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Wake Up 2 [Bucky Barnes]

Summary - Nearly a year after Bucky decided to return to cryogenic sleep, Steve continues to look for a cure. One day, Sam informs him that he’s found a person who can help.

Side note - Here’s part 2! Sorry it took longer than anticipated lmao. This isn’t like edited very well, so apologies in advance for any errors or typos. GIF isn’t mine! Part 1 here!

Warnings - anxiety? idk man


In the many years Y/N knew Tony, she has never seen him as timid as he was today as they approached the private Facility in Wakanda. She nudged his side gently, worry evident in her eyes as she peered up at her long time good friend.

“Are you alright? You seem a little tense.” Tony shot her a reassuring smile and winked, “I’m fine.”

As the pair found their way in the lobby, they were immediately greeted by two men, T'Challa and Sam Wilson. “Ah, your highness,” Tony bowed his head slightly, taking T'Challa’s hand in his and shaking it firmly.

“Mr.Stark.” The burly man greeted.

“Tweety, how are you doing?” Tony teased. Sam rolled his eyes and chuckled lightly. “Thanks for coming, Stark.” He shook Tony’s hand and smiled.

T'Challa noticed the figure that hid behind Tony’s and immediately acknowledged Y/N. “Dr. Y/L/N, it is a pleasure to meet you.”

Y/N glanced over to him and beamed, “Likewise, your highness.” T'Challa took her hand and brought it to his plump lips, pressing a soft kiss on her skin. The flustered woman flushed and smiled sheepishly.

“Dr. I’m glad you’re here.” Sam chimed in, flashing her a wide grin.

“Hello, Mr. Wilson.” She addressed.

“Well, we better get going to the lab, Steve is anxious to meet you.” Y/N would be lying if she said she wasn’t anxious as well. She had been hiding for all these years, laying low key so her identity wouldn’t be exposed. Funny since she’s practically best friends with Iron Man himself.

“Lead the way.” T'Challa guided them to the lab, striking up a conversation with both Tony and Y/N.

The lab was huge and very modern. Y/N has seen Tony’s as well, but this was absolutely incredible.

“Captain!” T'Challa called.

Steve peered behind his shoulders, his eyes widening slightly at the sight of Tony Stark. His muscles tensed and his jaw clenched. “Your guests have arrived.”

Tony gulped silently and avoided squirming and fiddling. Y/N sensed his discomfort and hooked her arm around his in attempt to ease him a little. Tony glanced at his old pal and shot her a quick smile before looking back at Steve.

The soldier found his voice and spoke, “I’m so happy you came, Dr.” He approached the group and held out his arm for Y/N to shake. She obliged happily and shook his hand, “Mr.Rogers,” she nodded.

Steve hesitantly turned to Tony, anxiety building in his chest. “Stark,” Tony merely nodded and avoided his gaze.

“So who am I working with?” Y/N asked in a rush, breaking the overwhelming tension that filled the room. Steve looked behind him and motioned to Bucky, still asleep inside a glass tank.

“His name is James Buchanan Barnes.” She eyed the sleeping man curiously, slithering her arm away from Tony’s as she approached Bucky slowly.

She peered behind her shoulder after she got a good look at him. ‘‘What’s wrong with him?” She questioned.

Sam glanced over at Steve and shuffled, “He was one of Hydra’s,” Y/N bit back a terrified gasp at the mention of the fallen terrorist organization. Hydra was an all too familiar subject for Y/N and she wanted to steer clear from them at all times.

Tony distinguished the horrified and resentful look on her face and rushed to her side, his arm wrapped around her shoulders comfortingly. “He was uhm, brainwashed you could say.” Sam finished.

“He wanted to be isolated until we could find a cure for him.” Steve added.

Y/N’s knees shook as horrible memories flooded her head. I can’t do this, she thought.

“Uh, excuse me for a bit.” She peered up at Tony with regret in her glassy eyes and whispered, “I’m sorry.” Y/N sped out of the lab, on the verge of having a panic attack.

Her breaths were shallow and her whole body was trembling. Clammy hands furiously wiping away the hot tears streaming down her cheeks.

Tony quickly excused himself and ran after her.

“Y/N!” He called out, jogging over to her.

He got a hold of her waist, pulling her quivering body closer to his. Tony shushed her softly, stroking her hair as he did. “Pull yourself together, kid.” He mumbled into her silky locks.

“I can’t help them, Tony!” She sobbed.

“How the hell am I supposed to fix that man’s brain when I can’t even fix my own!” Tony witnessed as his good friend started to crumble. He knew he shouldn’t have dragged her into this.

“I know you can help them.” He insisted quietly.

Y/N scowled at him and pushed him away. “Why do you even care about them, Tony? You told me you hated Steve, and now you want to help him?” She said harshly.

Her words made Tony’s heart clench and his gut twist. He fully understood his motives. He was aware why he agreed to help Steve, it was because, “He’s my friend.”

Visibly shocked, Y/N’s face softens at his reason as her anxiety starts to swell down.

“I know this is too much to ask, but Steve needs your help.” Tony clamps his eyes shut. “Do this for me, please.” Y/N is torn.

She can’t risk her life for a man she barely even knows. But then again, what’s her purpose anyways? She’s been alive for more than 7 decades, she’s seen everything. Maybe this James man is worth a chance.