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🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑 f o r e s t  | a playlist to cultivate a sense of wonder, akin to that in a forest

such great heights - the postal service | passenger seat - death cab for cutie | how far we’ve come - matchbox twenty | it had to be you - motion city soundtrack | come on get higher - matt nathanson | white flag - joseph | summer friends - chance the rapper | same drug - chance the rapper | 400 lux - lorde | ribs - lorde | empty gold - halsey | is there somewhere - halsey | trees - twenty one pilots | the pantaloon - twenty one pilots | cough it out - the front bottoms | every teardrop is a waterfall - coldplay | youth - troye sivan | still - seinabo sey | the wolf - mumford & sons | welcome home, son - radical face | sweet disposition - the temper trap | rivers and roads - the head and the heart | whispers in the dark - mumford & sons | babel - mumford & sons | clouds - one direction | ready to run - one direction | green light - lorde 

created by @gacre | listen here on spotify 


morning  glitter bombs.  observe my son on  this billboard.  i’m crying  ; A; 

I admit to being somewhat torn, because just as a matter of course, my general response to toxic fucks is ‘get the hell away from me’, an objective that doesn’t even require a magical working most of the time. Obviously the current issue is enough that I’ve decided to be proactive, but my first instinct is still mostly ‘just stay away from me and keep my name off your lips’.

On the other, this fucker assaulted me and turned into a petulant child about it when he didn’t get a second chance and was dropkicked to the curb.

So. Conflicted.

On a lighter note, I got all my prescriptions filled for a non-ridiculous amount (thank you generics) and got to stop by the craft store for things, so that was good. If I don’t fall over at work tonight, we’re ready to go.

The many faces of Green Bean~


  • Precious Jack
  • 100% REAL DOCTOR Dr. Schneeplestein
  • Jackieboy Man, the hero we all need!
  • Glorious Jack the Amazing
  • And last but not least, Glitch bitch demon An̩͓̮̪͙̎̇̉͆͊̔̂̐͘͟͠ti

Well, this was fun to draw X3


Day 7: Fantasy/Soul Mates

Where Yuri is Spring and Otabek is Winter. 

Yuri incessantly complains about the tragedy of his cursed love story. But little did he know that the flowers splashed and dotted across his new meadows fell dormant in Winter only so that they can bloom more beautifully in Spring. 

Winter gives and gives and eventually dies so that Spring can truly live.