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hey! i want to be included in this jealous! shawn blurb night…this is probably a mess but whatever love me.

this literally isn’t jealous! shawn but i like it so idrc


Something had gone wrong at the party, and you had missed it.

Shawn didn’t try to grab your hand while he drove home, and he didn’t pick out a t-shirt for you before you crawled into bed (you wore won anyway, but it almost didn’t feel the same), and he didn’t wrap his arms around you under the covers and pull you into the warmth of his body.

You frown as you tucked yourself into the bed and shut off the light. You stare up at Shawn and wait for him to say something, anything, but he just stares at his phone. You don’t say anything either, but you slowly slide closer to him, almost testing the water. He still doesn’t look away from his screen.

In a sudden bout of frustration at his failure to acknowledge you, you sit up and throw your leg on the other side of his body so your legs are straddling his waist.

“Y/n, c’mon,” he says, weakly trying to push you off of him.

You ignore his requests, instead leaning down to kiss his nose. He closes his eyes, and inhales deeply.

“Are you gonna tell me what’s bothering you?” you press, letting your fingers trace soothing patterns on his chest.

“It’s just-I don’t know it’s not really a big deal,” he says, shaking his head. You raise your eyebrows at him, knowing that’s not what he really believes, and he knows you well enough to read what you’re trying to tell him. He sighs. “Brian and Jack we’re saying stuff about you today that really pissed me off,” he says. “Like shit about your ass and how good you looked in your dress and I just-” he huffs.

“Awh, Shawn,” you smile, “are you jealous?”

He looks at you and grins, before quickly flipping you over so he’s now hovering over you. He connects his lips with yours, and you laugh as he kisses you. “No one talks about my girl like that,” he says, smiling as he peppers your face with kisses.

Your laughter dies out, and Shawn presses his forehead to yours, a small smile still lingering on his lips.

“Are you still upset?” you ask, eyebrows raised.

“Well, I mean,” he lays back down on the bed, this time pulling you into his bare chest, “I kind of want to beat the shit out of Brian and Jack,” he pauses, “but I’m not gonna take it out on you now,” he says.

“Wow, I’m glad you came to that realization on your own,” you say, grinning to yourself as you cuddle into him.

“Oops,” he jokes, laughing again.

“If it’s any consolation,” you say, “I would never go for Brian or Jack. They’re absolute pigs.” His fingers are tracing circles onto your back, slowly easing you closer and closer to sleep. He nods, knowing the nonverbal agreement will be enough for you. “And also, I know they don’t have these rock hard abs,” you say, lightly tapping his stomach.

“Only here for my looks I swear.”

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I've been reading phanfiction for a while n I've discovered some beautiful treasures. Shoutout to Jill (jilliancares), Rachel (botanistlester), Kali (mangothatismelancholy), Maddie (omgdatphantho), Ellie (eliiesfics) n Eliza (snowbunnylester). These people have written absolutely amazing fics n I simply fell more in love with dnp n their relationship n ofc with these writers💕💕 Also the mods at phanfiction catalogue r doing god's work and an amazing job at that!! U go guys!!👏👏

this is such a sweet thing that I couldn’t help posting! Shout out to @jilliancares, @botanistlester, @mangothatismelancholy, @omgdatphantho, @elliesfics, @snowbunnylester, somebody out there loves you and your work very much!

I’m sure these people would love to get a personal message though. Consider sending your favorite authors messages when you love them, because I know it always makes me feel really happy to hear it!

Also thank you! We work pretty hard here on the catalogue haha it’s nice to hear sweet things!

- Eliza


hello im in love with ur local gay stoner

Alright, I have been studying this tweet for a good half hour and I am certain the certain emojis and the pattern, other than the color have a greater meaning. So first off, they aren’t in the order they are on apple, he didn’t just pick the first couple purple emojis, and he jumps around too he wasn’t just like “oh I like this and maybe this one”. There is more too it than that I believe, notice how the first emoji is the devil and the last is a peace sign, complete opposites, and directly in the middle of them is the crystal ball that keeps reappearing everywhere. You also have an alien monster on the side with the devil and on the side with the peace sign there is a heart so still a very similar layout, almost contrasting good and evil? And also on the side with the peace sign there is a girl that is meant to be signing “no” I find that interesting because he went out of his way for that one specifically not the arms crossed or whatever, that one. Then there are the umbrellas, two open ones on the same spacing on either side, and then the one closed one on the seemingly more evil side. I still can’t quite figure out the meaning, I have a couple little theories but I really don’t know. What I wonder is what’s so special about the three he picked for he’s username though??? Also the letters he uses, what do they mean, I’ve thought about it for a while and I don’t know if it would be the name of the album or a song or lyrics but the only thing I could come up with that those letters could stand for and make sense is “you’re not gonna make news crash” (or maybe “make a new crash”) I wash thinking crash because of the imagery with the waves they have been putting out. But idk those are my current theories on this, it could be nothing though and I’m just paranoid, but I would be curious to hear anyone else’s theories on this, especially with what the letters stand for.

Hey, guys, I’m looking to commission Kinatsuen fanart (anime ot3) but I can’t find an artist who has a style I like and open commissions ;-; I have a pretty large budget available so that’s not the problem, it’s just ;lksdf where are the artists. Do y’all have any suggestions for artists or places to look? I’ve checked a few tags on Tumblr but maybe I’ve missed some

…but pls bear in mind that I’m super picky about style when I commission, so if I don’t go with someone, it’s nothing against the artist or the art, it’s just that I’m a dick like that. I’m mostly looking for something light and sweet, colorful or maybe a little pastel. But a darker, serious style wouldn’t be out of place either, because if I end up with enough money after my first commission, I want to commission something from a fantasy AU as well. Here are a couple of previous commissions I’ve gotten for them, in case any artists see this and are curious:

1 2 3 (technically just Kinatsu, not Kinatsuen, but w/e)

Thank you to the people of Reddit who overwhelmingly support Roxy being alive…and to those who suggested a homage to the last movie with someone doing it in the arsehole again…with a twist. Let’s just say Agent Tequila is up for the ride with her Majesty and Goddess and Totally Alive Roxy Morton. 

Dedicated to @notbrogues, who is an enabler all the way.

A03 Link!

The first thing Tequila says after they save the world is “So, anyone up for a drink?”

“Yes, please,” Eggsy sighs.

Of course, it doesn’t happen right away—there’s damage control and clean-up and confiscation of Poppy’s notes to contend with—but when everything’s wrapped up, they finally do get that drink. 

The Statesman bar is still miraculously standing and empty for the evening, shut off to outside patrons. Roxy orders a few tequila shots, Eggsy grabs a martini, and Merlin requests bourbon, while the Statesmen get various brands of whiskey or beer. The only person who doesn’t order something alcoholic is Harry, who accepts a glass of water. 

Someone turns the radio to a country station—of course—but no one seems to mind. Ginger and Merlin settle themselves into a booth, pulling out their tablets. Whiskey and Tequila start a round of pool, howling every time the white ball misses or their designated one sinks neatly into one of the holes. Amongst the laughter are Harry and Eggsy, squeezed together in one end of the booth, heads close together.

Roxy sidles over to the pool table, and Tequila looks up, grinning. “Want to be on my team?”

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A year ago on this day i got my first shot of Testosterone and began my journey matching my exterior appearance w/my interior self and how i’ve always felt. A lot looks like it’s changed on the outside and things have even changed on the inside such as feeling a type of comfort, confidence, and inner peace that i thought wasn’t possible or at least obtainable for a person such as myself, but at the end of the day when it comes down to it; i am still the same person; simply a better and more authentic version of myself; because this is who i’ve always been since the moment i came into this world. There were so many points in life where i was so close to giving up on everything, but coming from my personal experience, if any of you are dealing with everyday struggles that constantly leaves you feeling hopeless, i can tell you from first hand that you will get through everything and can achieve anything if you want it badly enough and work hard for it. Dont let anything or anyone get in your way from doing what you want. It’s your life. It’s too short to waste time worrying about what everyone else will think. Fuk bitches get money ya feel

Ohmygod shit. Noah Kutler being Cayden James makes sense. Alena could be his daughter from another woman and that’s why it made sense that she recruited Felicity into Helix.
Like, Alena has called Felicity her hero multiple times. Maybe that’s because she’s grown up listening to stories about her from Noah.

Also, after last season, who knows where Noah ended up and Lyla, being the head of ARGUS has made questionable choices and maybe she thought she couldn’t tell Felicity about taking her father because they well, reason????