idk man not in the fandom but yeah

soul mate au where the most important thing your soul mate will ever say to you is written on your wrist

Yeah sure we can go for the obvious like “I love you” or “I will miss you” but what about real weird stuff like “Please accept the change, sir” or “Please play on, your music is lovely”. Then there is the straight up nasty stuff like “I promise I won’t kill you”

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  • *Dean finds himself, once again, in Hell, standing next to a blonde-haired man*
  • Man: Knock Knock
  • Dean: Who's there?
  • Man: Adam.
  • Dean: Adam who?
  • Man: Adam Milligan, you asshole! I've been stuck down here for like 5 years and you haven't even TRIED to get me out! Ring a bell??
  • Dean: Oh shit that's right...
  • *Dean looks around awkwardly*
  • Dean: So, uh...How's the weather been down here?
  • Adam: Hot, you asshat.

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hey so... I really respect you... but I'm straight? so like how can i as a straight girl NOT victimize the lgbtq+ community? i don't want to piss yall off and you seem informed on the matter

oh whoa big question uhh

any of my other fellow Gays can add on to this if they want but for me its like………. 3 main things: Don’t Fetishize, Don’t Minimize, and perhaps most importantly to me, Don’t Avoid

Don’t Fetishize: i’m a gay woman (ish), not a gay man, so i can’t speak to all sides of the issue and idk what your media consumption habits are, but fetishization of the lgbt community is a huge problem in movies, tv shows, and fandom. yeah, even (and especially) so called ‘gay allies’ in fandom spaces are hell bent on twisting gay love, especially mlm love, into something to jack off to and its nasty. heres some things to avoid and/or call out as they happen:

  1. phrases like “hot gay sex” in a post written by a straight person
  2. honestly any detailed descriptions/fantasies of gay sex written or described by straight people because it’s always through this lense of ‘oh em gee guys wldnt this be so Hot!!’ like no. shut up and let gay people exist for themselves u nastees
  3. straight people talking a LOT about their usually mlm ships wth this kind of detailed yet detached air, like theyre entitled to every second of a gay relationship yet dont quite see the participants as human
  4. all of this goes double if one or both of the people in the ship is a poc, because thats a Big Red Alert for intersectional bigotry right there

Don’t Minimize: this one’s sort of for more of irl interactions and its something ive encountered a lot, especially from more liberal people (of which there are a lot here in nyc). something that liberal straight people tend to want to do a lot is minimize the struggles of lgbt people. this allows them to turn a blind eye to acts of homophobia and ignore a lot of the pain that their lgbt friends and relatives go through, because theyve convinced themselves it’s not a big issue. ways to avoid this:

  1. don’t respond to descriptions of homophobia (irl or online!) with exasperated phrases like “UGH come on! it’s 2017 people we should be past this!” because any gay person on earth would be happy to tell you that no, we’re really not 
  2. expressions of sympathy or support are welcomed, as long as they arent patronizing or dismissive. dont just pull a face and say ‘oh that sucks’ and leave it at that when you hear about homophobia in action. investigate, learn, research, critique. look deeper.
  3. but don’t expect any gay person you know to perform intellectual labor for you and tell you everything about the community without you finding anything out for yourself. google is real and it’s right there in your hand
  4. work to understand that homophobia is global and it is societal and the win for marriage equality did not change the quality of life or the mental health of many gay people in the country and especially the world. this is a huge issue, and it affects us every day

(sidenote writing all of this out for u could be considered unprompted intellectual labor so if you have a million followup questions maybe try…..googling it)

Don’t Avoid: ok so after reading all of that, you might be feeling a little…exhausted of it. maybe youre thinking “all of this is so complicated, theres so many ways to fuck it up, maybe i shouldn’t even try”. maybe youre tempted to retreat from this, to avoid gay media and gay discourse in order to avoid messing up or “pissing us off”. don’t do that. as much as i like to make jokes about straighties and shit, even i can recognize that we do actually kind of need your guys’ support on the social and political spheres. and for yall to do that effectively, you need to be informed.

  1. seek out gay media. seek out gay characters. learn to love them and care for them as people. dont avoid them because they might make you, deep down, a little uncomfortable
  2. seek out gay PEOPLE. lgbt focused blogs, lgbt icons and influencers, lgbt celebrities, lgbt friends. dont be afraid to interact with us or talk to us. the only way to improve and to grow is to try
  3. monitor yourself, monitor your actions. do you use gay as an insult? no? do you laugh with people who do, without criticism? do you avoid speaking up for gay people around you out of fear of being seen as ‘other’ or worse, gay yourself? these are a few of the questions you should be asking yourself, every day

honestly im really touched that you reached out to me about this. i know i wrote a lot, but honestly, theres million more things to be said. i really do encourage my lgbt mutuals and followers to add on to this IF they want with their own suggestions, and i encourage you and any other straight people to read them! 

-Every day
The light fades in
And out
And in
And out
And as it does
So do we
And so do our

Man I don’t like asking for promos, but I think I really need more audience to share my art with. Thought I’d make it good with 500+ followers but after the porn bot spam idk how many are not bots so… Yeah, a lil help boosting this is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Who am I? I’m Sarky, I draw stuff, I try to draw between fanart and original art…I got a list of interests/fandoms ppl can know what I’m into [X]

I’m posting this from my main blog in which I reblog my art from my Artblog here. I also got an ArtStation gallery, tho there’s less art there, I post my most professionally focused art there, feel free to check it out.

Feel free to follow both my main and art blog or just my art blog, whichever you’re comfortable with!~ 

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I honestly don't understand why people say Homestuck is so bad??? I mean, I finished it yesterday and I cried a lot... Idk man, I think it's an amazing story even though the fandom can sometimes be garbage. But I don't understand why some people hate this comic so much? If you don't like it just stop reading. You don't have to shout on the internet about how bad you think it is .-. (I'm not talking about you specifically in this ask)

guy fieri-

 i m ean -

lol we just say its bad for ironic purpose uvu its actually really good and addictive too

ovo so yeah

dont take it literally when people say they hate homestuck

i mean

sometimes they might actually mean it-

but its pretty dang great if you ask me 

I think part of the reason why I latched onto goro so quick is because I just Knew he would become a fan favorite and I.

I just. Couldn’t go through another Adachi scenario (I don’t like Adachi and I had to see more of him than I ever needed to EVER see, thanks Atlus+fandom) the lizard part of my brain released a bunch of “problematic fav time” hormones and I latched onto the goro hype train fast as I could.

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Idk how widespread it is in fandom because I avoid tags but it feels like ppl get really into torturing Lance specifically. There was a fanfic author that I tended to like but they announced something like: 'making a 20 k fic that is just lance torture :) lol I know how we love langst lol' and I'm just like (what the fuck?? What the f-) I just? Why lance? Why is it always him? Someone's going to say they're projecting to cope or something but...Idk man...Idk I don't even know

no yeah be glad you haven’t seen the half of it, it’s like extremely prevalent and really gross. even way back when all we had was season one, lance died in like every other fic. i dont even read fiction unless it’s written by a friend (because i trust no one lmao) but it was so bad i saw callout posts about it often in the tags like. i don’t know why, but it’s as if there are fans who’d kill to see him smile and then fans who would rather read 10 25k fics about him wishing he was keith and hating everything about himself (which ??? is so ??? ooc ??????????? tf) it’s ridiculous and it doesn’t get called out enough for what it is imo. but it really is just straight up racist, idc. like i really do just block people obsessed w lance being sad, it weirds me the fuck out

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Would you ever draw falsettos?

I mean eh… If someone commissioned me or something for it then maybe but like tbh I tend to like more cheerful/humorous things and from what I’ve seen so far it’s like… really depressing in the second half?? Like Andrew Rannells dies so idk man

But then again, I also had 0 interest in The Book of Mormon. I kept accidentally stumbling across the fucking songs when I was going through an Avenue Q phase (don’t ask.) and I just remember thinking to myself “jfc bro chill what even is this shit”

And now here I am pissing off my followers on my main blog by spam reblogging TBOM gif sets :))))))

  • Sherlock fandom: *comes up with multiple beautiful theories on what could happen based off of 10 episodes that tie everything together & make sense*
  • Mofftiss: *comes up with something that makes like no sense*
  • Spn fandom: This guy. Right here. Chuck my man. Guess what bro? You're God.
  • Spn writers: oh yeah man this, exactly *confirms like six seasons later*

Other notes that might matter?:

  • Rae’s the irl name, Star & Doodles are nicknames depending on friends!
  • I am agendered, meaning I use they/them pronouns. I am personally not one to be offend though and have been called with he or she before which are perfectly acceptable and I don’t mind so long as you dont insist I am a “man” or “women” or something.
  • This blog is strictly my art blog. Other blogs and links can be found here.
  • My art. My rules. Also I queue and tag all my posts.

Ummm, thats it? I’m in alot of fandoms and like alot of stuff, though I don’t make it very apparent since I dont fanart as much as I’d like to. I also have nsfw art blog for those 18+ interested and yeah? Well heres my intro and hello even though idk wut im doing XD Welcome aboard my personal pain train.

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Yeah I agree with everything you said about the blupjeans situation. I also feel like it's important to have bi women be in relationships with men, because so often bi women who do that are seen as not really gay, or "less gay" than lesbians. I know for me personally the whole "pick a side" thing made figuring my sexuality out really difficult and stressful. I think it's cool when ppl pair lup with women, but calling her lesbian kinda erases her canon relationship with a man idk.

Yeah I definitely agree and this is not a black and white issue as people like to pretend it is and gonna pop the rest under the cut for some more biphobia chat

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it’s been almost a year since i posted Yes We Get It, You’re A Patriot and that just hit me like idk man i’ve been in the fandom for almost a year now and a lot has changed since then and I’ve made some really great friends and there’s a tiny part of me that wants to do something to like ~commemorate~ it but also it seems really silly. Like, yeah, 177(6) isn’t my Favorite thing in the world but it gave me some great friends so it’s kinda still like !!! holy shit it’s been a year !!! (or will be in like a month and a half) and it’s just, Hamilton is probably the most involved I’ve been in a fandom and i kind of love it a lot

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But why the fandom call Michelle "Unfairley" ? However I've just read that you'll see her in theatre, you're so damn lucky ... Ugh why live I in Italy ? :(

uh like eight thousand years ago (aka 2010/11, maybe?), i tagged a post of her as “michelle unfairley” bc like….how unfair! she’s great! and then it caught on like wildfire. idk mock the ones you love, man. anyway, that’s my internet legacy, that’s what will remain of me when i’m gone.

also yeah looking forward to seeing her! i don’t live in the u.k. either but my sister does, so i have free housing when i go and that makes a world of difference!


for kiryome (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) casually inspired by this post in particular

I think I’m going to change my writing style up a bit (not too much!) to suit the tone of my blog a bit more. I always struggle writing ‘darker’ but it’s really necessary and I’m not satisfied with my writing tbqh.

I think I’ve been keeping things as light as I could on here bc I know I interact with fandoms that aren’t?? Considered ‘dark’ but shit man. My storyline is triggering and it’s going to remain triggering so.

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I guess they haven't /said/ it sigh, just like he's played by a black man so in my mind it painted him as inarguably black, idk sorry!!

oh yeah i definitely headcanon that while he and lisa have the same father, and while both of lisa’s parents were white, len’s mom is black. And it’s plausible with the age difference. I just wish the writers and the fandom would acknowledge wentworth’s blackness. 

Eight for Eight: Answer Eight Questions and Then Tag Eight People

I was tagged by @wildfirewinchester

Last Movie I Watched: split

Last Song I Listened to: Only Angel-Harry Styles

Last Book I Read: Idek! it’s been so long:(

Last Thing I Ate: no food questions

Where Would You Like to Time Travel To: oh man passed AND future like I wanna wear victorian gowns at a ball but I also want to see the future like 4000 and see the progression

Fictional Character I Would Hang Out With For A Day: Oh defenitly the doctor. travel in space…fk yeah

If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now, Where Would I Be?: Disney World(never been), or scotland (never been but it’s my dream)

Current Fandom Obsession: Supernatural,…what is this question

idk who to tag so i’ll do the @ and add whoever I see

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wait why you can't like animated tt kory and comics kory? that doesn't make sense to me. obviously they are very different incarnations, animated kory is younger and more naive, she still shares the same heart and strength as comics kory. i've been loving kory in the dc animated movies cause she's a like a perfect blend of the other two. idk man, i just don't see how loving both different versions is conflicting or makes someone a lesser fan.

yeah it’s? almost like i’ve never said that? this is a sampling of what i’ve said:

  • I don’t like that the Teen Titans fandom (the cartoon fandom not the teen titans dcau fans) try to make comic Starfire into cartoon Starfire (like what Jimmy Palmiotti did with her in the Starfire solo)
  • I don’t like the cartoon being forced on me
  • Cartoon!Starfire is a watered down version of Kory that I personally don’t like and I’m tired of people forcing her on me 

it might’ve been angrier than that because I’m usually writing a post about the first thing I’ve thought but……………I’ve never said it makes anyone a lesser fan it’s just that I personally can’t stand TTA Starfire anymore because the fandom (animated and comics) have forced her on me when I like NTT Kory the most