idk man i quit

Look people, I know I’m not famous artist so you can attack me as much and as hard you want, because I don’t have fanse to protect me, but it’s really painful to see how you are dicks to me JUST because I drew Chara and Frisk as females.

Really? Maybe you will go and hate on famous artists who draw them like I do? Oh wait, it’s easier to attack someone who can’t defend properly

Very clever…..

anonymous asked:

Hi! I found your blog yesterday and I absolutely adored Flower Crowns, Galaxies and Ultraviolet Loose Change. Calling their first kid Penelope Pluto literally cleared my skin, watered my crops, and you know the rest. I was wondering what other names you thought? As soon as you mentioned Hamilton I thought of Eliza Minkus…

Oh gosh this is so sweet! So glad you liked the story!

And okay I actually do have all the other names lmao. Since you’re ‘new’ to my page, basically I post headcanons for people a lot???? It’s been going on for a while, I’ve somehow accidentally compiled a weird headcanon universe idk man. I brought up quite a few of them in the fic, so maybe you’d like to check them out? But omg okay my original point: Just last week I was asked to do one about how Riley and Farkle named their kids lmao, here it is:

Also about a month ago I did one about the kids personalities/future jobs/future kids because I literally have no self control:

Sadly no Eliza Minkus, although I do agree that’s adorable as hell. Hope you like these though! :)