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Okay something that’s been bothering me: How old is Dr. Flug??? Like we can guess that Black Hat is fucking older than the entire earth or some shit like this. He’s been around longer than we have that’s for sure- but what about Flug? 

A lot of people have pointed out that there’s a photo in the background of the shorts of BH and Flug meeting (what I assume is) Al Capone. It might of just been put in there to fill the scene or its a look into the shit these guys have been into. 

If the latter is more true, then wouldn’t Flug be like, an older man? Not a scrawny never-aged-a-day college looking student? Idk its just bothering me because I really wanna know. I mean more then likely its just an Easter egg but it’s a really fun thought to see it as something more.

How They React To You Asking About Trying For a Baby (EXO)

Feel free to send in requests guys! I do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell me who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3

SUHO: OHH my god he’d be so happy. Honestly he’d just be so ecstatic that you’d consider him daddy material (and i’m not talking Daddy $uho, ok) He wouldn’t even think twice about it and immediately agree. Although, later he may put a little more thought into it (like the child’s future and stuff, and your’s and his future), but he wouldn’t change his mind at all.

CHANYEOL: He’d be excited AF seeing as he’s really a kid (lets be honest) so he’d 99.9% for sure would agree, but he wouldn’t want to jump into it without seriously discussing it, making sure it was what you really wanted and that it was the right move to make in your relationship.

KYUNGSOO: He’d be more surprised rather than excited when you ask about having children. Not that he wouldn’t want children with you, he just wouldn’t expect it. But he’d most definitely warm up to the idea of a baby once he realized how happy it would make you (he’s so damn squish)  

BAEKHYUN: This guy is just as good with kids as Chanyeol, but he would deny you at first, thinking maybe it was too soon or not the right move to make yet. He’d only be concerned for you and his child’s future since he’s an idol and wouldn’t want you to have a difficult life. He wouldn’t need too much convincing though, as the mere thought of starting a family with you made him too giddy.

JONGIN: This one would be shocked like Kyungsoo would be, and a little scared too. He’d doubt his ability to be a good dad (even though he knew for sure you’d be a good mom) and would say no at first, telling you how he felt. After you told how ridiculous that was (I mean, have you seen him with kids? A+ son), you got him to warm up to it a little bit. Eventually, he’d catch the baby fever too after seeing you holding a relatives infant one day and imagined it being his.

SEHUN: This kid would piss his pants. He’d love the idea of it, but he’d expected you to ask for it later. He wouldn’t be totally comfortable with kids yet and he wouldn’t know what to say. He’d probably start joking around out of reflex, which might make you upset since you’d be very serious about it. After that he’d feel really bad that he upset you so much that he’d probably spend more time thinking about it and considering it. He wouldn’t agree to it right then, but in about a year or so, e’d start to really like the idea.

XIUMIN: I feel like he’d be pretty ready himself, but he might not be totally sure that you were ready (not thinking you’d be a bad mom, but if you really wanted this or it was just a passing desire. Once he saw that you were really on board and that you knew what you were getting into, he’d be all up for baby-making (bow-chika-wowow)

CHEN: Ho-hey, he’d be like ‘fuck yeah lets have a baby’, fully confident you two would be good parents. He wasn’t worried about his home life and career getting mixed up because you were always his top priority.

YIXING: Oh goodness, forgive this boy, you’d probably have to repeat your question a couple times. He’d wonder how this came so out of the blue, but he wouldn’t be unhappy about it. He’d think about it with a positive attitude and start liking it more and more, no matter how nervous he was about becoming a dad.


KRIS: This guy could go either way, seeing as how he’s good with kids but he seems really busy with his career. He’d probably not reject your request out-right, asking if you could wait a little while longer. But he’d look forward to entering fatherhood sometime in the near future.

TAO: He’d be the hardest to persuade, I feel. He likes having little to no responsibility and having a baby would throw a wrench in the middle of things. He’d flat out deny you at first, not offering a maybe-in-the-future. You’d both get upset and fight a little, calling each other selfish. You’d probably leave the house to cool off, making him think you were leaving for good and sending him into a panic. He’d cry while you were gone and think of how much you meant to him. You’d come back and find him in an apologetic mess.After calming down, he would give you a hesitant ‘maybe’, which you’d accept for now.

LUHAN: Lulu would feel really proud that you’d consider him man enough to become the father to your children, but he’d also be really really nervous, thinking he might not live up to expectations. He’d give a firm yes once you told him you thought he’d be a better dad than any one expected.

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noticed there was a lack of half-naked Marco chasing after Marie in the snow and thought I might try my hand at rectifying that

somebody remind me not to speed draw because what is perspective //lays on floor facedown