idk man i quit

honestly the more i think about it the more i love jumin/v like

  • childhood friends to lovers trope fuck yeah
  • mutual trust and friendship (even when v’s actin shady af jumin’s faith in him never seems to waver)
  • they know each other well and accept each other’s flaws
  • jumin is so serious n straight laced and v is the biggest hipster art hoe like honestly cutest relationship dynamic
  • v is one of the few people who jumin allows to see him for who he truly is 
  • see and treat each other as equals, no power imbalance  
  • speaking of which, bedroom stuff (this stuff is all assuming that thru some miracle v’s previous relationship has ended)

(lol looking back, this got more headcanony than the straightforward, fact-based post that i had intended it to be so the rest is under a cut whoops)

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine rewatch + best quotes per episode, as decided by my followers

1x01, “Pilot”

Special mention:
“Okay, two points to make here. First: Rihanna? You…and then, *:・゚✧ Rihanna ✧ ・゚ :* .”

pet peeve #1

[[ okay this is something that’s been bothering me for a while and I decided it’s about time to rant about it? it’s not an attack aimed at any of mutuals so you can sleep peacefully at night


are you ever just ???? when people make their country muses like 10,000+ years old because first human activity traces to that time period and you’re like “wyd…………” because not only were those people nomads meaning they had no permanent place to live at and just followed the wild animals and technically went wherever the food was + there was no such thing as feeling of nationality at all?? they were just hunters and foragers, constantly on the move

it does not mark the beginning of a country like come on those people didn’t even speak yet and if they did it was like *roars* (pass me this bone so I can chew on it) and the like

???????????? idk this just makes me go all 👀 at those muses ]]


Take that one thing you don’t like about yourself and more often than not that’s the one thing that makes you more special. Whether it’s that gap in your teeth, or that mole you never liked, or your skin color.

Statistics in Miraculous Ladybug

(Up to episode: Pire Noël) [Season 1 completed]

*bold = occurred in latest episode

  • Akumatizations because of Chloe: 10 ½
  • Akumatizations because of Marinette/Ladybug: 4
  • Phones Marinette has stolen: 3
  • Master Fu sightings: 9
  • Love-Square shippable moments: 32
  • Theo sightings: 7
  • Gay moments: 13
  • Times a large reptile has had its mouth forced open: 2
  • Times Chat has been thrown far distances: 4
  • Times LB and Chat have almost fallen to their deaths: 5
  • Times Marinette has forgotten to sign something: 2
  • Times Chat has been made into a henchman: 4
  • Times civilians have been made into henchmen: 6
  • Times that civilians have died or been kidnapped: 4
  • Re-occurring akumas: 6
  • Shoulder touches: 13
  • Almost-kisses: 6
  • Hand kisses: 3
  • Times Ladybug has thought that Adrien was n a k e d: 2

Touken Ranbu Graphics (1/?)
↳Yasusada, Hotarumaru and Sayo

❈Requested by digital-wings | Insp x | taken from wikia character page


//Scenario — Diarmuid and Riel, bathing together. They’re each wearing bottom swim pieces, if only because Rea would likely be unable to focus otherwise. She’s happy, but nervous, and at first she hides using the water as if to disappear. Her face is even redder than the rest of her is from the steaming heat.

Slowly she relaxes, bit by bit. At first she starts to splash at him, sticks her tongue out and makes faces (often when Diar, once again, offers to leave). Then she finally turns her back to him and gets a washcloth to begin cleaning herself. Diar lounges back himself to give her room and waits, before asking if he should leave.

Instead, Rea grabs another washcloth and hands it to him so he can get to her back. He obliges, touch careful and gentle but steady all the same. She handles her hair, herself, though Diar makes sure she’s thorough with the entire process.

Once she’s done she stays, just to enjoy the hot water. But eventually she falls asleep against Diar, curled up in on herself as she often does when sleeping. Before the water cools he pulls her out and wraps her up in soft towels, ever conscious of her privacy.


Can I have a selca ship with BTS, Monsta X, NCT, Exo, and CNBlue please~ I’m a little shy around new people but when I’m open up I can talk for days I love video games, anime, horror movies and I like to travel a lot I’m a bit on the short side like 5'0" oh also I’m a bit short tempered but it doesn’t last and I love animals and plushies oh and I’m a bit dramatic lol idk what else to say but I’m an O blood Aries if that counts lol

From BTS I ship you with:

I think you’d go quite well with YoonGi? Idk man, I’d say JungKook as well, but this time I’m more on the YoonGi side~

From CNBLUE I ship you with:

I don’t really know CNBlue that much, but I say YongHwa… From what I know of him, he’s a sweetheart.

From EXO I ship you with:

I say Chaneel… xD I have a thing to ship tall and short people, for starters, and then you liking plushies just creates a vision of ChanYeol

From MONSTA X I ship you with:

I’ll just quietly ship you with the man-child himself- ChangKyun. You’ll be able to watch anime all day long and then try and not laugh when he’ d pretend to be a manly man and not yell at every jump-scare in horror movie.

From NCT I ship you with:

TaeIl. Idk fam, it’s just something that my heart tells me to do. Or `Jhonny`… But I’ll go with TaeIl this once :D

anonymous asked:

Tell us about the boy that gave you the roses? ☺️💕

he’s the guy i’m dating right now and he’s. quite special. he’s the Biggest Dork with the Dorkiest smile and the Dorkiest sense of humor and i don’t know. he makes me feel comfortable with myself and with him, he’s doing things for me that i wouldn’t have expected anyone to do and his hair is the softest and he smells like mint flavored bubblegum and cigarettes and he has the loveliest dog and the softest voice and his hands are always warm and he hates pineapple on pizza and his phone is always at fucking 30% and his eyes are blue and he works with me at the same place and makes me go all !!!!! inside and idk man i like him a lot it is quite gross :/

Drive - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Halsey Series 4

Halsey Masterlist

I said it may get smutty, but it’s not gonna becuase I decided to focus more on their feelings and make it more angsty bc that’s the song to me ya feel? there is a slight make out [slightly more heated kiss] tho?

Summary; On a college road trip, your feelings about leaving each other surface, but it’s not as simple as that. It seems like all you do is drive, and think about any feelings that you hide. Even though living in the present seems like utter bliss, there’s something about the future you can’t forget.

Warning; I mean it gets angsty? Maybe? idk man. I quite like it :) slight hint at smut [maybe?] towards the beginning but I wouldn’t say it’s anything major :) also you make it for like five minutes

Word count; 1,435

Note: You are not dating. At all. Any suggestions to that means you have had sexual relations in the past, but you are not dating and never have dated either.


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What’s a king to a God AU:

Rhys is created by Hyperion as an AI to personally serve Jack and, by extension, Hyperion itself. However, Rhys continues to grow smarter as the months go by to the point that he begins to control not only Hyperion but the entirety of Helios as well, leaving Jack and all of Helios powerless to do anything.