idk man she's just so qt


THANKS DRE!!! Omgg we did a jojo colab on nikos but it crashed on me so she finished it for us omggg.. sorry my gio is so messy 8_8 MISTAAAA <333 nikoes continued to be dead so we were like lets draw on ps LOL so im like k while we were freaking out jojo pairs so I drew kakyoin and she drew jotaro. Whenever kakyoin pinches his hair hnggg 838;;; I read too much smut sorry OTL THANK YOU SO MUCH for the collab. We need to collab more 8v8! That joutaro is too qt 838

I love mista.. so doodled him a bit LOL. I like where he places his gun… HAHAHA OTL;.. My mom kept going in and going like wtf at my pic so I just stopped drawing it… She kept inquirng me about why his pistol was down there. I was like Idk its called Sex pistol so ???

The last picture I was on pchat with aridima and we were talking about body types and I was like dude man Imagine if kakyoin was like super buff and jotaro was like super skinny… yeh… this happened. 

Sorry for all the brain cells I may have killed 8v8. I truly apologize for that many times.