idk man not in the fandom but yeah

soul mate au where the most important thing your soul mate will ever say to you is written on your wrist

Yeah sure we can go for the obvious like “I love you” or “I will miss you” but what about real weird stuff like “Please accept the change, sir” or “Please play on, your music is lovely”. Then there is the straight up nasty stuff like “I promise I won’t kill you”

Feel free to add on

  • *Dean finds himself, once again, in Hell, standing next to a blonde-haired man*
  • Man: Knock Knock
  • Dean: Who's there?
  • Man: Adam.
  • Dean: Adam who?
  • Man: Adam Milligan, you asshole! I've been stuck down here for like 5 years and you haven't even TRIED to get me out! Ring a bell??
  • Dean: Oh shit that's right...
  • *Dean looks around awkwardly*
  • Dean: So, uh...How's the weather been down here?
  • Adam: Hot, you asshat.
  • Sherlock fandom: *comes up with multiple beautiful theories on what could happen based off of 10 episodes that tie everything together & make sense*
  • Mofftiss: *comes up with something that makes like no sense*
  • Spn fandom: This guy. Right here. Chuck my man. Guess what bro? You're God.
  • Spn writers: oh yeah man this, exactly *confirms like six seasons later*

not to be that person but can we as a fandom please stop spreading whitewashed stuff thanks

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Real story,i watch su with my best friend and she never go online and she is not involve with the fandom at all and when I told her about zuke and all the lapidot drama she just stared at me and said:" idk man, i don't even understand lapis, how am I suppose to understand her relationship with peridot?" so yeah zuke before writing a ship can you write a character properly? Not all of us are like: OMFG THESE TWO ARE SO CUTE THEY PLAY MUSIC AND DO ART TOGETHER OMFG OTP

woops there it is

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Can ya'll relax tho and stop bothering Freckled? This is why people don't like the SU fandom cause you guys always want to fight. Anyways I like Smokey and their designs too but I gotta agree that the final really isn't the best. There's nothing wrong about the concept design so Idk what's the big deal about it, Smokey is still big in fact thick like Amethyst. If you don't like it then ignore it, blacklist, unfollow or w/e just don't cause a pointless fight. Be mature

Aw thanks man! And yeah I mean I don’t mind at all if people blacklist or unfollow me but it’s a shame seeing all these SU fans excitedly jumping to conclusions because they like feeling morally superior to others while at the same time saying things that are tbh pretty cruel

It saddens me to think of those who’ve been harassed by fans like these simply for differing opinions. And yes actual opinions not whether people should have rights but literally if they like a design or story aspect or not smh –and it’s this fact that you have a lot of people wanting to feel like they’re better by tearing others down that’s given the SU fandom such a bad name. Honestly why I don’t consider myself a part of most “fandoms” tbh

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I have to ask you...Out of curiosity because, I know you don't agree with how the antis are attacking the voice actors. However, whats your opinion of the ship?:> I actually ship Sheith so..'Im sorry if I sounded rude or anything!

Okay, first off, I’m sorry for answering this so late! But yeah, I also ship Sheith and can’t stand all the petty nonsense surrounding it. It’s just… idk man it’s just too much. 

Tbh there are a lot of elements to the pairing, that just like?? Hit really close to home for me, so I get particularly peeved when people shit all over it. Not gonna get into it, but… yeah. The Voltron fandom in regards to shipping is easily the most ridiculous I’ve ever come across. And embarrassing. Like… really, really embarrassing.

Sorry if I’m coming across as sort of salty, that’s only because I am LMFAO

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I just wanted to say I'm like consistently blown away by all of your art from the colours to the expressions and the style its just 110% fantastic and wow, plus youre super positive and sweet? Just yeah haha I hope you had a great day!

Aghhh ohmygosh, thank you so much?? You’re so kind o //// v //// o

As for being positive - idk man I’m trying lmao. I mean, of course there are times when I’m salty and petty, pretty sure this happens to everyone, but I just prefer to keep it to myself or rant abt it with someone in private, it’s not like the fandom needs any more of the negativity anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

but yeah, thank you once again and I hope you have a great day as well! ♥

okay so i’m not in the 100 fandom but i still find it extremely uncomfortable that there wasn’t a fraction of this huge outrage when they were popping off black and brown people left and right or straight up disrespecting cultures

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Dude some larries are saying that Zayn's last tweet was to clean gogo's f*ck up but some ziams are questioning whether it was really his team? They think it could actually be him? I'm so sad like wtf. I think if we don't get an ot5 reunion by the end of this year I'm out. These last years had been h*ll but the fandom made it fun but now idk man! It's always Zayn who people doubt always him it's really depressing as a poc to see how the white boys always get the benefit of the doubt but not him!

You have every right to leave whenever you want, fam. I think something important to remember is that none of what’s going on affects you directly. You are a mere spectator in this, so if it starts bringing you down, you gotta step back. Shit is toxic af. 

And yeah I’ve seen people questioning it, and that’s understandable. Everyone interprets things differently, that’s their right. We don’t actually know shit, we don’t know if he really tweeted it or not. We’ll never know. All we know is what we see and how we interpret it, ya feel? So people can think however they want. Personally, I don’t think it was him. But again, if people think otherwise, alright. (Also real quick, I know you’re not really talking about this but I want to say that racism among races is very fucking real so I get why those people aren’t immediately brushing off the possibility of it being him because like it is real and that could very well be the case)(and no matter who I believe tweeted it that tweet was ignorant af and it was completely dismissing the issue at hand)(which is that what Jelena did was fucking ugly and wrong). Now as for the fact that Zayn never gets the benefit of the doubt, you are very right. It’s always been more difficult for people to give him the benefit of the doubt and….not really hard to guess why that’s the case. It’s all fucked up and it makes me real sad. 

So yeah. I send hugs, remember to take care of yourself

I just unfollowed some people and I have watched a few new shows since not being on for months so I need more blogs to follow! So if you post
-One punch man
-Owari no Seraph
-19 Days
-Tamen de Gushi

And then older stuff that I still love but the fandom is so much smaller now so nothing’s on my dash about it ☹
-Lamento (Asakono) and basically every nitro+ game
So yeah if you blog about some of this stuff please reblog or like and I’ll check out your blog!💕💕

thing is, even if danielle does go, i promise you in terms of tv coverage of her and louis as a ‘thing’, there will be next to none. the line up for this is HUGE, people are far more interested in the footie legends and uk 'celebs’ than who louis is 'dating’. anything we get will purely be for the fandom/shitty tabloids and heavens knows we’re used to that. i really don’t think anyone needs to worry about it to be honest. it’s no big deal.

I’m getting REALLY emotional over Homestuck

if you’ve followed me for homestuck and have stuck with me through all the years and fandoms and years I’ve gone through, i love you and thank you so much.

idk man i don’t think i’ve cared this much about a fandom and now that it’s ending I’m really reeling from it.

It was really my first real venture into voice acting and it gave me a drive that I only ever had starting up illustration to really put out creative content.

So yeah basically bless Homestuck and bless all you fucks who came along for the ride.

You’re amazing.

a wise man once said

ERR YEAH- I’m sorry I didn’t make a follower forever this year, but I still wanted to thank a few people for making this year (and my dash) enjoyable. It’s been a tough few months for me (for all of us probably, 2015 was out to kill us all), personally and fandom wise and there were a few times where I thought about deleting and just leaving everything behind, but it’s thanks to you guys, that I stayed. Y’all bring a lot of different qualities to my dash, some of you are just really fucking hilarious and know how to bring fun in this mess of a fandom, some others are simply down to earth, genuine and drama free people and a special shout out goes to my Ziam squad, because we’ve been through a hell of a lot shit this year and yet we’re still here and counting down to 2016 for Ziam to finally rise again! You lot are amazing and kind people and I’m thankful for calling some of you my friends (and if we’re not there yet, I’m not going anywhere, so there’s still time HMU!). So thanks fam, I love you, you deserve the best and I wish you all happy holidays! 

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