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Thievery | Peter Parker x Reader

requested: no

summary: reader is peter’s best friend and has just realized her true feelings. after the school day she is walking home and stops at Delmar’s to get a sandwich where a theif comes in and holds everyone at gunpoint. reader is well trained in fighting and takes him on, unaware that he has powers. spider-man arrives on the scene and things get interesting…

word count: 2252 (sorry it’s so long, got carried away)

a/n: this is my first peter parker one and i’m nervous. also idk how i feel about this but i would be up to writing a part 2..? PLEASE give me feedback, that gives me life. anyway hope you enjoy

part 2


Tucking a strand of Y/H/C hair behind your ear, you steeled yourself to brave the horrors that were the halls of Midtown Science High School. You sucked in a breath and dove in, immediately being shoved from side to side by teenagers preoccupied by their phones, their friends, or their crushes.

“Hey! Hey, Y/N!” You heard your friend Ned shouting for you and pivoted to face him, nearly causing yourself to collide with a huge dude with a mohawk. Luckily, Ned managed to grab your arm and yank you over to him.

Gasping a sigh of relief you thanked him, “Ned, you just saved my life.” To which he rolled his eyes.

“Yeah Y/N, he’s a real spider-man, better actually.” You heard the sarcasm dripping from his mouth before you saw your best friend in the world: Peter Parker. He came into view with his slightly-disheveled (but in a good way) hair. You averted your eyes immediately, feeling that tight sensation in the pit of your stomach. Unfortunately, your inability to meet his eyes did not go unnoticed and Peter’s face melted into worry, “Hey, Y/N? You ok?” His voice was ridden with worry but you just brushed it off.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine, just thought I might’ve dropped something.” You mumbled your excuse, gesturing to your overflowing hands with a short nod and flashed him an empty smile. He cocked his eyebrows at you, clearly knowing something was up, but let it go.

“Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tonight and have a Star Wars marathon with us?” Ned asked as he finished locking away his supplies in his locker and slamming it shut with an ear piercing metal bang. You considered his offer, on one hand you loved hanging out with them, you guys always laughed a lot and a new inside joke came out of every single one of these sleepovers. On the other hand, just this week you noticed something that once realized, could not be shoved to the side; you were falling in love with Peter, fast.

Recognizing your hesitation Ned used his persuasive sing-song voice, “There will be Doritosssss…you’re favorite.” He poked you in the side and you threw your head back and giggled. You glanced sideways at Ned, taking in his goofy grin, raised eyebrows and squinted eyes awaiting your response, and then you couldn’t wait any longer and you met Peter’s gaze. He was looking at you with a small smile and his eyes sparkled light brown with sincere affection. Dammit.

“Yeah, it’ll be fun, who’s house?” You gave in, knowing it was in your best interest both to have fun and because they would fight you on it until you said yes anyway. Both the teenage boys’ faces lit up with excitement.

“5:30!! My house.” Peter exclaimed, clapping his hands together in victory. You snorted a bit and nodded.

“I’ll be there. Alright, I have to run home to clean my room and I want to stop at Delmar’s on the way. Peter you wanna come with? It’s right near your apartment.” You let it slip before you could think better of it. Peter got the face that said “I really want to come but…” and you knew exactly what was coming.

“I have the Stark internship…” You said it in unison with him, earning a small smirk and a sigh, “I’m sorry but I really do need to just finish… some, stuff.. before we all hang out.” You nodded and called a goodbye, turning just too early to see the sorrowful look on his face. He wanted to be with you more than you knew…

“Hey Mr. Delmar!” You called as you entered the bodega. The large man behind the counter smiled at you as you made your way to the fat cat on the counter.

“Hola Y/N. You want a number 3? No pickles?” He asks you, you nod in approval.

“Oh you know me so well,” You shot him a wide smile and then began to scan the aisles to pass the time. You strolled past a mother with her little boy and noted that he was grasping a spider-man toy in his hand and tugging at his mother’s arm.

“Mommy, Mommy, wook, I make Pider-man go flying to help.” His baby lisp only made the entire scene that much cuter, his mother looked down and smiled at him, “Yes baby, Spider-man will always protect you.” You felt your heart leap. You always felt this weird connection to the idea of Spider-man, more-so than any other hero.

“So, Y/N, where is your boyfriend?” You hear Mr. Delmar call as you round the aisle closest to him. He rests an elbow on the counter and raises a single eyebrow in an eerie knowing way. You narrow your eyes at him and prepare to give him the “He’s not my boyfriend speech” that you give him at least twice a week. But you stopped short when his eyes went wide and he raised his hands in submission. He cocked his head at you as an attempt to tell you to get away.

“Put your hands in the air,” You heard a rough voice and then felt a jab in your lower back… a gun. You did as he said and felt him pin your hands together and place them where the gun was, which was now by your head. You felt your heartbeat in your neck and everything seemed to slow down. You saw the woman pull her son behind the furthest aisle, she locked eyes with you and you felt her fear echoed in your face.

“Give me the money, NOW” He shouted at Mr. Delmar, who looked at you with the concern of a parent and did as he said, pulling open the cash register. Pulling yourself out of the haze of fear you forced yourself to remember your training. Closing your eyes tight you drew in a serene breath, One, Two, Three.

Throwing your elbow back, you stomped on his booted foot. He drew away from you with a wheeze of surprise and pain. You threw a hard right hook and distracted him as Mr. Delmar reached for the phone and dialed 911. You actually started to have the upper hand as you kicked out his right foot and he fell to his knee, but then something turned the tables, his hands began to steam and his ski mask caught fire… shit

Peter always followed you home before he started searching for crime, only leaving you if he sees a problem or hears sirens. He was sitting up on top of the building behind the ATM across the street from Delmar’s swinging his legs back and forth and waiting for you to return to view with a sandwich in hand. He pulled his phone out of the side pocket of his backpack and scrolled through to see if he had any new texts from Ned. You were taking longer than usual, he stood up on the edge of the building, careful not to be seen, since he was wearing the Spider-man suit, and searched for you.

Peter knew something was up, he couldn’t keep hiding the secret from you, and eventually Ned would probably let it slip. He thought back to earlier this afternoon when you wouldn’t meet his eyes. He didn’t want to lose you but he didn’t want to put you in jeopardy with you knowing.

“Karen, can I hear what’s happening in there?” Peter asked his suit lady.

“Engaging enhanced reconnaissance mode” He then heard a commotion and could see the heat signatures of two people fighting. Suddenly, however, one of the figures had their hands and head light up red-hot. Shit, Y/N was in there. Peter shot up and jumped from his perch onto the ATM building and then swung down to Delmar’s, blasting through the door. Nobody would hurt Y/N…

You pulled away from the burning man and backed up as far as you could. But you remembered the frightened woman and decided to try and lead him away from them, “Come on, I’m just a teenager why don’t you come get me?” That was the wrong thing to say, he hurled a fireball at your head. You narrowly avoided it but fell to the floor, tripping over a fallen newspaper stack. Your heart caught in your throat as he moved to stand over you, pulling off his mask to reveal a devilish smirk.

“What are you going to do now, babyface?” He growled at you, showcasing his cracked and missing teeth. You cringed away just kind of moving backwards an inch.

“She doesn’t have to do anything, because I will.” Your head whipped up to find the source of the familiar voice. What you found you couldn’t believe… It was him! Spider-man. He shot a web into the middle of the mans chest and used it to pull him forward, he kicked the man in the chest and then looked over at you. “Get everyone out of here! Get to safety.” You looked up at him mesmerized, taking a moment to fully absorb his words and then nodded profusely. You pulled yourself up, muscles aching from the combat you just did and scurried over to huddled mother. 

“Please, you have to get out of her.” The woman nodded and gripped her son tightly, sprinting for the door as he kept pointing at the real version of the small action figure in his hand. You nodded at Mr. Delmar and he began to get employees out. You slowly leaned around one of the aisles to see where they were. Spider-man was locked in combat with him, continuously shooting webs that would melt over his hands so that the punches didn’t burn. You saw that no one else was left in the store and looked around for an exit route. You were blocked in, they had moved over by the doorway. You wanted to help the hero but didn’t know how. Then it occurred to you.

You leaned close to the ground and made your way to the ice cream refrigerator on the wall on the wall. Desperately, you flung the door open and began ripping ice cream off the walls, until there was enough space for you to be able to fit in it. You stood in front of it and then prepared yourself for bravery you were pretty sure you didn’t actually have.

“Hey! Hot-Head! Come at me, I bet I can still take you.” He turned to you and smiled. You turned around fast to make sure the open fridge was right behind you.

“What-what’re you doing!?” Spider-man shouted, but you shook your head, letting the man get closer. His hands caught fire and he pushed you until you were up against the freezer and you caught eyes with Spider-man. You had about 2 seconds to get him to understand. You gestured your head back, ducked down and pushed yourself on the floor between the mans legs and shouted, “WEB HIM.”

In a second a stream of webs shot over your head and sealed the man in the freezer, door still open (you weren’t trying to kill him). Spider-man walked forward and webbed him over and over again. And you knew your theory worked, the fridge counteracted his heat and he could not melt the webs.

When he was done webbing the thief, Spider-man turned to you and cocked his head in a weirdly familiar way, “Thank you, that was really brave..” He seemed confused but also satisfied and sort of… proud?

“Yeah- uh, no of course.” You replied nervously, noticing that he seemed to have made his voice lower since the last time he talked. You took in his muscles and felt a blush creep over your face.

“Listen, I kind of have to go, the cops are going to get here soon and I really don’t want to have to explain to my parents what happened, also I want to be able to hang out with my friends. They’d never let me leave the house again after this…” You gestured to the scene around you. The masked hero nodded. 

“I get it… more than you know. Come here, I can help.” He motioned for you to come outside by the door with him. “Hold on tight.” He grabbed you around the waist once you were out and shot a web, lifting you into the air. It was exhilarating and you felt your hair whipping around your face. However, the joy ride was short. Spider-man brought you to the ground 3 buildings over from Delmar’s just as the first responders arrived on the scene. Miraculously he took you in the direction of your house.

“Now you don’t have to worry, get home safe. I don’t recommend any more stops tonight.” Spider-man said to you. There was a note of deep concern in his voice and again it felt familiar.

“Thank you,” You whispered breathless. Staring at a real hero, one whom you had just helped catch a villain was unreal. He didn’t answer, he merely raised a gloved hand and smoothed down your unruly hair. Then without warning he shot a web out to his right and swung out of view.

Something in your stomach was telling you that you knew the face underneath that mask, but you tucked away that nagging feeling and hauled-ass home.

Legit- (Dylan O‘Brien)

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Characters: OC’s, Dylan O’Brien and (Y/N)

Word Count: 1219

Warnings: none

Pairing: idk man I got bored I guess some Dylan x Reader

Summary: an interview with your fellow cast mate Dylan goes totally aloof 

(Y/C/N)- your character name

“Run!” (Y/C/N) yells into the darkness of the hospital. Lights flash, the elevator opens. A shadowed figure starts laughing. Stiles grabs (Y/C/N)’s hand and starts dragging her down the hospital corridors, the running is slow motion. The lights shut off. Silence. 

The hospital scene fades away on the large screen behind me and the audience begin to clap and cheer. Dylan and I grin at each other, already knowing what happens after that scene. 

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Do you think the balloon squad knew Even wasn't straight? I know for sure they wouldn't have a problem but I wonder if they knew. I've also believed since last season that Mikael is not straight. It would be amazing to have an LGBT Muslim character.

oh wow that’s such an interesting question. i mean, i assume that at least mikael knew that even identifies as mga since they were best friends and even’s video project had that gay shit in it. (my personal hc is that there were.. feelings between them at least on even’s side which means mikael would almost certainly be aware of it). as far as the other balloon squad members i really don’t know? technically we don’t know if even was friends with all of them or just mikael? but i agree, those are some WHOLESOME boys and if there was a falling out between even and the whole squad, it’s super unlikely that it had anything to do with him being mga.

bi mikael is………SO CLOSE TO MY HEART………

i would like to take a second here to mention that there’s a lot of subtext that supports the reading that mikael is also lgbt? like i mentioned above, mikael’s video of even working on his project is how we are introduced to them both. and now that we know for sure that even’s putin/captain america plot isn’s a case of no homo, there is So much to unpack there: i’m riffing off @stardefiant here but like, 2 boys in love who are kept apart by a girl sounds suspiciously like the plot of season 3, but it could also speak to an experience that even had before he met isak. and sonja jumping straight to the “he doesn’t have feelings for you he’s just manic” comment is also a pretty strong indicator that something like this may have happened before. not to mention even’s deflective comment to isak about mikael being the “former man of my life.”

IDK IT JUST MAKES SENSE. and let’s be real, what show other than skam would introduce muslim lgbt characters??? i need julie to WHACK me with that shit

Memories of a Broken Heart

Idol: Jung Jaehyun

Word Count: 807

Genre: Angst/Gang!Au

Request: Nope

A/N: Idk why but i felt inspired and I have some serious Jaehyun feels.

“Jaehyun, please stop!” I begged as I tried to break up the fight my boyfriend got into. It wasn’t the first time he had gotten in a fight and I was there trying to break it up before he got seriously hurt.

Luckily, I was able to pull him off the man as I pleaded him to stop. He yanked his arm from my grip and glared at me. I don’t know when this habit ever came to be. It was like my Jaehyun was taken away by…by this monster. I knew he would never hurt me, god forbid he ever laid a hand on me. However, the lifestyle he had could put my life in serious danger. But now I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay with the monster he became.

“Let go Y/n” He growls harshly.

“Aw, now would you look at that, little Jaehyun got himself a girlfriend” The man chuckled along with two other men that where by his side watching.

“What a feisty girl you got” He chuckled. I scoffed in disgust while trying to pull Jaehyun away.

“If you dare lay your filthy hands on her I swear I’ll rip your throat out” Jaehyun threatened angrily while grabbing the man by the caller.  

“Jaehyun” I shout as my eyes got teary, I was tired of this.

Jaehyun let go while glaring at the man. He fix his jacket and stepped back. He looked at me with cold eyes he was backing away.

“Catch you around Jae, don’t forget about what you owe us” One of the men chuckled, he whispered the last part so I didn’t get what he said. The man fighting Jaehyun growled low while walking away from the restaurant me and Jaehyun were supposed to have dinner at.

“I wish you didn’t fight with everyone” I sigh, trying to grab his hand in mine. He was quick to pull away and started to walk in front of me, his nose bleeding slightly from the fight.

“Don’t act like my mom Y/n” He scoffed. “I’m tired of defending your weak ass” He breathed while putting his hands into his pocket and walking in front of me.  I stood there as a single tear fell from my glossy eyes.

Definitely not my Jaehyun.

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  • the foxes as shit i did in high school
  • neil: made my history teacher cry after giving a detailed 10 minute explanation on why she was terrible at her job a day before she left for a long vacation to have a surgery
  • andrew: sat up on the catwalk 30 ft up in the theater and threw balls of tape at people while insulting their intelligence, surrounded by packets of sugar i was hoarding and eating
  • aaron: made a kid cry in chemistry class because i dragged him so sufficiently, then told by the teacher that i am "very good at making people feel stupid"
  • kevin: came to school drunk and aced a history test
  • matt: skipped my classes to go hang out with my friends in their classes, somehow ended up doing their assignments
  • nicky: tried to tell a girl i liked her but ended up walking straight into a trashcan then still managed to get a date with her
  • dan: was made fun of by the football guys in the weight room for being small then squatted more weight than them
  • renee: got nominated to be an ambassador for an anti-bullying campaign by a teacher who saw me kick a guys desk over for being a dick
  • allison: came to shop class in a dress, full makeup, and heels, and ended up doing more than all the guys put together

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I feel like with queerbaiting the charcters' relationship just plateaus after a certain point, but supergirl keeps developing kara and lena's relationship and we know theyre not even close to being done, hmm

I KNOW. like the thing with queerbaiting is that you can tell its people wishful thinking. usually, it’s not really there, ya know? more like a reading between the lines kind of situation. 

they don't really go on dates, don't have lip bites, don't say things that sound romantic, don't give each other flowers, dont constantly say thing like “always” and keep repeating “friends” to the point of it sounding sarcastic. queerbaiting is usually two characters sharing a couple of glances. but with supercorp every scene is them staring at each other like they are about to blurt out “I love you” or start making out. it’s glancing at each other’s bodies and lips and lip bites. it's teasing in a flirty way, eyebrow raises, blushing, flustered laughs and shy smiles, etc… its these things that the writers have also written in the canon romance (lena also did the teasing, flirting and eyebrow raises with jack. kara also laughed nervously in an exaggerated way with james, and blushes) and even the canon romance for kara is lacking most of these. 

like supercorp has more canonically romantic moments (not read between the lines but in the actual lines and actions shown) than karamel, that is the canon romance right now. because when it comes down to it being flustered, nervous, blushing and going on dates is much more romantic than fighting and kissing.

so lmao people can call it queerbaiting and maybe it is but you can’t deny that this queerbaiting is more like canon romantic interactions and not a product of people’s imaginations. even if it doesn’t become canon. especially when their relationship has evolved and unlike most queerbaiting it isn't the same throughout the whole thing with no actual explanation for those gay vibes you get. so we are getting a whole bunch of actually visible facts (it’s right there on the screen and the audio, you can’t deny what is being shown to us. its not fanfic, its canon) that show us there is something there (even if they don't make them a couple) and not all ships (especially when they are supposed to last on tv shows) are made canon right away. 

to me, it just feels a lot different to any other queerbaiting I’ve seen. considering they would get the same effect without going through the trouble of making it so obvious that even the media noticed it. and without making people start questioning kara’s romantic interest for her canon bf. so lmao why do that when you could create a read between the lines queerbaiting relationship like most shows do? also they already have sanvers so no need to queerbait 

UM i would like to talk about that part in spider-man: homecoming when Happy was loading all that shit on the plane for Moving Day and he mentioned A PROTOTYPE FOR CAP’S NEW SHIELD??? um excuse em moi??

r u tellin me that tony mayhaps loves his dear friend steven unconditionally and has forgiven him and bucky?? i bet they’ve been Talking and organizing how they can all come back!! oh my god they miss each other they just want to be a family again!! Tony’s getting the compound all prepped and ready for them to come back. All shiny and new!!

steve said “I don’t like the idea of you rattling around alone in a mansion” and tony’s like fuck he’s probably rite i gotta sell this fuckin tower we don’t even use it anymore and i’m tired of sulking around its empty halls. i miss my friends i’m gonna build them some toys.

so then SO THEN tony gets to work and starts making thor a Sick Belt and cap a New Shield and stays up during obscene hours under lamplight sewing peter and dope new suit and then later presents it to him like ya whatever i only hand-stitched this entire thing with my unconditional love and affection relax about it.

and things will be NO DIFFERENT when he gives steve the new shield he made he’ll be like ya i only spent a year making this and crafted it with the upmost precision and painstakingly ensured that these new amenities will protect u as if if was my very own heart duct taped on the front of there to take any hit for u but it’s really not a big deal so shut the fuck up about it i love you more than anything anyway is bucky okay bc i have some ideas for his arm

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I never really got into those Talon!AUs. I don't know man, just keep the Court of Owls away from me.


idk my guy i’m climbing a volcano tomorrow. 

i hate how the entire talon thing in canon was and @margoshkas can in five minutes devise a way better way to do that entire story line and history of that organization

talon? how about edgelord steampunk 3000 okay. 

Daddy’s Home Again|| Old Man Logan + Daughter!Reader

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Requested by: Anon

Prompt:  IDK IF I MISSED THE TIME OR NOT I really love your stories though! Could you maybe do an Old Man Logan x Daughter! Reader? Maybe the daughter has a similar mutation like 23 but with bone claws instead? And only on her knuckles? Maybe angsty I freaking love angst.

* I’m trying my best to keep these as short and thorough as possible so I can done with them, but because it’s Fathers Day this one got away from me LOL


Tag List: @xavier-chxrles @house-of-penguin @drewkelliii @weasleytheking @agirlinherhead @itsbrittbrattt @buckybabble @avengers-bucky-fanfic @castawaybarnes @cleanslates @let-it-go-and-live-again @liveourlifelikenobodyelse @tigers-have-teeth @katiedreamy @rivertales 

Lyrics come from I’m Coming Home - Skylar Grey 

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I have a headcanon that Nico and a Hazel can really dance to swing music


  • Hazel and Nico are a notorious brother/sister prodigy duo who compete at swing competitions, and they are fucking savage. Like get out the way, man, they will take you down.
  • After high school, they both are offered a scholarship for a prestigious conservatory.
  • Hazel is thrilled; Nico is a little more skeptical, but he agrees to go
  • The rest of the squad.
  • Nico’s roommate is Leo, who’s another scholarship kid - he’s from a poor neighborhood in a town in southern Texas, right on the border of Mexico. His mama couldn’t afford to send him to classes, so he taught himself hip-hop as a kid and started entering himself in competitions. He loves the mechanics of dance, the way each step breaks down and becomes something magic.
  • Percy and Annabeth are also in the hip-hop program, but their specialty is breakdancing; they leave campus almost every weekend to busk for money, dancing on the street.
  • Piper was part of a huge hop-hop dance crew as a teenager, touring the country, until issues with her family made her quit and return home. After helping her father clean up his act, she leaves home again and pays her way through university. She keeps getting in trouble for hot-wiring the professors’ Ferraris.
  • Jason and Reyna are both in the ballet program.
  • Reyna is prima ballerina, and everyone fears her because nobody’s ever seen someone look that graceful and powerful and serene whilst standing on their fucking tiptoes.
  • Jason is a bit more awkward, but his jumps make it look like he’s flying.
  • Frank is an absolutely incredible ballroom dancer; Hazel spots him practicing one day and is totally smitten, and then she meets him and he is the biggest fucking dork imaginable and she immediately texts Nico and is like “help me I’m in love”
  • Will’s not a dancer - he’s an aspiring athletic trainer, working at the university as part of his internship.
  • Actually, he can’t dance for shit (but he does love super cliche group wedding dances like the macarena and the electric slide). So he’s really really intimidated by all these beautiful talented very very tall people running around doing pirouettes all over the place.
  • And then one day Nico hurts his ankle in rehearsal and Will is called in to help.
  • And it should be really romantic what with Will gently touching Nico’s ankle, both of them blushing, complete with fleeting eye contact and careful smiles. But instead they BICKER THE WHOLE TIME and Will starts calling Nico Death Boy because he’s a grumpy toe bean with a sick death glare.
  • Nico flips Will off at least twice.
  • And that kids is how I met your mother.

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You mean to say that Yara's tough love sessions that were exactly what Theon needed to hear, did in fact NOT cure his PTSD? That's absurd.

Jesus christ. In a way I like that such a damaging message was torn into (you can’t yell away PTSD, as it turns out), but there’s no part of me that believes they planned for it, especially since D&D’s interviews suggested we were supposed to take 6x07 at face value.

Anonymous said to gotgifsandmusings:

I think you’re wrong, because the show did not frame Theon jumping ship as a negative thing at all. The close ups on Alfie’s face and the images of destruction and death around him are proof that they want the audience to sympathize with him and not judge him.

Idk man, we got a close-up of Yara’s disappointed face and all. Maybe it’s just difficult because it clearly left the space for apology, and you go into any Theon-related tag, it’s full of nothing but hate. I know that there are going to be people who have the worst readings no matter what, but given how the show has a pattern of portraying PTSD as this big inconvenience to overcome (if it exists as well), it’s hard for me to give them any benefit of the doubt. 

Dancing With Jealousy (Mark feat. Taeyong)

anonymous asked: hiii! i love this blog so much uhuhu <3 could I request a mark getting rly jealous bc you and taeyong are doing a dance duet performance for smtown? & he’s always like mesmerised by how well you dance and all ;;; I’m fine w any admin, thank you so much!!

author: admin yu!

genre: idk what this is

word count: 3,900+ (whOOPS SORRY not sorry)

a/n: oh man oh man why did this take me like 30 years to complete ???? also i got carried away and i really hope its not too long ://

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Can I request a fluffy Oikawa scenario with fem S/O? She absolutely loves his glasses and cant stop kissing him when he is wearing them? (ok maybe thats a dumb request, i love him so much omg)-knbhqlovinstuff ♡♡

Noooo! It’s not a dumb request! I love Megane Oikawa! Honestly, I would do the absolute same! He’s just too damn cute with them on! Thanks for requesting!! -Admin Satori <3

Oikawa Tooru: Fluffy + Megane

“_____-chan!” Oikawa’s voice called throughout his house as he took off his shoes at the door, knowing you’d let yourself in and made yourself at home while he’d been away at the Shiratorizawa vs. Karasuno match earlier that morning. “I’m home!” He tried again when you didn’t immediately answer, he huffed and moved to take off his coat and hang it up before he made his way to his room. “____-chan~ why aren’t you answering me~?” He whined as he opened the door to see you were at his desk working on some homework you hadn’t finished last night.

You didn’t hear him, you had your headphones on and you were in the zone! You were about halfway through a problem when you felt someone pull and twirl the seat you were sitting in so that you were facing them. “Tooru~ I was almost do-“ You stopped speaking suddenly, your eyes widening when you were met with your boyfriend in his reading glasses. He never let you see him wearing them. Ever. He didn’t think they were cute and he didn’t want you to see him unless he was all dolled up.

But here he was. Casual Saturday attire. Hair not as primped and glasses on. You were completely speechless and he was talking but you weren’t focusing on what he was saying because you were sure you were going to have a heart attack at his comfortable look. This is how you’d like to see him every day. Relaxed, not trying so hard, being himself both personality wise and physically. He was still talking, whining now that he realized that you weren’t listening to him. But you couldn’t help yourself any longer. You tugged off your earphones before you reached up and wrapped your arms around his neck as you pressed your lips against his.

He was completely taken off guard at your sudden affection, not usually the one to be kissed since he was the pursuer in your relationship. But he wasn’t complaining. Not one bit. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you up from the chair before laying the both of you on his bed, pulling away after he was about to run out of air, “Oooooh~, ____-chan~ So assertive~.” He teased, forcing himself to not bite his lip when you only moved forward and kept pressing your soft lips to his face and jaw, “Did you miss me that much?” He asked almost sincerely, confused on where all this sudden affection was coming from.

You smiled against his cheek before you moved your lips back to his once he’d stopped talking, wanting to feel how incredibly soft they were with your own, “Yes. I missed you so much, Tooru~.” You imitated his teasing tone, only holding him closer to you so that he couldn’t ruin the moment. “Tooru~,” You cooed, smiling widely against his lips before pulling away and kissing his forehead, “You look so cute in your glasses~!” You giggled, reaching up and running your fingers through his hair slowly, enjoying how much softer it felt without all his normal products.

It took him a second to respond before he blushed slightly, “Ohhhh…” He finally realized, “You’re only giving me affection because of these glasses, huh? So mean, ____-chan.” He pouted, and you couldn’t help but immediately lean in and kiss it away, “Oooooh~ well… I guess I will have to wear them more often, then, won’t I?” He asked with a smug smirk before you pressed your lips against his again, “____-chan~.” He smiled still against your soft lips before he pulled away, “Do they really look that good on me?” He asked, adopting that same confused sincerity in his tone.

“Tooru…. You’ve literally got me kissing all over your face, I stopped working on my homework because I couldn’t resist myself from how absolutely adorable and natural you look with glasses on…. And you’re really asking if you look good in them?” You asked, not sure if you should take him seriously or not.

He smirked at you, “Oooooh~ You couldn’t restrain yourself, ____-chan?” He teased, chuckling when you huffed and busied yourself with pressing kisses to his jaw, “Ah~!” He suddenly gasped when you started to nip at his skin, wanting to leave some marks on him that were hard for makeup to cover.

His little whiney outburst sent shivers down your spine. Now it was your turn to smirk as you pushed him by the shoulder so he was leaning on his forearms on his back and you were on top of him, straddling his waist, “Oh, Tooru~,” You cooed, leaning down and nuzzling your nose against his, “Let’s see if your glasses are steam resistant.” You hummed as you pressed a kiss in the smooth space between his eyebrows, running your fingers through his hair.  

*fans self* Got a little carried away there. Lmao. I would honestly treat Megane Oikawa to all the love he deserves. Idk man… It’s just… something about his relaxed look that gets me excited ;D

1:14 AM

well my friend just told me that J is at the summer camp with like all the sports and shit. but im not in summer camp, but my friend told me to come bc my house is literary 30 seconds away from my school.

idk, i just got excited at the subject of him. i miss the sound of his voice. i miss that feeling i got when other people said his name. i just miss him. and i probably won’t have him as my gym teacher, because im just that kind of person that always gets struck with bad luck, and never gets what they want.

sorry to pour my heart out on here. i just can’t tell anybody else that im so fucking crazy about this man without them judging me. so i talk to my damn tumblr followers about it….

i imagine after first day of school ari just.. drives to dante’s house and knocks on his door and when dante answers he steps in, shoes and all and drops his heavy bag [the thud is loud] and drops his head on dante’s shoulder 

and dante’s like ‘long day?’ and ari just mumbles and grunts and hes so tired [im sure first days suck for everyone and also the first time since they got together that hes had to interact with so many people AND spend an extended period of time away from dante, the latter probs was something he didnt anticipate draining him that much] 

too tired to lift his arms or say anything he just kinda stands there leaning on dante and dante closes the door and hugs him for a while and he has to lead ari to the couch and goes and gets some food

Stall me analysis

Stall Me

“Fall to your knees and kiss the ring”

This is Brendon saying how he was ready to give up -to fall- and at the same time he’s willing to do anything to get Ryan back, hence the ring kissing, because usually that’s seen as a submissive thing to do, to a person you see as higher standing.

“The crowd’s rejoicing all of my dreams”

The word rejoicing could’ve been used ironically, in a mocking way, when talking about strange characteristics, in this case Brendons feelings for Ryan, and he feels that other people don’t understand what he feels or felt and are ridiculing him for it.

“Wake up to despise the world I once loved”

This sound almost as if Brendons blaming Ryan for making him hate the memories he has from the time when everyone was still in the band, he hates the feeling of nostalgia.

“Why would you bring me in if you know what you’d become?”

This line seemed really interesting,because the way it’s written , suggests that Brendon knew from the very beginning that the thing he had with Ryan was bound to fall apart, but he was in denial about it.  And I got this from the use of ‘knew’ and ‘become’, because there is a strong sense of certainty in using past tense in this sentence.

“So curse everyone and everything, even the sun.”

This is either Brendon saying that even though he partially blames Ryan for everything,he still is mad at himself, hence the use of Sun , or this could be Brendon trying to interpret, what he thinks are, Ryan’s feelings. The fact that he used the word ‘curse’ shows his strong, negative emotions.  

“Stall me, stall me I’m all in”

Brendon is saying, he’s willing to leave everything,if only Ryan asked, it’s almost like he’s unsure of some steps he’s going to take and is asking Ryan to come back and stop him from doing so.

“Stall me, Call me up or break me in”

This is saying that if Ryan doesn’t make a move, he’s going to ‘break him in’ -he’s going to damage the relationship they had and Brendon in the process.

“A dark room in the wallflower garden at the party”

The Wallflower party is the Pretty.Odd. era and the dark room is the break up, it’s the only bad thing that happened in the period of time, when everyone was high and happy.

“She’s got four on the floor, she’s waiting to kick-start me, so just stall me”

This is where Sarah comes in , ready to take Brendon and help him get back to his old self ,but he still has the small piece of  hope that Ryan will come back.

“I had a rosy dream”

Let’s look into psychology and representations,shall we. Rose is a shade of pink and it represents unconditional love and sight of hope. But it also has a negative connotation - lack of self worth , which ties in with the next two lines.

“You gave up on you and I gave up on me”

This is as simple as it sounds, Ryan gave up by leaving him and he band and that made him give up on himself - lose self worth.

“Well, love came along and said ‘leave them be’”

Brendon now has Sarah,and the logical part of him is saying that he should forget Ryan and just leave him be.

“We were wrecked on every rock you tasted, light a cork my pretty little angel”

To me this seems like a metaphor for drugs and how, even though it was fun and all, they’re slowly ruining everyone as a person and their relationships.

“I’m singing to empty bottles everywhere,everywhere.”

Now this is a thing I might get stabbed for, but after the split Brendon started to drink a lot more, even on stage and this could be the whole singing to empty bottles, because performing without Ryan just isn’t the same and he needs a coping mechanism, and alcohol is always a go to for everyone and everything. And I’m in no way saying that he had a serious problem with it or anything, I’m just saying it became noticeable.

“She counts on stars, astrology”

This line is almost like looking at everything from Sarah’s perspective,because she’s counting on Ryan not to come back ( later on Brendon is referring to parts of Ryan as stars),she’s watching him, hence the astrology part.

“My moods are mercurial”

He’s saying that ever since Ryan left, he has become unstable in a way,because that’s what ‘mercurial’ means - unstable mood changes.

“But I know Mercury, don’t hold your breath.”

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo, and Ryan’s Virgo, so this is a metaphor for Ryan . He’s saying that Ryan doesn’t care in a way that he does, Ryan doesn’t feel like he has to hold his breath, waiting for the other one to do something.

“Baptized in the river of you”

The feeling of pure bliss and love whenever they were together,but the use of word ‘river’ takes away that feeling and goings in an image of drowning in Ryan, because the next line isn’t as sweet as this one.

“Hold on death, the moon”

This in combination with baptizing gives off the impression of Brendon feeling like he’s drowning in his love for Ryan. And again with the metaphor for Ryan - the moon.

“The stars are a sliver of you”

It doesn’t matter if Ryan is there or not, there’s always something that’s going to remind him of the boy - even the stars.

“She said she’s got more where that came from to spark me”

This is Sarah saying that she’s willing to give him everything and even more and he wants Ryan to know this, he wants him to understand what he’s willing to give away for him.

“So just stall me”

By ending the song with this phrase , Brendon is putting out the offer one last time , just to make sure Ryan got the message. After everything he’s had offered he still is waiting for Ryan and at the time it seemed like nothing’s going to change.

But, hey , look at him now. Everyone’s happy.

Please don’t kill me for this piece of shit.

a few weeks ago my mum and i were at the beach and there were two women bathing topless near us. this man got up and went over to the lifeguards and asked them to tell the women to put a shirt on. the lifeguard stared at him and said “well if you can have your chest and nipples hanging out, then why shouldn’t they?” and the man just looked stunned and walked away. this is the kind of thing that makes me have faith in humanity 

I’m talking a lot rn but I have to done this on here in awhile so fuck it
Yesterday I dropped my sister and her boyfriend off at the train station, and this dude in his 30s ran up to me and leaned way the fuck in and was like “yo man the trains are fucked up could you give me a ride to (station ~15 minutes away)” and I like have NO interest in driving any strangers from the train station so I was like idk I got shit to do and he was like “yo I’m a vet I just gotta get to the VA center please I’ll throw you some cash”, and he was NOT leaving my window so I was like fuck it fine
And immediately he talks about how he “blows up (slur) for a living….TERRORISTS, I’ll rephrase, terrorists” and I did not wanna provoke this dude because I still wasn’t sure if he would stab me or not. He talked about all the chicks he fucked that weekend (and then I’m pretty sure he talked to his gf on the phone later, and referred to himself as daddy…it was possibly his daughter? But if it was he’s very frank and talks strange with his daughter), talked about how he much he loves cocaine (in moderation, of course), the War On Cops, he fucking LEANED OUT IT MY WINDOW to stare at this woman on the sidewalk,
It was the fucking ride from hell
I’m never driving to the station with my windows down again