idk man someone write me fic

This Christmas, can someone write me a fic? Because, look, 2016 was a shitty year, and for me at least, 2017 is set to start off shitty as well, and man, literally all I want is some stupid Hallmark Channel Christmas movie type fic for E/R.

Like, idk. Enjolras is a big, high-powered civil rights attorney trying to make a difference in the “Big City” but is feeling overwhelmed and overworked and like nothing he is doing is accomplishing anything, so his boss (M. Valjean?) makes him take Christmas off and tells Enjolras to go visit his daughter and her fiance in some snow-covered little town.

And there, of course, the first person he meets is the town curmudgeon, some ridiculously cute guy named Grantaire who jokes that he’s the town Grinch (but of course he ISN’T because in addition to taking the time to show Enjolras around town, he also helps look after his friend Eponine’s little brother Gavroche when she’s out of town and plays Santa in the town Christmas parade because OF COURSE he does). And Enjolras meets all of Grantaire’s friends, including Combeferre and Courfeyrac who have started a local non-profit that’s struggling to stay afloat. And Enjolras naturally swoops in and is like, I can write a grant application for you, no problem.

And then later, he and Grantaire go for a walk and Grantaire’s sad childhood is revealed and he’s all, That’s why I hate Christmas, and Enjolras is all, but you don’t hate Christmas because you like making people happy, and then it starts to snow so Grantaire leans in and kisses him.

And Enjolras, naturally, panics, because he can start to see a future here and it’s not the future he had pictured and he still has SO MUCH work left to do so he tells Grantaire that he can’t stay, that he’s leaving and he’s sorry but he thinks coming here was a big mistake. And Grantaire is hurt and confused but resigned because of course Enjolras is going to leave him, everyone always leaves him, and oh, Merry fucking Christmas.

And the next morning, Enjolras heads to the airport but is stopped before going through security by Gavroche, who hitchhiked to the airport just to tell Enjolras was a big jerk he’s being. Tells him that Combeferre and Courfeyrac’s non-profit is what gave him his first Christmas and that there are so many kids who also need Christmases, and that Enjolras can do a lot of good if he just stays. And Enjolras tells him that it’s more complicated than that, and he wouldn’t understand and it’s adult stuff, but then Gavroche is like, fine, then give me one good reason to leave. And Enjolras can’t.

So he takes Gavroche back to Grantaire, who’s beginning to get worried sick and Grantaire is so happy to see Gavroche but tells Enjolras that he’s sorry he missed his plane but if he hurries back to the airport, he can probably make another flight. And Enjolras tells him he doesn’t want to go back to the airport, that Gavroche asked him for a good reason to leave and he couldn’t think of any, but he could think of a million to stay. Like what? Grantaire asks, and Enjolras just leans in and kisses him.

It starts to snow again, but Enjolras and Grantaire don’t care, standing in the driveway, kissing in the snow. Suddenly, Combeferre and Courfeyrac run up, ecstatic and out of breath. They got the grant! (Because in magic happy land, non-profit grant review boards are open during the holidays ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) And Enjolras looks at Grantaire and laughs is and is just like, It’s a Christmas miracle!

And Valjean allows Enjolras to work remotely and he and Grantaire live happily after in magic land that could never exist outside of a Hallmark Channel movie.

…So yeah, if anyone wants to write me that for Christmas…I’d be grateful.

Hannigram\Tristhad time-travel reincarnation AU

Where Will dies in the fall and Tristan has already died in the battle and since their death broke the universe (because such pure love can never die), it transfers Galahad into the Hannibal-timeline.

Meanwhile, the universe decides to give Tristan and Will a second chance so they both get to live in the King Arthur-timeline.

Now Hannibal has to deal with Galahad - a righteous knight who does not kill for pleasure, while Tristan found his match made in heaven - Will, who just realized it’s beautiful and has got “the taste for it”.

However, no one is truly happy and so they all fight to fix the universe’s slip.