idk man its so hard to color it


Watanabe Mayu starring in her drama as Kiriyama Saori in Sayonara, Enari-kun ep. 1 (170430)

daily--hoopa  asked:

I WOULD SAY JIRA AND HOOPA FOR THE CRACKSHIP BUT LOWKEY SHE'S THE SAME SPECIES AS HOOPA BUT WITH BRIGHTER COLORS AND A FEW MINOR DETAILS ABOUT HER DESIGN Honestly if you can come up with a child that looks pretty good or different from its parents then go for it man


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Name: megan..

Nickname: may!!!!

Zodiac Sign: leo

Height: 5′2″ish too small!!

Orientation: idk lmao ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ bi?????

Ethnicity: canadian

Favorite fruit: strawberries probly but i rly love most fruit!

Favorite season: spring and summer are swell!

Favorite Book Series: percy jackson and the olympians for sure :)

Favorite flower: tbh probably daisies theyre simple n cute 

Favorite scent: campfires, fresh bread, clean fresh air 

Favorite color: oh man, certain light pinks, mustard yellow, and certain shades of blue and green 

Favorite animal: o geez um all?? its so hard to choose so im just gonna list the ones that come to mind: dogs, whales, moose, hyenas, snakes, barn owls,..    

Coffee, tea or cocoa: i really love both tea and cocoa (hot chocolate?)

Average hours of sleep: i’d say around 7

Cat or dog person: i absolutely LOVE both! in fact i met a wigly cat named george today..but its definitely gonna have to be dogs, dogs are the most amazing things :”)

Favorite fictional characters: FRICK guys i dunno! im just gonna list the ones to come to mind again.. kenma (haikyuu), sugawara (haikyuu), small* steve rogers (captain america), peggy carter (captain america), josephine (dragon age), rey poe and finn (star wars tfa)   

Number of blankets you sleep with: one but up to 3 if it’s frosty

Dream trip: back to iceland again, or japan!!

Blog created: in 2015 i think?

Number of followers: exactly 100 now!! wow thanks everyon!

I tag: @sarcasticpineapple, @vvharves and @sixteen-bees


‘what was that all about?’ ['it’s because of you.’’] | RaS Escape

tbh all eye colors are pretty?? like

chocolate brown? gorgeous

baby blues? awesome

hazel? dANG

the really dark brown, almost black color? daaaaaaaaaaang

green? fuck yeh

got heterochromia? that’s super cool too!

eye colors are fuckin awesome and no one should feel bad for what color eyes they have


*clear throats* Ahem! I’ve decided to make my second “Follow Forever” to these blogs I’m following cause they all are so perfect and its actually making me upset. Okay Im joking but really Im so glad that i found all of your blogs and followed you all, cause your post makes my dash look awesome and beautiful!

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