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Got some new copics yesterday and had to try them out, which worked out well since I’ve been itching to draw this cat!bill design from the coven au that’s been floating around


Prompt: The reader is a nurse walking home after her shift and stumbles upon a hurt Bucky, as much as she just wants to just go home and sleep and she knows she shouldn’t, she invites him to her apartment to fix him up.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Genre: fallin’ in love on a farm ‘n stuff

Word Count: 5,394

Author’s Note: so i veered quite a bit off the prompt but i also rly like this one and yes pls enjoy but hey at least she finds him and fixes him and like idk falls in love or s/t idk i hope u like ty also enjoy the gif below ty

The day your life changes is the day you find an injured man at the back of your barn on the far end of your property. You, of course, don’t notice him until two days later when you’re packing up your truck for another day at work. You’re startled by the groans of pain that are coming from the far back corner of the building, and while you were used to hearing strange sounds around this area, this was certainly the strangest. As you round a bale of hay, your eyes meet the broken ones of a man in pain. He lies in a crumpled heap on a few ragged blankets he’s piled up for some semblance of comfort. It’s not hard to tell that he’s sick, with his skin as pale as a ghost and his face beaded with sweat. You don’t realize the severity of the problem until you get him to your house, your arm supporting his large frame as he stumbles through the doorway.

“On to the table, let me take a look,” As soon as you see the wound- a large, angry thing, you know that you need to take him to the hospital. As a veterinarian, you’re entitled to owning quite a bit of sedatives and other drugs to help when the animals are injured, but you know that you don’t have anything near as strong as what he’ll need. “We need to take you to the doctors,” you mumble, your hands working quickly to peel his shirt off of his body,  “there’s no way any of this is going to heal without-“

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