idk man they're cute


make me choose >> akamomo or kuromomo asked by @mibuchireo

Every Eurovision Il Volo interview:
  • Ignazio: "you know" "ok" "hamble or humble??"
  • Gianluca: "for sure" "you know it's the first time in Eurovision history for three young men from Italy to do this it's nEVER happened before!!!11!!"
  • Piero: *smiles and nods* "we love our families! :D:D"

TBH I think my favorite thing about @furaitsu is how dedicated??? They are like Furu is so!!! Precious & honest & super ass humble? They’ll deny till they’re blue in the god dang face but when Furu says they read every single message I 100% don’t doubt? Which I mean lots of artist who get TONS of messages say that (which is like a 100000% ok like its A LOT & TBH I wldnt like damn) but just!!! Furu is so precious & deserves a lot & I hope they’re feelin better