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Hey so I saw this post where this mtf trans girl was posting about how she was feeling really feminine washing the dishes and cleaning and idk it just felt really sexist and I'm not sure where the line is because I know it's how they might have been raised before their transition, but I feel like it doesn't make it ok to claim chores as something feminine and idk I guess just where's the line between being comfortable and pushing an agenda..?

Well I’m not really one to ask since I’m not the ruler of said agenda/rules

I’m my opinion, if it makes her feel more comfortable with herself, then let her be. It’s a bit different when she says it than if a cis man/women said it.

It’s like me saying I feel more masculine and manly when I change my car oil myself or x, y, z something society sees as “manly”. I like how it made me feel more masculine and comfortable with myself and in my body.

Yes women can change their oil themselves and do “manly” shit just as men can do “womenly” shit but as a transgender person, it just helps us feel a bit more comfortable in our bodies we were born in. 

Sucks that society has bashed into the heads of many that women do this and men do that sort of deal but I don’t think she means it in that way. 

Unless she’s simply stating “WOMEN CLEAN AND COOK FOR MEN” and starts calling out women for not doing it then that’s sexist. But if she’s just keeping mainly to herself and not bothering anyone than I believe that she’s completely fine and valid in her emotions. 

okay but what if:

 hunk and lance are on a mission one day and there’s not much going except some hardcore girl talk™ and lance is all like “idk man i don’t think I can ever tell Keith how much I like him” then it just cuts to keith and shiro on their mission side eyeing the speakers on their helmets because oh my god did that really just happen?? and a little while later there’s this crackle on lance’s end and just a quiet Keith voice out of nowhere like “I like you too?”

even and isak talking about how they fell in love with each other gives me so much life you guys,

  • one day they’re in bed and they’re just cuddling and idk the subject comes up and even casually says something like, “oh man i was falling so hard for u and u barely gave me the time of the day” and isak is like. wHAT
  • isak is just sO surprised when even’s like, yeah i was pretty sure u didn’t really like me. 
    • “but?? you caught me staring at you 738935 times???”
    • “ah but you were so quiet and staring could really mean anything i didnt want to misinterpret it”
    • “but i told u about my rapping skills???”
    • “is that………….the best flirting you could do isak. wow. how did we even start dating.”
  • isak looking back at every time even bumped him with his shoulder and said something kind of cool and vague and realizing. that was flirting. even was flirting with him the whole time. i mean he knew it wasn’t friendly but he thought it was just even being charming. but nah. even was highkey hitting on him.
    • isak wakes up in the middle of night, grabs even by the arm. “even. wake up. did you really forget your ID or was it just a way to hang out with me.”
    • *groan* “yes isak it was just a way to hang out with you how did u not realize till now i swear to god. next thing u know u’ll be telling me u didnt know the only reason i made cheese toasties was so u wouldnt realize u probably should leave.”
    • wHAT
  • isak confesses to internet stalking even, and even loVES IT. he never stops teasing isak about it tbh he’s just like “oh my god i can’t believe you were so iN LOVE with me, man, you had the bIGGEST crush on me,” and isaks just like “yeah yeah shut up at least i didnt make up a lame excuse to hang out with you. why dont u have any social media anyways?? u some sort of hipster??
    • so much banter. guys. its embarrassing.
  • they were both so in love with each other and they BOTH thought the other wasn’t really interested what kind of fanfic bullshit is this i love them so much

You ever have one of those days when you just..need somebody shoulder to lean on for a few becuz too many words and too many emotions?

Saitama & Genos © ONE & Yusuke Murata

Sketch © Anjelzjelly129

man but honestly few things fuck me up as much as when adam says in trb “i think you’ll find i do pretty much everything quiet”, because on one hand, as a massive introvert, i super relate– but on the other hand, when you think about the heartbreaking implications of that sentence, it’s like, fuck. fuck, of course you do

you laugh quietly because your dad is always angry, you cry quietly because the neighbors don’t care about your bruises; you’re quiet about your achievements because the kids from the trailer park don’t really care about your straight As, and you’re quiet in school because you’re ashamed of your accent; you think quietly because it makes it easier to pull apart your emotions and sort them into logical containers, and you love quietly because you don’t quite know how yet, and because in the dusty back roads of henrietta, virginia, a boy who loves girls and boys is not quite safe.

you brave, lonesome boy, of course you do everything quiet; how could it be otherwise? 

((alright so I got the idea from this post))

just imagine: 

  • for some reason or another, keith turns into a baby
  • everyone is freaking out
  • shiro is like “shit I haven’t held one of these in so long am I doing it right?”
  • pidge is like “I don’t like fetuses get it away”
  • allura and coran are scared because human babies are so fragile they don’t wan to hurt baby keith
  • but then there’s lance
  • “back up guys” *cool hair move* “I got this” *proceeds to cuddle with baby keith and talk to him in the baby voice*
  • baby keith loves this
  • everyone is like “lance how are you doing this”
  • and hunk responds “do guys do know he has about three baby siblings and ten baby cousins, right?”
  • “one, hunk. I have one baby sister and five baby cousins.”

idk man I just really want to see baby keith and lance being the only one who knows/is willing to take care of him

also just imagine the spell wearing off and baby keith is suddenly full sized and being cradled in lance’s arms


Oh boy. I finished this thing in a day, but I procrastinated posting it for another three days after realizing a lot of errors in the format of the comic rip but im lazy af so i never even fixed them ahh. As for the other comic I was working on: every new chapter released reveals another logical flaw in the comic. I think I’ll wait till the companion fic starts to really fix up that comic orz :’( 

This is for chapter 12 in the fic Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by @kazliin


no. that isn’t right.


still no good.


the world does not end.
it is still saved.

the world rebuilds its defences,
with fragile hands that shake against the ocean tide,
the world mends its broken bones and kisses its own bruises.
the world does not burn or freeze, crumble or flood.
there is time. there is time.
there is still time.


sometimes it just hits me how fucking emotional i would have been as a kid for there to have been not just one, but TWO star wars films with female main characters. when i was around 9 or 10 i was so obsessed with star wars that i’d convinced myself i was actually going to become a jedi, and i tried to get my parents to let me have fencing lessons, and i used to dress up as a jedi and practise hitting tennis balls with my toy lightsaber every single day. my 11th birthday party was star wars themed - i dressed up as a jedi, obviously. and this obsession was mainly due to episodes 1-3, which are apparently considered terrible films now? idk man! if The Force Awakens and Rogue One had been around when i was that age… i can’t even begin to imagine how happy that would have made me, a little girl who was running around dressed up as obi-wan kenobi

idk i just really wanted to appreciate wonho
  • has plushies of bunnies hanging off his louis vuitton bag and walked around in eevee slippers x
  • gets sulky when someone (changkyun) tries to crush said plushies on his bag x
  • has unconventional ideas about marriage compared to what you usually hear from idols
  • once said as long as someone can cook ramen well gender doesnt matter to him x
  • exposed mbc on vlive for being shitty to monsta x 
  • deals with inner conflict and still act like everything is okay
  • thankfully isnt afraid to show his sensitivity
  • he likes scented candles and taking baths x
  • has a two tone hair colour thing and still makes it work like damn
  • there’s multiple pictures of him chilling in his mum’s cafe x
  • designed the signboard for said cafe x
  • took a cookie monster toy on a date to said cafe
  • fashion icon and king tbh
  • constantly tries to feed stuffed animals he gets at fansigns
  • has the loudest shriek you will ever hear in your life it’s amazing really
  • works really hard to produce and make music and i’m just hoping for his songs on their next album
  • compliments everyone, like literally everyone
  • pointed at hyungwon’s dick due to frustration at hyungwon not getting what he was describing x
  • king of miming tbh x
  • his smile is for real the most heavenly thing you will ever witness it’s true i say so

ok but I need more fics where

  • it’s not obvious that it’s mutual
  • they’re not attached by the hip
  • none of their friends expected it honestly
  • one of them has a really rough day and for some reason all they want to do is cuddle the other person but they haven’t done that before?? but it feels like a thing they should be doing. 
  • one of them tries to cross a line they haven’t crossed before, like just something small. Hugging for a long time, a touch that lingers, a cute nickname. and it’s weird, right? and a little awkward? but it also feels really nice pls keep doing it. 
  • eventually they start acting more cuddly and close in private and it’s not that weird anymore. it’s actually really nice. but hey? does this mean I get to kiss you too or is that a line we don’t cross idk man. 
  • one of them calls the other one ‘babe’ in front of their friends and everyone’s like ???? what ????? 
  • and they eventually have to dicuss it bc this last month has not been like the last couple of years and we really need to talk. 
  • they have a really nice talk about it but now what? do we just kiss? do we go on a date? how do you do this? 
  • their first kiss is so awkward because they don’t know how to do this.
  • and at first their friends are very worried because what if it doesn’t work out? everything has changed? and of course they’re happy for them but it’s also so risky. 
  • and even though it’s a little awkward at first it does work out, because they actually fit pretty perfectly once they get the hang of it. 
Inuyasha Vows:

A/N: I don’t think Inuyasha is an overly romantic man and I think he sucks with words, but sometimes I like to think of a strong not-romantic man crumbling to pieces because all he needs to do is think of his love and he turns into a poet. So this is just one really lame ridiculous version of that. 700 words

Kagome wants me to write…vows or something.

Actually she didn’t tell me she wants me to, she told Sango she wants me to and she told Miroku whom cornered me at the market three days ago and told me that I had to do it.

To which I promptly said no, because in what fuckin’ world am I going to be sitting down putting words on paper to describe my feelings for my soon to be wife?

Apparently this fuckin world, because I’m sitting here on the fence post of our soon to be farmhouse, writing all this down.

So here goes nothing.

And by nothing, I hope you do expect absolutely nothing.

Because I’m crumpling up this piece of paper and throwing it over my shoulder as we speak. It hits the ground and I don’t even turn to watch it tumble away with the wind. Let it have it. I’m not cut out for this crap.

I’m not-…I can’t!


I got another paper. Miroku gave me a stack of them. Probably because he knew I’d be crumbling up a lot of papers.

Let’s try this again…

So Town Priestess-:

To my soon to be wife-:


Scratch that.


I’m not good at this. And you…well you know that. And I really really like that you know that.

I really like a lot of things now that I’m thinking about it.

I like that you know how I don’t like spicy foods, or bitter fruits, or chocolate.

I like that you still hold my hand guiding me through things even though you know I already know how to get to those places.

I like that you made me a scarf for winter three years ago, even after I told you I don’t get cold.

I like that you don’t take any of my shit- but oi don’t let that get to your head!

I like how right it feels when you’re on my back. I like the way you giggle when I go really fast, and the way your arms get really tight over my neck when we go really high.

I like how strong you are. You don’t even know how strong you are. I like that too- mostly because it makes it really easy for me to show off and take care of you.

I like taking care of you. I like when you take care of me too. I like that you like to take care of me. Or at least that you pretend to.

I like how you glare at people when they’re saying bad things about me. I like calming you down and stopping you from throwing insults back. I like planning pranks to play on them with you afterwards. 

I like your eyes, I like your nose, I like your hair. Even when there’s mud and leaves and sticks mixed all up in it- and I found this out very recently when we tumbled through the rain together and all I wanted to do was kiss you after.

I really like the little angry pouty noises you make when you don’t get your way.

I like the happy sounds you make when you do.

I like that anything could be scattered or broken and you can put it back together. Including me.

I like this feeling that grows really heavy in my chest when I think about you.

I like knowing that I would know you in any life. This one, the last one, the next.

I like feeling you so close against me that it’s like we’re just one creature instead of two.

I like that you teach me about the stars and the sky and the ‘universe’ and I like looking at you and feeling the same way about you that you do about me.

I like how g’damn easy these lame words come out of me the moment I even say your name.

I like your name. 

I like how my life doesn’t even feel real without you in it.

I like loving you.

I like loving you, a lot actually.

And I hope I can make you as happy as there is light in space.

So…thanks for marrying me.

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Okay but can we talk about Sherlock’s reaction when John was speaking with his hallucination of Mary?

He didn’t stop him like “what??!” or “who are you talking to?” or “no one is there.”
He let John speak.
He let John say what he needed to say.
And he didn’t act like John was crazy or bizarre for it.

And then he comforted him- which we all know is not exactly in Sherlock’s nature.
Idk man i just think that’s really important.

im just emotional sometimes

okay but sometimes i just remember the kiss scene in episode 7 and i get a little bit emotional because i never really thougt that this was going to happen. like honestly before the show aired i thought yoi was just going to be another one of those queerbaiting sports anime but now here i am?? with my otp engaged and so in love with each other and that just makes me so fucking happy


Just got back home from the Women’s March in DC. It was HUGE. This was my sign.

We also encountered some like. Fake police or something trying to go. Idk what the fuck really, but I-95S around 10am, exit to greenbelt was blocked by police or highway patrol cars and when we went to walk the off ramp on foot one of them drove to catch up with us and started threatening and yelling at us. It was 4 women and 1 man, and the police guy started saying we were breaking the law and he could arrest us. saying that green belt was CLOSED, and SHUT DOWN, and if we went down there we’d be stuck there till 1pm and not getting anywhere. kept yelling WHY would we IGNORE them, ignore police, etc. Eventually he was like FINE go ahead and walk down there! You’ll be stranded! 

Worth noting the exit to greenbelt in 1-95N was NOT closed too, nor any entrance to greenbelt it self (other than the parking lot being full)

We walked down there, it was fine. We were on trains by 11am and in DC by 12:30pm. So fake police? Rogue highway patrol? idk, but they were totally lying and intimidating people into not going :) 

March itself was completely peaceful and safe, that “officer” was the scariest part of my day.

Not so “super” man

Fandom: DC Universe (Supergirl/Superman)
Pairing: Reader x Clark Kent
Words: 1,194
Warnings: it’s cheesy, but decent!
Request? yes or no
Inspired By:

A/N: this one isn’t so old as a matter of fact it was on my other profile I just wanted to add it back. :) enjoy! (also! i didn’t really specify which “clark kent” it is based on so if you’re a Tyler Hoechlin fan like me use him, if you are more Henry Cavill use him! or maybe Tom Welling or Brandon Roth idk it’s totes up to you!)

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