are very likely to be related to Shiro??? Like the first one he could he feeling sad for losing him and in the second - maybe going berserk because someone provoked him about it??? or idk maybe the last one is totally unrelated but he's doing the Anime Tiny Eyes Of Fury and I'd very much love it if it were because of Shiro ;w;

With all due respect to my boy Shiro because I love him deeply, obviously, but I would actually like to think that Keith is very concerned about the team and about the state of the Black lion, re: Keith staring at it

Like don’t get me wrong, Shiro is obviously my favorite character and I love sheith dearly but I’m a lot more interested in watching Keith dealing with the pressure of being a leader and with standing on the Black lion (while mourning Shiro on the side) than I am in Keith being 100% emo over him.

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Relationship status: The only relationship I have is myself,,

Favorite Color: pastel colors, turquoise, green-blue

Lipstick or chapstick?: Chapstick. Lipstick is just. Ew

Last song you’ve listened to:  tear in my heart // twenty one pilots,, help??

The last movie you’ve watched: I don’t friggin know. The last I’ve even looked at my TV was today, it was left turned on pause. hh,,,

Top 3 favorite characters: Torm (eddsworld), Scribble Tom (Eddsworld) and idk,, maybe Tom? He’s a bit over rated,,, but that’s fine. E-everything aaaaall fine.  

Top 3 ships:  TomTord, Domska 8^) and Joshler

Book/Manga you’re reading: Re-reading the blue exorcist manga, but I am trying to get my hands on Warrior Cats.

Top five musicals: Heathers…. and that’s it. 

Who I am tagging: @ourhamiltrash ,  @the-make-believe-artist , @sewlovelyyy , @fuzzycarpet12 (screw the rules lmao)

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Can you please do Neil or Harrison for the character thing? 🙏 Pretty please? By the way, while I have your attention, I love your art 💖

ALRIGHT so magic kid:
1: sexuality headcanon

2: otp
w neil!!
3: brotp
i love the consistently nice interaction they share with nikki! but also nerris and preston, and max recently. harrison seems to want to be on max’s good side.
4: notp
ehh idk, maybe with nerris? she’s just. very rude.
5: first headcanon that pops into my head
i always thought nerris was so mean to him because his magic was the real deal.
6: favorite line from this character
7: one way in which I relate to this character
i’m also motivated by spite
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character
can’t really. think of one.
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?
smug cinnamon fave

anonymous asked:

i'm gonna send you missy for the character thing

1: sexuality headcanon


2: otp

her and Twelve, ofc

3: brotp

Clara, who I also ship her with in delightfully fun if often unhealthy ways, whoops

4: notp

idk I guess like, her and Nardole lmao

or maybe her and Bill (in a serious capacity, that is, mutual gay admiration is fine) just bc I don’t trust anyone that shady anywhere near Bill

5: first headcanon that pops into my head

that she knows the entire choreography of the Little Mix ‘Touch’ music video, whoops

6: favorite line from this character

“Blow up this plane! And, I don’t know, Belgium, yeah? Kill some Belgians, might as well, they’re not even French!” 

7: one way in which I relate to this character

I too adore the Twelfth Doctor to the point where I would change my whole life for him or at least try to

8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character

she’s too emotional/evil to get embarrassed

9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?


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Hmailton for your ask meme?

here we go my dudes

1. favorite character
ahh uhm… either lafayette or eliza (jefferson gets honorable mention). 

2. favorite person to play said favorite character?
cliché ik but daveed diggs, but andrew chappelle is a very close second

3. character you relate to the most?
probably madison. (smol, mad and tired)

4. character you would most like to play?
ALEXANDER HAMILTON but maria would also be really fun (w o i n k)

5. character you would most like to meet?
eliza, no doubt about it. she is inspirational, precious and amazing.

6. most underrated character?

7. favorite sung line(s)?
“For just a moment, a yellow sky.”
“The world was wide enough for both Hamilton and me.”
“If Washington isn’t gon’ listen to disciplined dissidents this is the difference this kid is OUT!”

8. favorite spoken line(s)?
well, it’s one of the very few spoken ones. “I have so much work to do.”

9. first song you heard from the show?
my shot (yeah ik)

10. song you play on repeat?
your obedient servant, hurricane or my shot.

11. song you skip when it comes on shuffle?
What Comes Next?

12. most underrated song?
washington on your side and best of wives and best of women

13. favorite head cannon?
idk i don’t really have one, maybe that when eliza died she was given a hero’s funeral? idk.

14. three words that describe this show?
man makes mistakes.

15. overall rate?
still one of the best musicals i’ve ever listened to, it’s music is amazing, it’s characters are great and i love it to bits.

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Favorite season: fall
Favorite flower: roses
Favorite scent: the “mexican house” scent (idk that’s what i call it) and any other smells that remind me of my good friends. also new car smell?? for some reason it reminds me of fall out boy in this really good nostalgic way
Favorite color: red, blue-green 
Favorite animal: dog, rats
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: tea or hot cocoa.
Average hours of sleep: oo really depends 
Favorite fictional character: everyone from blues clues. idk. myself.
Number of blankets: 2 
Dream trip: going across the country on a train, meeting new people, hearing stories, playing cards, making music, being with my friends as we make new ones.  
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  • me: I just watched voltron and omg idk who my favorite character even is, they're all so good!
  • pidge: *is an altogether good, intelligent, and interesting character who has a bit of trouble connecting with others and who I headcanon as ace*
  • pidge: *is also a bit of an asshole with a smart mouth and Family Angst(tm)*
  • me with my track record: so I have a favorite character...

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Gen relationships: The 7D


Give me a fandom and I’ll tell you:

My favorite parent-child relationship: Despite the fact that The Family Pickles is not my favorite episode, I adore Starchy’s realtionship with his mom a lot

My favorite sibling relationship: I  like the idea that Doc, Happy, Sleepy and Grump being a sibling figure for Dopey, Sneezy and Bashful, is really cute
My favorite family relationship (other): Royal Family

(I know that is not canon, but I like the idea of Queen Delighful seein Starchy and The 7D as part of her family)

My favorite friendship between two people

My favorite friendship between a group

These guys!!

My favorite mentorship: Nah
My favorite rivalry: None
My favorite hatred/antipathy: Does the one between Goldielocks and Dumphrey with the 7D counts as one?
My favorite potential relationship between characters who never talk in canon Maybe the one with the Delivery Man with Sneezy being brothers or The Milkmaid with any of the dwarfs, idk