idk man just arting away my feelings

anonymous asked:

Ok, so you know how you're a really good artist? Well I make art as a hobby. But in the past were you ever broke af and you need to give a birthday gift (or gift in general) so you make them a painting/drawing on a big piece canvas and give it to them as a gift and their like "omg are you sure you want to give this away? It's too good to give away as a gift." and i'm like "buddy, I give away art all the time i'm not serious about art." Idk man or is that just me who leaves art everywhere???

awwww thanks man - that’s really kind of you to say! (although hahah i feel like I’ll never be a legend like euclase or lamthetwickster - they’re just so fucking great. 

As for your questions: 

art as bday gifts - hahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaha I’m constantly broke. I gave my mother a drawing of pinecone for her 50th bday because she’s a pine in the tree calendar (don’t ask), and a year ago or so, I painted Yoda in coffee for a friend’s birthday. I make my own Christmas cards - which are full of visual and verbal puns.  So yeah, I do a lot of my stuff myself. And yes, some people have sometimes nigh on refused to accept an art piece, but most of the time, I feel like that is just politeness- in my case! 

leaving art laying around everywhere - Actually, I think that’s one of my pathological problems. I’m constantly leaving my art all over the place. Actually, i think my notebooks and exams for class have more doodles on them, than actual notes. 
About a year ago, I was doing some social work in an old people’s home and in my breaks I kept drawing the patients there; then I would leave the doodles all over the place. After about three weeks, the director of the place caught up with the fact that it was me drawing them and asked me if she could keep the ‘priceless art’. It’s been hanging in the foyer - framed - of that old people’s home since then. So yes, you are not alone.