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knight-commander puppy eyes

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“To be clear,” Clark asked, “did I just help you commit a felony?”

Lois said nothing, but gave Clark her best ‘shut the fuck up’ look. Obediently, he shut the fuck up.

She hadn’t needed to bring him along. The only reason she had was as a precaution. He might be too big to be sneaky, but he was a fine size for warding off the majority of small threats. Lois, despite a carefully cultivated demeanor, still could not intimidate as well as a hapless dork who happened to shop in big and tall.

Furthermore: Clark Kent had an irritating tendency to wander off when something interesting was happening. When he did, he tended to find all sorts of information that Lois did not. And then he scooped her.

Keeping him close meant she’d see what he saw. No chance for him to go to Perry with an angle she’d missed out on. It wasn’t quite a rivalry, what they had, but it wasn’t exactly teamwork either.

Even if he had, technically, just helped her commit a felony.

It wasn’t a major felony. It was an investigative felony. Those could hardly be said to count. Really more of an ambitious misdemeanor.

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20 things I guess??

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Okay, here me out (and before anyone cries ablism, I want you to know that this comes from personal experience): Lance having ADHD and that prevents him from succeeding at what he’s actually pretty good at. He’s always in the average or lower level classes, thinking that he can do better, but whenever he tries to do more advanced work, he fails, so he goes his whole life feeling like a failure, like he’s just stupid and lazy. Then he discovers the Garrison and flying, and he feels so free and he finally found his calling! He works his butt off in class, doing his absolute best in everything he needs to be the best fighter pilot after Shiro. But then he looks at the class lists and sees that he only made it as cargo pilot, and he’s crushed. He thought he made it, he thought that he finally found something he’s good at. Truth is, he /is/ good at flying, his just isn’t always able to focus in the cockpit. That’s why he’s so excited to make fighter class, because now he can finally follow his dreams and ride through the stars. What really doesn’t help that Iverson is constantly reminding him of the reason he made fighter class in the first place.

Then Voltran happens, Lance meets Blue, and suddenly he feels that same drive and freedom he did when he first entered flight school. Sometimes he likes to take joy rides just because. Space is his happy place, and if he has to save the universe from and angry purple turtle man, then he’s gonna be the best damn palladian he can.

Idk, I just really like the idea of lance having adhd, because it’s something I’ve struggled with my whole life, and I’m projecting.

Quiznac, I just like the idea of the whole team being neurally atypical (is that a phrase? Idk, I’m a bad English major).

Also, sorry this was so long…

I love this. ADHD Lance is such a good thing and Blue! Helping Lance concentrate! Blue being patient with Lance! BLUE AND LANCE. I HAVE A LOT OF EMOTIONS ABOUT THESE TWO.

Idea maybe???

Yeah but have you guys considered Simon not wanting to become a vampire at all? I mean we all know he loves Baz to death—but like. What if. Just. What if, he really doesn’t want to become a vampire. What if Simon just wants to live his life as normal as it can’t get—even if the joke is he’ll never be normal.

Idk. Just. What if.