idk man this was kind of spontaneous

starfieldcanvas  asked:

Elise! How do you think Enjolras and Grantaire handle LA BISE?

OH MY GOD Enjolras would be the kind of guy who would observe la bise tradition RELIGIOUSLY because it’s mega French and IDK it’s just a nice way to say “Bonjour”? So he asks 1) if the person does it/wants it 2) how many slammed cheek kisses nonsense they usually give before doing anything, because the man has MANNERS. 

Grantaire is more of a “why bother” kind of biseur, he didn’t even shave this morning, hell, he didn’t shave the morning before that, do you really want to do this to yourself? Of course he accepts it if he’s spontaneously given the bise by anyone (read Cosette, Marius and Jehan), but he won’t give it himself.

Until the day Enjolras found it awkward to bise the whole group except him. So he politely asked Grantaire if he wanted him to greet him that way and how many kisses were desired. Grantaire seeing 12 pairs of eyes on him kind of awkwardly blurted “ONE”, trying to contain his blushing level to a nice underripe nectarine level.

Enjolras gave him a kiss on the cheek. Like a proper one. Not the cheek slamming nonsense. Lips on skin kind of business.

(Bahorel just headbutts people ever since he saw the Hobbit)