idk man i really liked it

Like I said a few months ago, when Mon-El returns to earth, I don’t want him to get back with Kara immediately, but if he does, I really want to see him thrive outside of their relationship. I wan’t him to be good on his own, and be a man on his own. Kara has already done that, she knows who she is. Mon-El might not know who he is outside of their relationship. His whole life has probably been about what his parents want and need from him, playing a role of a prince that he didn’t want. He said it himself- he stayed drugged on Daxam to not feel anything, because of the pain. Possibly the pain of never feeling genuine love or affection from either of his parents. And for such a short amount of time, he finally felt love and gave love in return, and it sent him to a journey of becoming a better man, the man who he wants to be. Not some propped up prince, but a hero. I really hope that they actually develop his character outside of the Karamel relationship for a while. As much as I love them together, I love both of the characters individually and I think this would actually be the chance of Mon-El becoming the hero he was always meant to be on the show. I feel like this was the actual only way to separate them, with no other choice but to leave or die. They would’ve never separated if he was still in earth, and now, here’s a golden opportunity for them to take him to the 30th century, train him for an amount each episode, find a way to make him immune to lead, give him a suit from the 30th century so when he returns, Winn would have to be all over it. Give him his ring, and make him stronger. That is all I want, all I ask. Really. To make Mon-El his own man before bringing back their relationship.

i showed my mom an episode of running man and she loved it and thought it was super funny but it just made her miss her old japanese variety shows more, also korean sounds so much like japanese that her brain tries to translate it but can’t make sense of it because it’s a completely different language and she says it’s really frustrating so i’m gonna try to find some streams of some japanese variety shows for her

her favorite japanese comedians are shimura ken and kato cha so i’m kinda looking for them at first but if you guys have links to any other japanese variety shows that would be awesome?

tagging @enthusiasun & @mydearhawthorne since i know you guys sometimes watch stuff like this but really anyone can answer, doesn’t have to be following me


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Unpopular opinion: I really hate a lot of ships b/c people just shove people together and a lot of them(*ahem* k/eith and l/ance from voltron) honestly have no chemistry but it gets super popular for some reason? Idk man :/

You mean rivalry ships? Where just because they snark at each other it clearly means they looooooove each other even though half these ships have weirdass dynamics and at least one person at least slightly dislikes the other one??? yeah me too lmao. I dont mind smushing 2 characters together for crackships but for rivalry ships to blow up overnight like this in almost every fandom??? It gets old.

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do you ever wish you could find that person you can call whenever even if its 2 am just because you miss them and them smile and stay on the phone with you or who will save up money just to come see you and i'm not saying this has to be romantically but just because they care and maybe just maybe it could turn to more or you could just stay happy as you are but its not a label like labeling them as friends just doesnt suit them because they mean more than that over used word idk man i want that

i want that so bad. and i really fucking need it rn

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Heathers the musical

(send me a musical and ill tell you my top five songs!) / (bmc) / (deh)

1) dead girl walking (reprise)
its just a rly badass song tbh? head S UP JD, IM A DEAD GIRL WA LK ING

2) meant to be yours
idk man i just,, really like the feel of it?? the mix of the different styles is just in general

3) freeze your brain
its really a pleasant song to listen to tbh? :0

4) beautiful
we can beeEEEE BEAUTIFULLL,,, juST not to d aY

5) big fun
just really fun to listen to tbh !!

Happy TDOV! I’m Luke (he/him) and I hope you’re all having a great day filled with happiness and pride, although I know life’s not always as kind as I’d wish to most of us, we’re still here and we’re visible. Whether you decide to post a selfie today or not, I’ll always be proud of you, stay safe♡

Reyes Vidal, from Mass Effect: Andromeda

Billboard is smart af inviting BTS because they just captured a very devoted market segment and their ratings are prolly gonna be better than usual and there’ll be more buzz around the event all because of BTS. But lol you think the main event cameras/screen time is gonna go to BTS you’re delusional. Seeing people being sad that they weren’t performing had me like ???? like did you really think they would? With this event I’d bet on red carpet coverage, a pan to them maybe once, and then their award acceptance. I’m not even 100% they’ll air the award acceptance. I mean they /should: with how they’re hyping BTS on social, but idk man. Am I excited for the red carpet looks? Fuck yes. Am I excited for them to be in the same room as some of their idols? Fuck yes! Do I expect them to be covered like Lorde or Drake? Lol nope.

yknow what. it’s in the am hours. ive had at least 2 alcoholic beverages tonighit. and i have decided that once im out of tech school im gonna get a degree in ye olde literature just so i can write a groundbreaking paper about how cu chulainn (the actual myth one not the anime one) is a fucking trans icon. my guy is incredibly trans. lets just take a good look at the facts here folks

-these stories were written down by monks with an obviously christian agenda they edited the story to adhere to, in some parts more obviously so than others. considering the roman catholic hatred of trans people at the time, it would not be unreasonable to assume that if cu chulainn was in fact trans in the originals that were being written down said monks would attempt to cover that up by making him cis.

-dude changed his name which is a very trans™ thing 2 do obviously

-the whole thing with the curse and how he was the only one ready to throw the fuck down while all the other men were in bed with the pains of birth like this is such a classic example of using gendered language in magic shenanigans to ur advantage

-often described as being small & beardless “this is supposed to show he’s young” but is it really??? it’s not uncommon for masculine women to be mistaken for young men and him being both notably small and unable to grow a beard is brought up several times in text. either way it’s not like being young and being trans are mutually exclusive. really makes you think.

-alright here’s the big kicker that really says Cu Chulainn Is Trans 2 me in big shiny letters: he had to prove himself as Really Being That Tough over & over again to a frankly ridiculous degree. multiple times (at least 2 in the tain bo cuailnge that i can remember rn) there’s some enemy fuck who knows god damn well the one in front of them is cu mother fucking chulainn who has been absolutely obliterating his enemies by the hundreds but the moment they see him & notice he’s beardless (again, this is usually interpreted as meaning he’s young but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case) they’re like “nah I’m not fighting that get me a real enemy” and cu has to put on a fake beard to convince them he really is A Big Tough Dude Who Can Kick Your Ass. another time in the tain cu used his sick sword skills to make a fool of someone who was mocking him and the fucking idiot didn’t stop even after cu literally shaved the guys head clear & cut off his clothes with a sword. there’s one story (called bricriu’s feast) of a competition where cu easily beat everyone by a wide margin in everything they compete in but none of the other contestants wanted to accept the result so they kept bringing in other judges trying to get someone other than cu to be declared winner. 

there’s this really weird refusal of people in the ulster cycle to accept that cu chulainn is as good at things as he is (specifically things considered masculine like fighting) and idk about all yall but that really fucking screams good old fashioned transphobia to me lads. like trans folks are still dealing with this shit in modern day with athletes not being allowed to compete with their own fucking gender bc it ~wouldnt be fair~ or other such nonsense. this fuck shit with ppl absolutely refusing to acknowledge cu as possibly being good at Man Things is incredibly Trans Relatable™.

-ALSO i just remembered this but there’s also at least one and i’m pretty sure more than one time where cu talks to people who are like “yea we’re trying to hunt down cu chulainn” and they don’t realise he is in fact that very same cu chulainn or are even remotely suspicious of him which would make a lot more sense if they mistook him for a woman

in conclusion: hes trans