idk man i loved the trailer

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Pshhh Nat could totally take t'challa'a right hand 😏

Idk man.

I love Natasha with my heart and soul, she’s my boo thang, but this isn’t someone from Red Room or hydra.

Ayo is from Wakanda. Those women do NOT fuck around at all. Did you see the trailer, fam? They did not come to play with us!

If they just walked up and bitch slapped me, I would apologize to THEM lmfao.

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whats the gayest thing jungkook has ever done?

a little list:
-recommended years & years’ memo (a mlm song and the band’s lead singer is gay) before the album it was on was out (so he probably had heard the softer extra gay versions deep on gay youtube like me around the same time jsflk;hjfgkl)
-that time he befriended that soft dog because dogs are gay
-said iron man was his celebrity crush like “nicole kidman???” “noooooooooooooo iron man!”
-that time he was in jo kwon’s i’m da one mv
-idk his whole role in bs&t and the wings tour trailer thing had some Gay Themes that we can’t really go into without getting a lil Freudian and I’ve had enough of that man
-when he sang tori kelly’s dear no one without changing the pronouns 
-the fact that he sings most of the ‘know you love me boy’ lines in I know
-when he looked so happy and pure in europe holding hobi and then jin’s hand like LOOK AT THIS TINY KID

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Should I start watching RWBY? it seems okay, but I don't anything about the story. The characters look okay though

Well to be honest it starts off pretty rough. Sure the trailers are nice (watch these first and in order) but overall the first volume was okay. A lot of ppl dropped it because of the animation and stuff. But I ended up liking it as I kept watching

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Volume 2 was when I actually fell in love with the show. They improved on a lot of things and introduced my 2nd favorite character (Emerald Sustrai). Cooler battles and more story.

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RWBY was one of those shows where I initially watched it for the fight scenes but ended up liking everything else. Especially the characters. 

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Idk man it’s not for everybody but I will vouch that this show is actually pretty fucking good. 

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JISOOS NARRATION DUG MY GRAVE FOR ME OH MY GOD I LOVE MY MAN but seriously it was just his voice how am I supposed to cope with his actual trailer?! - jisoostananon (also I saw you passed your exam congrats man!!)

As soon as I heard his voice I had to stop the video and collect myself. Like wow. Idk how it happened, but Shua just drove his way up my bias list. (Also thanks man ☺️)

Taboo (Justice League x Reader)

Title: Taboo

Pairing: Justice League x Reader

Requested?: Nope

Word Count: 1907

Summary: The reader is a small hero from the city of San Diego called Taboo. When Bruce Wayne hears of Taboo and her powers, he attempts to recruit her for the Justice League. 

Warnings: Language, I wrote this in like an hour so there must be some warning there, a really lame attempt at a reference to Avengers: Age of Ultron, hopefully nothing else? References to the Justice League trailers? Idk, let me know if i forgot something.

A/N: So I thought of this and wanted to design a sort of hero anyways. She is kinda like Scarlet Witch with her powers, but more like Spider-Man in nature (If you couldn’t tell, I tend to lean more towards the Marvel sides of Superhero stories, but I still love the DCEU so when I re-watched the Justice League trailers, I had to). I will probably turn this into a series, and if I do it will still be mainly Justice League x Reader, however I might throw in some Barry Allen x Reader because not only did I already love the character, but Ezra Miller as Barry has me SHOOK and i love my little bb so much. Hope you enjoy!

Walking back to your Southern California apartment after a late night of crime fighting, you weren’t expecting to see what you had.

You were a metahuman from San Diego, and when you finally gained complete control of your powers, you stayed living where you were, “why should New York have all the fun? There are plenty of other at risk places that need help, and I don’t know if you noticed, I’m only good for stopping little things like robberies anyways,” you had told your best friend, (Y/F/N), at the time.

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idk if you've seen the new trailer but why do dd hate sansa's book story so much?? to the extent that they give stories and arcs important to other characters to her like theon+jeyne in s5 and now that wolf pack line which is SO important to arya and somehow barely anyone's bothered by it -_- d&d love their version of sansa and cersei so much they'll ruin everyone else -__-

man I’m like… IGNORING UTTERLY AND COMPLETELY this fact that in order to have *badass sansa TM* they have to give her lines that are pivotal to other characters’ development and that they’re so incapable of writing a female character who’s not either evil or kickass that they can’t make book sansa’s arc justice because then it’ll start going into my love for book sansa and I don’t want show sansa to meddle with it because I really do love book sansa and by now I just hope that they don’t fuck up what good shreds of characterization jon still has to go on this OMG SO BADASS path -_____- I’ll never be over s5 lkjsklgslkjglkdjgkldfjglkdj don’t worry I’m bothered

Life is strange prequel???

Okay i know its not about fallout but you guys!! I just saw the trailer of life is strange 2 or well the prequel so not really 2?? BUT i am soooo hyped holy shit!! I think we get to play as chloe?? And thats hella cool cause shes my fav but im gonna miss max man and idk how i feel about rachel yet tho

I know everyone likes her but i feel like we dont know shit about her but we r gonna but idk if i really wanna?? Id rather have more pricefield but im still gonna love the game for sure anyway because i wanna know more about chloe

I wonder if we’re gonna find out why she says hella so much lmao


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I love Tom, Marvel and all the cast but I'm affraid Homecoming will be kind of flop like idk my brother and I are so happy about this movie I am scared it will be not like they show us in the trailers if you understand what I mean

nah i’m expecting this to blow any spider-man outta of the water. i’m just hoping critics are going to understand that peter parker is in high school and there’s gonna be a lot of high school involved in the plot. but honestly from what i’ve read, it’s really good. i’m really happy. SM:H won’t disappoint.

A: hmm agree and disagree on this one. I do think they could have been sooo much better than they were, there were so many things that were messy about those films but at the same time I just love them, in their own little way. Especially now when I look back and just remember what it was like to have new trailers and cast interviews and stuff. Idk man, there’s a love/hate thing there for me but I definitely see where you’re coming from.

i miss transformers

i miss optimus prime

i hope a new animated tv series comes out soon

anything really

for the time being, i’ll settle for the last knight that’s coming out next week

so H Y P E D ! ! !

but yeah for real though, i miss it so much. i’ve never loved a franchise the way i love transformers

guys, i’m getting nostalgic

i think it’s just ‘cause i watched the tf5 trailer for like the 52nd time


so tempted to rewatch everything. and when i mean, everything, i mean *everything*

my box sets are getting dusty, maybe it’s time to bring them out once again :’))) 

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Love to get your detailed opinion of the BATB trailer?

  • First of all, it’s beautiful and it’s amazing and I love it so much.
  • Emma Watson is unbelievably perfect as Belle. She’s gorgeous and she’s just everything I wanted her to be.
  • The Beast is incredible. I really want more information because the cast is always talking about how Dan Stevens was in these steel hoof things so it seems like he was at least partially in costume but there’s clearly some CGI involved and idk but he looks absolutely fantastic, I’m so satisfied
  • I love Maurice plucking the rose! I love that we’re giving a nice nod to the fairy tale!
  • OKAY CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE DOOR SHOT, IT’S FREAKING GENIUS MAN, the first teaser trailer had that door shot but it cut away right before we saw her opening the door and this new full trailer, when we finally see Belle for the first time, it’s that same door shot that we’ve seen before and this time it lasts and it opens and we see her and it’s her! It’s Belle! Our Belle! Brilliant.
  • My favorite moments are the moments straight out of the movie. The “step into the light” scene is the first one that really grabs you like… oh crap. This is real. This is for real.
  • I love Belle’s cloak??? The red details are so pretty!!
  • Just that shot of the Beast holding the mirror with the rose there in front of him like yes!!!!
  • THE OBJECTS. I’ve already said I’m obsessed with Lumiere’s design, I think it’s freaking brilliant, it reminds me of the Broadway costume and I kind of wish the others were the same way. But Chip is wonderful and Cogsworth is great and I thought I was going to hate the redesign of Mrs. Potts, having the spout as her nose is iconic but this works for me, I don’t hate it like I thought I would.
  • Luke Evans is brilliantly cast as Gaston. Spot on.
  • My biggest and really only complaint at this point is Plumette. I really don’t understand why she’s a bird. I would rather have seen some kind of wooden handle that looked carved into the shape of a woman, something that matches Lumiere’s design aesthetically.
  • THE “SOMETHING THERE” SHOTS. Just Belle in the pink dress and the Beast and the SNOW, I was watching this with my sister and we both gasped at this same moment, it’s just beautiful
  • The final battle shots are great, it looks appropriately epic
  • The ballroom scene. I can’t even, it takes my breath away. There’s been plenty of criticism about the dress and I agree, it’s a little too modern for my taste, it doesn’t seem to quite fit within the intricate and detailed world of this movie, but just seeing her in a yellow gown dancing with the Beast in his blue jacket and that amazing ballroom… I’m so happy with it.
  • The very Sound-of-Music-esque shot of Belle on the hillside that comes from “Belle (Reprise)” is fantastic like yes yes yes good move good move

I watched it with my sister this morning and we simultaneously burst into tears when it was done (well actually she was already crying silently throughout the whole thing but still), I’m so delighted with it, I could hardly ask for more.


I am aware that he probably won’t read this but I’m gonna give it a chance. Ever since I listened to Hamilton for the first time, I’ve known that it is a true masterpiece. All of it. Every word, every tone, everything. Time passed, and I started being curious about how the show looked, so I became familiar with the looks of all of the characters, how they acted, and generally, the marvelous story. I learned history while singing? That made me completely happy!

I’ve been drowning in thoughts about the musical: “it’s truly good,” “its revolutionary in all ways,” “the new Broadway sensation.” At school, someone starting mumbling the lyrics to a song, and then more and more people joined them– it started looking like high school musical. At school, everyone loved it and it brought joy all the time. Yes, all of it is true, but this is not a post recognizing the musical.

It’s acknowledging Lin’s hard work.

It’s noticeable that, just like I mentioned before, Lin worked extremely hard on every detail of the show in order to make it a good one— which, in fact, worked since it turned out to be one of the best productions of all times. No wonder why it took such a long time.

For me, it’s utterly marvelous that a man can be so talented.

Even before Hamilton, he’s been showing his abilities -for example his role as Usnavi- and talent. With time, I’ve been more and more impressed of what this man is capable of doing.

Just today, when I went to watch Finding Dory, I saw Moana’s trailer and Lin’s music (and voice) was in there. I was SO PROUD because literally everyone in the movie theater was smiling. Idk the song was really good.

What I love the most: he applies his heart into his work. He’s a dreamer and he makes his dreams come true.

I’m not idolizing him, but I’m just saying that he’s contributing to a better world by bringing joy and happiness. And the whole world thankful for that.

We need more people like him, they would make the world a better place. He totally deserves all of those awards he’s received.